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How to Make a Leo Man Miss You

How to Make a Leo Man Miss You

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Once a Leo man settles down with a partner, he is loyal and faithful.

While these qualities are wonderful for the longevity of your relationship, they are no guarantee of your overall happiness together.

You could find that your relationship starts to become dull and lifeless, which could cause you to think about how to make a Leo man miss you.

In general, when you are wondering about how to get your partner to miss you, it is a warning sign that there is trouble on the horizon. This could be the case with a Leo man, but it also may not be.

For a Leo man, staying in a relationship is a matter of pride and honor. Yet, even the best relationships ebb and flow with respect to passion.

Being a Fire Sign, Leo thrives on passion and excitement. When they are gone, he cannot pretend otherwise.

For this reason, wondering how to make a Leo man miss you might be a red flag, but it also may just be a sign that you need to find a way to rekindle the flame between you.

4 Ways to Get a Leo Man Miss You Without Losing Him

So, if you are in the unenviable position of being in a lifeless relationship with a Leo man, what are you to do?

Let us talk about some things that you can do to bring life and passion back to your relationship with him in a healthy manner.

1. Ignoring a Leo man

Ignoring a Leo Man to Make Him Miss You

While trying to make a Leo man jealous will almost always backfire, ignoring a Leo man can have positive results.

A Leo man is a bit of a contradiction in that he thrives on attention, but he quickly loses interest in those who give him that attention.

Because of this, if you feel like your Leo man is starting to cool towards you, you may very well want to try to ignore him and see what happens.

If everything is alright, or if it is just a time in which his passion is slightly low, ignoring him will have immediate results.

He will miss the attention you usually give him, and he will return to his usual charming and romantic self.

If ignoring a Leo man does not work, it could be that there is something else wrong in the relationship. In that case, you may want to investigate further.

You must be careful in how you approach this, however. If you complain or reproach him, you will likely only make things worse.

A better tactic would be to ask him if everything is ok, showing concern for his welfare rather than expressing your worries about the state of the relationship.

If there is something wrong that does not relate to you, he will probably tell you. He may even tell you if the problem is the relationship.

A Leo man is not good at hiding his feelings. In any case, however he responds, you will have a better idea about how to proceed.

2. Taking a break from each other

If ignoring a Leo man does not help, and if you can not work out what may be wrong, you may want to consider taking a break from each other for a while.

It may very well be that both of you need a little time off so that you can fall in love with each other all over again.

Now, it is important to take care in how you suggest such a thing to your Leo man.

You do not in any way want to give him the impression that you want to do anything drastic. Nor do you want him to think that you are trying to get away from him.

Instead, find a reason to go away for a while that has nothing to do with him.

It is always a good idea with a Leo man to have your own hobbies, interests, or activities. There may be something related to these activities that will give you an excuse to travel.

Perhaps there is a conference that you want to go to. Maybe there is a place that you have never been that you would like to see. If you have family that lives out of town, you may decide to take a visit to see them.

Whatever it is, it does not have to be a long trip. Indeed, a short one will likely be better.

It will not take long for your Leo man to begin to miss you when you are gone. When you return, it is very likely that he will regain his passion for you.

3. Traveling together

In addition to taking a break from each other, one way to rekindle your romance with a Leo man and to get him to miss you all over again is to travel together.

A Leo man has an adventurous spirit. He rarely gets to exercise this spirit as much as he likes.

Yet, when he does get to, it invigorates him and brings out his fiery nature. It is this nature that may have gotten lost in the routine of everyday life.

When you do travel with him, it really does need to be an adventure of sorts. A quiet romantic vacation in a nice hotel will not be enough.

Of course, he will enjoy living like a king for a short time, but he also needs something more exciting.

A better idea would be to go with him somewhere that he can go hiking or do some other physical activity. It would be even better there is an element of risk or danger to it, even if this danger is illusory.

Even more important than his being able to partake in various activities is his being able to see you doing them as well. There is nothing more attractive to a Leo man than a strong and adventurous woman.

He may have forgotten how attractive you were to him at first, but if he shares an adventure with you, he will remember.

He will become just as charming and attentive to you as he was when you first started dating.

