Astronomy Gifts

Astronomy is the science of the universe. It looks at the placement of planets within our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and events in the heavens.

Astronomy and astrology used to be one discipline; when it involved the tracking of the visible planets against the backdrop of the constellations. Archeological records demonstrate the impeccable detail in which early scientists traced the movement of the planets and predicted various astronomical events, such as lunar and solar eclipses.

Astronomy is studied around the world today, making use of advancements in technology and robotics. Many countries are involved in mapping out the universe and understanding better what is contained within the vastness of outer space. With the use of these technologies photographing detailed aspects of the night sky, galaxies, and the universe has become possible through astrophotography.

New discoveries about our galaxy are being made constantly regarding well known planets and their Satellites or Moons, such as Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Anytime you recognize a particular constellation or get a view of Venus in the morning sky you are witnessing the development of an age old science. Astronomy has set out to answer some huge questions that take into account our place in the universe, what lies beyond our galaxy, and the origins of human existence. Astronomy and astrology began with the same intent, to understand the placement of the Earth within the universe. Astronomy has branched off to prove the science behind the mechanics of the solar system and universe.

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