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Gemini Man Texting Style: Signs He Likes You Through Text

Gemini Man Texting Style: Signs He Likes You Through Text

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Are you aware that Gemini Men have a special style of texting which suits their personalities?

Gemini men come across over text as witty and intelligent, and are remarkably charming!

You’ll find that the Gemini guy will be quick to reply when he likes you, and very chatty indeed! Good luck getting a word in, ladies!

These clever, curious and funny signs are born for the world of text messaging, and often find it easier to communicate on this virtual level!

7 Signs a Gemini Man Likes You Through Text

When a Gemini guy really likes you, he’ll show it through his texts and being extra-talkative, willing to constantly engage in conversation and always available!

Even if he just dashes off a quick, funny reply, it means he’s into you, that his mind is always on you!

If his texting style is charming and funny, you can be sure of his interest in you!

A Gemini fella will also show how keen he is by sending you articles and pieces of news, things he’s read and funny jokes.

He loves to engage lightly and make you giggle, and loves it when you can do the same for him!

Being such a curious sign, Gemini men will also indicate their interest in you by trying to learn more about you when texting.

Fortunately, this is one zodiac sign that seldom leaves you in doubt when it comes to his feelings and texting! If he goes quiet, well that’s a worrying sign!

So, if his texting style has any of these styles below, he definitely is wanting you in his life more:

1. His Texts Are Very, Very Chatty!

Gemini is an air sign, and like all air signs, he’s eager to express himself through his ideas, opinions and knowledge.

He’s a social butterfly, your Gemini guy, and will show you his interest by engaging with you mentally over text!

So, if you find him being ultra-chatty at all times of the day or night, not even really talking about anything “important”, then he’s really making a play for you!

Enjoy every moment!

2. He Cracks Jokes All The Time

Is your Gemini crush sending you lots of jokes over text?

Do you find yourself laughing throughout the day at his messages?

He’s behaving this way because he really likes you – and this is his way of showing it.

Even if the situation is serious or emotional, he’ll make some kind of joke, and make light of it.

It’s lovely when you’ve got someone at the other end who helps to make your day that much lighter. Feel free to send him jokes, too, he’ll just love it!

3. He Talks To You Often

Although the Gemini man isn’t someone who’s exactly “regular”, he will text you often, in some sort of pattern, if he likes you a lot. For him, this translates as “often”.

When he talks to you every day, he’s definitely into you!

And just remember, with the Gemini man, he can be chatty about anything.

He might just reach out to talk about your day, or something that just happened or some random fact. This is his “love language”, to talk, and talk often!

4. He Replies Quickly

If you want to know whether a Gemini man likes you, just look at how fast he texts you back. When he replies very fast, his mind is on you, and he wants to engage with you.

Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a long reply, it can be short and sweet.

Don’t worry about the content so much as the speed. That’s the sign that he wants you around!

5. He Wants To Learn About You

The truth about the Gemini guy is that he can sometimes forget to listen! Many Gemini men just talk and talk without giving you a chance to share who you are, too.

However if your Gemini man is asking you questions about yourself over text, you can be quite sure he’s into you.

Questions around your likes and dislikes, what passions you have, what dates you’d like to go on and what you find funny are all fascinating to him.

The mark of love from a Gemini man is exactly that – fascination with you. So, pay attention to the times when he’s trying to get to know you better over text, no matter how casual – it’s a big deal!

6. He Sends You Articles To Read

Make no mistake, Gemini men just love, love, love to read and learn new things! They are constantly online and are often eroding five books all at once!

If you find that he’s sending you articles that he’s read or snippets of facts and information, it means that he genuinely wants to communicate it with you and see what you think.

When he feels that strong mental connection is when he’s wanting you to be in his life for sure!

7. His Texts Are Ultra-Flattering

The truth is, Gemini men are ultra-flattering, especially when they want to be, and when they are interested in you!

If you find that his texting style is like this, if it’s charming, then you definitely have captured his interest!

Texts like “hey gorgeous”, or “you’re the smartest woman I’ve ever met” are signs that he really like you!

If you want to feel that incredible, wonderful connection with your Gemini man, then the Gemini Man Secrets “Roadmap” is the most comprehensive guide ever created to understanding a Gemini man.

What If A Gemini Man Stops Texting You?

Is it a bad thing if a Gemini man stops texting you? Why would he stop? Is it you?

Well, the honest truth is that it’s not a great sign if he’s stopped messaging you.

Gemini guys are known for being a bit fickle, and for sometimes entertaining more than one relationship at one time!

In fact, this is a sign quite well-known for “ghosting” (disappearing without a trace). Even if he’s been showing all the good signs above, he still has the tendency to suddenly change his mind.

See, Gemini men do suffer quite a bit with indecision – often asking themselves if they should be in a relationship, or agonising over two people that they like.

What can you do about it? Well, you can reach out to him.

This is a sign that tends to be more of a chameleon and take on the characteristics of the person they are with – in other words, he will mirror your actions.

So, if you are committed, he may take a step towards that, too.

If he’s stopped texting you, drop him a message and ask why, making it light or even funny. He’ll appreciate that.

If you can, arrange a face to face meetup with him so that you can sense his vibe.

If he doesn’t come to the party, go your own way – and make sure he knows that nothing less than some sort of commitment will do! This may actually help him make up his mind!

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