How to Get a Leo Man to Chase You

How to Get a Leo Man to Chase You

A Leo man loves to be the life of the party and the center of attention. He usually has many admirers and fans. For this reason, if you like a Leo man, you may feel like there is too much competition for you to have a chance or that it is impossible to get a Leo man to chase you.

Yet, it may be surprising to know that a Leo man rarely has a romantic interest in those who fawn over him. He enjoys the attention, to be sure. Indeed, on some level, he often feels like it is his due. Despite this, he will rarely go after someone who seems too interested in him.

While there are some signs that do not mind being chased, a Leo man is not one of them. He wants to do the chasing.

With this in mind, we will talk about how to get a Leo man to chase you. Not only that, but we will also discuss how to get him to keep chasing you and how to get him to chase you again.

What a Leo Man Wants

When trying to learn how to get a Leo man to chase you, it is helpful to know what he is looking for. Each sign has specific traits that they find attractive and different traits that they look for in a long-term partner. In an ideal situation, you would be able to manifest both sets of traits.

What does a Leo man find attractive?

To know what traits a man will find attractive, one must look at the sign that is 5 signs ahead of it in the zodiac. The sign in that position for a Leo man is Sagittarius, which means that he is drawn to the traits of this sign.

A Leo man is attracted to a freedom-loving adventurer, who is not necessarily interested in him, at least at first. Mythology is filled with stories of maidens who will not marry any man unless he proves that he is worthy of her by undergoing a challenge or completing a heroic task.

Of course, opportunities for heroic demonstrations are rare in this day and age. Still, a Leo man wants to earn his prize in some way, and he will have no interest in someone who is impressed too easily.

What does a Leo man need in a partner?

When it comes to a long-term relationship, the natural partner for any sign is its opposite. The sign that is opposite to Leo is Aquarius. In many ways, Aquarius is even more aloof and difficult to please than Sagittarius.

While a Leo man wants and needs attention and admiration, he also wants someone in his life who will tell him the truth. He needs a partner with whom he can come offstage, take off his mask, and just be himself.

How to Get a Leo Man to Chase You

There is a strange contradiction when it comes to a Leo man. He rarely wants someone who is interested in him, at least in the early stages. This means that if you want to get him to chase you, you must not give any indication that you want him to.

1) Don’t join his entourage

What does a Leo Man Find Attractive - Don't Join His Entourage

If you want it a Leo man to chase you, it is vital that you not become one of his courtiers. This may be difficult, especially if you are truly attracted to him. You may start to become jealous as he is seemingly soaking in the attention of others. Yet, if you join his admirers, your cause is likely to become lost.

Instead, pay attention to whatever you are doing and keep to your own interests. If you see his eyes wander towards you, you know that what you are doing is working. Eventually, he will begin to seek you out.

2) Have your own style

There is no one particular “look” that will attract a Leo man. Instead, it is important for you to dress in a way that suits your personality. That said, you should have a style that you adopt intentionally, whatever that may be. A Leo man is attracted to the unusual and exotic. He is not attracted to the sloppy or the casual.

Even though he has a confident and regal demeanor, a Leo man worries a great deal about what people will think of him. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, he is highly attracted to someone who does not give the appearance of caring about the opinions of others.

Having your own style will show him that you are who you are, no matter what anyone else thinks.

3) Show your strength

Like all Fire Signs, a Leo man is attracted to strength. In the world of the lion, which is his symbol, it is the lioness who does the hunting. He seeks a woman who knows her own mind, and who is not afraid to speak out.

If you are naturally shy or timid, it might be hard for you to know what your strengths are, but you are sure to have them. Let him see you doing things that you feel confident at.

By all means, do not let him intimidate you in any way. Yes, he fancies himself a king, regardless of his actual social status. Yes, he can have quite a roar. Still, he is just a man with faults and foibles, just as any other man.

4) Show your sense of humor

A Leo man can seem very full of himself, but you can bet that he has a sense of humor. More than anything else, he likes to laugh. He also likes to be around people who make him laugh. One of the ways that you can make him laugh is by being a bit irreverent and not taking him or yourself too seriously.

If he begins to flirt with you, you can also use humor to navigate the delicate balance between seeming too eager and seeming too unwilling. A Leo man enjoys a battle of wits, and he will find you irresistible if he thinks he has met his match in you.

How to Get a Leo Man to Keep Chasing You

Once you have gotten the attention of a Leo man, it is important to keep it. A Leo man is actually quite steady and stable. He is slow to settle down with someone, but once he does, he generally stays with her. Below are some things that you can do to help convince him that you are the One for him.

5) Show your intelligence

A Leo man wants a woman that he feels is worthy of him. One of the traits of such a woman is that she is intelligent. There is much more to a Leo man than meets the eye, and he does think deeply about a variety of different subjects.

There are times that a Leo man might state ridiculous opinions just to get attention or a rise out of people. Do not let this fool you. He is usually quite informed about a number of issues.