4. Don’t allow yourself to be the scapegoat

Don't allow yourself to be the scapegoat - Relationship with a Leo Man

When there are problems in any relationship, it is important to see your own role in creating them.

It is extremely rare for there to be a troubled relationship in which only one partner is at fault. It is conventional wisdom that the only person’s behavior that you can change is your own.

Pride can be the worst fault of a Leo man, and he will have a hard time admitting that he is ever in the wrong. Because of this, it can be very tempting to take on all of the blame when there are troubles.

With a Leo man, this is a big mistake. Indeed, it may be better overall to not be the first one to admit your own faults, even if you are well aware of them.

You may want to wait until he has admitted his own. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming the scapegoat, which will only serve to increase the distance between you.

A Leo man is a man of honor. Once he realizes he is in the wrong, he will want to do his best to make things right.

At this point, it is safe for you to soften the blow by admitting your own part in the difficulties.

If all goes well, this will be an end to the troubles, and the two of you will go back to having the happy and loving relationship that you did before.

A Leo Man’s Pride

One of the traits that is the most frequently associated with a Leo man is pride. After all, his symbol is the lion, who is known as the King of the Beasts.

Pride can, of course, be a fault, particularly when it is coupled with a big ego. There is the famous saying that “Pride goeth before the fall.”

Yet, pride in the proper dose and proper context can be a positive attribute as well.

We can have pride in our appearance or pride in who we are. This type of pride typically goes along with dignity and self-respect.

A Leo man often exhibits both types of pride. As in most signs, his greatest virtues and his greatest flaws are opposite sides of the same coin.

If you are in a relationship with a Leo man, you will have to deal with both of these sides as well.

The ego of a Leo man can certainly cause relationship problems. There is no doubt about that.

On the other hand, his pride can also be a source of strength. He gets great pride and satisfaction from being a family man, and this makes him a very good partner.

The downside of his pride is that he will not admit to himself or anyone else if there is something wrong in his relationship. This could leave you unsatisfied without knowing why.

Loyalty and a Leo Man

Pride is a well-known quality of a Leo man. A lesser-known but equally common trait of a Leo man is loyalty.

This loyalty plays a key role in his relationships, and it is extremely important to keep this in mind when considering how to make a Leo man miss you.

His loyalty to you

The pride and the loyalty of a Leo man go hand in hand.

When he enters into a relationship, it is a matter of honor for him to be faithful and true. He will also want to treat you the best that he can.

This becomes even more of a matter of honor when he enters into a formal commitment, such as a marriage, or even an engagement.

A Leo man considers a marriage a lifelong promise, and he will do his best to stand by that promise no matter what.

As admirable as this may be, it can cause problems for a partner. One of these problems is that he will soldier on even if either or both of you are feeling stuck in a miserable relationship.

A Leo man does not hide his feelings well, and if he is unhappy, it will show.

If this happens, a common response is to start thinking that he does not love you anymore. This could be the reason that you start to wonder how to make him miss you.

His expectations of your loyalty to him

A Leo man will expect you to be as loyal to him as he is to you. He may never verbalize these expectations to you, but you can be sure that he has them.

A Leo man wants to know that you are on his side and that you will be on his side, no matter what.

This is important to realize because it has a direct impact on the things that you can do in order to make a Leo man miss you.

Many attempts in this direction will fail and even backfire because they could make him question your loyalty to him. Such doubts could be fatal to your relationship.

Are Leo men jealous?

It is rarely a good idea to get ideas for managing your relationships from television dramas and romantic comedies.

In particular, there is a common trope in which when someone feels ignored or neglected, they try to make the other person jealous.

Do not ever try this tactic with a Leo man. You will almost never get a Leo man to miss you by making him jealous.

Instead, he will treat this is the ultimate act of betrayal, and you are likely to lose him forever.

Even if you come clean and admit that you were only doing it to make him jealous, it will probably do no good. He will see it as a dishonorable and sneaky tactic, and you may never regain his love.

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A Leo man can be a gallant and loving partner, but he is not perfect. His pride and sense of honor are both his greatest virtues and his biggest flaws.

Once he has made a commitment, he will stand by it, but this loyalty could come at the cost of his happiness.

Still, if there are difficulties, there are ways to bring back the romance and make a Leo man miss you all over again.