12 Obvious Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You

Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You

As one of the quirkiest signs in the Zodiac, the Aquarius man certainly is a mysterious creature. He is hard to read at times making it especially hard to tell if he likes you! Representative of the future, this sign will be anything but traditional in love. In fact, he goes out of his way to challenge the status quo on traditional relationships. Are you are confused as to whether the Aquarius man you are crushing on actually likes you? Is he just infatuated by your own set of quirks? Continue reading to find out the 12 obvious signs an Aquarius man likes you! Also see the signs an Aquarius woman likes you.

Aquarius Man In Love

12 Clear Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You

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1) He Invites you into his personal life

The Aquarius man is very private and will not divulge information about his personal life willingly. He likes people to work for it and prove to him that they are worthy of sharing in his personal life. If an Aquarius man likes you he will certainly let you into his inner circle. He will let you in on his most private thoughts, hopes, and dreams. 

The Aquarius man is inventive and attracted to an idealized image of the world. He will want to make sure you share in his vision of the future. If he loves you, he will be sure to let you in on his secrets. You will get an invite you over to his place where he may show off his amazing book and other collections. 

He will want you to be a part of every detail of his personal life if he likes you and will be excited to have found someone he can share his deepest thoughts with. The Aquarius man will have a fascinating view of the world and is sure to keep your interests the deeper you go with your Aquarius man.

Aquarius Man's Interests

2) He will try to flirt with you

Playful and somewhat childlike you will know your Aquarius man likes you when he musters the courage to flirt with you. Somewhat awkward and unsure of himself he may be shy in this department so cut him some slack! Not used to being behind in life the Aquarius man most likely grew up nerdy and hasn’t quite figured out how to woo a lady properly.

His adorable charm will kick in as he tries to impress you with his humor or other things he thinks falls under the flirting category. Go with the flow and appreciate how he puts himself out there to impress you. He will try to connect with you romantically but it most likely will end up somewhat bumbling and awkward, which you will find adorable if you love him! You can both laugh it off and know that you are building a strong friendship which has the potential for romance.

If an Aquarius man tries to flirt with you this is an obvious sign he likes you. Trust that he does not flirt often and he wants to make sure you feel special and singled out by him so he can prove he likes you.

Aquarius Man tries flirting

3) He will take you on a date to the movies

An Aquarius man typically has a deep love of film and the artistry of this craft. He will be an avid movie goer. If he invites you to a film for a night out this is one of the obvious signs an Aquarius man likes you! He will want to share his favorite interests with you and expect you to be just as into it as he is.

If film is not his thing then look out for other interesting hobbies he claims to be an expert in. If he invites you along to indulge in this part of his life then that is another clue that your Aquarius is falling for you. An Aquarius man loves intellectual and abstract discussions, if he likes you he will be very interested in having long and interesting dialogues with you.

The shy Aquarius man will come out of his shell when he is doing something he is interested in. He will be extra out going when talking to you and will lean in excited to share his thoughts with you! This is definitely one of the signs an Aquarius man likes you.

Aquarius Movie Date Night

4) He will want to explore off-beat and weird things with you!

Known for an off-beat and almost extraterrestrial personality the Aquarius man is anything but ordinary. With an exceptionally fascinating array of interests the Aquarius man will have developed many weird and “out there” things to explore. He will want to take you along with him for his curious explorations.

If an Aquarius man likes you he will make sure to invite you on all of his excursions. Think road trips with a lot of “road-side-attractions,” haunted houses, and speakeasies. The Aquarius man will have all the intel of the especially remote and exclusive hot spots to visit. An obvious sign he likes you is when he invites you along for the ride on these unique experiences with him!

He will want you to be open to doing new things and will expect you to also show fascination in alternative experiences. Get ready to explore your wild side and be ready for a mind-bending adventure with your Aquarius man. You will never get bored when an Aquarius man likes you as he will continue to find new horizons to reach with you. 

An Aquarius Man Date Nights

5) He will show you a lot of affection in private

Not one to show affection in public an Aquarius man is reserved in many ways and often feels overt displays of love and passion in public are too wild for his tastes. If an Aquarius man likes you he will save his affections for when you are alone together.

The mysterious ways in which he operates can elude you as the Aquarius man is the universal zodiac sign of friendship, you may find that he only invites you out to group events and get-togethers at first. Don’t be discouraged though as this is how an Aquarius man bonds with the people he likes!

You may need to take the first step to invite him for some alone time and the Aquarius man will be sure to show you his romantic side once you have him alone. Once he has gotten to know you among his close friends group he will ask you to hang out… just the two of you. Once this happens things may move quickly so be ready to keep up!

Aquarius man loves you

6) He will want to have intellectual conversations with you

The Aquarius man needs intellectual stimulus in order to stay interested in the people around him. He needs to be challenged and he likes to feel brilliant, which often times he is! If an Aquarius man likes you he will crave intellectual conversations with you. He will want to talk about his ideals for the world and have a person to bounce his extraordinary visions of the future off of.

If you are at a party a sure sign he likes you is if he picks you out of the crowd to strike up an interesting conversation. Have your topics ready and do not be afraid to debate with your Aquarius love interest! He will love a good debate and a women not afraid to speak her mind and share in some healthy intellectual banter!

