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How To Get Your Leo Man Back Fast

How To Get Your Leo Man Back Fast

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Leo men are incredibly loyal souls, so they don’t take their commitments to others lightly. However, Leos tend to put themselves first. So, if something isn’t working for them, they will walk away.

To win back a Leo man, you need to show him firstly that you are the person that he wants, and secondly that the two of your work together as a couple and he enjoys being in a relationship with you.

Read on for specific advice for winning back your Leo man.

Will a Leo Man Return After a Break-Up?

Leo men are incredibly proud and don’t like to be made to look the fool. So, if you betrayed his trust, don’t expect him to give you a second chance.

But Leo men are also incredibly passionate and follow their hearts. If his heart is still pulling him towards you, he will come back under the right circumstances.

5 Ways to Get a Leo Man Back Fast

If you want to get back your Leo man, you need to re-establish yourself as the object of his desire, which can be quite a lot of fun.

You also need to show him that whatever problems existed between you are resolved, and that you can move forward and have a positive and fun relationship.

1. Make yourself desirable

To make a Leo man want you back, enjoy the attention of other desirable men. While many men will be put off if they see you flirting with other men after a break-up, not competitive Leo.

They like to win, and they also hate losing. They will hate the idea of potentially losing you to someone else.

But make sure you stick with flirting and don’t let things go any further if you want your Leo man back. They are also very possessive.

He won’t be happy to know you’ve been with someone else. This might focus his attention on “crushing his opponent” rather than getting you back.

Be the desirable being that you are and enjoy the attention that this garners. But if your heart truly lies with your Leo man, don’t betray it.

2. Big up your Leo man

To win a Leo man back after a break-up, don’t go around bad-mouthing him. If it gets back to his ears, he won’t be pleased. It will just strengthen the barrier between you.

Instead make sure you tell people what a great guy he is, and how much you respect him. Especially say this in front of friends who will pass the message along.

Leo men have a healthy ego, and they want someone who buys into that vision of themselves.

They want someone who admires and respects them. Show him that you are that person, even when you aren’t together.

It will have him questioning whether he has just lost a good thing.

3. Talk about solutions rather than blame

If you want to get a Leo man back in your life, you are going to need to talk about whatever drove you apart. But when you do, you need to be careful not to throw around blame.

Leo men don’t like to be made to feel small. It won’t entice them to come back. Also don’t try to put all the blame on you, as he won’t respect you for that.

When you do talk, don’t focus on unraveling the past and assigning blame. Instead focus on positive, proactive things that the two of you can do to make the future better.

This will appeal to Leo’s active, problem-solver style, and convince him that you are ready to put the past behind you.

Leo men tend to be positive, glass-half-full people, and will appreciate this approach. See more of his personality traits here.

4. Give him space

If you want to win back your Leo man’s heart, you are going to need to give him some space.

While Leo men love being in love, and they enjoy being in relationships, they really do see themselves as a lone wolf taking on the world. They don’t want to do everything with their partner.

They need a partner who trusts them enough to give them the space they need to thrive, and who doesn’t let insecurity get in the way of what is a happy relationship.

Yes, Leo men are flirts because they love the attention, but they are also incredibly loyal and would rarely betray someone important to them.

Show him that you aren’t a ball and chain, and that he can thrive in a relationship with you.

5. Be spectacular

To make a Leo man want you back, be spectacular.

You know that your Leo man is his own person. He believes in himself and his dreams, and he does what is right for him no matter what.

He is not concerned about what everyone else is doing. He is attracted to and respects this in a partner as well.

Show him that you can more than give him a run for his money by just being the amazing person that you are, and also investing in yourself.

As you glow with confidence and success, this won’t escape his attention. You will quickly be back on the list as “very desirable”.

To make a relationship with Leo work, you need to be a little bit selfish. Invest in yourself, so that you have the energy and spark to invest in your romance.

How Long Does it Take For a Leo Man to Come Back

Leo men are impulsive and follow their hearts, so if he is keen to get back together, things can move surprisingly quickly.

However, if he feels that he needs to make a point, he might decide to make you jump through a few hoops first. He’s not torturing you, he’s just exercising his innate need to be on top.

If the betrayal that drove the two of your apart is very serious, expect it to take a long time for him to come back, if at all.

Leo men can’t stand to be made to look foolish. If he can get over it at all, it will take time.

After You Win Him Back

If you do win your Leo man back, that is only half the battle. The two of you then need to invest in creating a healthy and happy relationship.

With a Leo man, this often requires mutual trust. While this is not always easy, it is important to remember that trust is a choice.

A healthy relationship with a Leo man also required being a little selfish. Leo men are often so occupied with themselves that they can’t see what you need.

So, it is down to you to put yourself first. He will respect you for it, and the two of you will be able to develop a healthier and happier relationship.