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Signs a Capricorn Man is Testing You

Signs a Capricorn Man is Testing You

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Men born under Capricorn are down to earth and serious, and they aren’t the type to play games. But like everyone, they want to test whether their relationship is healthy.

While they are unlikely to create active tests, they are very observant, and will draw a lot of conclusions about you from even the little things that you do.

A Capricorn man might test you to see whether you are willing to pull your weight in a relationship.

He will also want to see you show appropriate gratitude for the things he does for you.

While he would never set you up with a game, he is always observing and evaluating. He thinks that how you value your time and possessions also says a lot about how you will value your relationship.

Read for more details of the games Capricorn men play and how he might test you.

5 Ways A Capricorn Man Tests You

1. He Will Test Your Gratitude

People born under Capricorn are extremely generous and will go out of their way to help other people. But there are few things that they dislike as much as ingratitude.

This extends to their partner. When they do nice things for you, they expect you to show that you are grateful.

They don’t want you to go over the top, that would be embarrassing for all involved, but they do want to know that you recognize what they have done for you and appreciate it.

So, you can expect them to keep track of whether you say thank you and show appreciation for them doing little things for you, or whether you just expect.

While they might not set up a specific text for you, they will still be assessing your behavior and results.

2. He Will Test Your Fortitude

Capricorns have the kind of self-discipline that others envy.

He has no problem sticking to a diet, getting up at 5am every morning, or finding time to study something every day.

While he doesn’t expect others to live up to his exacting standards, he doesn’t respect people that have no self-discipline at all.

If you keep saying that you just couldn’t say no to that piece of chocolate cake or that second bottle of wine, he will likely start to have doubts about you.

If he wants to test you, he won’t give you any help in a tempting situation. He will let you follow your instincts and then sit back and judge.

So, when you are with a Capricorn man, make sure you stick to your commitment. And don’t make commitments lightly.

While you might say that you plan on never drinking again on the morning of a particularly bad hangover with no intention of keeping that promise, when Capricorn says it, he means it.

3. He Will Test Whether You Will Pull Your Weight

Capricorn men don’t shy away from hard work, and they are happy to do things for other people. But when it comes to a partner, they want someone who will pull their weight.

They expect their partner to pay their half of the bill, do their part of the chores, and take on other responsibilities.

But, of course, he doesn’t want to have to ask.

If he feels like you aren’t doing your bit, he might test you.

When he generously pays the electricity bill without asking you for a contribution, he probably expects that you will immediately offer to pay the water bill.

If he takes an afternoon to deep clean the house, he won’t be impressed if you come home and sit on the couch and put up your feet as if nothing needs to be done. The least you could do is offer to make dinner.

He won’t pull you up on any of these things, but he will let the resentment fester.

4. He Will Test Your Presence

Capricorn men believe that when you are with someone, you should be spending time with them.

He gets very frustrated if the person he is with is constantly checking their phone. This just indicates that they are more interested in what is happening elsewhere than what is happening here.

He might suggest that you both turn off your phones if you want to spend some quality time together, and won’t be pleased if you aren’t willing to do so.

But he might also test you, asking you about someone who isn’t there, to see if it triggers you to pull out your phone and get drawn away from the moment.

Few things are a bigger turn off for him.

When you are spending time with your Capricorn man, make sure that your attention is fully on him.

5. He Will Test How You Value Things

Capricorn men tend to be frugal. He prefers to use the things that he has, maintaining and caring for them, rather than always buying new things.

And this lets him save up for the things that really matter.

He knows that his life is not compatible with someone who is a bit of a spendthrift. The last thing that he wants in his life is constant arguments about money.

You can expect him to keep a close eye on your spending habits, and question why you insist on buying lunch every day rather than taking a packed lunch.

He will also be looking to see how you treat your things. Do you treat them with respect, or as something that is disposable and replaceable?

For some Capricorns, this can be a reflection of how you treat people, and he wants to know that you value the important things in your life.

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When A Capricorn Man Tests You

Capricorn men don’t tend to actively play games in order to catch you out. But they are very observant, and they do think that the little things that you do can say a lot about who you are as a person.

He wants to see a person who treats others with gratitude, is willing to pull their own weight, and values what they have.

If you seem to take any of these things for granted, these are likely to set off warning bells for him.

Keep his mind at ease by showing him that you want a partnership, and that you are serious about giving as well as receiving.

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