Another of the clear signs an Aquarius man likes you is if he engages in endless discussion with you well into the night. If he really likes you he will find it hard to end the conversation and can keep you interested for hours! He will want you to hang on his every brilliant word and he will really want to impress you by showing you his affection in this way!

Aquarius man getting to know someone

 7) He will be fascinated by you

Known for his quirks and eccentric personality the Aquarius man will become absolutely fascinated by you and your interests when he loves you. Often times he is aloof and nonchalant about what other people are up to as he feels no one can be as brilliant or highly evolved as he is, but if he likes you an obvious sign is that he will be extremely interested in every detail about you.

He will want to know what books you are reading, what philosophies you like, and he will be infatuated by your physical appearance as well. An Aquarius man will want to spend a lot of time with you so he can figure you out. He will give you compliments on your physical appearance and will not judge what you wear and actually like when you do not follow current trends! He is very attracted to natural beauty and alternative styles.

When the Aquarius man likes you he will be absolutely infatuated by every facet of your personality. You can do no wrong in his eyes and he will put you on a high pedestal.

Aquarius Man Staring at His Lady

8) He will call you his best friend

The Aquarius man is known for his excellent friendship and he is much more open to sharing himself as a friend before he allows himself to give into romance. One way he will find his way into your heart is by developing an amazing friendship with you first.

He will make you feel special by putting in the extra effort to create an authentic bond. When he reaches a level he truly feels comfortable with you as he will be ready to move into romance, but not before he feels a good amount of trust between the two of you.

Be ready for private romance and to be caught off guard for when your Aquarius man decides he likes you as more than just friends as it will come as a surprise! If an Aquarius man is wanting to be best friends this is a sign that he likes you!

Aquarius Man taking a photo

9) He will really listen to you

Another way to tell when an Aquarius man likes you is by how much he listens to you. He will be hanging on your every word as you are the object of his affection. When an Aquarius man likes you he will believe everything you say is amazing and brilliant.

He will want to make sure he has your brilliance all to himself though. The Aquarius man will really listen to what you have to say and genuinely take into account your thoughts, experiences, and beliefs. He may not always agree with them but he certainly will listen with complete rapture and attention. The Aquarius man is turned on by your clever inventiveness.

A sure fire way to tell he likes you is if he really pays attention to you when you are speaking and zeroes in on you in a crowd! The Aquarius man knows exactly what he wants and he will not waste his time on people he has no interest in. Not known to make direct eye contact often the Aquarius man will reveal he likes you by staring at you intently as you talk. Your Aquarius man will not want to miss a word you say and will be completely tuned into your energy. 

Aquarius Man's Best Friend

10) He will ask you out on a coffee date

The Aquarius man likes to take things slow at first and rarely jumps right into the traditional date night dinner and instead will opt for something more casual during daylight hours.

An obvious sign your Aquarius man really likes you is if he invites you out for a coffee date. He will be a coffee connoisseur and will want to show off his coffee knowledge to you. A tendency towards hipsterism he will have his local home base coffee shop he frequents where he has tried all of the different espresso blends.

The Aquarius man likes to show affection by making you feel special. He will invite you to be in on the exclusive activities he partakes in and will make sure you are there with him at his favorite local places. Be ready to share all of his personal hidden local gems if he really likes you! He will be beyond enthusiastic to share his favorite secret haunts.  

Aquarius Man on a Coffee Date

11) He will be attracted to you for your ideas 

Often the one to lead the show and set the trends, although the Aquarius man is unaware of this, he will be attracted to your ideas if he likes you. He will make sure your ideas are propped up and taken seriously by your friend group.

A very cerebral way of showing affection the Aquarius man needs to be attracted to your ideas and if he likes you he will go along with them whether he believes in them or not! He really wants to show you he supports you and that he is willing to stand by your side no matter what. A true sign of affection is that he is endorsing and standing behind you.

The Aquarius man is progressive and will not settle for traditional relationship stereotypes or gender roles. He will want nothing more than to be on an equal playing field with his mate and will expect a completely equal partnership. Another of the signs an Aquarius man likes you is that he will go out of his way to make sure you know you stand on equal ground in this relationship and your ideas have merit and hold weight. 

Aquarius Man Equal Partners

12) He will show you his vulnerable side

The Aquarius man is anything but liberal with his feelings. He will keep his emotions close to his heart and rarely if ever lets his sensitive side out to play. Further signs an Aquarius man likes you is that he will absolutely start to show his vulnerable side.

He will open up slowly and make sure you are a safe audience. He will know that in order to seal the deal with you he will need to open up to sharing his feelings with you! Your Aquarius man will make sure to tell you romantic and loving things. He will give you plenty of compliments and attention to show you he likes you. He will want to spend more time with you so he can feel comfortable enough to open up and show his vulnerable sides.

Once an Aquarius man likes you he will be defenceless to keep his feelings a secret. He will want to act on how he feels, giving you plenty of kisses and physical affection to demonstrate his love interest in you! All the friendship and trust building will be worth it because you will finally get to see how romantic your Aquarius man is when he feels comfortable opening up to you. This is one of the clear signs an Aquarius man likes you!

Aquarius Man being Vulnerable

So how can you tell if an Aquarius Man likes you?

