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Lisa Lazuli - Enchanted Astrology


Lisa Lazuli has been practicing astrology since 1999. As a child, she was fascinated by learning about people's birthdays and their life stories and quickly began to see that the two were inextricably linked.

Lisa grew up in the dramatic end days of apartheid in South Africa, and she was also influenced by the fall of the Berlin wall and the USSR, both of which gave her a sense of the greater scheme of things, which inspired her to learn more about astrology and the universe to understand her unique role in this extraordinary complex universe.

Lisa studied law and economics in South Africa and England. However, she decided that the world of astrology was too intriguing to walk away from, and thus she studied astrology with the London Faculty of Astrology Studies.

Lisa has been a guest astrologer on BBC WM, BBC C&W, BBC Shropshire and Fox FM.

Lisa publishes a yearly horoscope series on Amazon.

Lisa has also written three novels in the international thriller genre.

While Lisa has also worked in chartered accountancy, publishing and PR, astrology remains her destiny.

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