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Cancer Man in Love: 8 Clear Signs How to Tell

Cancer Man in Love: 8 Clear Signs How to Tell

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It’s easy to tell when a Cancer Man is in love! These men thrive in a relationship, and they have so much affection and love to give.

This is one of those astrology signs that make truly amazing partners and they seldom let go of someone they have fallen in love with!

Water signs, in astrology, are amongst the most loving, caring and emotional of all the zodiac signs. Cancer is one of these water signs, and a Cancer man is a rare treasure, a man truly in touch with his feelings!

How a Cancer Man Acts When He’s Secretly in Love?

One common way to tell if he’s secretly in love with you is when he introduces his family to you.

Cancer is a sign represented by the Moon; the Moon rules the idea of Mother. Hence, this is one guy very close to his mum, and when he welcomes you to meet her, then you know he’s fallen for you.

He also shows his love secretly by opening up to you and expressing his many moods.

When he’s brave enough to be crabby and grumpy around you, he’s comfortable around you! But most of all, Cancer men show their love by simply being a caring, nurturing partner.

Maybe he makes you a cup of tea after a hard day, or he’s the guy volunteering to do dinner.

He could stroke your hair, listen to your problems and offer an empathetic shoulder.

The reason he behaves in this way, is because it’s his nature to him. Love, for a Cancer guy, means nourishing your partner.

8 Clear Signs A Cancer Man Is in Love with You

A Cancer man tends to wear his heart on his sleeve!

Though he’s very scared of being hurt (he will have been hurt in the past, you can guarantee it!), he’s always looking for his soulmate.

1. He Wants to Spend Every Free Moment with You

Here’s the thing about Cancer men: they can be really clingy, and some of them can be rather needy!

However, it’s not as unattractive as it sounds. In fact, it feels really good to have someone who really just wants to be in your company, all the time.

A Cancer man is in love with you when you’re the one he has chosen to spend his every free moment with, on the couch cuddling, or out on the town having a good time!

2. He Becomes Emotional Around You

Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the sensitive Moon. This man is very in touch with his feminine side!

And yes, he is moody – but unless he’s really comfortable with you, he won’t necessarily reveal his moods so much.

You know that he has fallen head over heels for you, when you catch him being grumpy, or when he’s shedding a tear over an old memory.

This means that he’s realized that you are a safe place for him and a safe person!

3. He Starts Talking About A Family with You

Most Cancer men really want to have a family of some kind. Whether it’s by having babies, or building a pet family, he craves taking care of something or someone that needs him.

The best thing for him is when he has a partner who can do that with him.

If he starts hinting here and there about families, settling down and fishing for your opinion in the matter, you have his whole heart!

The Cancer man tends to behave in a very broody way when he falls in love!

4. He Wants to Move in Together

The next most important thing to a Cancer man, aside from his mother and family, is his home. The is where the typical crab feels safe, secure and grounded.

His home is his sanctuary, and like the typical introvert he is, he will spend a huge amount of time nesting!

When the Cancer man sees you in his future, long-term, he will start talking about moving in together.

In fact, he tends to move very fast in this area, and there’s just nothing better to him than sharing his special space with someone he truly loves.

5. He Nurtures You

Cancer is the most caring sign around – you’ll quickly realize it! He makes you feel safe and loved, just by being a caring human being.

The problem is, the whole world sees him as someone who can help, so he needs a partner who can assist him with setting some healthy boundaries.

When he’s fussing over you, cooking your food, making sure you have nice clothing, warm bedding or that you’re healthy, this is his way of making sure you are looked after.

It’s also his special love language to show you he cherishes you.

6. He Introduces You to His Mother

For a Cancer man, mom is everything. As he’s ruled by the Moon, the archetype of the Mother, he himself is quite a motherly person.

Generally speaking, he has a very strong relationship with his mother, whether you like it (or her) or not.

If he’s really serious about you, then he’s introducing you to her – regularly. This is your opportunity to really find a strong place in his heart and his family.

7. He Tells You About His Past

Many Cancer men, unlike most, are often highly aware of their past and how it has affected their current circumstances.

However, he doesn’t just tell everyone what has happened to him. If he trusts you, he will tell you – and only you.

Pay attention when the Cancer men tells you about his childhood. This is a huge signal that he’s extremely serious about you and that he’s definitely in love with you.

8. He Cooks for You

A small – but important – way to tell if a Cancer man loves you, is when he cooks for you. Specifically, if he cooks his special, family recipes for you!

For many Cancer men, this is a type of love language and forms part of his nurturing towards you.

Relax, sit back and enjoy when a Cancer man volunteers to be in the kitchen – and remind yourself that this is precisely how he shows love in a relationship.

When A Cancer Man Says “I Love You”

A Cancer man only says I Love You when he really, really means it – and when he’s sure you’ll say it back.

He’s such a cautious and careful sign, and so scared of being hurt, that he will only express his true feelings when his intuition tells him to.

And, when he does, say it back with all your heart! Because it’s not easy to resist the charms and care of the Cancer guy when he’s fallen for you either!

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Once a Cancer man has fallen, he falls hard, and he doesn’t ever let go that easily. Enjoy every moment of being loved and in love with this very special, intuitive tender and loving sign.

He sees you as someone he needs to nourish and empathize with, and he’s one of the rare men you’ll meet who do want to know all about your feelings!

He’ll share his own with you, too, and you can form a strong emotional connection in this relationship. That’s what he craves, after all.

A Cancer man expresses love by being there for you 24/7. He’s attracted to you when you want to spend as much time with him as he wants to spend with you.

He tends to act in the mushiest of ways, and it’s very easy to tell what his true feelings are! Being in love with a Cancer man – and being loved back – is a real privilege!