With his detached and cool attitude it can be difficult to tell if your Aquarius man likes you, but there are a few ways that really give away his game. He will be difficult to pin down and getting to know him requires patience. But look out for these obvious signs an Aquarius man likes you so you can know for sure!

What do you think, does your Aquarius man shows he likes you in these ways?

Need some help getting your dream Aquarius man? Read Anna Kovach’s highly recommended Aquarius Man Secrets “roadmap” today.

12 Obvious Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You - Astrology Love
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12 Obvious Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You - Astrology Love
Check these 12 obvious signs an Aquarius man likes you. As one of the quirkiest signs in the Zodiac, the Aquarius man certainly is a mysterious creature when in love. He is hard to read at times making it especially hard to tell if he likes you! Representative of the future, this sign will be anything but traditional in love.
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  1. I had Aquarius man and we’re still friends, but he doesn’t want a relationship due to my insecurities and little childish things in the past that turned him off. He said,”He doesn’t see a future with us and the relationship is dead and I shouldn’t wait for him, also he complains that I’m too emotional .” We were in a dark place we’re we barely spoke, but we seem to have that connection, were it’s hard to separate from each other. We get along great and he thinks I’m amazing and almost perfect, just too much for him, due to me being emotional and moody occasionally. I tried explaining that it’s due to my environment and my circumstances, but he doesn’t understand. I understand him which ironic, because he’s the complicated one, I can be complicated, but he doesn’t understand me. I honestly think we make a great pair but I’m wondering if it’s really over between us on his end or I should just move on. I’m insecure because he gives me mixed signals and have been doing so from the beginning and for the most part I can handle it, but on the other hand I get extremely annoyed. By the way I’m a cancer.

    • Same thing I’m going thru babe… but we were in a relationship but now he is asking for time, he checks on me thru people… and mow he says that I can’t do the same thing he does… it’s very heart breaking as I want to save the rls… pls tell me what should I do…

      • I found it best to let them be .. no emotion.. they will come for you .. always leave mystery… they like nothing predicted…

        • Very true. I’m dating an Aquarius and he is obsessed with me. Calls me endlessly, we go out together a couple of times a week. I have found that If I give him little bits of me every time we meet it’s seems to have made him go crazy for me. I did get the sense in the beginning that he is a little bit aloof so i have been mirroring that and he loves it. If I can put it simply, give him one piece of candy at a time, not that whole bag and he will be all yours ☺️

    • I suggest you give up on any Romance affairs with him, as that might possibly wont happen the way you want it to happen, Aquarius Man want a Whole package if there is even a single thing mission they wont accept it, i think what he wants is only friendship. Btw im a Aquarius

      • My Aquarius left me because of his family/religion the religion is Jehovah witness which is very strict I know he loves freedom so that’s why he reveled against it all the time I got pregnant by him and he moved in with me but after a month of living together he left. I completely understand why he left though it became too much I mean it was too much for me and I’m a Pisces! But I also have so many horomones and he was a Virgin ! So he got curious and was getting a prostitute he said he wasn’t going to go through with it and I was mad we argued but when I cooled off I realized I did believe him I don’t think he would have or maybe go as far as going over but not doing anything because of the guilt I think that’s why he left because we never argued that bad before. Well he changed his number it broke me because of our baby and stuff but I talk to him again and now I’m 6 months pregnant and he said we just wouldn’t work out but now he’s being weird like kissing me hugging me but then down days he says to not talk to him unless it’s about the baby but then invites me out and I don’t know what to do ! So maybe you can help me out since your an Aquarius man

    • I have only been with two Aquarius, one in college that I dated for almost three years and my current boyfriend. I am a cancer sign therefore I can be insecure, emotional and a bit moody at times. This does not work we’ll with Aquarius because one thing they do not like is hearing about other people’s issues that do not end in a resolution and then joy! Of course when things are really bad they want to know why happened and if there is anything they can do to help and genuinely care but for the most part they do not want to be overwhelmed with a persons negativity. They love to try to stump you with their high levels of intellect either overall or in a particular area whether it be music, science, politics etc. they enjoy feeling that the person they are with can find joy in anything. They enjoy when you laugh and smile often it settles them and makes them more apt to open up. If you always have an issue or something wrong even if it is not your fault they will run for the hills!!!! I love my Aquarius man because as a cancer sign it is easy for me to take emotional highs and lows, he balances me and reminds me to “be happy”. I have noticed I laugh more, smile more and look for the more positive things in life.

      • I like an aquarius man. He is commited to a girl. But we used to hang out for almost six months when he was in my city. We made out once, and then he invited me so we made out 3-4 times. Then he went to a foreign country for further studies. Now he wants fwb even if he is in a relationship. We have an amazing chemistry and both are drawn towards eachother. But he won’t leave her. I don’t understand why he isn’t satisfied with her if he doesn’t want to leave her. What shall i do?

        • I’m in the same situation. I’m a cancer and he’s an aqua. He’s a couple years older. Him and I met through mutual friends and hit it off last summer, talked constantly, then we just stopped talking. He started dating one of his long term friends and he recently just reached out to me again. He apologized for the loss of contact and now him and i are talking like how we used to but he is still dating someone. I’m just letting things be. Patience. I’m just grateful he is still in my life because he means so much to me. Even though i wanted something romantic with him, and we had our moment, I’m okay with how things are. He needs to make the decision. If he doesn’t, take the lessons you learned from him and move on.

