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Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

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A Cancer man is devoted to his home and his family, and a Sagittarius woman desires nothing more than freedom.

It may seem like they would be a disastrous zodiac combination. Yet, a relationship between these two is workable. So, how compatible are they?

A Cancer man and Sagittarius woman combination are an unlikely match. These two are very different from each other, but they have the potential to complement each other. 

In many cases, they will not get together at all. They may become good friends without entering into a romantic relationship.

If this couple do get together romantically and stay together, however, they have a good chance of a successful long-term relationship.

There is a little-known connection between Cancer and Sagittarius known as contra-antiscia.

These signs are mirror images to each other along the Equinoxes, which is the Aries/Libra axis.

This means that when the Sun is in Cancer, the length of daylight is the same as the length of nighttime when the Sun is in Sagittarius.

Signs that are contra-antiscia are said to be able to “hear” each other, and they get along better than would ordinarily be expected.

This relationship has the best chance of success if they are willing to accept a role reversal with respect to their division of labor, with him taking over the care of the house and her taking on the role of breadwinner.

Cancer man, Sagittarius woman: Strongest points of compatibility

  • Complementary abilities
  • Her sense of humor
  • His devotion
  • Her easy-going demeanor
  • His sense of direction
  • A desire to be together

Important traits of a Cancer man in relation to a Sagittarius woman

Cancer Compatibility Chart Zodiac Sign Percentages

Cancer is the sign of home and hearth. Cancer natives, both men and women, are dedicated to their household and their family.

They have an inherent need to care for others. This need is so great that if a Cancer man has no one to care for, he becomes moody, irritable, cantankerous, cowardly, and prone to self-pity.

All of these negative traits fall away the minute there is someone for him to nurture. It is then that his best self comes out.

A Cancer man at his best is kind and selfless. He will do anything to protect someone who is weak, even at great danger to himself.

He loves children, and he generally wants to have a lot of them.

If he has no children, he is sure to have one or more pets and probably a number of houseplants.

It is very common for a Cancer man to have a job in which he cares for others in some ways.

If he does, he will be devoted to his work. If he does not, he will simply do his job in order to provide for his family.

Important traits of a Sagittarius woman in relation to a Cancer man

Sagittarius Compatibility Chart and Zodiac Sign Percentages

A Sagittarius woman needs freedom and adventure. She hates nothing more than to feel confined or constrained in any way.

A Sagittarius woman is open and honest. She tends to be honest to a fault, saying what is on her mind, without any consideration for courtesy or sparing the feelings of others.

From another sign, this could be quite hurtful. A Sagittarius woman is so good-natured, however, that people rarely get angry or upset by the things that she says.

A Sagittarius woman has a joy for life that is infectious.

It is hard not to smile when in her presence. She has a wonderful sense of humor, which makes her fun to be around.

The main fault of a Sagittarius woman is that she has a great deal of difficulty with any type of commitment whatsoever.

She has lots of people who she calls friends, and in her eyes, they may even be her very best friends in the whole world.

Yet, for most other signs, these “friends” would be mere acquaintances.

This makes it hard for her to even consider settling down into a permanent relationship with someone.

Cancer man, Sagittarius woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship

If a Cancer man and Sagittarius woman meet, it will not naturally occur to them to see each other as potential dates.

He is a little too quiet for her, and she is a little too wild for him. Yet, they may talk and even become friends.

A Cancer man tends to have a crusty shell, especially with strangers, but the pleasant and cheerful nature of the Sagittarius woman will tend to amuse him enough that he will let down his guard.

Also, although a Sagittarius woman is very independent, there is a flightiness to her.

She does not always remember to take care of herself. This will help him to warm to her because he will want to take care of her.

Although they will tend to enjoy each other’s company, it is more likely than not that they will remain friends.

They may become good friends, but it will soon become clear that a romantic relationship could be extremely problematic.

He will want much more of a commitment than she will be willing to give, and he will generally not be satisfied with the level of commitment that she is prepared to offer.

Still, if they are attracted enough to each other, there is a possibility of the friendship turning into something more.

Cancer man, Sagittarius woman: Sexual compatibility

There is not much chemistry between a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman, and they want very different things when it comes to sex.

For a Cancer man, sex is a bonding experience to draw him closer to the woman he loves. For her, sex is a game and an adventure.

They will need to compromise quite a bit in the bedroom if they are to have a mutually satisfying sex life.

Cancer man, Sagittarius woman: Marriage and family life

In most cases, a Cancer man and Sagittarius woman will not last long enough in a relationship to marry.

