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Nataly Urbaez

Being from Venezuela, the Caribbean gate to Latin America, Nataly has been attracted to the occult since she was little. Growing in the land of the mixture of cultures and mysticism, this would mark her fascination for symbols and sacred images, opening her imagination and curiosity for rituals and ancestral religious practices, syncretized in the most diverse cultural manifestations, traditions, and magic spells.

With a degree in Political Science and a Master in Political Communication, Nataly has deepened in the symbolic study of Greek culture, the sociology of magic in Latin America, Myths and Legends of Africa, the study of Jungian archetypes, and the precedents of her favorite divination tool: The Tarot.

Her favorite card is The Moon Major Arcana, because it represents several divinatory challenges from a symbolical perspective: the resignation of the lobster to remain unchanged, submerged in the unconscious but struggling to come out, the melancholy portrayed by a Moon that cries inward recovering all of her lost energy; the hounds representing instinct and protection, the Golden city...It’s a promise that even when everything looks impossible, there’s always hope.

Nataly is currently studying professional Tarot Reading, splitting her time between being a full time Freelance Writer specializing in spiritual topics, a Professional Makeup Artist, and an American Tribal Style Dancer.

Aries with ascendant Capricorn, She’s passionate, stubborn and perfectionist in everything she does. If you want to contact her about services as an Image Professional, Symbolic Analysis and Tarot Reading Interpretation.

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