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How to Attract, Seduce, and Win a Pisces Man

How to Attract, Seduce, and Win a Pisces Man

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If you want to attract, seduce, or win a Pisces man, you need to understand his unique nature. A Pisces man is caring and deeply romantic, but of all of the zodiac signs, he is the least attached to the material world. Many Pisces men have a deep spiritual life.

He enjoys being in love, and he can be a loyal and devoted partner. On the other hand, he often does not conform to social norms, which can make it hard to get him to commit to a long-term, stable partnership.

If you want to attract, seduce, and win a Pisces man, you need to show him that you are the right person for him. He is at his best with someone who is practical and down to earth, but who can also understand and appreciate his nature.

The Astrology of Seduction and Attraction

When people first encounter astrology, it is usually through their Sun Signs. This is the place where the Sun was located when you were born. Sun Sign astrology is extremely popular, in part because it is easy to determine your Sun Sign. All you need to know is your birthdate.

The Sun represents our ego and our identity, and most people will manifest at least some traits of their Sun Sign.

On the other hand, there is much more to astrology than Sun Signs alone. It also considers an entire map of the sky at the moment of your first breath. This map is known as a birth chart. Each person has a unique birth chart.

When an astrologer does a reading, they cast your birth chart and interpret it for you. There are also many places where you can get a computerized birth chart for free. One of these places is

When looking at relationships, and in particular, when determining how to seduce and attract someone, there are considerations aside from your Sun Sign. One of these considerations is your Ascendant. This is the sign that was rising in the East when you were born. If you are looking to seduce or attract a man with a Pisces Ascendant, this article will be helpful.

Venus is also very important when it comes to relationships. This planet is never more than two signs away from the Sun, so there are many cases in which a man with a Pisces Sun will also have his Venus in Pisces. If so, this article will be doubly accurate.

A man with a Pisces Sun may also have his Venus in Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, or Taurus. If so, you may want to read the articles for those signs as well.

Profile of a Pisces Man and his Woman

When trying to attract, seduce, or win a Pisces man, it is important to have a sense of what he is like and what he needs in a partner.

Pisces is a very spiritual sign, and he tends not to be comfortable in the material world. A Pisces man often does not conform to traditional notions of masculinity, although he can be quite fierce when protecting someone in distress.

Many Pisces men are artists or poets. Despite having difficulty with practical matters, they are often quite brilliant. The “absent-minded professor” is a stereotypical Pisces man.

Because of this, a Pisces man needs a woman who appreciates him for his unique talents and gifts. He also needs someone who does not mind looking after him when it comes to material matters.

How to Attract a Pisces Man

With an understanding of who a Pisces man is and what he wants in a partner, we can look at the question of how to attract him.

1) Be kind

A Pisces man is a sensitive soul. He has deep emotions, and he can often sense how people feel around him. Many people do not understand him, and he likely suffered ridicule at some point in his life because of this sensitive nature.

A Pisces man is attracted to people who are kind and who care about others. While there are many things that he does not notice, he does notice how you treat other people. He cannot abide by people who are harsh or unfeeling, and he will always take the side of the perceived underdog.

Not only does a Pisces man notice how you treat other people, but he also notices how you treat animals and even plants. Pisces men often have pets, and in almost all cases, these pets are animals that he has rescued.

2) Share your spiritual journey

In most cases, a Pisces man will have a rich spiritual life. He usually spends a great deal of time thinking about matters such as philosophy, religion, and metaphysics. These subjects are far more interesting to him than everyday matters such as work, money, or daily chores.

He will be interested to hear about your spiritual journey and what you think about matters that are beyond this world. While it would be wonderful if you shared his views about such things, it will generally not be a problem if you don’t. A Pisces man will be interested in your views no matter what they are.

Even if you do not think that you have a spiritual journey, you probably do have ideas about life and if there is anything beyond this world that will give you good topics of conversation.

3) Make him laugh

How to Attract a Pisces Man - Make him laugh

A Pisces man often seems like he is daydreaming or thinking about serious subjects. That does not mean that he does not like to have fun and to laugh. Because of his unique outlook on life, he often sees the silly and the ridiculous in ways that other signs cannot.

This gives him a rather quirky sense of humor, and sometimes his jokes can come as a surprise. It also makes him quite receptive to the funny things that others say, and he laughs very easily.

Also, because of his sensitive nature, he is likely to have experienced much sadness in his life. He does not have the defenses that most other signs do, and he feels emotions very deeply. Laughter is the best medicine for this, and if you can provide this to him, you will have gone a long way towards attracting a Pisces man.

How to Seduce a Pisces Man

Like all of the Water Signs, for a Pisces man, physical intimacy is a way to forge and deepen emotional bonds. For this reason, it is best to go slowly with him. He does not have the hard shell or defenses of the other two Water Signs, Cancer and Scorpio, so he may not protect himself the way he should.

So, if you want to seduce a Pisces man, first be sure that you are ready and willing to deepen your emotional connection with him.

