Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Man and Woman Love & Relationships

October 23 – November 21

Passionate and assertive, the Scorpio zodiac sign likes to take the lead, and have all the information about a situation before they make a decision. They have deep wells of personal resources, and will bring them all to bear when something is important to them. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio has a tendency and the ability to reinvent themselves to meet new challenges and adapt to new situations.

Scorpio is one of the Water signs, but unlike the other water signs, they don’t let their emotions flow freely. They are highly secretive and access needs to be earned. Scorpios can’t tolerate dishonesty, and can also be very jealous and suspicious, but they will keep these feelings inside, often letting them build up until they are released, sometimes in unhealthy ways. Despite this, Scorpios are generous and have profound respect for others, which means that they usually have a lot of friends.

When Scorpios are looking for love, they like to be pursued. They will send clear signals that they are interested, but will rarely make the first move. When they fall in love, they fall in love fast, but will wait to open up emotionally for fear of being judged. When they do open up they expect to be able to share everything with their partner, and will offer the same kind of strong support in return. But beware, when crossed a Scorpio can be vengeful and unforgiving.

Most compatible with: Taurus or Cancer.