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Signs a Cancer Man is Testing You

Signs a Cancer Man is Testing You

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Cancer men are sensitive and intuitive souls that are very good at reading people.

This means that they are less inclined to play games than some men, because they just don’t need to.

But, at the same time, Cancer men want to know that when they decide to join their world with yours, the two will fit.

He is not above a few tests to make sure he is making the right decision.

Cancer men man might not test you themselves, but they could rely on their friends and family to do it for them.

What their nearest and dearest think of you is very important to him, so he will ask them to evaluate you.

If he does test you himself, it will be to determine whether you trust him, and you are willing to make compromises to make things work. He believes that these are the foundations of a good relationship.

Read for more details of the games Cancer men play and how he might test you.

5 Ways A Cancer Man Tests You

1. He Will Ask His Nearest and Dearest About You

When a Cancer man is looking for a partner, they want someone who is going to fit into his world and into his community.

It is extremely important to him that you get on with his family and friends.

So, after you have met anyone in his inner circle for the first time, or after he has taken you to some kind of special event, he will ask his nearest and dearest what they thought of you.

So, remember, when you are dating a Cancer man, you aren’t just courting him, you are courting his entire inner circle.

Take the time to get to know his family and friends, and show them the best side of you.

2. He Will Want To Get To Know Your Friends

When you start dating a Cancer man, you might be surprised that he suddenly becomes good friends with a lot of your friends. He will be calling them and meeting up with them, without you!

This isn’t a game. If these people are important to you, then they are important to him too and he wants to get to know him.

But just because he is not doing this to consciously test you does not mean that it is not a test.

He believes that you can tell a lot about a person by the people that they choose to surround them with, and he will be analyzing what these friends say about you.

But if you are in the habit of surrounding yourself with good people, this won’t be a problem at all.

3. He Will Want to Know that you Trust Him

People born under Cancer are extremely trustworthy. They would never consciously betray another person, and they always do their utmost to stick to their word.

But, because they know that they are trustworthy, they believe that they deserve to be trusted. So, they can be put off by a partner that is always questioning them or checking up on them.

If they suspect that you might be that type of person, they might put you to the test.

This might include not answering calls and messages, just to see how many times you try and get in contact with them.

They might also deliberately organize to spend time with friends that they know might push your buttons, just to see how you respond.

They want to see that these things don’t bother you. And if they do bother you, they will respect you more if you have a calm conversation about it, rather than getting upset.

4. He Will Watch How You Treat Others

Cancers think that you should treat everyone with respect.

Whether you are interacting with your boss or a minor celebrity, or you are dealing with a server or a beggar on the street, in his eyes, they all deserve equal respect.

So, while he won’t create any tests for you, he will pay attention to how you treat people.

He will notice if you treat waitresses or shop staff with a lack of courtesy and respect.

He will also be sensitive to whether you are the type of person that is nice to someone’s face, and then says nasty things about them behind your back.

These things are a major turn off for Cancer men, and one of the things that they will struggle to accept in a partner.

5. He Will Want To See That You Can Meet Him Half Way

Cancer men understand better than most that partnerships are about compromise.

This is why they make excellent partners, they are more willing to make space in their lives for another person than many men.

But they will want to know that you are doing the same.

For this reason, they might sometimes push for a compromise on something, even when it is not that important to them, just to see if you are willing to meet them in the middle.

When you fight, they will also be willing to apologize.

But they won’t take kindly if you aren’t willing to take responsibility for your role in the conflict. It always takes two to fight.

So, be willing to compromise with your Cancer man.

Know what is essential and unmovable for you, and be willing to make compromises when it comes to everything else.

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When A Cancer Man Tests You

Cancer men are sensitive and intuitive, and they are willing to make changes in order to make space for someone else in their life.

They are some of the most desirable partners in the zodiac.

But Cancer men are choosy too. They want someone that they are crazy about, but that person also needs to fit into the inner circle of people that he defines as his family.

If they don’t like you, then you will probably have big problems.

Cancer men will test whether your two social worlds really fit together.

He will also want to know that you have the same trust and willingness to make things work as he does.

He is willing to make sacrifices to make a relationship work, but he doesn’t want to be the only one compromising.

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