    • All of you complaining about being water signs with an Aquarius. It generally does not work. I can say this as an Aquarius woman. Water signs tend to be possessive and emotional which is the opposite of an Aquarius. Air signs work better with fire or earth signs. If you are with an Aquarius stop the moodiness and being so emotional. We will run away. We seek peace and harmony which is why we highly value friendship.

      • You can’t just go off of a person’s sun sign…you have to take their moon sign into consideration too. An Aquarius with a cancer moon sign will tend to be more emotional and have water sign tendencies

    • Hi, I’m also an Aquarius male. This article is so spot on it makes me uneasy. If he is still giving you the time of day he is still interested. We are bad about disconnecting and being in our own heads. If you didn’t have a shot he would be talking to you. Honestly to him you are the complicated one. His world is black and white to him but inconsistent to outsiders. He gives VERY subtle clues to what he is thinking and what he expects that your missing. And I guarantee to him your the complicated one. If he is like me he will tell you exactly what he wants and if you don’t take him serious or ignore it you will get a bad frustrated reaction from him

  2. I’m a cancer with Aquarius man. It’s been very, very rocky as I find trust difficult and he hates how emotional I get – I explained about why I am like this due to past experiences but he doesn’t understand – he says I should not let other men’s past actions affect how I trust him. I’ve ended things on numerous occasions but he takes me back because he loves me. I’ve now decided to just chill out and be relaxed about things like him following girls on Instagram – he’s much younger than me so it took a while to understand that this is normal with IG to follow friends of friends just to get more likes on photos. As a result of me being less emotional, I can tell he is much more in love with me and never wants to go out with his mates now. He’d rather spend all his time with me. It is true that if you give an Aquarius the freedom to do what they want, they end up not wanting it anymore and to just be with you. He just wanted me to believe in him and trust him and now he feels I do, he is much more committed to me. I think Aquarians are faithful men, they just have a curiosity about people and will chat to anyone, man or woman but it means nothing emotionally.

    • Bruh I’m a cancer and this guy I met is an Aquarius how the f*** did you guys end up meeting becaus sim hella confused on this Aquarius that’s slightly younger than me too but we’re not together but when e are he acts very intimate it’s weird doesn’t message me much. He says keywords that makes me feel like I’m special to him but he barely be talking to me sometimes

      • if his actions aren’t matching what he’s says i promise you he’s not interested! he will leave knowing he’s not committed and over the fighting and fussing that he’s caused

      • It’s cuz we like being independent but it doesn’t mean we don’t like people. It’s just we just be in our own world and you have to deal with it, we love our own space

      • I’m also an Aquarius male, he’s into you. He doesn’t act like that in public because he guards his vulnerabilities but if he’s doing that in private he is into you. Also don’t say bruh it will get under his skin

    • Wow I definitely needed this. I’m a cancer with an Aquarius man. We’ve been together for almost a year and just had our first big arguement because he says I’m too overbearing. He says he doesn’t want a codependent relationship. I never thought I was overbearing I just think we need to communicate more and he’s difficult sometimes to communicate with. He says he likes his freedom so ima take your advice with that and hope it ends the same way for me that it did with you

  3. Same thing here babes… I was with my man for almost 6 months but we’ve been talking ever since. we can’t seem to have a connection in bed tho as he doesn’t seem to please me at all!!!! idk wut even do i do rn.. im freaking the flip out girlssss… Help me plzzzzzzzzz.

    • If he does not please you in bed try suggesting karma sutra books to him. Buy one and go over his house, pull it out your bag and lay in front of him naked while skimming through it. This should peek his intellectual side curious as to what you are learning about and his libido by seeing you naked and looking st sec positions. If he is not pleasing you because he is too small or just sucks at sex your just screwed girl. Sorry

  4. Same here, he doesnt want a lot of attention from me, but when i neglected him he gets mad at me, damn if i do, damn if i dont. They are misunderstood by sime people, I know Aquariand have a really good heart, He showed me his vulnerable side, he wants to show me his life back in the US but he always disappear whenever I showed him too much love, he felt smothered, what is the best thing to do? Just be cold to him? I am confused but i love him dearly and i dnt wanna lose him. I am a cancer and he thinks I am too emotional too but he keeps coming back to me on and off for 5 years.

  5. I want to say this is somewhat accurate, but I’m not so sure anymore. I have been talking to an Aquarius guy for over a year now that I reconnected with from college and he said things to make me think that he was definitely interested in me..he said he always had a thing for me in college and that he loved my personality, said he would consider coming to see me if he had the opportunity, always wanting to video chat, sometimes saying it’s just because he wants to see my face, etc…until the other day when I told him I have feelings for him too and he said he never could have seen it coming and didn’t expect it. I’ve had these feelings for years but never told him because is wasn’t the right time or he was with someone else. Now we’re not even speaking.

  6. Hi, my husband is Aquarius. He love to chat with friends more than me. He love to go fishing a lot with his friends. He do not really care the family members. I would not know what he thinks, he wouldn’t say. Please help if possible.

