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How To Get Your Pisces Man Back Fast

How To Get Your Pisces Man Back Fast

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Pisces men love to be in love and are their happiest when they are in stable relationships. This means that they aren’t the type to just break-up unless something is wrong. It is likely that their feelings haven’t changed, but something in the relationship needs work.

To win back a Pisces man, you need to remind him exactly why the two of you fell for each other in the first place.

Read on for detailed tips for getting your Pisces man back fast.

Will a Pisces Man Return After a Break-Up?

Pisces men enjoy being in relationships and honestly believe that each and every one of their partners is “the one”, and so are desperate to make things work.

This means that if they break-up with someone, it is usually for a good reason and there are serious issues to be resolved. But Pisces is willing to do the work if they believe that their partner is willing to do the same.

5 Ways to Get a Pisces Man Back Fast

If you want to win back a Pisces man, you need to reignite your romance. Make the first move, and then enjoy the process of romantic dates and spending time together to get to know each other all over again.

Focus on having fun and building a new relationship, rather than rehashing the past.

Pisces doesn’t need to talk through and dissect every issue. He is more influenced by seeing that a person is different.

1. Make the first move

If you want to get a Pisces man back after a break-up, you will need to make the first move.

While Pisces can seem confident and effortless in their interactions with other people, if they have been burnt before, they are likely to be nervous to take the risk.

This means that you are going to need to make the first move and tell him how you feel. But after this, if he is on the same page, things can move quickly. If he is sure of your feelings and what you want, he will soon be back to his open and gregarious self.

It can always be scary to risk rejections by expressing a desire when you aren’t sure if the other person returns it. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

2. Be romantic

To make a Pisces man want you again, engage in a little old fashioned romance.

Pisces men love being in love, and they love the thrill of the chase. You can put a new spark into your relationship with some romantic gestures.

Plan a candlelit dinner, take him on a surprise outing, or get him an over the top present that you know he will love. He will take all these as a sign of your genuine affection.

If he wants to treat you, go with it like it was your first date. Don’t waste the precious time that you have together rehashing the issues that may have split you apart.

Pisces are better than most at letting things go. You will not need to dissect everything that happened in order to be able to move on and move forward.

3. Be available

To win back the affections of a Pisces man, make yourself available, and try and spend as much time together as possible.

Pisces men tend to develop closeness and deeper feelings with time spent together, so you don’t want to spend too much time apart.

But again, when you do have the opportunity to spend time together, try and engage in fun activities, and don’t obsess over the need to “hash out” past grievances. The idea is to show that the two of you can have a fun and happy relationship again.

Also, don’t apply too much pressure to Pisces to make a decision on your relationship. Pisces hates to be pressured and it can cause him to shut down.

4. Recruit allies

To convince a Pisces man to take you back after an argument, recruit some allies among his nearest and dearest.

Pisces men are pack animals. The people in their lives are important to them, and they care what those people think. If friends and family suggest that they should reconsider a relationship, they will listen.

Recruiting friendly voices among his people may not be as easy as you imagine.

Pisces’ friends tend to be very protective of him, and they won’t want to see him hurt again. They won’t take your side if they don’t think that the two of you are good for one another.

But, if you can find advocates among his nearest and dearest, they can make a big difference when it comes to changing their minds.

5. Be confident alone

To get a Pisces man back, you need to show him how confident you are. While Pisces may seem confident because of how gregarious they are, they actually suffer from deep insecurity. They are afraid of being alone, and fear doing many things alone.

In a partner, they are often looking for a protector who has the confidence that they lack.

Show him that you are that person by letting him see that you are OK on your own. You have the strength to take on the world and tackle new challenges without him by your side. When he sees this, he might want to be by your side more than ever.

Relationships with Pisces can very quickly become co-dependent because he likes to do everything together. Take this time apart to find your individual voice again.

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How Long Does it Take For a Pisces Man to Come Back

Pisces men are impulsive, and they follow their hearts.

They will probably be too scared to make the first move, but if you give them the opportunity to rekindle your relationship, and that is what they want, they will move quickly. Life is to be savored why should they wait?

However, just as they can come back quickly, they can also meet someone new and move on quickly. Don’t leave it too long, or you may miss your window of opportunity to make a clean reunion.

After You Win Him Back

If you do win back you Pisces man, you then have to build a relationship that works in the long run.

Relationships with Pisces tend to be good at the start, as he wants to do everything together and shower you with attention. But, as time passes, this can lead to co-dependency, which is not always healthy.

To make things work with Pisces, enjoy the close connection that will grow between the two of you, but retain some boundaries and some things which are just yours.