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How to Respond to “Hey How Are You” on Tinder 2023: With Examples

How to Respond to “Hey How Are You” on Tinder 2023: With Examples

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Each new conversation is a fresh opportunity to strike a connection and maybe even find a potential match. But, oftentimes, conversations start with a simple, yet deceivingly complex, question:

“Hey, how are you?”

How to respond effectively to such a generic opener can sometimes leave us scratching our heads. It’s about finding an approach that aligns with your personality, communication style, and what you’re seeking from your Tinder experience. So, feel free to experiment, have fun with it, and let your authentic self shine.

In this article, we will delve into various strategies on how to respond to this question, maximizing your chances of sparking a memorable conversation.

Method 1: Show Your Personality

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Tinder thrives on individuality and uniqueness. “Hey, how are you?” is an open-ended question that presents an excellent opportunity to showcase your personality.

A response like, “Doing fantastic! I just finished a thrilling mystery novel, ever heard of ‘[Book Title]’?” can show off your love for reading, all while providing a topic of discussion that might resonate with your match.

Another approach could be humor, like, “I’m doing well, currently trying to teach my dog how to play chess. It’s going about as well as you’d expect!”. This response injects a light-heartedness into the conversation and allows your match to engage with a funny visual or story.

Remember, the aim is to provide more than just a status update, but also a window into your life and personality.


1. Well, my plant hasn’t died yet, so I must be doing something right! How about you?

2. I’m superb! Just tried to make ‘that’s what she said’ joke during a meeting. Timing wasn’t right, but I’ll keep trying. Your day?

3. Excellent, thanks! Just came back from a pottery class. Have you ever tried it?

4. I’m good, just baked my famous chocolate chip cookies. Wish I could share!

5. Doing great! I’m planning a road trip this weekend. Ever been on one?

6. Doing well! Today I used my ‘out of office’ reply even though I’m working from home. I consider it a win. What about you?

7. I’m great, just discovered a podcast that suggests the earth might be donut-shaped. Ever listened to something that blew your mind?

8. Fantastic! I’m preparing for my 5K run next week. How do you keep fit?

9. Doing well! Currently learning how to play the guitar. What’s your favorite instrument?

10. I’m doing great! Working on my acceptance speech for the ‘Dundie Award’ I’m sure to win. How about you?

11. Doing well, thanks! Was just arguing with my computer about the next big crypto. It thinks it’s Dogecoin, but I’m Team Ether. What about you?

12. I’m well, planning my next scuba diving trip. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

13. I’m good, survived a DIY project. Who knew a bookshelf could have so many pieces? Your heroic act of the day?

14. I’m great, thanks! Currently in a fierce staring contest with my cat. I think she’s winning. What’s your power struggle story?

15. I’m doing well, thanks. Currently playing chess with an online bot who has a knack for roasting me with every move. How’s your day going?

16. I’m great, thank you! Busy mining for bitcoins in my digital backyard. Found any crypto treasures lately?

17. Doing great, just finished a meditation session. I am now one with my sofa. How about you?

Method 2: Ask a Thoughtful Question

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While replying to the “how are you” part, consider redirecting the conversation by asking a question that shows interest in your match and encourages a more thoughtful response.

For instance, you could say, “I’m good, thank you! Noticed you have a photo at the Grand Canyon. How was that experience?” This helps to guide the conversation away from generic pleasantries and towards shared interests or experiences.

Alternatively, you could ask a more engaging question like, “I’m doing well, thanks for asking! If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?” This approach can open up a range of potential conversation topics, including travel, culture, and personal dreams or ambitions.


1. I’m great, thanks! In honor of ‘The Office,’ would you rather have Michael Scott’s lack of filter, or Dwight’s beet farm? And why?

2. I’m good, thanks for asking! Noticed you mentioned you’re in marketing. Ever convinced a client that ‘less is more’?

3. I’m good, thanks! Did you also start your love for interior design with limitless budgets in the Sims Build Mode, courtesy of the money cheat? It was quite a thrill to design without financial constraints.

4. I’m good, thanks! Noticed that you love traveling. What’s the most unforgettable place you’ve been to?

5. I’m well, thank you! You work in the culinary field, right? Ever cooked something so delicious that it made a customer cry tears of joy?

6. I’m well! I noticed a guitar in one of your pictures. Do you play?

7. I’m good! I see that you’re a film enthusiast. What’s your favorite movie of all time?

8. Doing well, thank you! You’re a writer, right? Ever invented a word and tried to get it trending?

9. Doing well, thanks! I saw in your photos that you’re into yoga. What got you started with it?

10. I’m good, thanks! You seem to be into hiking. What’s the most challenging trail you’ve conquered?

11. I’m doing well, thank you! I saw you were holding a book in one of your pictures. What are you currently reading?

12. I’m well, thanks! Noticed you’re in the construction field. Ever built a miniature model of a building just because you were bored?