  7. Hey girls. Cancer girl having a weird relationship with an aqua guy too. He is much younger than I am too, difficult to read and hard to trust because we need reassurance.
    To cancer girls, hope we are not meeting the same aqua guy? Mine is mr Y.

  8. I’m a Leo (Female) dating an Aquarius (Male) and my GOD it is difficult. I’ve been dating him now since November 2017 so it’s been 1 year this November 2018 I’m so in love with him he’s very optimistic, outgoing, funny, loving, sexy, handsome, Barry White voice, clean, sex off the chain a womanizer and it took a whole year to understand him and I’m still lost. So I made a pact with myself to do me cause he’s doing him they’re selfish like that. I don’t call it tic for tac but I suggest as he do you do meaning find you something to occupy your time make him feel like you’re ignoring him and he’ll come to you play a little hard to get not to hard cause they are very vindictive and he’ll fall to your feet.

    • Ha! I just love this so much. #onpoint
      They like mystery. They will text you once you stop texting. Ha. But really, it just comes down to independence. Aqua men need to feel free at all times. They will be loyal. They just need an independent partner. BTW, I’m Cancer woman too, with an Aqua man for 8 years, then found another one haha Opposites always attract.

  9. I am a Virgo female , with a Aquarius male. A lot of people will be like red flag LOL I am very particular and I am a Lister. He is very particular but random. We have been together for over 8 years, very very trying hard 8 years. My advice for anyone trying to date or dating an Aquarius give them all the space they need, reassure them that you are there for them. Make sure you have your own Hobbies and you are very independent. Show them your eccentric / Corky side. Don’t change yourself for them. Change yourself for yourself. Be confident as well as intelligent, have a sexy but cute personality and looks. Be trustworthy and loyal,, if they don’t open up to you don’t open up to them. All in all try to give them as much as they give you. Aquarius men are very private / solitary people. So if you have one that’s willing to integrate your life into theirs be patient take your time and show them that you’re there for him.

    • I’m a Virgo gal who met an Aqua man last year through friends. He has a gf (10 yrs- they don’t live together). We hit it off the moment we met and since then, we have become great friends, but I feel he likes me more than just friends. It’s actually pretty obvious to our mutual friends. It’s like the elephant in the room when we’re together. He invited me to partake in his hobby (join his team) so now we spend some time together doing a thing we mutually love. I have not done anything inappropriate and I live several hours away, so I probably see him once a month but when we’re together with his friends, she is never around.
      Evem though I keep things cool and casual (I definitely remain my goofy self around him, and just act myself), I can’t help developing feelings about him bc when we are together, we are like two peas in a pod! A lot written in this article is what I’ve experienced, especially inviting me to join his team. I guess I’m just confused by his behavior- it’s beyond flirty. But the aqua man is loyal to their partners??

  10. I am a virgo female with a Aquarius male. We have known each other for 1 year. We started off on a good note, he told me he loves me, he loves my cooking he has cooked for me, started my shower for me, wanted me to spend the nite with him everynite, he ecxpects us to eat together every nite. Then he told me I was getting too attached. We did have sex twice. He just recently moved in with me and things are great he treats me like a wife. But he says sex is not for us because I am his friend. What do I do? …..Is there hope? Will we eventually have a romantic relationship??

    • I am happy to hear that you have gone to such extent with your Aqua guy. From my limited experience, my aqua guy has been very contradicting.. he used to say we should just be friends and when I took his words and be with another man, he got mad and sounded broken and blocked me. And one time he told me not to befriend his friends, the next he told me to hang out with them. You see they change often you never really know what they mean. My only advice if you can be patient enough, wait.. until you see his consistency. Watch out for his actions instead of what he says. This is what I learnt but was too late for me as I only realised it after

  11. I’m a Gemini amd my guy is my best friend and he talks about dating other wemon infront of me then stops liking them after a few days. I catch him looking at me at work and I saw him looking in my direction and thought he was looking at a fellow coworker. But then I looked at him and we looked into each other’s eyes for a few seconds. He also often touches my head. Can someone help?

  12. I’m a Gemini and I’m dating an Aquarius male..he is very loyal, funny, handsome, venerable and generous,..but he is top in womanizing..and that really scares me alot he talks about other women with me and hate it when I get jealous lol

