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What Do Leo Men Like and Dislike in Women

What Do Leo Men Like and Dislike in Women

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Leo men are some of the most stereotyped characters in the zodiac, for good reason. They tend to be larger than life, confident characters that exude charisma.

They also love to have a beautiful, passionate woman on their arm.

Read on to learn exactly what Leo men like and dislike in women.

What Do Leo Men Like?

Leo men are all about enjoying life and making the most of it. They are also consummately confident and believe that they deserve the best things in life.

This means that they can be self-entitled, wanting without working, but more often, it just means that they are always striving for the best of everything.

What Does a Leo Man Look for in a Woman?

Leo men like women who impress them, in every department. They love beautiful women who are confident, ambitious, and know their own minds.

Leo men want a woman who can give them a run for the money and challenge them, and can equal them in the passion department.


Leo men like a woman who looks good. He can be a little superficial as he only wants “the best” for him. His arm candy always needs to be hot.

But his subconscious desire for beautiful women has more to it. He sees taking care of yourself and how you look at as a sign of self-respect, which he also values in a woman.

He wants a woman who knows how to look after herself, and knows the importance of how she presents herself to the rest of the world.

For that reason, Leo men don’t always go for typical beauties, but always women who have “something about them”.


Leo men want passionate women. As a fire sign, they are deeply passionate, and they want someone to stoke the flames, rather than throw water on them.

They don’t mind when a woman engages in over-the-top behavior, whether it be a public display of affection or a fit of jealousy.

Leo men want to know that their women feel passionately, and don’t mind the occasional fight. As long as the other person isn’t being completely unreasonable.


Leo men value old-fashioned loyalty and valor, and think that this is an important trait in a woman as well. He needs a woman that he can trust.

He wants to be able to tell his partner all of his secrets, without fearing that she might share them, or use them against him down the line in a disagreement.

Leo men also want a woman who will stand by him and stand up for him no matter what, even when they both know that he is in the wrong.

Men born under this sign know that loyalty isn’t about right or wrong. It is a sign that the other person is more important to you than anything else.


Leo men like a woman who plays a little bit hard to get. He likes to feel like his woman is a little bit too good for him and that he has to win her heart.

The lions of the zodiac find women who aren’t easily impressed by them an exotic challenge.

They are attracted to women who seem like they have better things to do with their time, and would never settle for second best.

Of course, this gives him the opportunity to prove that he is indeed the best.


All Leo men are ambitious and imagine big things for themselves. They want a woman who is equally ambitious and shares their passion for success.

Whether she has her eyes on a CEO job or becoming the next big singing star, he is attracted to women that have big ambitions, and are also confident in their ability to succeed.

There are few things that a Leo man finds more intoxicating than an effortlessly confident woman.

What Does a Cancer Man Dislike in a Woman?

Leo men are open-hearted, but there are a few personality traits in others than can send them cold, especially in a woman.


Leo men believe that there is more than enough greatness to go around, and that you should never be threatened by someone else’s success.

When he sees a woman putting down another woman, or worse, sabotaging them in some way, this is an immediate sign that this woman is not confident enough in herself to accept others.

Nothing will turn him cold faster.

Weak Character

While Leo men like to be in control, that doesn’t mean that they like women who meekly follow. They enjoy a bit of push back and being challenged.

He is enamored by a woman who is true to herself and speaks her own mind, and never backs down when it comes to the important things.


Leo men believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and that you should grab on to every opportunity. Women that are too afraid to take risks in life do not appeal to him.

When he sees a woman who is missing out due to inaction, or is just too afraid to try, he immediately knows in his heart that she is not a match for him.

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