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How To Get Your Sagittarius Man Back Fast

How To Get Your Sagittarius Man Back Fast

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Sagittarius men are commitment-phobes. As soon as they feel a relationship getting too serious, they have a tendency to run, or worse, engage in sabotaging behavior. They are the type to break-up and make-up.

To win back a Sagittarius man, you need to let him know that you want him, but without scaring him off. Show him that he can have his freedom with you.

Read on for tips and tricks for the best way to play games of the heart with Sagittarius.                                                                          

Will a Sagittarius Man Return After a Break-Up?

Sagittarius men always like to be moving forward, so that can sometimes make them disinclined to get back into a relationship.

But at the same time, since they don’t like to label their relationships, they can also be quite happy to step in and out of them, as they are not something that is moving in any particular direction, at least not consciously in their minds.

Which of these versions of Sagittarius you will get depends very much on what is happening with them in their lives. So, while it might be a no one day, it could be a yes the next.

5 Ways to Get a Sagittarius Man Back Fast

To get back together with a Sagittarius man, you need to be the one to take the lead and initiate the idea. But since he probably left when the relationship got too intense, you need to do this casually. 

You also need to be persistent, as he can be quite fickle in his feelings. If he says no today, when his situation and mood change, he might have a very different response.

1. Be honest but casual

To get a Sagittarius man back in your life, you are going to need to tell him that is what you want. They do not tend to be great at picking up on subtle signals.

You will have to put yourself on the line and be honest about your feelings.

But when you do, don’t go in with undying commitments of love. Sagittarius men are commitment-phones, and if you come on too strong, you are just going to scare him off.

Don’t tell him that you want a relationship, tell him that you miss him and that you want to spend more time together.

If you can make the return seem like it will be casual and fun, and nothing serious with a label, he is more likely to be responsive.

2. Be persistent

To win a Sagittarius man back after a break-up, you are going to need to be persistent. They are very spontaneous people.

If you approach him about rekindling things when he is in a bad mood, or just when his mind is on something different, and he might just say no. But that means not right now, not never.

You need to pick your moment with Sagittarius. Don’t approach him when he is on a night out with his mates having an amazing time, or after a terrible day at work. You want him feeling good, but not so good that he doesn’t believe he needs anyone.

If he doesn’t seem interested the first time you broach the subject, try again at a more opportune moment.

Learn how to keep a Sagittarius man interested.

3. Play a little hard to get

To make a Sagittarius man fall for you again, it doesn’t hurt to play a little hard to get.

Obviously, you don’t want to be completely unavailable, as spending time together will be key to rekindling your romance. But you do want him to miss you and make him work for it just a little.

If he calls you for last-minute drinks, say no, you are a busy person, you aren’t available at the drop of a hat. But you could meet up tomorrow, or next week.

If he suggests a last-minute weekend away as friends, make sure he knows that you had to cancel other plans in order to be able to embark on this adventure with him.

The last thing you want is for him to think that you are sitting at home waiting for him to call. You have a full and exciting life, and don’t need him to fill it.

4. Don’t be jealous

To get a Sagittarius man back after an argument, you will often have to deal with some of your own feelings first.

These men don’t like to feel like anyone is tying them down. Nothing makes them feel more claustrophobic than someone questioning everything they do and checking up on them.

If something like this was at the root of your argument, you will need to show him that you have moved past whatever was pushing his buttons, and that you can give him the space and the trust that he needs to be himself.

Remember that if you choose to trust someone, you have to give them the benefit of the doubt and take their word.

If you start picking at and arguing about the same things, you will find yourself back at square one.

5. Show him how fascinating you are

To get a Sagittarius man to desire you again, you need to show him how fascinating and independent you are.

Sagittarius men believe that life is an adventure, and they see themselves as the fearless adventurer who is supremely confident and doesn’t really need anyone.

They admire all these qualities that they aspire to in a partner.

They are not looking for someone to complete them, Sagittarius men are looking for a compelling partner who excites them, so show him that is exactly who you are.

If you invest in yourself, your interests, and your happiness, he will soon remember exactly why he fell for you the first time.

And no, it doesn’t hurt to send him the occasional picture when you are off having fun, simply saying that you’re sure he would love to be wherever you are.

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How Long Does it Take For a Sagittarius Man to Come Back

Sagittarius men are very impulsive, so if he wants to get back together and you offer him the right opportunity, things can move very quickly.

But, if he is wary of returning to the relationship for any reason, it can take time and effort to win him around.

But Sagittarius aren’t the type to draw a firm line under anything. They like to have all of their options open (read more about the Sagittarius zodiac sign).

This means that they might even come back after years of separation, and despite what has happened in the interim.

After You Win Him Back

If you do manage to win your Sagittarius man, your next battle is to keep him.

The key to maintaining a good relationship with a Sagittarius man is to give him space.

He is an independent spirit and he needs to know that whoever he is with is supporting him on his adventures and not holding him back.

While this can sometimes be challenging, it can also be an opportunity.

Sagittarius men are also happy to give their partners space to grow, flourish, and pursue their own ambitions.