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Dealing With a Gemini Man Break-Up

Dealing With a Gemini Man Break-Up

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Gemini men are the kind of men that go through many relationships in their life. When they love you, they will hold on tight.

However, when they know it’s time to say goodbye, they’ll do it without a second thought.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, communication is everything to the Gemini man, and he’s the type of man that will text you 100 times a day, and phone you in-between. He does this because his ruling planet compels him to do so.

If you’re breaking up, it cuts him hard, as he‘ll feel like he has lost his best friend and the person he communicates with most in life!

The following article covers what you need to know about Gemini men and break-ups!

How Do Gemini Break Up?

If you and your Gemini man had a relationship that was built on a lot of love, there are two ways he’ll break up with you. He will either break up with you in person, or call you and tell you that the relationship doesn’t serve him anymore.

Perhaps you’ve only been dating for a short while, then your Gemini man may just send you a text message expressing that he has decided to break up with you.

It’s not the nicest way to do things, but Gemini is not a deeply emotional sign, and will want to communicate efficiently and quickly.

How to Know When a Gemini Man is Done with You

The most obvious way you’ll know if a Gemini man is done with you is the instant lack of communication. He will stop sending text messages, and will stop calling you.

He’ll kind of just disappear, and only reply when you contact him first.

His weekends will suddenly be filled with activities where he hangs out alone with his buddies.

Geminis are always busy, constantly moving and doing things – they fall under the Mutable modality and are fluid in their minds and actions.

He may carry on having sex with you, but there won’t be too much eye contact or emotional connection.

If you live together, he’ll constantly be on social media or talking with his other friends, or playing video games. There won’t be much attention on you.

See the signs that a Gemini man is done with you.

Will a Gemini Man Come Back?

There is a high probability that a Gemini man will get back together with his ex. If the two of you have broken up, and he hasn’t really been able to connect with another woman, you’ll be hearing from him after a few months.

However, he won’t call you, for fear that you won’t pick up the phone. He’ll send you text messages on WhatsApp, to make sure that you’ve read his messages.

Only if you don’t reply, will he then call and talk to you about getting together again.

It’s important to remember that you’re dealing with a Gemini – and he has tons of people to communicate with each minute of every day.

The best way of getting him back is to simply give him space and not contact him. Let him miss you, and the fire within his heart may start burning for you again.  

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Do Gemini Miss Their Ex?

Gemini men don’t like being alone, and do miss their ex. They need people to communicate with every day.

Often their girlfriends are their best friends, and they need them in their lives to talk to about everything. Without their girlfriends in their lives, there will often be a void in their hearts.

Geminis have to be busy all the time.

No doubt, when the two of you were together, you were doing many things together. You were going places, seeing sights, tasting great food at restaurants, and watching movies – of course he will miss you!

How Do Gemini Men Deal with Break Ups?

Gemini men deal with break-ups by immediately getting onto social media and other forms of communication, and talking to as many people as possible. It’s the easiest way for them to get their minds off you. 

They may also hit the road with their favorite playlist, and just go for drives to think things through. Geminis find it hard to deal with painful emotions, and will try to get involved in as many activities as possible, as not to feel any emotional pain.

Since the two of you aren’t watching movies together anymore, checking out the newest bookstores, or texting each other back and forth, your Gemini ex will:

  1. See Other Women

Gemini is the sign of duality, and he’s going to see as many other girls as he can, often seeing two girls at once, until he finds someone perfect to fill the void in his heart.

He needs to be loved, it’s the biggest expression of communication.

2. Write About It

Geminis are communicative men and if they’re not being verbal, they often write down their feelings. Some of the best poets and rappers have been, and still are, Geminis.

Famous Gemini poets include W.B. Yeats, Allen Ginsberg, Alexander Pope, and Gwendolyn Brooks.

Famous Gemini rappers include Kanye West, the late Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G, Ice Cube, as well as Iggy Azalea, and more!

Gemini men will sit with a notebook and pen, and will write endless poetry about love lost, and will diarize their feelings.

However, the difference between Gemini men and women, is the fact that Gemini women may post on Facebook how they feel, while Gemini men won’t. 

3. Drive Around

Sometimes, a man just wants his car to drive around the streets at night – and this is ever so true with a Gemini. Geminis rule transport and short-distance travel (Sagittarius rules long-distance travel).

Geminis will get into their cars, and just think about things while they hit the open road. They may even play songs that remind them of you!

4. Enroll In A Course

Without you there, Gemini will feel the need to do something that appeals to his mind.

Nothing does this better than studying. He may enroll in a course – nothing too long, but a short course to occupy his mind and add to his skills.

Your Gemini ex will enjoy the fact that he will have the opportunity to socialize and meet new people as well. He needs to be around people to feel his best!

5. Read & Play Video Games

Geminis enjoy reading, and he may just download a ton of books to read, and keep him occupied.

He’ll enjoy fantasy stories, and anything that keeps his mind off the pain he may be going through!

He may also start playing video games.

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If your Gemini man doesn’t return to your heart, so what? There’s so many other “fish in the sea” that are ready to “take your bait” and make you happy!

You’re beautiful, and worthy of the most wonderful love!

Go have fun with your friends, and do everything you used to do that filled your heart, and in no time at all you’ll have the most awesome love-life again!