    • I had a minor fling with an Aquarius dude. I am a Gemini. Idk. I was in the hospital when we met, and when I got out, he had hit me up 22 times WITH NO RESPONSE, bc, like I said, I was in the hospital. And je introduced me to all of his friends the night I got out of the hospital, as well as, his kids and family (he got divorced a year and a kalf prior). Sadly though, the sex was boring. He’d always talk over me… I started being quiet and distant bc if I am not that into a guy, I stop engaging… I think this hurt his feelings bc he would like glare at me if I didn’t feel like talking. I think he has a lot of trust issues for an Aqua or something. I figured it was best to be friends. He was cool as a friend – smart, interesting to listen to, corky af, and would talk about deep and personal things with me. I thought we were good, beyond being incompatible as lovahs. After I broke up with him, he cut things off almost entirely communication-wise. I should have given him space, and let it be, but I really liked having him in my life in some capacity. I thought that if I got back with him, he’d treat me the same… Nope. Apparently, Aquarian men hold grudges. One thing that baffled me is that he wasn’t great at communicating his feelings. He would glare at me if he was upset,
      but say nothing. As a Gemini, you know how I feel, and I rarely hold onto negative feelings, so this led to a lot of misunderstanding between us. Also, if he’d glare at me from me, I’d figure that he’d come out with his grievances when he was ready… So… I would just go on doing my own thing. Then one night, this girl left a kissy face on one of his profile pics and I asked him about it, he didn’t respond. Next day I called as he never responded. I think he expected me to go off, but I was not angry, just seemed curious to me, ya know? *It takes AAAAA LLLOOOTTT for me to care about a guys antics too much (years, in fact, and years of being a good patrner to me; see, imo, not every dude on a trial period is worth going crazy over)*. Anyhow, as a Gemini, communication is so key to me. I asked if he still wanted to date, he said not in the mean time, so we broke up. We’d talk here and there… He’d text me these crazy paragraphs (like the one you are reading, haha), and I expressed that he didn’t need all that to get a point across. Months after, bc I was still kinda peeved about it, I asked about the mysterious girl on his page and he sent me two pages :p explaining that he never met her in person. In my head, I was like ‘cool, that’s your story’ (it seemed like that could’ve easily been explained 2 months ago, but whatevs), but I got busy, so I didn’t respond. Next day, after getting no response from me 😂, he whips up another two pages, saying it was all my fault we didn’t work out, that I was jealous, and that he was going to live like I never existed…
      I might come off a bit indifferent, but it hurt my feelings. Up until that point, I would sit and counsel him through his problems for what seemed like forever. I tried to help him get to the other side of his crippling depression. Want nothing but the best for that boy, and to see him happy. I even miss spending time with him. Just don’t want to be with him. I THOUGHT AQUARIANS WERE CHILL, WTF. Anyway, I was thinking about what he said last night and crying my eyes out. I’m still so confused. Why would this side – the irrationally mean side – of an Aquarius come out?

  13. Hey guys I’m an Aquarius female Dating an Aquarius m’en I’m brin feb 1st and his born feb 2 I stared dating him a little over a month
    This guy is gentle, kind but doesn’t like to text much and he doesn’t like phone calls unless it’s for something important.
    When I see him he cook for me we have some fun together but right after I stay on my phone et he watches tv so latly I only see him for one hour and half max so I don’t get bored… and lately he had a problem so the police told him to not go out much like just go to work and return home like fi necessary things so we r not going out not even for a coffee he told me to wait until the court date passes after that we could go out n stuff but I’m already bored plus I don’t love him much so I feel like there is no love I tried to breakup with him because he’s not giving attention he was mad and refused …. anyways we’re back but as I said I decided to not see him much and do my things see friends and stuff but maybe because of the holidays I feel bored .. because I’m not very needy usually. I feel like he’s afraid to loose me but doesn’t do much effort to not to . Me myself I’m confused and he’s confusing me even more .

    • Gemini here, so I get that us air signs get bored. In my experience, if you stay for a guy’s feeling despite yourself, it is not worth it, and you end up wasting your time…

  14. I’m a Pisces involved with an Aquarius man but were just “friends with benefits” been doing this for 6 months strong & as days go by our friendship has grown so strong its amazingly shocking on how close we are. We weren’t as close as we were before we started this thing. kinda did things backwards LOL he claims he doesn’t want nothing TOO serious but we have broken every single “friends with benefits” rule. He wrote me long messages like 3 times telling me how he feels about me & it was like he’s in love. sex is amazing & even though we both single & not obligated to each other he said he’s staying loyal to me until I decide to part ways with him. he used to leave right after sex but now he stays for hours , have deep conversations & cuddle the whole time. he’s even spent the night. went to the movies & dinner. Also opened up to me about his personal life, like I’m sooo confused. all I can think of is keep going with the flow cause I don’t want to ruin what we got going on. mixed signals are frustrating.

    • Girl be careful! I’m a Pisces and we are so loving but also like our alone time so it’s fine for us but once they give us the mix signals it f**ks with our emotions ! I ended up getting pregnant and I’m not with the Aquarius man just be carful he might love you but he won’t stay because I know mine loves me to this day but they just don’t like to admit to their emotions or have to deal with a relationship because of the conflict it will come with! Good luck

    • Omg Pisces in love with an aqua for 13 years just recently he’s been around more and my bestfriend met him after 10 years she’s convinced he’saddly in love with me but won’t commit. He’s had girlfriends thru the years and moved in with them but with me it’s like when he tries he freaks out. I believe before I seen another man 9 years ago and got prego and he realized this is not his kid I think I broke him cuz it seems to be what his siblings are saying idk but rn it’s crazy cuz I see signs he truly loves me I think he just don’t know how to leave me alone. He tells me all the time I have no idea how he feels for real but never goes into saying his feelings. He says not god himself can take him from me and to just believe him his reason for not being with me mobiles and gives other women that, he says to him hurting them means nuttin I’m different, he says I’m the smartest woman he knows and I deserve better then he can give. He said “I don’t want my actual woman to accept the things I get away with now”. He says he loves me the most but keeps like hidden or away but when he does see me it’s always al about me his siblings and other family members love me. But I just don’t know. My confusion comes in cuz they say aquas aren’t emotional but my aqua just told me he wants me for my brain and my emotions I’m not understanding. Why am I really here. Sometimes I’m stuck between is he gonna surprise me one day and propose or is this all just an act and he got everyone fooled?.

