12 Obvious Signs an Aries Woman Likes You

Signs an Aries Woman Likes You

Courting an Aries woman is a challenge to say the least. Bold and brashy, she is competitive and fiercely independent. She is extremely passionate, but her biggest fear is losing control. An Aries woman in love will be loath to give in to her feelings. Like a Scorpio woman, an Aries woman will test you along the way. While a Scorpio woman is testing your stamina and staying power, an Aries woman will be testing your worthiness and ability to keep up with her. To help you along, we will guide you through the signs an Aries woman likes you. See also the signs an Aries man likes you.

Relationships in Astrology

In astrology, relationships follow a predictable pattern from when you first meet all the way through to a long term commitment. There are four distinquishable stages of this pattern that are marked by what is known as Houses. Houses can be traced from the Sun Sign, but they can also be traced from what is known as the Ascendant or Rising Sign. With the date, time, and place of birth, you can get a Natal Chart from either Astrodienst or Astrolabe, which will show the Rising Sign.

The first stage is the First House, when you first meet and decide whether you want a relationship at all. The second stage is an 11th House friendship, where you are starting to get close. The third stage is the 5th House, where the relationship develops into a full blown romantic relationship. The fourth and final stage is the 7th, where you form a more permanent commitment. With an Aries woman, you will see clear signs that you have made it through each stage.

Clear Signs an Aries Woman Likes You at Each Stage

The Beginning – Signs an Aries Woman Likes You and is Attracted to You

The Beginning - Signs an Aries Woman Likes You and is Attracted to You

All relationships begin in the 1st House, in this case, Mars-ruled Aries. This stage will be the most difficult to get through with an Aries woman. She does not date just anyone, and when an Aries woman has a crush on you, she will treat you as an enemy. Here are the signs an Aries woman likes you and finds you attractive.

1) She will hate you

There is a common story trope of people who cannot stand each other developing a deep and passionate romance over time. This trope was made with Aries women in mind. If an Aries woman is attracted to you, you will bother her and get under her skin. She will want nothing to do with you, but at the same time, she not be able to take her mind off of you. This will make you extremely annoying to her, and she will likely lash out at you. It is important that you stand your ground. Aries women cannot abide weakness in others, and if you want to win and keep an Aries woman, you really must have strength of will and character. Her initial animosity towards you is one of the signs an Aries woman likes you.

2) She will compete with you

In Greek mythology, there was a woman, Atalanta, who was a skilled athelete. She would only marry a man who could defeat her in a footrace. An Aries woman is carved from the mold of Atalanta, and in order to win her heart, you will have to compete with her. If she is athletic, and many Aries women are, she will challenge you to a sports contest. If you are coworkers, she will compete with you with tasks at work. Whatever it is, you must do your best to defeat her, and you must not hold back. If you can not win against her, you must at least make a good showing. She is testing your force of will and courage. She will appreciate a worthy opponent, no matter how the competition turns out.

3) She will show you respect

If you have passed her initial tests, an Aries woman will respect you. This is the first real step before an Aries woman falls in love. She will no longer try to provoke you, and she will treat you as an equal. If you ask her out at this point, she will probably agree, although it might be grudgingly. She might also ask you out, not for a date, mind you, but to get together as friends.

Friendship – Signs an Aries Woman Enjoys Your Company

Friendship - Signs an Aries Woman Enjoys Your Company

If you have gotten through the first turbulant stage with an Aries woman, things will get a lot easier. The next stage is an 11th House friendship, and the 11th House is ruled by Aquarius. It is at this stage that an Aries woman will begin to talk with you, and you will be able to get to know each other better. Here are the signs an Aries woman likes you and wants you around.

4) She will tell you

Aries women do not beat around the bush. She will tell you exactly how she feels about you every step of the way. At this stage, it is unlikely to be flowerly words of praise or affection. Instead, it will be something along the lines of, “you are not so bad.” If you are really doing well, it might be, “I do not know why, but I like you.” It might not be the most romantic thing to hear, but it shows that you have made a great deal of progress with her.

5) She will do things with you

If an Aries woman likes you, she will want to spend time with you. An Aries woman does not have a lot of patience for long conversations or for sitting around. She will want activity and will usually have something in mind she wants to do. Her tastes generally run to physical activities or contests, but this will not have the edge it did in the earlier stages of your relationship. It will turn into true friendly competition.

