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Capricorn Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

Capricorn Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

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What are some of the signs that a Capricorn man likes you via text? Does his texting style suit his personality?
Yes it does!

Capricorn men are grounded, stable and responsible types, and usually very serious. His texting style will match this serious tone, and if he likes you, he’ll make sure that he gets back to you regularly!

But, how can you tell for sure through his texts if he’s into you? Here are a few signs:

7 Signs a Capricorn Man Likes You Through Text

Capricorn men generally don’t like the world of text messaging. They’ll likely tell you to your face that they believe texts can be misconstrued, and that tone doesn’t convey feeling.

He’s right, in some ways, but the truth is, Capricorn men just never got the real knack of expressing emotion via instant messaging! This can make his texts appear cold, or detached.

However, if he’s getting back to you during work hours (he’s a workaholic!), that in itself is are really great sign! If this man likes you, he’ll also be regular with his messages, and always respectful of your time and patience.

When he really likes you, he may even show you his slightly dark sense of humor, or get you to send a naughty text or two! All within dating rules, of course!

Here’s what else to expect from his texts when he’s catching feelings for you:

1. He Replies Regularly

Capricorn is a sign that loves routine and regularity. If he sees you as someone who’s going to be in his life, then he will make sure he replies to your texts regularly, and send you texts at more or less the same time each day or week!

For people he doesn’t care about, he won’t even bother to reply, so definitely take this as a great sign!

He may even sometimes apologise for not getting back to you sooner than normal, with work as his usual excuse (because he really is working!).

2. He Replies During Working Hours

Speaking of work, if a Capricorn man actually takes some time out of his day to reply to you, well, you’ve got someone special in your life! He will only ever take that moment to talk to a women he’s really, really into!

You see, work is the axis that a Capricorn man’s world spins around! It’s the central focus of his life, and it’s his number-one priority, before he meets you of course. Even then, work will always be a big deal for him.

If he replies to you during work hours, take a second to thank him, and acknowledge how busy he must be – he will deeply appreciate that!

3. His Texts Are Plan-Focussed

Capricorn guys are the types to look to the future. If he sees you in it, he will reach out and make plans with you.

He considers his phone a great diary, planning and organisational tool, so that’s what he will use it for, with you!

Even if his texts seem a bit detached and office-like, if he’s making plans with you, that’s a fantastic sign! And go ahead make plans with him too, he just loves a woman who’s practical!

4. His Texts are (Darkly) Funny

What many people don’t know about the Capricorn guy is that he can be very, very dark in his sense of humour!

Sarcastic, slightly macabre and intelligent, he has some serious wits about him!

When he likes you and trusts you, he’s the type that will share his inner world with you – inviting you to join him in setoff his twisted jokes. Don’t worry if some of it is over your head, and try not to be shocked!

Look out for those texts that link to a funny article, or memes that he shares with you. He doesn’t do this for everyone!

5. He Treats You Like A Lady Over Text

Capricorn men are wonderful when it comes to treating you like a lady! He’s the type of man who can still be a gentlemen – opening the door for you, paying for dinner and so on.

His text messages should be just as respectful and polite – he’s the kind of man what doesn’t always use rough language or locker room talk with you.

He’ll always try and make you feel feminine and womanly, which is a lovely refresher from the usual!

6. He Encourages Sexy Texts

Even though he treats you like a lady via text, doesn’t mean that the Capricorn man isn’t naughty! He’s an earth sign, after all, and all earth signs have it in them to be sensual!

Don’t be surprised when he asks you for a naughty text, or alludes to it. He won’t do it in a rude way, but rather in a way that still allows you to maintain your sense of dignity!

Plus, it could be fun and he will never push you further than you want to go!

7. He’s Real With You Via Text

One of the nicest things about dating a Capricorn man is that they are very real and authentic types of people. Their conversions reflect that, and he’ll usually be direct and honest with you.

His grounded and realistic tone doesn’t make you question if he’s being genuine – what a great quality!

Of course, he’ll still hold back, because that’s who he is – you won’t get his vulnerable side via texts, so don’t expect that! Even in real life, that will take quite a bit of time, love and patience!

What If A Capricorn Man Stops Texting You?

When a Capricorn man stops texting you, does it means he’s not into you anymore?

Well, most of the time with this man, it’s got to do with work. If he’s got a major project going on, running a business and managing a team, he’s just not always going to even remember you, let alone text you!

For a Capricorn man, talking is meant for when you are together anyway, so try not to panic and reach out – it will likely annoy him. Instead, reach out to him after work hours, when you can be fairly sure that he’s available.

If he doesn’t reply when you know he’s not working, then there may be an issue. It could be that he’s afraid to get involved with someone, having been hurt before, or that he’s not yet sure about things between you.

So, give it some time after you text, and if it’s been a few days, focus on your own life again!

If he comes back into the picture via text, let him know that you’re looking for commitment, and a serious relationship- because that’s actually what he needs to hear, to begin treating you in the way that you’d like to be treated!

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