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How To Know When A Cancer Man Is Done With You

How To Know When A Cancer Man Is Done With You

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There is no denying that breaking up with a Cancer man is hard.

They will have integrated you into their social circle and be best friends with your dad. Unpicking all of that is an elaborate operation.

He knows that, so a Cancer man will often linger in a relationship, even when he may have decided that he is not happy anymore.

He won’t want to tell you directly how he is feeling, so you need to look out for signs that he is finished with you.

When a Cancer man is done with you, he will lose some of the characteristics that you love the most. He won’t lend you a non-judgemental ear, and he will stop empathizing and placating you.

He will also seem less trusting, and less inclined to invite you to be at his side of every social occasion.

Read on for the five biggest signs that a Cancer man is finished with you.

5 Signs a Cancer Man is Finished With You

1. He Will Stop Inviting You To Things

A happy Cancer man will happily invite his partner along to pretty much everything, from work drinks to game night with the boys.

He likes to be able to share these things with you, and he wants you to get along with the other important people in his life.

If he suddenly starts planning social outings on his own, and not asking if you want to come alone, it is a sign that he’s not so keen to spend time with you anymore.

You need to show him how well you fit into his world, so perhaps it is time that you start suggesting inviting his sister over or planning a weekend away with his college friend, together.

Here are some other ideas to get a Cancer man to miss you.

2. He Won’t Meet You Half Way

Cancer men know how hard it can be to admit when you are wrong.

So, when they argue with someone, if the other person apologizes, they will always own up to their part in the problem, no matter how minor, to show that the conflict is over.

If your Cancer man accepts your apology without extending this olive branch, it is a sign of trouble.

He is not going to lose face by admitting to his wrongdoing if he feels like the relationship is over.

Pointing out where he is wrong and trying to force an apology won’t help in this situation. The best thing you can do is take it on the chin and show that you can be the bigger person.

3. He Will Start To Question You

People born under Cancer tend to be very trusting. They won’t question if their partner says that they need to work every day this week, or be tempted to snoop in someone else’s cell phone.

So, if your Cancer man starts asking you probing questions about where you were or who you were with, or point out inconsistencies in things you have told them, this is a worry.

This is all a sign that their trust in you has been broken for some reason. A Cancer man won’t stick to someone that they don’t trust.

If you are hiding something from your Cancer man, it is best to come clean.

Better to tell him that you are working late because you splurged on those new boots than have him suspect the worst.

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4. He Might Start To Criticize

People born under Cancer tend to be very understanding of other people. They are good at seeing where other people are coming from and accepting that they have reasons for their behavior.

This is why Cancer men can have a partner who is quite different from them. They are happy to accept that it takes all kinds to make up the world.

So, if he suddenly starts criticizing you, saying that you are spending too much or treating others badly, this is a sign that his affection for you is waning.

When he does point something out, explain to him what is happening in the situation. It will help stop him from wilfully misunderstanding you.

5. He Will Become Less Emotionally Available

Cancer Men are delightfully emotionally available. They understand their emotions, so they don’t struggle to identify them and talk about them.

They are also empathetic, and good at understanding what you are feeling.

While they might try to calm you down, they will rarely accuse you of overreacting to something.

But when a Cancer man is done with a relationship, he will start to switch off his emotions. You will notice that he doesn’t talk about how he feels often, and that he is more distant in his emotional support.

Try to minimize emotional outbursts at this time, as this could open a can of worms that break down the relationship.

Instead, focus on creating positive experiences for the two of your to share.

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Can You Change a Cancer Man’s Mind?

When Cancer men fall for someone, they tend to fall hard, and their emotions don’t just disappear. You can definitely feed the fire to reignite your romance.

But if a Cancer man thinks that something is so fundamentally wrong in a relationship that he needs to end it, he won’t come back unless he feels like the problem has been fixed.

Don’t be afraid to do the hard work of dealing with your relationship issues.

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