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How to Attract, Seduce, and Win an Aquarius Man

How to Attract, Seduce, and Win an Aquarius Man

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An Aquarius man can be a bit of a mystery. He is full of contradictions, has a reputation for independence, and may take the prize for being one of the most unmoveable signs of the zodiac. So, it may seem like it would be impossible to attract, seduce, or win an Aquarius man.

That is not the case, however. While it is not easy to influence an Aquarius man, he does want and need companionship. As an Air Sign, he needs to be social. He is also surprisingly stable when it comes to relationships.

There are two very important things that you need to remember when attempting to attract, seduce, and win an Aquarius man. The first is that to be physically attracted to someone, he must be intellectually stimulated. The second is that he cannot resist someone who is interesting and entertaining.

The Astrology of Seduction and Attraction

It is common for people to know their Sun Signs, which is the location of the Sun in the sky at the time of their births. This is what most horoscopes are based on, and it is easy to know your Sun Sign. All you need is your birthdate.

Most people do have at least some traits of this sign. The Sun represents our identity and our ego, so it is an important consideration.

Yet, there is much more to us than just our Sun Sign. Everyone is unique, and astrology reflects this. Each person has an individual birth chart, which is a map of the sky when you were born.

If you go to an astrologer for a reading, they will cast such a chart for you and interpret it. There are also places such as where you can get a computerized copy of your birth chart.

When it comes to seduction and attraction, there are some other factors in your chart other than the Sun that play a significant role. One of these factors is your Ascendant, which is the sign that was rising in the East when you took your first breath. This article will be accurate for those with an Aquarius Ascendant as well as an Aquarius Sun.

Another important consideration is the sign that Venus is located in. Venus is never more than two signs away from the Sun, so many men with an Aquarius Sun also have their Venus in Aquarius. In this case, this article will have added significance.

Other possibilities are Venus in the signs of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, or Aries. If that is the case, you may want to read the articles for those signs as well.

Profile of an Aquarius Man and his Woman

If you are going to attract, seduce, or win an Aquarius man, it helps to understand his nature as well as what he is looking for in a partner.

An Aquarius man is a law unto himself. He makes a point of being unique, so it can be hard to generalize what any individual Aquarius man will be like. He could be conservative or liberal, or anything in between.

There are a few traits that most Aquarius men do have in common, however. They tend to be social but wait for others to come to them. They also have a tendency to be rather stubborn and fixed in their opinions.

This can come as a surprise because they give the appearance of being open-minded. The reason this is so is that they enjoy listening to the opinions of others. That does not mean that they will be persuaded or change their own minds about anything.

Above all things, an Aquarius man needs intellectual stimulation. He cannot feel physical attraction without it. This means that he looks for someone who can talk about interesting topics. He also enjoys someone who is a bit flashy and larger than life.

Traditionally ruled by Saturn, an Aquarius man can sometimes get a bit somber. He needs someone in his life who can make him laugh.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man

Now that we have seen what an Aquarius man looks like and what he needs in a partner, let’s discuss how to attract him.

1) Be yourself

How to Attract an Aquarius Man - Be Yourself

When one is nervous about going somewhere or meeting someone for the first time, it is very common to get the advice to “just be yourself.” In many situations, this is good advice, but it is essential if you are interested in an Aquarius man.

It is in the very nature of Aquarius to be an individual. Most other signs try to conform to social norms or expectations at least somewhat. Aquarius has very little interest in such attempts. Even when an Aquarius man seems rather conservative, he will express this in a way that is unique to him.

Not only does he value his own individuality, but he enjoys when others express theirs as well. This is where this sign gets its reputation for being open-minded.

The truth of the matter is that an Aquarius man is rarely open-minded at all. He knows what he thinks and what he believes, and it is rare that anyone or anything will ever change his mind.

On the other hand, he has no expectation that anyone will agree with him, and he is happy to listen to opposing opinions without argument or comment. Indeed, he loves to hear what others think. So, if you want to attract an Aquarius man, be yourself and feel free to express your true thoughts and feelings.

2) Talk intelligently

There are few generalizations that one can make about an Aquarius man, but one of them is that if he is to have any interest in you at all, he needs to see that you are intelligent.

Talk to him about your interests and subject areas that you know well. Don’t worry that he may not share your interests or know what you are talking about. Aquarius natives are curious about many different things, and he will very much enjoy learning about something new from you.

3) Don’t push

It will take time to attract an Aquarius man. Aquarius is a Fixed Sign, and all of the Fixed Signs are slow to change. Entering into a new relationship is a big change, as is moving a relationship into deeper levels.

Because an Aquarius man is so slow in moving things along, you might be tempted to try to push him. Resist this temptation at all costs. If an Aquarius man feels rushed or pressured in any way, he will resist. That is just the nature of this sign.

At most, you might make hints or suggestions. Even then, do not expect an immediate response. Wait for him to decide what he wants to do.

How to Seduce an Aquarius Man

Aquarius is a very cerebral sign, and he approaches sex in an intellectual way as well. He has a playful side and enjoys variety. Below are some tips on how to seduce an Aquarius man.

1) Try a new look

If you want to seduce an Aquarius man, you need to entertain him. One of the ways that you can do this is to change your look.

