Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Man and Woman Love & Relationships

April 20 – May 20

Practical and down to earth, ruled by Venus, the Taurus zodiac sign is focused on building a stable, beautiful and loving life for them-self and the people they care about. They value stability and recognise the value of putting in the work to get what they want out of life. Sometimes Taurus can take things to excess, developing unhealthy obsessions about obtaining certain material goals.

Taurus is one of the Earth signs, and this gives them the ability to stay rooted when everything around them appears to be in chaos, and to persevere with things, no matter how long they take. While their friends might describe them as committed, Taurus has a stubborn streak that can lead them to stick with things that they should have let go, including relationships.

Taurus takes quite a while to warm up to people and feel comfortable in a relationship, which can make meeting new people difficult. While it is smart to move forward with caution, Taurus needs to make sure they don’t move so slowly that the right person passes them by. Once Taurus has developed a close relationship with another person they expect to be able to share every part of themselves, and want to support their partner in every aspect of their life. This can sometimes make Taurus seem a bit needy, and lead to a tendency to lose sight of their own needs while supporting their partner. Taurus needs to remember to always take time for self care.

Most compatible with: Scorpio or Cancer.