An Aries woman will try to control your relationship, but do assert yourself about matters that are important to you. You will lose her respect if she can walk all over you. She wants someone who is an equal and whom she cannot control.

6) She will discuss serious matters with you

Even though Aries women are usually in motion, they do think about things, and they often have a unique outlook on life. One of the signs an Aries woman likes you is that she will talk about her ideas. She will tell you her philosophy about many different subjects and she will want to know yours. You should be honest with her about your thoughts and opinions, even if they disagree with hers. She will know immediately if you say something just to please her, and it will make her angry. It is better just to say what you think.

Do not worry if it turns into an argument. Aries women like a good fight. If you disagree, and argue your position well, you will not change her mind, but you will arouse her passion!

Romance – Signs an Aries Woman is Falling in Love With You

Romance - Signs an Aries Woman is Falling in Love With You

When an Aries woman truly falls in love, she will do so whole heartedly and completely. Romantic relationships are governed by the 5th House, and the 5th House from Aries is Leo. When frienship turns to love with an Aries woman, it will be unmistakable! Below are the signs an Aries woman likes you and is falling in love.

7) Her eyes will sparkle

As much as an Aries woman fights falling in love, when she does, she really enjoys it. The face of an Aries woman in love will light up and she will have a sparkle in her eyes. She will smile, laugh and genuinely have a lot of fun.

An Aries woman in love will become playful and buoyant. She will still want to compete with you, but these competitions will lose their seriousness and turn into games.

8) She will praise you

An Aries woman in love at this stage will be as lavish with her praise as she was stingy with it in earlier stages. She will shower you with compliments and brag about you to everyone around her. An Aries woman wants only the best, so if she is in love with you, you must be the best! She has tested you and found you worthy, and she will be generous in givng you honors for this!

9) She will give you gifts

An Aries woman in love is generous and magnanimous. She will want to do things for you and give you gifts. These gifts will usually be big and dramatic, but they may not be anything that you actually want. Of all signs, Aries has the most trouble in understanding the wants and needs of others, and they are notoriously bad gift-givers. When buying clothes, they rarely get the size right. They do not take the time to think about what might be useful to you.

In most cases, honesty is the best policy with Aries, but this is an exception. If you in any way let on that you may not have liked the gift or found anything wrong with it, she will be devastated. All of the light will go out of her eyes. It is best to just smile and say thank you. She really was trying to please you, and this is one of the signs an Aries woman likes you. Do not worry, though, she very likely will not remember the gift later on, so you are free to quietly exchange or return the gift after a short time has passed.

Commitment – Signs an Aries Woman Wants to be With You for a Long Time

Commitment - Signs an Aries Woman Wants to be With You for a Long Time

The final stage of a relationship is a long term commitment and is governed by the 7th House. The 7th House from Aries is Libra. When an Aries woman is ready to settle down for the long term, she will soften a lot. Here are the signs an Aries woman likes you enough to share her life with you.

10) She will show her femininity

Most Aries women have a tomboyish quality to them. They tend not to worry about their appearance, and they shy away from overtly feminine trappings. An Aries woman who is ready to settle down will show you this by softening her look. She may wear a dress or a skirt. She may even wear make up or jewelry. This will likely feel rather awkward for her, and if you comment, she will become uncharacteristically bashful.

She will soften in other ways as well. Her voice and her face will lose some of their hard edges. She will be a little less argumentative and competitive. If you see this sudden change in her demeanor, you can be sure that this is one of the signs an Aries woman likes you and wants to be with you a very long time.

11) She will become more polite

Aries has a bad habit of being rather rude. This trait is found in both Aries men and women. They speak what is on their mind, and they do not think before they speak. When an Aries woman is ready for a long term commitment, however, she will become more polite and courteous. This is because you have earned her respect.

She will remember to say “please” and “thank you.” She may even ask you, rather than tell you, things that she wants or wants to do. When she sees you as a life partner, her speech will be less combatitive, and she will be less likely to interrupt you when you speak.

12) She will let you lead sometimes

If you have reached this stage with an Aries women, she will have developed a deep admiration for you. She will trust that you are competent and strong. When this happens, she will be able to let go of her need to be in constant control. She will see you as an equal partner, and she will trust your opinion. She will even defer to your advice.

