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How to Keep a Pisces Man Interested

How to Keep a Pisces Man Interested

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Falling for a Pisces man is often intense. When they are interested in you, they will enjoy chasing you and winning your affection.

But keeping a Pisces man hooked can sometimes feel like hard work. He wants a lot of love from you, and he also wants you to fit into his pack and be close to his family and friends.

But, if the match is right, this should feel more like a pleasure than a chore.

If you want to have a Pisces man in your life for the long term, try these strategies.

5 Ways to Keep a Pisces Man Interested

To keep a Pisces man interested, show him your world. He will want to know everything about you. You should also engage in his romantic shenanigans. Pisces loves to love.

Most importantly, however, take the time to get to know his nearest and dearest. That you get along with them and they accept you is incredibly important to a Pisces man.

Once you attract a Pisces man, you can also keep him by giving him the attention and time that he craves, and sharing your confidence with him.

He also wants a partner who makes him feel safe.

1. Engage His Nearest and Dearest

Make a Pisces man want you by engaging with his nearest and dearest. Pisces men are pack animals, and they will be very close to their friends and family.

They care a lot about what these people think, and they want a partner that will fit into their pack. A relationship simply won’t work for him if his best mate and his girl don’t get along.

Invest time in getting to know his people, and put in the effort to show them your best side. Loving a Pisces man generally means loving his crew as well. This shouldn’t be difficult. Pisces generally picks the people close to them well.

2. Be Available

To handle a Pisces man, you need to make yourself available. Unlike some men, who don’t like to move too fast, Pisces men want to get intense quite quickly.

Don’t be surprised if he wants to spend a lot of time together. Embrace his interest. If he starts to think that you don’t have time for him, it could tell him that you are not compatible.

When handling a Pisces man, it is also a good idea to take the time to send sporadic messages to your Pisces man when you are not together.

He will like knowing that you are thinking about him. While doing this too much can be a turn off for some men, it is a great way to attract a Pisces man.

3. Engage in Romance

When loving a Pisces man, embrace romance. Pisces men love to be in love, and they also enjoy the chase.

They want to wine and dine you and show you just how special they think you are. Don’t be surprised if flowers show up at your office, or you are whisked away on a surprise date.

Pisces might get excited if you play a little bit hard to get, but only a little. While they Pisces men enjoy the chase, they want to know that they are wanted in return.

So, while a little joking is more than acceptable, make sure you end every encounter with no doubt in his mind that you are interested.

4. Show Him Your World

Attract a Pisces man by letting him into your world.

It can be quite intense when you first meet a Pisces man, as he will want to know everything about you. It can feel quite intrusive. But embrace it rather than shying away.

It comes from a genuine place of interest and a desire to see himself as part of your life. If you are reluctant to share, he can struggle to develop that vision.

By all means, maintain your boundaries, but don’t be afraid to introduce him to your friends and family. He will enjoy seeing you through their eyes. There is no better way to get a Pisces man hooked on you.

5. Be Confident

To make a Pisces man want you, be confident.

You may think that your Pisces man is supremely confident because he gets on so well with everyone. But while he is confident in a group, he can be unsure of himself.

He feels this lack within himself, and therefore is often attracted to people who seem to fill that space. He wants a confident partner that makes him feel safe.

Show him that you are confident in yourself, confident in your decisions, and confident to do things on your own.

These are all traits that Pisces men find very attractive. When you are confident in yourself, you will also be able to be confident in your relationship.

What Pisces Men Dislike

Pisces is one of the most easy-going signs in the zodiac, but there are still things that can turn Pisces off and make him wonder if you are a perfect match.

Avoid these things when handling a Pisces man.

1. Don’t Be Insensitive

Pisces is a truly empathetic soul and feels deeply about the plight of others. While he might not expect the same from you, he won’t be impressed if you are insensitive to someone in need.

Never make light of the plight of others in front of Pisces. Always try and understand where the other person is coming from.

2. Don’t Treat People Badly

Pisces believes that you can learn a lot about a person by how they treat other people, especially the people that aren’t necessarily “high value” to them.

Make sure you don’t fall into this trap. Treat your bus driver, your waiter, and the person who cleans your office very well.

3. Don’t Be Controlling

While Pisces men don’t have a need to always be in charge, they hate feeling like they are being controlled. So, keep your bossier tendencies in check.

Suggest but don’t tell, request but don’t nag, and you will have yourself a happy Pisces man.

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Keeping a Pisces Man Hooked Again

Genuine and steadfast, once a Pisces man has decided that he is interested in you, it is not hard to keep his attention.

However, be prepared, that attention can be quite intense. But, if you embrace it, you will find that loving a Pisces man is incredibly rewarding.

But remember, when you nab yourself a Pisces man, you get more than just a partner, you get his entire tribe as well.

If you want to make things work with Pisces in the long run, invest in these relationships as well.