You do not have to agree with him on everything. Indeed, he will lose respect for you if you do. He will want to see that you can hold your own in a debate with him. Avoid the temptation to get angry or upset, and also avoid the temptation to back down. That will demonstrate weakness on your part.

6) Be steadfast and loyal

Loyalty to Make a Leo Man Chase You

A Leo man has a fierce loyalty to those that he cares about, and he expects that same loyalty in return. While you do not have to agree with him in private, once you are dating, it is risky to disagree with him in public.

It is also important to be careful to show that you love him for himself. While it might be prudent to consider the financial and practical aspects of a relationship, it is not a good idea to be open about these concerns with a Leo man. He will very likely be hurt and offended if you do.

A Leo man will rarely ask for help from anyone, so if he does ask you for something, if at all possible, do your best to be of assistance. He will remember the times that you were there for him and the times that you were not.

7) Be yourself

A Leo man is far more perceptive than he lets on. Even though he gives the appearance of being remarkably self-centered, he notices a great deal about other people. He will know immediately if you are being fake or phony, or if you are only trying to please him.

While a Leo man does love flattery, he is put off by it if he does not believe that it is sincere. For this reason, if you want him to keep chasing you, he needs to trust that you will tell him what you really think. That way he can also trust your words of love and devotion to him.

8) Pursue your own interests

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make with a Leo man is to put your life on hold for him. He can seem demanding, but he will not respect you if you are always at his beck and call. Respect is quite important to him, and he will lose his interest in you if he loses his respect for you.

Because of this, it is important to have your own life and your own interests. Continue with your career and your hobbies, and do not always change your schedule to adjust to his. Indeed, if you want a Leo man to keep chasing you, it is best if he has to adjust his schedule around yours from time to time.

There is a balance to this, however. Fairness is important to a Leo man. If he always has to adjust to you, he will also lose interest. Try your best to keep things 50/50 when it comes to compromising with him.

How to Get a Leo Man to Chase You Again

When a Leo man settles down with someone, he will stay with her for life if it is at all possible. Leo is a Fixed Sign, which means that he does not like change. He also has a deep sense of honor. If he has made a commitment to someone, he will stick by her through thick and thin, especially if he has taken vows to that effect.

While this is a good quality to have in a partner, it has its drawbacks as well. Just because he will not break his commitments lightly does not mean that his heart is still in your relationship.

If he begins to lose interest in your relationship, do not despair. Read on to find ideas about how to get a Leo man to chase you again.

9) Do not nag or complain

Sometimes when it seems like the life has gone out of a relationship, it can be tempting to blame the other person. If this happens, you could start to complain or nag him to pay more attention to you. This is a big mistake with a Leo man.

A Leo man thrives on praise, and he wilts when criticized. He does not mind when someone playfully teases him, but if the criticism is real, it deeply upsets him. This is true even when the criticism is fair, and perhaps even especially when it is fair.

It is important to understand that a Leo man is probably doing his best. If he is not feeling passion, he is not feeling it. Making him feel bad about that will not make it better. Indeed, it will only make the situation worse.

10) Travel – with or without him

Travelling Alone - What a Leo Man Finds Attractive in a Partner

One of the surest ways to bring life back into your relationship and to get a Leo man to chase you again is to travel. You can travel with him or without him. It really does not matter either way.

If you travel with him, you can have an adventure together. Even though a Leo man is steady, he still needs to demonstrate his courage every now and then. An exotic or unusual trip is much better than a romantic getaway.

If you travel without him, you will give him some space. If he has become bored, he will get a bit of a break, and when you return he will begin chasing you all over again.

11) Bring a sense of fun and adventure back into the relationship

The modern world, with safe living and endless routine, is not always a friendly place for Fire Signs like Leo. Fire Signs like to be active, and they hate drudgery. So, if your Leo man has stopped chasing you, it could be that you both have gotten too caught up in your everyday lives.

The solution to that is to do something fun together. For a Leo man, fun involves activity. Play a sport together, go camping, go mountain climbing or even skydiving. Anything that gets him out of his everyday life of work and household chores will do.

12) Make him proud of you

It goes without saying that a Leo man has a sense of pride. This pride extends not only to himself but to his family. Women often hold back their achievements for fear of competing with the men in their lives. This is a mistake with a Leo man.

Let him see you in action at your work or at whatever you are good at. Enter a competition that you think you can excel at. If you get any sort of recognition, let him know about it. Do not be afraid to display any certificates you earn. Let him have bragging rights to your achievements as well as his own.

Now, of course, you might want to be careful if you are directly competing with him. Chances are, though, that unless you are in the same career path as he is or have the same interests or hobbies, you won’t be.

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A Leo man enjoys putting on a show, but there is a great deal of substance to him as well. He can be a devoted and loyal partner and family man. If you want to get him to chase you, though, you can not seem too interested in him, especially not at first. You must make him earn your love.

What do you think? Please comment below and let us know your experiences with how to get a Leo man to chase you.

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