13. Doing well, thanks! I saw a picture of you in [place]. What was the most memorable part of your trip?

14. I’m doing great, thanks! You have quite a few photos of concerts. What’s the best live music performance you’ve seen?

15. I’m well, thanks! You mentioned being an animal lover. Do you have any pets?

16. I’m well, thanks! Noticed you’re into tech. Ever considered launching your own cryptocurrency, something like ‘[Their Name]Coin’?

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Remember: Be Honest and Authentic

Being honest and authentic in your response can help establish trust and meaningful connection. If you had a good day, share that.

If your day was less than stellar, it’s okay to express that too—just aim to keep the tone light and avoid going into excessively negative territory. For instance, “Honestly, it’s been a tough day at work, but I’m looking forward to a relaxing evening. How about you?”

Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a space where both of you can be yourselves. Authenticity is attractive and it can set the stage for a deeper connection.

Remember: Positivity and Enthusiasm

Finally, maintaining a positive and enthusiastic tone can also be beneficial. Excitement can be contagious and tends to attract similar energy in return. For example, you could say, “I’m excellent! Just got back from a great run. It’s always invigorating. Do you enjoy any sports or fitness activities?”

However, it’s essential to keep your response genuine—manufactured enthusiasm can often feel artificial and off-putting. Be positive, but be real.

Method 3: Reference Their Profile

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Make it a point to go through their profile and reference something interesting that you find. This shows that you’re not just replying in haste, but you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them.

For example, “I’m doing well, thanks! I noticed you’re a dog lover from your photos. Tell me about your furry friend!”

This not only makes your response more engaging but also paves the way for a more meaningful conversation. By showcasing your interest in their personality and experiences, you are likely to encourage them to open up more, making the chat much more interesting.


1. Doing well, thank you! I see from your photos that you’re friends with a llama (or at least it looked like it was smiling). Did you meet at a party, or are you part of an exotic pet club I should know about?

2. Hey, doing great, thanks! Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.

3. I’m doing well, thank you! Spotted you with a glass of wine in one of your photos. Are you a self-proclaimed sommelier or just a fan of ‘wine down’ Wednesdays?

4. Doing great, thanks! Spotted your aloe plants in the background. Do you ever greet them with a cheerful ‘Aloe there’ in the mornings.

5. I’m great, thanks. Your bio says you’re a foodie. What’s your go-to dish to cook at home?

6. Doing great, thank you! I see you’re a [job title]. That sounds really interesting. What’s the best part of your job?

7. Doing great, thanks! Your dog/cat in the photos is adorable! What’s their name?

8. Hey there, doing well, thank you! I see you’re a fan of [common interest]. Me too! Have you ever been to [related event/place]?

9. I’m great, thanks! Spotted the margarita in your hand in one of your pictures. Is that your signature drink or were you just trying to make your cactus feel at home?

Method 4: Reply with a Joke or Pun

Say aloe to my little friends

Engaging with a pun or a joke when someone asks “Hey, how are you?” on Tinder can often result in a more interesting and memorable conversation. It’s an excellent ice breaker and a way to express your personality right off the bat.

Humor tends to make people feel more comfortable and open, making it easier for both parties to connect. It adds a fun and playful element to the conversation, setting a light-hearted tone for the potential relationship.

Injecting humor into your initial response will not only make you stand out but also indicates that you’re fun-loving and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Plus, by making the other person laugh or smile, you are already building a positive association with you. Puns and jokes can also act as conversation starters, paving the way for more interesting dialogue.


1. I’m doing ‘tea-riffic’, thanks! I’d say my puns are ‘brew-tiful’, wouldn’t you agree?

2. I’m doing well, thanks! Are you the Assistant to the Regional Manager? Because you’ve definitely assisted in capturing my attention.

3. Great, thanks! Are you a beaver? Because daaaaam.

4. Hey there, I’m well, thanks! Is your last name Schrute? Because you’ve ‘beet’ all my expectations.

5. Hey, I’m good, thank you. Your dog/cat is so cute. Does he/she have a human?

6. Hey! I’m great, thanks. Is your name Ariel? Because we mermaid for each other!

7. Great, thanks! Are you made of beryllium, gold, and titanium? Because you’re BeAuTi-ful.

8. Hey, I’m good, thanks! Do you like Star Wars? Because Yoda only one for me.

9. Hey! Great, thanks! I’ve got the Bunsen, do you have the burner? Because we could have chemistry.

10. Hey, I’m well, thanks. Can’t spell menu without ‘me n u’. Dinner?

11. Hey, great, thanks! I once tried to catch fog. I mist. If you liked this pun, we’re probably soulmates.

12. I’m great, thanks! Do you have any raisins? No? Well, how about a date?

13. Great, thanks. You must be a broom because you just swept me off my feet.

14. Hey, good, thanks! They say Tinder is a numbers game… so can I get your number?

Method 5: Be Playful

Ham and Pineapple Pizza

“Hey, how are you?” is a rather straightforward question, but that doesn’t mean you can’t answer it in a playful way. Try playing with language or turning the question on its head.