Your look does not need to be overtly sexy. Indeed, it would probably be better if it were not. An Aquarius man loves novelty and tends to avoid things that are obvious or cliché. He also has a sense of humor, and things that are silly and fun tend to make him amorous.

If you can do something clever with your appearance that is suggestive in a way that he has to think about, even better. Try to work in a private joke that you share between you.

Don’t worry about your outfit being over the top or looking like a costume. Even though an Aquarius man is not dramatic himself, he does find such things amusing and attractive.

2) Be playful

How to Seduce an Aquarius Man - Be Playful

From the outside, an Aquarius man often seems quite serious. When it comes to his romantic interests, however, he tends to prefer things that are fun and even quite silly.

It is also easier to get him in an amorous mood when he is enjoying himself. Play games with him. Go bowling or out to play miniature golf. Go to an arcade or play video games at home.

You might also want to play games with him that will challenge him intellectually, such as Trivial Pursuit or chess.

You can also be creative about your suggestions in the bedroom. Do things that will make it fun and interesting for him.

3) Use books

Even though there are few generalizations that you can make about the interests of an Aquarius man, it is a rare Aquarius native that does not love books. The bookshelves of an Aquarius man will almost always have books on a myriad of different topics.

So, use his interest in books to get him in an amorous mood. While you could go the obvious route and give him books on erotic poetry and the like, you will do even better if you can find a more creative way to be suggestive.

You could find a book that alludes to a private joke between you or has a title that is a pun. You might even get something that is not overtly suggestive but that makes him laugh. As mentioned before, playfulness and humor is a great way to get him in the mood.

Actually, even just giving him a book as a gift, regardless of the topic, will make him very happy. If it is about something that you can talk about intelligently, even better. With an Aquarius man, it is very common for an intellectual discussion or debate to lead to the bedroom.

How to Win an Aquarius Man

It will take an Aquarius man a long time to make any decision about marriage or a long-term commitment. As discussed previously, he does not make changes very quickly, including moving relationships along to deeper levels.

On the other hand, once an Aquarius man enters into a relationship, he is remarkably stable. It is quite common for him to stay with someone for decades or for life.

Below are some things that you can do to win an Aquarius man.

1) Stick around

How to Win an Aquarius Man - Stick Around

Many times, an Aquarius man will not discuss changes in your relationship status. They will just happen over time. The longer that you are with him and spend time with him on a regular basis, the more stable your relationship will become. He will grow accustomed to you.

It is not uncommon for an Aquarius man to see someone for years or even decades without ever marrying or even labeling the relationship as “long-term.” Many times the decision to marry comes after the two of you realize that you have been together for so long that you might as well be married.

To keep your relationship with an Aquarius man fresh, continue to do the things that you did to attract and seduce him near the beginning of the relationship.

Over time, his resistance to change will be your friend. While he will be slow to enter into or deepen a relationship, he will also be slow to end it. In most cases, so long as you stay with him, he will stay with you.

2) Talk about your desire for marriage in the abstract

Even though an Aquarius man will generally stay with whoever he is dating without the need for a formal or public commitment, this may not satisfy you. If it does not, and you want to be married, you will need to approach this carefully.

Even though an Aquarius man is not generally bound by social conventions of any sort, he will probably refuse if you ask him to marry you. It will not be because of the role-reversal but due to the contrary nature of this sign. An Aquarius man will rarely do anything someone else asks him to do.

A better approach would be for you to just talk about your own feelings about marriage in the abstract. Approach it like it is a philosophic topic.

One conversation will not be enough. It may take weeks, months, or even years for him to eventually think of popping the question. Repeated short conversations are much better than long drawn-out ones. Whatever you do, do not pressure him in any way. If he seems to get annoyed with the conversation, drop it. You can always introduce it again later.

Do not give up or despair even if he talks or acts like he is completely opposed to the idea of marriage. If the topic is on his mind, and he cares for you, he will come around sooner or later.

It does not happen often, but an Aquarius man can and does change his mind about things, including his philosophical beliefs. Usually, when this happens, he will do so out of the blue, and at times, even act like his new beliefs are ones that he has always held. If this happens regarding marriage, and he proposes, don’t question him. Just say, “yes.”

3) Stand your ground

It is often said that a healthy marriage or partnership is one that is between equals. While couples may have a variety of arrangements as to how they make decisions and delegate responsibility and authority, in a certain sense, there does need to be equality between them.

This equality has to do with the relative strengths of each person and with the relationship meeting both of their needs. This can be a challenge with an Aquarius man.

Many (but not all) Aquarius men believe in equalitarian relationships in the abstract, but this sign has a very difficult time compromising. An Aquarius man likes to do things his own way, and he hates feeling like he is being told what to do.

This means that as a partner of an Aquarius man, you may find yourself making all of the compromises. This might be fine for him, but eventually, you will come to resent this.

For this reason, it is very important for you to decide what is important to you and stand your ground on those things. It is best that you do so early on in the relationship. This might make for some difficult days or weeks, but you will be happier in the long run. Once he knows your boundaries and that you will be firm with them, he will not challenge them in the future.

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If you want to attract, seduce, win an Aquarius man, you will need to be patient and let things proceed at their own pace. An Aquarius man may be slow at first to enter into a relationship, but when he does, he will be a stable companion. He responds best to things that entertain him and provide him with intellectual stimulation.