If they do, however, they have a better than average chance of staying together.

This is because for them to have gotten to the point of marriage, they would have already gotten through many of the hurdles that would have kept them apart.

Both of them will know what they have gotten into, and they will have found ways to make it work.

If a Cancer man and Sagittarius woman marry, they will be happiest if he takes on the lion’s share of managing the household.

He will be better at domestic chores than she will be, and he will enjoy them in a way that she will not.

A Sagittarius woman is likely to be competitive in the workforce, and she will like the idea of having a non-traditional relationship.

As parents, a Cancer man and Sagittarius woman will have to take great care to communicate with each other.

Their natural instincts will be very different from each other.

He will want to protect the children and shield them from danger, and she will want to provide them with a wide range of experiences and take them on adventures.

If they are able to communicate with each other, they will balance each other well.

Cancer man, Sagittarius woman: Working together

A Cancer man and Sagittarius woman will work surprisingly well together.

Cancer can be a very controlling sign, and he will want to be in charge of any project that they do together.

This will not bother a Sagittarius woman. She tends to get scattered easily, and she will appreciate his direction.

A Sagittarius woman is far less prone to difficulties with ego and pride than the other two Fire Signs, Aries and Leo.

While a Cancer man is a hard-worker, he can get distracted by his intense emotions.

A Sagittarius woman will be able to calm him by making him laugh. Humor is the best way to distract a Cancer man when he gets moody or irritable.

Typical fights between a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman and how to resolve them

Most of the fights between a Cancer man and Sagittarius woman will come early in the relationship, and they could prevent a relationship from forming or progressing.

The main problem will be over the level of commitment that each of them wants.

A Cancer man will almost always want an exclusive lifetime commitment within a legal and binding marriage.

This is not something that has much appeal for a Sagittarius woman, who wants her freedom.

This is a difficulty that they may not be able to resolve. If they are able to resolve this, they will need to spend long hours in discussions and negotiations.

The end result will be either that they split amicably or that she gives in and marries him. He will never settle for anything less.

For her to agree to marry him, she must be convinced that she will retain her freedom to a large extent, and that life will be more interesting with him than without him.

If she does decide to marry him, she will honor her commitment to him.

She will have known what she is getting into, and she will stick with her decision.

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Wednesday 13th of January 2021

IM a sagittairus female and im dating a cancer man we share a lot of the same romantic and even sexual desires. he takes the time out to listen and give his own feed back and i give the same. we are always honest with each other to make sure nothing affects our relationship.. the longer we been together the more we understands each other and know each other like a book i love how sensitive he can we when it comes down to talking about his feelings that it kinda made me that way with him too. he loves how wild i can be and by me being that way its an adventure for him he even likes when i take him out my comfort zone, but he only accepts that because of me and it turns out fun for him. so maybe the longer ur with ur cancer man and sagittarius woman you will end up studying each other without realizing and it helps with communication between the two.

Chelsey Borsi-jeannotte

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

@Laila, very true


Monday 9th of November 2020

Perhaps this is the case for those who are perfectly cancer or perfectly sagittarius... but each zodiacs personality traits are very much on a sliding scale, of varying degrees. I'm a sagittarius, but born on the cusp, the day before we enter capricorn. - (a sagittaricorn. lol) The guy I've been crushing on is a cancer. We've known each other & have talked for years, tho it was only recently, that we admitted having feelings for each other. Anyway. We get along so great, and share MANY interests, including (perhaps especially) in regards to sex. He understands me in ways most people don't. He makes it comfortable to be honest with him. & never judges me. -- I give to him the same in kind. I love that he's sensitive, & sometimes needs space. because so do I. And I think he's attracted to the sense of the unexpected that I give him.

Chelsey Borsi-jeannotte

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

@Fortune, no this is me n my hubby to a t Been together 20 years im 37

King Bleach

Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

You can but at the end of the day once both of you can come together as one, have fun and trust each other, it will all work out. I'm a CANCERIAN myself. Still be careful and cautious but never be afraid to move forward.


Thursday 15th of October 2020

I am Saggitarius and my man is Cancer. Can we go in a deep relationship?

Chelsey Borsi-jeannotte

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

@Trudie, me and my husband are exactly the same. You have to both be able to be alphas and both be able to be bettas as I need to step back when it’s time and step up when it’s time I’ve never read a more accurate page about two signs in my entire life. We’ve been together 20 years and are more in love w each other than anybody I’ve ever met.