For instance, you could say, “Doing well, currently debating whether pineapples belong on pizza. Care to weigh in on this hot topic?” This can make the conversation more dynamic and engaging right from the start.

Method 6: The Direct Approach

Attractive young couple clinking by wine glasses in restaurant during date.

Sometimes, the best response is the most direct one. If you’re interested in getting to know your match and want to dive right into meaningful conversation, you can say something like, “I’m doing well, thank you! I’m here to find genuine connections. What brings you to Tinder?” This approach sends a clear message about your intentions and opens the floor for your match to share theirs.

In the world of online dating, the initial conversation can be a make-or-break moment. When you receive that simple, “Hey, how are you?” message, see it as an opportunity to present yourself in a way that is engaging, memorable, and authentically you. After all, every great connection starts with a single conversation.

1. Doing well, thank you! Your bio says you like adventures. Can I be your next one?

2. I’m doing splendidly, thanks! Just taking a chance and seeing where this Tinder journey takes me. What’s your story? What led you here?

3. I’m doing well, thank you! I can see we both like adventure. I’ve got one planned for this weekend. Are you in?

4. Doing well, thank you! I see we both love to travel. Tell me your best travel story over coffee.

5. I’m doing well, thank you! I joined Tinder to add a dash of adventure to my social life. What about you? What are you hoping to find here?

6. I’m doing great, thank you! I’m here to see if I can find someone who shares my love for travel and exotic food. What are some things you’re passionate about?

7. I’m fantastic, thank you! I’m on here to meet new people and maybe make some fun memories. How about you? What’s your best memory from using Tinder? (other than matching me, of course).

8. I’m great, thanks! Judging by your pictures, we seem to have a lot in common. Let’s explore this in person.

9. I’m doing good, thank you! I’m on here hoping to find someone with a shared interest in the outdoors. How do you like to spend your weekends?

Method 7: Share an Interesting Fact

Sharing an intriguing fact or piece of information about yourself can pique your match’s interest and make your response stand out.

You could say, “I’m doing great, thanks for asking. Just learned how to make a mean lasagna from scratch. How about you?” Not only does this give your match an insight into your life, but it can also serve as a conversation starter.

Method 8: Use Emojis or GIFs

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Emojis or GIFs can add a touch of fun and personality to your messages. A picture can say a thousand words, and in the case of online dating, it can help express emotions that text alone might not fully convey.

You could reply with something like, “I’m 😊! [something interesting]” or send a GIF that shows what you’re feeling or doing.

Remember, the goal is to express yourself in a way that feels natural and engaging to you. It’s all about starting a conversation that could potentially lead to a deeper connection.

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Method 9: Share a Recent Experience

Friends on road trip on a summers day

Sharing a recent interesting experience or event from your life can add a touch of intrigue to your response.

This could be anything from the last book you read, a movie you watched, or even an interesting encounter you had on your way home. For example, “I’m good, thank you! Just got back from a spontaneous road trip to [place] with friends. We discovered some awesome little cafes and breathtaking scenic spots.”

This kind of response allows your match to connect over a shared experience or introduce them to something new.


1. I’m well, thanks! Had a funny incident at work today – I walked into a glass door thinking it was open. My coworkers haven’t stopped laughing!

2. I’m good, thank you! Had an amazing day at the local farmers’ market today. I discovered that there are about a hundred varieties of apples!

Method 10: The Compliment Approach

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A compliment can be a nice touch, provided it’s respectful and genuine. If there’s something in their profile that genuinely impressed or intrigued you, mentioning it could make for a nice icebreaker.

For example, “I’m doing well, thank you! I must say, your taste in music is exceptional. Is music a big part of your life?”

Method 11: Use a Quote or Song Lyrics

If there’s a quote or song lyric that you resonate with or that captures your mood for the day, share it as part of your response.

For instance, “I’m feeling ‘on top of the world’ as Imagine Dragons would put it. How about you?” This not only answers the question but also shares a bit about your taste in music.

Hey on Tinder FAQs

Is Hey okay on Tinder?

“Hey” is acceptable on Tinder, but it’s often seen as generic and might not stand out among other messages. Crafting a more personalized opener can increase the chances of a response.

Why do guys just say hey on Tinder?

Many guys use “hey” on Tinder because it’s simple and requires minimal effort. However, it might also indicate uncertainty about how to initiate a more engaging conversation.

Is Hey Hey flirting?

“Hey Hey” can be seen as a casual greeting, but its flirtatiousness depends on the context and the relationship between the individuals. Tone, accompanying emojis, or follow-up messages can clarify intent.

How do you greet someone on Tinder?

To greet someone on Tinder, start with a personalized message referencing their profile or photos. This shows genuine interest and increases the likelihood of a meaningful conversation.

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