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How To Get Your Gemini Man Back Fast

How To Get Your Gemini Man Back Fast

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Gemini mend tend to be fickle in their attention and their affection. So, it is not uncommon for them to decide to move on, seemingly at the drop of a hat. But they can come back just as easily.

If you want to get a Gemini back, you do need to show him that you have changed. He needs to see that you can return to the fun and excitement that existed at the start of your relationship.

Read on for tips and tricks for how to win your Gemini man back.

Will a Gemini Man Return After a Break-Up?

Gemini men are known for being a bit inconsistent, and they will often change their minds about what they want. For this reason, they are very likely to get back together after a break-up. But only if it is what they want.

It is very hard to convince a Gemini man to do anything they don’t want to do.

5 Ways to Get a Gemini Man Back Fast

If you want to get a Gemini man back, you need to show him that rekindling your romance will actually be a step forward.

Show him that you have changed. He does not want to step back into the same issues and arguments. He wants to move forward to new, fun, and exciting times.

1. Show him it will be fun and different

To make a Gemini man want to get back together with you, it is important to show him that the relationship will be different from how it was before, and that it will be fun.

Gemini are attracted to what is new and different, and they aren’t the type to want to repeat the same mistakes.

If you broke up because of a certain issue, you need to show him that the particular issue is done and dusted and that you have moved on. Show him that you are ready to move onto new and more exciting things.

Above all, he shouldn’t feel like working through old problems will be “hard work”, or he might think he is better off looking for new pastures.

2. Make your life exciting

To win a Gemini man’s heart back, you need to show him that you are the fascinating person that he fell for in the first place.

Gemini men are attracted to people who seem like they are always doing something new and interesting. This was probably one of the things he liked about you in the first place.

Some of this shine can wear off as you get to know each other better and your lives become intertwined. You lose that element of mystique. But when you spend some time apart, you have the chance to get it back.

Invest in yourself and the things you love, and it won’t be long before he starts to see you as an exciting prospect again.

3. Tell him you want to get back together, but don’t get emotional

To make a Gemini man want you back, you are going to have to tell him that is what you want.

While these sensitive souls are usually good at reading other people, when it comes to you, he may have blinkers on. If he is keen to get back together, he might interpret any signals you are sending as wishful thinking on his part.

But when you do tell him, don’t get emotional, or seem like this is something that you desperately need.

For Gemini men, love and relationships are meant to be fun. If you come across as too intense or needy, this can be a red flag for him that the relationship will be difficult.

Be clear and honest about your feelings, but be sure to control your emotions while speaking with him.

4. Give him space

To get a Gemini man back after an argument, you are going to need to give them space. Men born under this sign are sensitive and empathetic, and they will probably come to see things from your perspective without too much pushing from you.

If you do try and push your point and keep on top of him about the argument, he might start to think that the relationship is more hard work than he is willing to put in.

He might also think that you are trying to control him, and while Gemini are usually laid back, they don’t like to be controlled.

Trust that he has the heart and the intelligence to figure things out, and that he will come around in his own time

5. Show him that you are different

To make a Gemini man want you back after a break-up, you are going to need to show him that you have changed.

Gemini men aren’t the type to make the same mistakes again. If things weren’t working between the two of you because of a certain opinion, argument, or insecurity, Gemini won’t walk back into the same situation.

Gemini, in particular, can’t stand jealousy. He knows that they are flirts and that their behavior can be triggering for their partner. But, at the same time, they need a partner who can live with that side of their personality and trust them.

He won’t come back if he thinks it will be a replay of the same arguments.

Show him that you have grown as a person, and that whatever the source of your previous issues was, you are ready to put them behind you.

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How Long Does it Take For a Gemini Man to Come Back

Gemini men are impulsive, and they follow their hearts. So, if they want to get back together, they won’t make you work for it, they will come back quickly.

But if your Gemini man has decided that the relationship isn’t right for him at the moment, you may need to put in quite a bit of work to show him otherwise.

This can be challenging, as his wandering eye means that his attention may well have been caught by someone else.

Sometimes getting a Gemini man back can mean waiting. And sometimes even watching him with someone else for a period of time.

After You Win Him Back

If you do get back together with a Gemini man, you need to follow through on your promise of a new relationship in order to prevent him from walking away again.

If you start bringing up things that happened in the past and the same arguments, he will very likely decide to walk away again.

While Gemini men seem laid back most of the time, they can be very uncompromising about what they are willing to accept in a relationship. They are open about what those things are, so you shouldn’t feel like you are playing a guessing game.

But while they are saying what they are willing to accept, you need to know what you are willing to accept as well. Remember, he has to live up to your expectations as well as you living up to his.