Surprisely, Aries women do marry, and once she has softened, an Aries woman will appreciate it if you take the lead and propose. She will be amazingly cooperative with your ideas and suggestions regarding the wedding. The trappings of the wedding will not be very important to her; it is being with you that will matter.

On the other hand, if you do not want to marry, she will generally be ok with a more unconventional arrangement as well. Once she has made a commitment to you in her heart, any legal or ceremonial considerations are usually irrelevant to her. She will be happy to go along with whatever you want in this matter.


An Aries woman is quite a handful. She is competent and courageous, and she never shies away from a challenge. At first, she will fiercely resist any advances on your part, and will treat you as an enemy rather than as a potential partner. When you have proved you are worthy and have won her heart, however, she soften into a loving companion. Her loyalty and devotion will be just as fierce as her initial resistance had been. Watch for these signs an Aries woman likes you. What do you think, does your Aries woman show she likes you in these ways?

12 Obvious Signs an Aries Woman Likes You
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12 Obvious Signs an Aries Woman Likes You
An Aries woman in love will be reluctant to give in to her feelings, she will test your worthiness! Find the obvious signs an Aries woman likes you.
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  1. Absolutely! Although we are somewhere between the loving me part and sometimes treating me as an enemy. Seemingly irrelevant things to me means so much to her. anyways I’m getting to understand her and can’t wait for her to hit that last phase with me.

  2. Spot on it’s ridiculous. I’m an Aries woman.
    You guys were spot on with the Virgo page as well, I do not understand, lol (my Virgo friend showed all those signs; and I mean ALL).

  3. I’m an aries woman and I found it hilarious how well this speaks to me. Although this applies more to when a man is courting me. If I’m chasing someone I tend to skip the aggressive qualifies in the beginning, because technically, I’ve already established that this man is worthy.

  4. I’m an aries and tend to insult, play hot and cold, act brash, plus play games because the guy is really getting to me. I dont let my guard down for a very long time.

    I keep him at arms length until I know he’s not a liar, cheater, or jerk. I will follow and stalk on social media until I am sure he’s telling me the truth about not seeing other women.

    I am a difficult person to love but when I’m sure about you, I will love madly, deeply, and forever.

  5. Omg…I couldn’t believe what I was reading…this is so true…I am an Aries women and this is me…
    Please hide this page…don’t want people figuring me out lol
    Spot on and amazing

  6. Hi, and help..I’m having difficulties in understanding an Aries woman. She’s my colleague and we exchanged a couple of eye contact. But she doesn’t give me the 100% confidence that she likes me. I took the risk and asked her out.. ever since then she’s been ignoring me, more over she’s blocked me off from social media. I can’t get through to her. We still see each other at work but it’s back to square one.. she looks from a distance and when she walks past she pretends that if I don’t exists. I can’t still get my mind off her. All my friends advised me to forget about her.. but I’m a Taurus and continue’s to stay stubborn. I don’t like the way she treats me.. but I’m still patient about it. Any pointers here? Thank you

    • Lol….. I’m Aries, she’s probably not attracted to you or she thinks you are not genuine, you really have to be patient, it might take years though. Just be consistent, she’ll come around.

    • I’m an aries woman. I think you should move on? An aries woman value honesty. I don’t think she’s going to lie or pretend she likes you back if she doesn’t. Or if you want an advice, maybe you can start ignoring her for a while in a friendly manner. A little air or space would probably keep her wondering and approach you or smile at you. Maybe.. as friends though. 🙂

  7. I am Cap, I like the Aries fierly comfedence, besides I found her beautiful. I found she is cold and distant with me, I don’t pay to much attention. I truly wants her eventough she is in a relationship and we work together. I found out she is hurt or try to hide her feelings, because she did it want for other people at work to talk about her. So I keep myself only talking.. but she wants to be around and wants to hangout as friends. So could you comment if I like her or not? I feel she. But I don’t want to by on my head all the time… because as Cap. that will be the end.

