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Dealing With a Leo Man Break-Up

Dealing With a Leo Man Break-Up

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Leo men are ruled by the vital energy of the Sun. In their minds, the world revolves around them as they are king.

If they break up with you, it’s a clear decision they have made up in their minds, and there’s always a definite reason behind the break-up.

Leo men do not prolong things, and they’re not scared of being direct and hurting anyone’s feelings. It’s just that they have made up their minds and need to do what feels right for them.

Let’s not forget though, that they are generous people with big hearts and break-ups do hurt them.

During a break-up, a Leo man will still remain friends with you, and he will be kind to you.

Leos happen to be the most generous of all the Zodiac Signs, and they really don’t want to hurt you.

Carry on reading, and learn everything you can about Leo break-ups!

How Do Leo Break Up?

A Leo man may break up over the phone by calling you and telling you it’s just not working out.

He will always be very direct about it, and not beat about the bushes. It may even come to you as a surprise.

Another way he may break up with you is in person. If the two of you were once very close, he’ll come over to your house.

If it is a relationship that is only a few months old, he may do it in public so that you don’t get too upset in front of him.

How to Know When a Leo Man is Done with You

If a Leo man is done with you, he won’t be very loving and warm towards you. He may even say things that are a bit mean.

He also will stop wanting to sleep with you, and will make excuses not to see you.

A big sign that he’s done with you is the lack of sex, as Leo rules the 5th house, which is the house of creativity, and having sex for enjoyment (Scorpio rules the 8th house – which rules sexual “release”). If he doesn’t want to get intimate, it’s bad.

There will be a lack of communication, as text messages will start to fade. He’ll also make plans to be with friends and family over the weekend, leaving you out.

He can be cold in this way. See 5 signs a Leo man is finished with you.

Will a Leo Man Come Back?

It’s important to know that Leo is not a highly emotional sign. When they make up their minds, they’re pretty certain about things. However, if they were in a very long and deep relationship, there is a chance they will get back together with their ex.

A famous example of a Leo woman who kept getting back together with her (Aquarius) man is the late Whitney Houston and her former husband Bobby Brown.

The two just couldn’t escape one another. Leos are very passionate and can feel deep!

Leos are represented by the lion, the “King of The Jungle!” This man has a lot of pride, and he enjoys the “chase” of the dating game more than most.

If you ever want him to be interested in you again you have to play it cool, and not message him, or contact him too much after the break-up.

Let him do the work, he’ll enjoy it!

Do Leo Miss Their Ex?

Leo men are the life of any party as attention is usually focused on them. However, they do miss having someone by their side, especially if it’s an ex they were once in love with.

They have a lot of pride and won’t contact their ex immediately because of it.

However, if a lot of time passes by, and they don’t have someone that showers attention and pours love over them, they will start missing their ex, and will want to be in their arms again.

Leo men are big cats that just want love!

How Do Leo Men Deal with Break-Ups?

Leo men deal with break-ups by getting on with things. They’re strong, powerful men who deal with emotions maturely, and try keep as positive as possible. You need to remember that they’re super confident, so nothing beats them down too much.

If they were in love with you, they’ll express their emotions by engaging in creative activities that inspire them. They may also hit the gym, just too help them regain focus, and make themselves feel better. 

Now that you’re not spending time together having get-togethers with friends, going to music concerts, and making love, your Leo ex will do certain things to keep himself occupied such as:  

1. Spend Time with Children

Leo men rule the 5th house, which is the house of children. They are one of those Signs that really crave being around children, and want a family with many children around them.

They will spend time with nieces and nephews, as well as young cousins to cheer themselves up!

2. Play Music

Many Leo men love music, and often they will own a guitar.

Because they are so creative, they may just get into the zone and sit and play for hours to get their minds off you! The music really soothes their hearts.

Famous Leo musicians include Shawn Mendes, Joe Jonas, the legendary Mick Jagger, and the late Kenny Rogers, among others!

3. Socialize with Friends

Leos have lots of friends, it’s just how they roll. People love being around Mr. Popular, and that’s what a Leo man is.

Leos will spend a lot of time with their male friends over beer at bars, and dancing at clubs.

4. Flirt with Other Women

Since Leo men can’t get enough of attention, they’ll spend time flirting with other women to get the attention and affection they need.

They enjoy the opposite sex, and sometimes just want to have fun. They’re also always on the look-out for love.

5. Get a Haircut

Since Leo is represented by the lion, Leos are often very concerned with their hair.

Leo men’s hair is often flawless, and sometimes long (just look at Aquaman star Jason Momoa). They’ll want to get their hair styled really sharp, as they’re starting afresh!

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Your Leo man may return to you, and if he doesn’t, there’s a great chance that you’ll remain close friends, as he doesn’t hold grudges.

If you don’t couple up together again, there’s always plenty of men out there for you!

If you have just experienced a break-up, and your heart feels really empty, just do all the things you love doing that brings you a lot of joy!

Go out with the gals and meet new people!

Exercise and do yoga if you wish to, and get creative with hobbies!

You’ll have passion for life again, and will attract someone new into your life that will adore you just the way you are!