12 Obvious Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You

Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You

As one of the quirkiest signs in the Zodiac, the Aquarius man certainly is a mysterious creature. He is hard to read at times making it especially hard to tell if he likes you! Representative of the future, this sign will be anything but traditional in love. In fact, he goes out of his way to challenge the status quo on traditional relationships. Are you are confused as to whether the Aquarius man you are crushing on actually likes you? Is he just infatuated by your own set of quirks? Continue reading to find out the 12 obvious signs an Aquarius man likes you! Also see the signs an Aquarius woman likes you.

Aquarius Man In Love

12 Clear Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You

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1) He Invites you into his personal life

The Aquarius man is very private and will not divulge information about his personal life willingly. He likes people to work for it and prove to him that they are worthy of sharing in his personal life. If an Aquarius man likes you he will certainly let you into his inner circle. He will let you in on his most private thoughts, hopes, and dreams. 

The Aquarius man is inventive and attracted to an idealized image of the world. He will want to make sure you share in his vision of the future. If he likes you, he will be sure to let you in on his secrets. You will get an invite you over to his place where he may show off his amazing book and other collections. 

He will want you to be a part of every detail of his personal life if he likes you and will be excited to have found someone he can share his deepest thoughts with. The Aquarius man will have a fascinating view of the world and is sure to keep your interests the deeper you go with your Aquarius man.

Aquarius Man's Interests

2) He will try to flirt with you

Playful and somewhat childlike you will know your Aquarius man likes you when he musters the courage to flirt with you. Somewhat awkward and unsure of himself he may be shy in this department so cut him some slack! Not used to being behind in life the Aquarius man most likely grew up nerdy and hasn’t quite figured out how to woo a lady properly.

His adorable charm will kick in as he tries to impress you with his humor or other things he thinks falls under the flirting category. Go with the flow and appreciate how he puts himself out there to impress you. He will try to connect with you romantically but it most likely will end up somewhat bumbling and awkward, which you will find adorable if you like him! You can both laugh it off and know that you are building a strong friendship which has the potential for romance.

If an Aquarius man tries to flirt with you this is an obvious sign he likes you. Trust that he does not flirt often and he wants to make sure you feel special and singled out by him so he can prove he likes you.

Aquarius Man tries flirting

3) He will take you on a date to the movies

An Aquarius man typically has a deep love of film and the artistry of this craft. He will be an avid movie goer. If he invites you to a film for a night out this is one of the obvious signs an Aquarius man likes you! He will want to share his favorite interests with you and expect you to be just as into it as he is.

If film is not his thing then look out for other interesting hobbies he claims to be an expert in. If he invites you along to indulge in this part of his life then that is another clue that your Aquarius is falling for you. An Aquarius man loves intellectual and abstract discussions, if he likes you he will be very interested in having long and interesting dialogues with you.

The shy Aquarius man will come out of his shell when he is doing something he is interested in. He will be extra out going when talking to you and will lean in excited to share his thoughts with you! This is definitely one of the signs an Aquarius man likes you.

Aquarius Movie Date Night

4) He will want to explore off-beat and weird things with you!

Known for an off-beat and almost extraterrestrial personality the Aquarius man is anything but ordinary. With an exceptionally fascinating array of interests the Aquarius man will have developed many weird and “out there” things to explore. He will want to take you along with him for his curious explorations.

If an Aquarius man likes you he will make sure to invite you on all of his excursions. Think road trips with a lot of “road-side-attractions,” haunted houses, and speakeasies. The Aquarius man will have all the intel of the especially remote and exclusive hot spots to visit. An obvious sign he likes you is when he invites you along for the ride on these unique experiences with him!

He will want you to be open to doing new things and will expect you to also show fascination in alternative experiences. Get ready to explore your wild side and be ready for a mind-bending adventure with your Aquarius man. You will never get bored when an Aquarius man likes you as he will continue to find new horizons to reach with you. 

An Aquarius Date Night

5) He will show you a lot of affection in private

Not one to show affection in public an Aquarius man is reserved in many ways and often feels overt displays of love and passion in public are too wild for his tastes. If an Aquarius man likes you he will save his affections for when you are alone together.

The mysterious ways in which he operates can elude you as the Aquarius man is the universal zodiac sign of friendship, you may find that he only invites you out to group events and get-togethers at first. Don’t be discouraged though as this is how an Aquarius man bonds with the people he likes!

You may need to take the first step to invite him for some alone time and the Aquarius man will be sure to show you his romantic side once you have him alone. Once he has gotten to know you among his close friends group he will ask you to hang out… just the two of you. Once this happens things may move quickly so be ready to keep up!

Aquarius man likes you

6) He will want to have intellectual conversations with you

The Aquarius man needs intellectual stimulus in order to stay interested in the people around him. He needs to be challenged and he likes to feel brilliant, which often times he is! If an Aquarius man likes you he will crave intellectual conversations with you. He will want to talk about his ideals for the world and have a person to bounce his extraordinary visions of the future off of.

If you are at a party a sure sign he likes you is if he picks you out of the crowd to strike up an interesting conversation. Have your topics ready and do not be afraid to debate with your Aquarius love interest! He will love a good debate and a women not afraid to speak her mind and share in some healthy intellectual banter!

Another of the clear signs an Aquarius man likes you is if he engages in endless discussion with you well into the night. If he really likes you he will find it hard to end the conversation and can keep you interested for hours! He will want you to hang on his every brilliant word and he will really want to impress you by showing you his affection in this way!