1) Cook for him

How to Seduce a Pisces Man - Cook for him

A Pisces man likes to be cared for, and one of the most basic ways to show your concern is to cook for him. Because of their focus on spiritual and philosophical matters, Pisces men often neglect their physical needs.

Left to their own devices, they may forget to eat, or they may just eat things that are easy to prepare. So, a Pisces man will be quite thankful to you if you prepare a healthy and nutritious meal for him. If you have taken the time to learn his likes and dislikes, he will appreciate you all the more.

It does not really matter if you are a good cook. For him, the important thing is that you have made an effort on his behalf. His gratitude will help him to feel warm and amorous towards you.

2) Show your feelings

A Pisces man will not be happy with physical intimacy if it is not accompanied by emotional intimacy. Part of emotional intimacy is being willing to share your feelings and allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

It can be easy to become hardened in the modern world. We are taught to be strong and to protect ourselves. Yet, a Pisces man will never lose his soft nature. If he seems hard or tough, it is a facade to mask his tenderness.

It is generally safe to be vulnerable with a Pisces man. Vulnerability brings out his gentle, protective nature. It also gives him an incentive to come down to earth. He will do many things for someone that he cares about, including developing a sense of responsibility.

He is capable of bonding on a very deep level, and intimacy with a Pisces man can be a spiritual experience as well as a pleasurable one.

3) Take care of practicalities

If you are going to engage in physical intimacy with someone, it is always a good idea to be aware of practicalities and take proper precautions. It is particularly important to do so with a Pisces man because it will be very hard for him to remember such things.

Even if a Pisces man means well (and he usually does), he struggles with practicalities. He really does not pay much attention to the material world unless he absolutely must. When he does have to deal with the material world, it tends to be exhausting to him, and he can only keep it up for so long.

His mind will be on love, romance, and intimacy. On the one hand, this will greatly enhance your love life with him. On the other hand, it could also lead to unintended consequences.

So, before seducing a Pisces man, be sure to take care of the practical matters. Not only will it keep both of you safe, but he will greatly appreciate that you did so.

How to Win a Pisces Man

A Pisces man is very romantic, and he bonds deeply when he is in love. On the other hand, he does not necessarily think about such practical matters as marriage or even living together. Yet, if you have managed to attract and seduce a Pisces man, you have gone a long way towards being able to win him.

1) Take the initiative

How to Win a Pisces Man - Take the initiative

A Pisces man does not always think to take the initiative. He may very well want to spend his life with you, but that does not mean that he will propose. It may take some prompting from you to get him to pop the question.

That does not necessarily mean that you should be the one to propose. He will enjoy setting up a romantic and creative way to do so once he thinks of it. All you really need to do is to give him the idea. He will take it from there.

When it is time to set up house together, you will be the one who will need to think through the details. It will also be a good idea to keep an eye on practicalities such as the financial considerations of your life together. His ideas may be rather impractical, so you may need to rein him in.

2) Be helpful to him

A Pisces man is a wonderful partner and companion and has much to offer. Yet, he does truly need a partner who can help him with the things that he is not good at.

Every person and every sign has strengths and weaknesses. No one is completely self-sufficient, and everyone needs help with something. The weaknesses of a Pisces man are mostly in the realm of the material and the concrete, so be prepared to help him in the areas that he needs you.

He will greatly appreciate you for such assistance. Not only will you make his life easier, but you will also make things go more smoothly as a couple. If your Pisces man does not have to worry about the things that are difficult for him, he will have more time and energy to do the things that he is good at.

In addition to his appreciation of the practical value that you bring to the relationship, he will also see this as a sign that you deeply care about him. For him, that is more important than the material benefits you offer.

3) Let him help you

Although it is good to be as helpful as you can to your Pisces man, be careful not to feel like you are giving too much. This can lead to resentment which will sour your relationship with him. A Pisces man can usually tell the emotions of others, so you will not be able to hide these feelings.

The best way that you can avoid resentment is if you also let him help you. Lasting relationships are built on interdependence.

A Pisces man has a great desire to be helpful and useful to others. He genuinely prefers to give than receive, and he is willing to give of himself in any way that he can. Just as he appreciates it when you show your love for him, he wants to show his love for you.

Despite his limitations, a Pisces man has a lot to offer. He is kind and caring, and he will be your best friend and biggest supporter when you have difficulties or troubles.

Because of the way that he sees the world and other people, he can understand things on an intuitive level that other people cannot. His instincts are extremely good, and you would be wise to rely on his intuition.

Logic and practicality are not everything, and there are many things that do not go as would be expected. Every invention and revolutionary idea started as something that was the impossible dream of someone who would be later hailed as a genius.

On a more ordinary scale, a Pisces man often has a way of looking at problems so that they solve themselves. Don’t dismiss his ideas just because they are unusual or unconventional. They may just be the very answer you are looking for.

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A Pisces man can be a gentle and compassionate partner. Although he tends not to be very practical, he is caring and romantic. It is not hard to attract, seduce, or win a Pisces man if you are the right partner for him. The right partner is one who can balance him and help him on a material level. He also needs someone who is open to deep emotional intimacy and who can appreciate the unique gifts that he has to offer.