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Dealing With a Cancer Man Break-Up

Dealing With a Cancer Man Break-Up

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Cancer men are ruled by the Moon, and are the most nurturing, needy, and protective of all the Zodiac signs out there. When they go through a break-up, it’s incredibly difficult for them, as they will feel as if they’ve lost a piece of their heart.

When Cancer men long for you, they CLING onto you for dear life. That’s because they took their time exposing their hearts and vulnerability to you.

Cancer men are represented by the crab – hard on the outside, but mushy on the inside – and it’s a very accurate description indeed.

A Cancer man cannot deal with losing a woman he loves easily. He’s the type of man that will cry and hold his pillow at night sobbing.

Discover more about Cancer men and break-ups in the following article – it’ll keep you hooked!

How Do Cancer Break Up?

Cancer men have to do things on their own terms, including breaking up with you.

He will most likely do this in person, possibly in a fancy restaurant on a quiet night so that he can sit in the corner with you while nobody is close by.

He’ll let you order whatever you want, finish the meal, and then will tenderly hold you by the hands and explain to you why the relationship is not working for him.

He may cry a little with you, will wipe away your tears, and will give you a hug and kiss goodbye as he drops you off at home.

How to Know When a Cancer Man is Done with You

Cancer men are extremely feely-touchy, and are fans of public affection.

If they stop touching you both at home, and in public, you will know that something is not right. The biggest sign is if he stops holding your hand in public!

He may also stop making weekend plans for you to spend time with him, and will rather engross himself in his work, and/or with friends.

He is an introvert by nature, and will also want to spend time alone at home without you.

The constant messages and texts will also stop, and the “did you get there/home safe?” questions will disappear.

You will know that he’s done with you because he will simply just stop caring about you.

See the signs a Cancer man is finished with you.

Will a Cancer Man Come Back?

Yes, yes, and yes, they often get back with their ex! Cancer men don’t let go easy.

They’re also compared to crabs because of their pincers. Once they get a hold of you, it’s almost impossible to get away!

You must understand that Cancer men are the NEEDIEST of all Zodiac signs out there. This means that they will feel dreadful without you in the picture.  

No matter what the break-up circumstances are – whether you break up with him, or he breaks up with you, there will be a longing in his heart for you within a few weeks – especially if he hasn’t found anyone.

Because Cancer men are so needy and lonely without affection and love, it’s important to let him be after the break-up.

The more you’re not in the picture, the more he’s going to want you back. An occasional “Hi, missing you” is OK, but just not too much. He needs to miss you!  

Do Cancer Miss Their Ex?

Yes, there are many stories of Cancers getting back together with their ex, and phoning them with tears in their eyes, expressing how much they miss them.

A Cancer without the woman he loves is a sad Cancer indeed.

A Cancer man will think of his ex every day after the break up. He may even ask to come back into his life after a few weeks or months.

Out of all the signs, they just don’t let go. They don’t want to, especially if there was a great love between them.

How Do Cancer Men Deal with Break-Ups?

Cancer men deal with break-ups by wallowing in pain, misery and tears – in the beginning. The feel so deeply, and are so sensitive, that their poor hearts will be breaking, and all they’ll be thinking about is you.

They’ll also want to be with their mothers and family who supports, loves and takes care of them. Just like magnificent pearls that are taken care of by the hard outer shells of oysters, so too must Cancer men be sheltered and taken care of, after a break-up.

Since you are no longer walking on the beach together, watching the moon, and holding hands, or making sweet and tender love, these are the things your Cancer ex will do:  

1. Cry & Hang Out With Friends

Cancer men are not the babies of the Zodiac (that’s Aries), but they are ruled by the Moon. The Moon’s energy is very feminine and gives them highly intuitive powers.

These men will express their emotions by crying into their pillow late at night to help get over you.

They will also spend a lot of time with friends who love them and make them laugh to get their minds off you.

2. Drink

Cancer men like to dissolve their problems into alcohol, at times.

They’re not like Pisces who can really get addicted, but alcohol helps take them to another place, where they don’t have to feel the emotional pain anymore.

These men are so emotional and sensitive, that they sometimes feel the need to drown their sorrows in order to get over the things that hurt them the most.

Breaking up with the woman they love is extremely traumatic for the Cancer man.

They will more often than not turn to liquor and good wine rather than beer, and will enjoy where it takes them!

3. Overeat

Cancer rules the 4th house in the Zodiac. This house represents the mother, the home, and the kitchen.

These men nurture themselves with the comfort of food – really good food. That’s one of the benefits of dating a Cancer man, he’ll only take you to good restaurants.

During a break-up, a Cancer man will spend his time eating alone, or with a friend at a restaurant, or cooking at home making exquisite dishes. Occasionally he’ll go to the drive-through and pick up food too.

4. Join Online Dating Apps

No Cancer man wants to be alone, and he will crave any attention he can find, and he’ll do this easily by joining online dating apps. This way he can stay in the comfort of his house, and flirt with as many girls as he wants to.

He’ll be able to reinforce the fact that he’s going through a break-up to garner pity from single ladies.

The thing is, Cancer men don’t mind getting pity. They don’t mind playing the victim at times.

5. Overwork

Many don’t know this, but Cancer men (and women) are actually VERY hard workers, and often attract a lot of money. They know how to play with money, and are very good with it.

After a break-up, they may spend hours overworking (even in the middle of the night).

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There is a great chance that your Cancer man will return to you. He’ll miss you, and won’t get over you easy – for years even! If not, there’s many men out there that will love your company!

The most important thing to do after a break-up is feed yourself positive thoughts and do things that are healthy for you.

Avoid any toxic friends, hang out with people that love you, exercise, eat well, and do the things that make you happy. In no time you’ll attract love back into your life!