  15. OMG… Everything you mentioned is aligned to the Aquarius man who I love and adore.. We met each other @19.. We are now both 55 and divorced..Somehow we reconnected and we are madly in love.. Sex is fabulous.. He is in touch with my emotions and is well aware of how to console me as a Libra black woman who requires balance.. He allowed me in his private life.. I moved into his place.. We respect each other space and differences.. All 12 signs of my Aquarius MAN is on beat… I expect us living the rest of our lives together… I often read your site to gain more insite about the Aquarius male.. Thank you so much..My Aquarius MAN is hooked.. He is not going anywhere… We are satisfied is all areas in our relationship.. I will stay in touch to share the do’s and don’t in being in a relationship with an Aquarius man.. Hope to hear from you or share with you something new soon.. Live and Love an Aquarius male.. I’m Lovin’ it…

    • Hi Freedom; I have a familiar situation! He (my Aqua man) was my first boyfriend in high school, I was his first girlfriend (today we are both now 42 and 43!). We made plans as teenagers to run away, get married and start a family.. hahaha!! Typical teenage love. We eventually moved apart and changed schools, so it never was a nasty break up or anything, we just grew up and moved on! Well…as social media has it now days, I looked him up after about 20 + years later and didn’t see that he appeared to be in a relationship (had I seen any inkling of that, I would never had reached out). Anyhow, this was 3 yrs ago. We started talking daily, we hit it off immediately like 20 yrs was yesterday. We started out as ‘friends’. He lives a few hours from me, so I would go up to visit him about a weekend a month. Strictly platonic, even slept in the same bed, and he NEVER tried to put the moves on me, because he is HIGHLY respectable to me! This went on for a few years, and sometimes losing touch from time to time. But then something happened last month on one of my trips to see him, he told me he loved me all this time and reconnecting with him brought up familiar warm feelings, and wanted to be in a relationship with me. Shocker!! I was feeling the same way, but we never communicated any of that mushy stuff, because we were too busy having a blast together, and NEVER was sex part of the mix! After we had our serious relationship talk (3yrs into our reconnecting), we naturally connected in an amazing emotional bond. Sexual chemistry is off the chart! I AM SO HAPPY THAT WE WAITED FOR THAT OTHER STUFF!! I am a Capricorn, and I totally get his need for freedom, because I AM THE SAME WAY! I almost think it is perfect we have a long distance relationship because the time we do spend together is so moving and bonding every time! Who ever gets the opportunity to come full circle in life, and actually end up with YOUR 1ST BOYFRIEND CRUSH IN HIGH SCHOOL haha! Thanks for your reply above, and hope to hear more stories or advice you might have!!!

  16. I’m dating an Aquarius man and I think I am in love with him. He is exciting and spontaneous we share our deepest secrets and fantasies personal business and we are extremely open with one another. We have our silent moments where we disagree but we can not stay mad at one another long. A lot of women desire him and he’s wealthy which makes it hard for him to focus on love but he focuses on me and ONLY me and I can appreciate that. We have been building a friendship with one another since July 2018 and Im just super curious as to what the future has in store for our love. We date every week its so exciting I get really sexy for him and only him and I find myself anticipating our dates. It’s a nice little ride we are taking.

  17. Im a taurus, aries cusp with an Aquarius and he’s not my first Aquarius major relationship either! Aquarius men are the best for me because of everything I read in this article. They are super quirky but very exciting and beautiful to look at and never, ever dull. After the first Aquarius i was with broke up, it seemed I specifically looked for Aquarius men after. Each of the Aquarius’ i dated made the intital move towrds something serious. I usually approached them first because i was actratted visually and then after a convo they made all of the moves to let me know they wanted me for keeps. I always had more than one i dates but whenever the Aquarius said he wanted to be my only, HE GOT ME! I went through heaven and Hell with each of them and each breakup was bad in that we are not friends, but I miss each one like ill never have a friend again. I am lucky though, I married my last Aquarius bf and we have been weird and married for three years now and together for six years! This article is very accurate and yes, it is possible to wed an Aquarius man, just be yourself and release your inhibitions and yes keep your overt emotions in check but let them know you love him. You are blessed if you are with an Aquarius man!

  18. I’m a cancer, they really say cancers are not the best match for them. Who really knows, my Aquarius man has already seen me cry for legit reasons tho i had an abscess forming in my throat. btw Very Painful when it’s fully formed. hard to swallow and talk. he’s seen my cry after a movie too but told me to toughen up, he never looks at me different from crying tho. when he first met me he was dealing with another woman, when we first met he’s always showed interest in me he let me do my homework before really getting to know me. when he told me he had a girlfriend yeah i was mad but i could do nothing but respect him cause he lied about it. the girl he was dealing with cheated and he wants nothing to do with her. our relationship is still very fresh buts he’s done so much and told me so much in a couple days of hanging out with me than any other guy i’ve dealt with. i told him that i need to organize my life to get on top of my shit. Im a junior, in the social work program. it’s very critical to stay organized with your life, work, and school and he cleaned up my room while i was in class and he’s helped clean my kitchen and living room. i feel like he adores me and it’s just really a blessing but seems so unrealistic ya know. he isn’t scared to show his feelings with me and i think our communication is amazing. he’s very comfortable around me, and i just love everything about him so far. he’s so handsome, intelligent, funny. he will talk to any and everybody i promise u that!! He’s told me he loves me. me on the other hand my actions will show it but i will not say it until i’m ready. it could be so different with him tho he really is a man of his word unless he forgets lol.