Aquarius man getting to know someone

 7) He will be fascinated by you

Known for his quirks and eccentric personality the Aquarius man will become absolutely fascinated by you and your interests when he likes you. Often times he is aloof and nonchalant about what other people are up to as he feels no one can be as brilliant or highly evolved as he is, but if he likes you an obvious sign is that he will be extremely interested in every detail about you.

He will want to know what books you are reading, what philosophies you like, and he will be infatuated by your physical appearance as well. An Aquarius man will want to spend a lot of time with you so he can figure you out. He will give you compliments on your physical appearance and will not judge what you wear and actually like when you do not follow current trends! He is very attracted to natural beauty and alternative styles.

When the Aquarius man likes you he will be absolutely infatuated by every facet of your personality. You can do no wrong in his eyes and he will put you on a high pedestal.

Aquarius Man Staring at His Lady

8) He will call you his best friend

The Aquarius man is known for his excellent friendship and he is much more open to sharing himself as a friend before he allows himself to give into romance. One way he will find his way into your heart is by developing an amazing friendship with you first.

He will make you feel special by putting in the extra effort to create an authentic bond. When he reaches a level he truly feels comfortable with you as he will be ready to move into romance, but not before he feels a good amount of trust between the two of you.

Be ready for private romance and to be caught off guard for when your Aquarius man decides he likes you as more than just friends as it will come as a surprise! If an Aquarius man is wanting to be best friends this is a sign that he likes you!

Aquarius Man taking a photo

9) He will really listen to you

Another way to tell when an Aquarius man likes you is by how much he listens to you. He will be hanging on your every word as you are the object of his affection. When an Aquarius man likes you he will believe everything you say is amazing and brilliant.

He will want to make sure he has your brilliance all to himself though. The Aquarius man will really listen to what you have to say and genuinely take into account your thoughts, experiences, and beliefs. He may not always agree with them but he certainly will listen with complete rapture and attention. The Aquarius man is turned on by your clever inventiveness.

A sure fire way to tell he likes you is if he really pays attention to you when you are speaking and zeroes in on you in a crowd! The Aquarius man knows exactly what he wants and he will not waste his time on people he has no interest in. Not known to make direct eye contact often the Aquarius man will reveal he likes you by staring at you intently as you talk. Your Aquarius man will not want to miss a word you say and will be completely tuned into your energy. 

Aquarius Man's Best Friend

10) He will ask you out on a coffee date

The Aquarius man likes to take things slow at first and rarely jumps right into the traditional date night dinner and instead will opt for something more casual during daylight hours.

An obvious sign your Aquarius man really likes you is if he invites you out for a coffee date. He will be a coffee connoisseur and will want to show off his coffee knowledge to you. A tendency towards hipsterism he will have his local home base coffee shop he frequents where he has tried all of the different espresso blends.

The Aquarius man likes to show affection by making you feel special. He will invite you to be in on the exclusive activities he partakes in and will make sure you are there with him at his favorite local places. Be ready to share all of his personal hidden local gems if he really likes you! He will be beyond enthusiastic to share his favorite secret haunts.  

Aquarius Man on a Coffee Date

11) He will be attracted to you for your ideas 

Often the one to lead the show and set the trends, although the Aquarius man is unaware of this, he will be attracted to your ideas if he likes you. He will make sure your ideas are propped up and taken seriously by your friend group.

A very cerebral way of showing affection the Aquarius man needs to be attracted to your ideas and if he likes you he will go along with them whether he believes in them or not! He really wants to show you he supports you and that he is willing to stand by your side no matter what. A true sign of affection is that he is endorsing and standing behind you.

The Aquarius man is progressive and will not settle for traditional relationship stereotypes or gender roles. He will want nothing more than to be on an equal playing field with his mate and will expect a completely equal partnership. Another of the signs an Aquarius man likes you is that he will go out of his way to make sure you know you stand on equal ground in this relationship and your ideas have merit and hold weight. 

Aquarius Man Equal Partners

12) He will show you his vulnerable side

The Aquarius man is anything but liberal with his feelings. He will keep his emotions close to his heart and rarely if ever lets his sensitive side out to play. Further signs an Aquarius man likes you is that he will absolutely start to show his vulnerable side.

He will open up slowly and make sure you are a safe audience. He will know that in order to seal the deal with you he will need to open up to sharing his feelings with you! Your Aquarius man will make sure to tell you romantic and loving things. He will give you plenty of compliments and attention to show you he likes you. He will want to spend more time with you so he can feel comfortable enough to open up and show his vulnerable sides.

Once an Aquarius man likes you he will be defenceless to keep his feelings a secret. He will want to act on how he feels, giving you plenty of kisses and physical affection to demonstrate his love interest in you! All the friendship and trust building will be worth it because you will finally get to see how romantic your Aquarius man is when he feels comfortable opening up to you. This is one of the clear signs an Aquarius man likes you!

Aquarius Man being Vulnerable

So how can you tell if an Aquarius Man likes you?

With his detached and cool attitude it can be difficult to tell if your Aquarius man likes you, but there are a few ways that really give away his game. He will be difficult to pin down and getting to know him requires patience. But look out for these obvious signs an Aquarius man likes you so you can know for sure!

What do you think, does your Aquarius man shows he likes you in these ways?

Need some help getting your dream Aquarius man? Read Anna Kovach’s highly recommended Aquarius Man Secrets “roadmap” today.

12 Obvious Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You
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12 Obvious Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You
Check these 12 obvious signs an Aquarius man likes you. As one of the quirkiest signs in the Zodiac, the Aquarius man certainly is a mysterious creature. He is hard to read at times making it especially hard to tell if he likes you! Representative of the future, this sign will be anything but traditional in love.
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