  8. I like an Aries girl(im also a girl and im bi). She is really clingy to everyone and seems to talk to everyone but me. I really like her genuinly, her personality, smile, eyes, the way she talks and how she doesn’t care about what people think. As a Libra, I care a lot of other people so I find that quality suprising. But I also don’t want to tell her I like her because she likes someone else(a girl and she is also bi). Almost everyone knows I like her, even her friends. My friend had told my crush I like her but then my friend said she was just kidding. What should I do?

  9. Hey sage I think she likes you a bit maybe if you try to be a gentleman then she might fall head over heels for you just tell her you like her so much and if your Christian grab her and express your feelings like a man trust me on this ima aries women

  10. just a piece of advice im an aries lady too just be true to yourself be down to earth and never ever stalk or chase us because thats one thing we hate….

  11. Hi. I’m an Aries woman dating a Libra man so maybe I can shed some light a bit.
    My Libra man and I started as friends from work. We became really close friends for almost a year, doing activities together and even went on a trip (with a 3rd person) together. We were both dating other people at some point during our friendship period as well. I genuinely did not have feelings for him as a romantic partner but really do care for him as a friend. I would constantly make fun of him and sometimes criticize him too. He eventually had to go back to his country but we stayed friends and kept in touch. I would even call him to ask for some advice about random life matters even when we were already apart. After a few months, I went to visit him in his country (since I’ve never been and I love traveling anyway) summer of 2018 and that’s where it all switched for me. I respect him and his values as a person but I thought he was a little stiff and too formal before. When I came to visit him, I saw a different side of him as he was in his own element maybe. He was much more relax and fun. Suddenly I felt a chemistry/attraction that I never did before. And because he was my friend, I thought it will be funny if I tell him. One night on our way to his house (he was hosting me for my visit), I told him I have a little crush on him. I purposely told him this when we were riding his motorcycle so that he can’t really talk back to me because I feel a little shy and funny and embarrassed about all this. It was also confusing to me because as an Aries woman, we always know what we want. And him being right in front of me all this time and not really seeing him made it confusing for me. Before going to bed that night, he told he had feelings for me all this time but since I friend-zone him really bad and fast, he thought it will be cool to at least remain friends. He said that he’d always respect the kind of person I am and really thought I was a good person so he wanted to at least have a friendship with me. Now we are in a LDR because I have to go back of course. Since August of last year, we’ve only seen each other 2 more times and the last one was mid January. During that trip, he finally asked me to be officially together and we can figure out what to do next with this distance. I am seeing him again in 2 weeks (April) and we have a 2 week trip coming up in late May. We are also now trying to figure out how can I move to his country hopefully by the end of this year. So see, when an Aries woman falls in love, it’s true, loyal, deep and can even go distances.
    So pointer #1, maybe the friendship route is the way to be. If you become friends with an Aries girl for real, that means she really enjoys your company. She can be truly who she is around you and this is a good thing. You will learn a lot about her and then you can also judge for yourself if you want to be with her. We are pretty open people so ask away and we will always answer (especially if you are a friend).
    Pointer #2, we want what we want. So if you think she doesn’t like you that way (at least for now), there’s no way you can change her mind by asking her out. She will decline and it may just go downhill from there.
    **Up to now, my boyfriend and I still talks about why he never made a move on me when we were still in the same city and job. We would always end up in the conclusion that if he asked me out, I would’ve said no for sure and it would have probably creep me out and we would not have been friends. And all of this would have never happen.
    **Thank you for reading up to this point. This is just the beginning of our love story..

  12. I’m a typical Aries .. some of this is very accurate some not .. I don’t chase men but if they are worthy of me I’m not pushy or aggressive towards them at all but , very polite and respectful. I’ve met a Sagittarius man he’s is so on my wave length good match . but again , I’m keeping him at arms length because he’s showing similar traits to myself we have both got to be sure before we get out of the situationship that’ we have at the moment and make it a proper relationship

  13. I was an Aries woman who had a very fully determined Leo man hunting me. I spent as long in each stage as I could but each & every time my Leo man needed my level of commitment to deepen he had unlocked the next stage and so now I’m living with him and I can’t keep my paws off of him. I got roped in and this awesome lion totally tamed me. I’ve been through all 12 stages & I’m willing to be aggressive in support of his needs and he’s arrogant in support of anything I need. I’m set.

  14. Pretty accurate, just recently realized that I have so much feeling for a friend that I tried keeping distance for years. Madly in love with him(but he doesn’t know…)


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