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Signs a Gemini Man is Testing You

Signs a Gemini Man is Testing You

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Gemini men like to play games, sometimes just for the fun of it, but also to test whether the person they have their eye on is really someone that they can settle down with.

Spontaneous, adventure-seeking, and consummate flirts with a wandering eye, they know that they aren’t the easiest people to be in a relationship with, but that doesn’t mean they have plans to change.

A Gemini man may play games with you to determine whether you are willing to accept them as they are, and won't try and change them.

They might exaggerate some of the things that they know are challenging just to see what you will do.

He will also want to test if you are able to keep up with him and join him on his adventures. He will push you outside your comfort zone to see whether you jump in or retreat.

Read for more details of the games Gemini men play and how he might test you.

5 Ways A Gemini Man Tests You

1. He Will Test How Adventurous You Are

Gemini men always love to be doing something new and different. They also enjoy if it is challenging and a little scary.

If he is going to “settle down” with someone, he needs to know that they are up for the same kind of fun.

So, early on he might deliberately suggest that you do things that he knows are outside of your comfort zone.

He just wants to see if you are up for the challenge, or if you will shy away.

The best thing that you can do is engage your adventurous streak. Say yes to things that you might usually shy away from.

You’ll know when things are going too far and to say no. He will recognize this in hindsight as well and won’t hold it against you.

2. He Will See If You Can Give Him Space

Gemini men love having a partner, but they also crave their independence.

They have a lot of friends and personal interests, and they want to be able to pursue them in the same way that they have always done, not always with their partner in tow.

They may test whether you are really capable of giving them the space that they need.

This might mean making plans with his mates for the weekend and excluding you. It could mean canceling spending a night in with you and going out with his friends, just to see what you say.

He also might not attend to his telephone, just to see how much you hound him, or whether you accept that he gets back to you when he can.

Give him his space to be him, and enjoy the freedom that it gives you to pursue you.

3. He Will Test Your Imagination

People born under Gemini love doing things that are new and exciting, but they aren’t always good at coming up with ideas.

They tend to be followers rather than leaders. Gemini will say yes to the zany schemes of others, but won’t necessarily come up with any of their own.

They may want to check whether you are capable of fuelling their need for imaginative entertainment.

They may suggest that you come up with something for the two of you to do, and leave it all in your hands.

Don’t fall into the trap of organizing something that you know he will love because he has done it before. Use that as inspiration, and then come up with something completely new.

He will be very impressed, and fall for you harder than ever.

4. He Will Test Your Confidence

Gemini men tend to be naturally outgoing. They don’t need anyone to make introductions or hold their hand in new situations.

They want a partner who can keep up with them.

While they might enjoy the social attention of making new introductions, they don’t want to have to stick to the side of a shy partner all night.

If he suspects that you might be on the timid side in social situations, he will put this to the test.

This often means abandoning you at social engagements to see whether you will shrink into the wall, and put yourself out there to make friends.

Make sure you do the latter. If you are naturally timid, ask yourself what you are so afraid of?

5. He Will Test Your Trust

The fact is, Gemini men have a wandering eye.

They are attracted to what is new, different, and “shiny”. It is almost impossible that an attractive young thing won’t turn his head.

That doesn’t mean that he is considering being unfaithful, but he is a flirt.

He probably knows this about himself, and will want to test how you will react.

He doesn’t have plans to be unfaithful, but he also knows that he won’t be happy with a partner that is constantly complaining about his natural flirty demeanor.

So, even in the early stages of a relationship when he only has eyes for you, he might choose to engage in some flirty behavior with others.

The best thing that you can do is beat him at his own game.

Show him that it doesn’t bother you, and don’t be afraid to engage in a bit of innocent flirting yourself. He doesn’t mind feeling a little jealous.

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When A Gemini Man Tests You

While Gemini men are caring and loving, they can be one of the more challenging signs when it comes to making relationships work.

This is because they need their independence and space, and while they know that they don’t always behave like the best of partners, they expect to be accepted just as they are.

And that is the secret with Gemini, you are either willing to accept them as they are, or you are better off as friends. That is a fundamental question that you have to ask yourself.

But remember, when you give a Gemini man his freedom and independence, you gain the same for yourself.

The result can be one of the most fulfilling relationships of your life.

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