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Cancer Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

Cancer Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

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Like all zodiac signs, Cancer men have a very specific style when it comes to texting!

Knowing this can make all the difference when you’re dating!

A Cancer man is a visual kind of guy, so pictures appeal to him rather than words when it comes to his texting style!

Although he’s usually better in person, where he can express his emotions, the Cancer man can be very lovey-dovey and funny when he’s texting you.

Granted, if he is in one of his crabby moods, he may take a little longer to reply – so it’s not personal!

7 Signs a Cancer Man Likes You Through Text

The way that a Cancer man will show you that he likes you via text is when he’s emotional and sensitive with his replies.

His special gift is empathy, as well as his powerful intuition!  

For example, he may drop you a message to check in on how you’re feeling after a job interview. Or he’ll remember that your pet was ill and ask you if you need anything.

When he’s really, really into you, he’ll be quite mushy in text, and easily say the “L” word, even if it’s not directly aimed at you (yet!).

He might not always be the most regular replier, but that’s usually got to do with his moods rather than how he feels about you.

Being ruled by the Moon makes him someone who shifts emotions quickly, and is always going through a “phase”.

When he’s in a good mood, his texts will be hilarious and very creative! He’ll also love sharing pictures with you and special memories.

Here are some other signs that the Cancer man likes you via text:

1. His Texts Are Emotional

Cancer is a cautious sign, and for all their softness and sensitivity, they do tend to approach love and relationships very cautiously!

He’s usually been badly hurt before, which has made him mistrust love in general.

So, if he starts texting you in a way that’s emotional rather than robotic – he’s into you! And, he’s learning how to trust again, which is a very good sign!

2. He Shows Empathy Through His Texts

Empathy is a special skill of the Cancer man! He can be more sensitive than one of your girlfriends!

When he’s texting you messages asking how you are feeling or relating to how you must be feeling about something, then he really cares about you.

This is especially true if he’s checking in to see if there’s anything you need after a difficult time. He loves being needed, and his texts will reflect that!

3. He Shares Pictures Of His Family With You

Family is practically everything to the typical Cancer man!

His mother is especially important to him, and when he shares anything about her or his other family members – his kids too – it means he’s serious about you!

This can be stories he shares, pictures, or anything else. This is a major mark of wanting to be close from a Cancer guy!

4. He Sends Lots Of Hearts And Romantic Emoticons

Cancer is a water sign, which means that he functions in the world of imagination and intuition.

For him, words aren’t enough to communicate his true feelings and thoughts.

Hence he prefers to talk via pictures and emoticons. He can convey so many more feelings – without being too vulnerable – in icons!

If you find that he’s texting you hearts, kisses, flowers, or other pictures, you can be sure that he wants to get closer! This is his way of saying he likes you.

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5. He Lets You Know Of His Moods In His Texts

Most of the time, Cancer men crawl into their shells when they feel unhappy and moody.

They get rather defensive when anyone comes into their space, anywhere near their shells.

However, if you find him reaching out to you and letting you know he’s had a rough day, that means he’s seeing you as the person that he can trust in his life to empathize with him.

It’s a big step for a crabby Cancer man to come out of his shell and share his inner world with you – a really big step!

6. He Brings Up Memories You’ve Made Together

There’s nothing a Cancer man likes much more than a walk down memory lane!

He gets really nostalgic and sentimental over any cherished memory, and he truly treasures the past moments of his life!

When he brings up a memory with you via text, such as “do you remember when we…?” or “ I remember a time when…”, this is how he opens up to you, so it’s important to sit up and take notice!

7. He’s Eager To Get Back To You

Although not the most regular person when it comes to replying (remember, his changing moods make him always up and down), he’s usually eager to get back to you and will apologize if he’s late in returning your text.

A Cancer man wants a relationship just as much as you do, so just trust in that and let him come to you at his own special pace.

You’ll see his eagerness in his texts, and more, his excitement to meet up in person rather than talk this way.

What If A Cancer Man Stops Texting You?

What If A Cancer Man Stops Texting You?
New Africa /

Why would a Cancer man stop texting you? Is it something you should worry about?

Well, the honest truth is that he is one moody man! His moodiness can make him extremely withdrawn, and sometimes go silent for days at a time.

This can make you feel pretty panicked, especially if the relationship is new, or if you are feeling in any way insecure.

Reaching out to him usually won’t help either, unless it’s a text to let him know you are thinking of him and hope he is feeling okay.

He might get back to you, but the chances are good that he won’t if he’s in an especially withdrawn space.

You seldom need to worry that it’s got anything to do with you.

It does seem selfish that he withdraws like this without communicating – and he does seem to expect you should just understand.

However, the Cancer man has so many good things about him that you’ll eventually learn to overlook this flaw of his and even come to terms with it.

Especially when you realize it really has nothing to do with you!

Always ask yourself what’s going on in his life, and assume he has some drama that’s making him go quiet. Especially family drama.

If it’s been a very long time, you can send him some flowers, or drop off a home-cooked meal to cheer him up.

He will love that gesture of care and it won’t make you seem needy at all – promise!

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