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What Do Cancer Men Like and Dislike in Women

Cancer men are pack animals that surround themselves with people they care about. He is attracted to women that can fit into his community and enhance it.

When you nab a Cancer man, you often get more than you bargained for.

What Do Cancer Men Like?

Cancer men love nothing more than being around his nearest and dearest and seeing them happy. He gets a thrill from helping others without expecting anything in return.

Cancer men are also often looking for the deeper meaning of life. They also believe in always finding the positive.

What Does a Cancer Man Look for in a Woman?

Cancer men like women who are nurturers and also enjoy helping others, because it feels good.

They also gravitate towards women who exude positivity and even innocence, and are always willing to believe the best in people.

Community Oriented

Cancer men are very community-oriented, and they tend to be very close to their friends and family.

They think that the people you surround yourself with make you who you are, and that you need to invest in those people.

Cancer men are attracted to women who have a similar attitude, and who are surrounded by people who love them.

They also love a woman who actively invests in her community. He wants the woman who organized the surprise party, bakes the birthday cake, and plans the high school reunion.

He is looking for a woman who isn’t just about building a relationship of one plus one, but of bringing two packs together.


Cancer men are attracted to women who can stand on their own two feet and are independent. This often means being financially independent and having their own place.

While Cancer men love to care for people and believe that the community should look after one another, he also thinks that it is wrong to be a burden on other people.

For that reason, they are often subconsciously attracted to women who have it “all together” in terms of career, finances, and so forth.

While he wants to take care of a woman, he doesn’t want a woman that needs taking care of.


Cancer men like women who can be open and honest with their feelings. They want someone who is sincere, not someone that plays games or puts up defenses.

While Cancer men tend to be very good at reading people, they don’t necessarily like it when the object of their affection sends them mixed signals.

If they are putting themselves out there and being honest about their feelings, they expect their interest to be doing the same.

Cancer men don’t like dramatic make-up/break-up relationships. They want to be confident in the emotions and commitment between two people.


Cancer men appreciate a woman who trusts them.

They are honest and responsible souls, so they feel like they have earned that trust. And they don’t like it when their honesty or integrity is certain.

Men born under Cancer are very serious about sticking to their word and their commitments. Once they have said something, they don’t feel like they need to repeatedly reaffirm it. Is their word not enough?

Cancer men also tend to have a lot of women in their lives. Friends and maybe even exes.

They want a woman who trusts them completely and allows them to maintain those relationships without being constantly bombarded with suspicion and insecurity.


Cancer men are drawn to women who always see the best in life and the best in people.

He’s not so interested in a jaded woman. He likes a woman who still has an innocent, rose-colored view of the world.

A Cancer man finds it endearing when a woman doesn’t get a dirty joke or the darker side of a story.

He also likes a woman who doesn’t realize when other people are being disingenuous or might be trying to take advantage of them. This will also ignite his natural protective instincts.

What Does a Cancer Man Dislike in a Woman?

While Cancer men accept and appreciate people for who they are, there are a few character traits that rub them the wrong way, especially in women.


Cancer men don’t really like women with extravagant tastes. He thinks it is best when natural beauty shines through.

He won’t be impressed by a woman who needs an hour in the make-up chair or all the latest designer clothes to feel good about themselves.

Overly Sensitive

Cancer men understand more than most that it is easy to say hurtful things without really meaning them, though they rarely fall into this trap themselves.

They don’t have a lot of patience for women who take everything to heart and are constantly feeling down on themselves because of the careless words of others.


Cancer men can’t stand a woman who is selfish. He believes in the power of the community and sacrificing for the needs of the many.

When he sees a woman who is unwilling to make compromises to help others, he immediately knows that this is not the woman for him.

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Looking for a Connection

When a Cancer man evaluates a woman, he is not just looking at her as an individual, but her place in the world.

Cancer men focus on the connections between people and things, and this is where they see beauty and attraction.

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