Astrophotography Cameras, Telescopes and Equipment

Astrophotography, an offshoot of astronomy, is a photographic method of capturing the beauty of the night sky. As technology advances the equipment required to photograph such detailed celestial events, star systems, and galaxies has become available!

The difficult part about doing a shoot of the night sky is the lack of light as most cameras are unable to pick up on the brilliant detail, distances, and color variation in the heavens. Beginning around the 1800s and through to the late 1900s astrophotography was finding its stride. What would start as photographing the Sun, Moon, and eclipses, would eventually evolve into more detailed photos of star clusters. Camera exposures will sometimes take hours over several nights to get the elegant detail of the universe on film.

Astrophotography assisted the advancement of our understanding of the nature of the universe. In 1924 Edward Hubble, using a telescope, was able to photograph the existence of the Andromeda galaxy and estimate its distance from Earth. This was on of the first instances of proof that other galaxies existed beyond the Milky Way Galaxy.

As astronomy makes use of sophisticated technology, along with the use of satellites, scientists are able to photograph detailed pictures of the surfaces of various planets in our solar system. New discoveries are being made constantly as our picture of the universe expands with astrophotography.