  19. I met my Aquarius online. He’s five years older, tall, dark, handsome, healthy and fit. Our chemistry was instant when we met in person (2/18/19). We had a good, in depth phone conversation before our first date. He shared deeply personal things right away. I did too. He asked if I kiss on the first date and if I’m affectionate, making sure it would be ok to touch me and hold me when we met. Sparks flew right away. He asked for a hug and then grabbed my hand to lead me into the pool hall. He showed me a few tricks then we sat and talked about life experiences and preferences in relationships. He wanted to extend the date and took me to dinner. There was a beautiful sunset behind us. He told me he’s impressed with me and likes my style. He told me I’m naturally beautiful. I complimented him too.. we enjoyed our dinner and I felt like my light shined brighter next to him. This lady even commented, “You guys are beautiful!”, as we walked hand in hand. He joked and made me laugh on the way to the car, then surprised me with a deeply passionate kiss good night. We’ve seen each other two other times and it’s a mixture of comfort and strong attraction. He seems to wait for me to text him and when I do he always responds positively. He has expressed that I’m his type and that he values family. He invited me over to watch a movie when he wasn’t feeling well and we still enjoyed each other’s company. We are both very affectionate, attractive and optimistic. We are passionate and open to lasting love with a best friend, life partner. I’m a Leo by the way. I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops.

  20. I’ve been with my aquarius husband since
    I was 21 until now 34. I’m a Picses. I find him to be extremely clingy and possessive. I felt pressured into marriage. I could never break up with him as he would wear me down if I hint breaking up and being a pisces you are so afraid of hurting feelings, plus I was holding on to my Christian beliefs. I feel so unhappy and wish he would cheat so we can divorce. I was his first and last. I care for him as a friend.

  21. My manual therapist is an Aquarius. I’m an Aries. He likes to play the boss role and at times says things that is verging on cruel and mean. In the exam room he’s flirty and funny, but then he does some weird stuff. He’ll ask me what my plans are for the weekend and then show up at the event. Sometimes he chats me up and sometimes he pretends he doesn’t know me. So odd. Sometimes at events he looks physically uncomfortable, he’ll stare at the ground the whole time and if I say hello he can barely speak. It’s gotten to the point that I can feel his soul and I know when he’s standing behind me before I even see him. The other thing is he always needs to know everything about me but tells me nothing about himself. (or very little) 3 months ago he said I couldn’t be his patient anymore but then he looked me square in the eye and said “if there is anyway I can have a meaning in your life you’ll let me know, right?” I have no idea what he’s talking about since he supposably has a “girlfriend.” The problem is he got down in my soul and now I’m utterly in love with him but I kinda can’t stand him at the same time. We have this push-pull relationship and it’s driving me crazy. On the one hand we’re perfect for each other and on the other hand, we are totally not perfect for each other. And lately all I think about is that intimate Aries/Aquarius fire that we sometimes spark. I watch him and the way his smile get’s bigger if he sees me. How he’ll fumble with a drink in his hand if I’m around. He puffs his chest out more and stands with his hands on his hips. I honestly don’t know if he likes me or not. As an Aries I view it likes this, if he liked me he’d call he has my number. He’s never called. I’ve invited him to one if my house parties he replied “you can invite us but we’ll probably not come.” (I think the us was the girlfriend) At this point I have no idea what to think. Any Aquarius men out there that can give me insight?

    • Girl you are spot on in your observations of the aquarian man. Like you I’m an aries woman. There is a pull and push effect in the relationship. One minute you think you understand him and are on the same page. Then next he will do something very unpredictable that will through you off balance making you wonder for days on end does he like me or not. I find if I remove my attention from him he comes running. Aquarian men can be in denial especially when they have deep feelings for a woman they like. As an aries woman we have a way that we can sort of persuade them to come out of their shell. Child like charm and vuneralabily really works well with aquarians to open up. At least that what’s worked for me.

    • Sounds like he really likes you and he thinks you realize this but you also know to respect the fact that he’s in a committed relationship already–as a formality of correctness. He struggles with his feelings for you and his feelings for whomever he’s in the relationship with. And he figures you, of all people, understand this unspoken truth. The energy between you exists but so does the boundary of your relationship (him being in a relationship and him being your therapist).

  22. I am a 32 yrs brown complex Capri woman, recently met an aqua man for the first time in jan’19 end who is a 33 yrs old Handsome Major(Army) in Dehradun and I am always attracted to an army person🤗, we both r unmarried. On the first day of chatting on tinder he asked me to meet at night, that’s when he gets free. I told him I am at my parents place in Dehradun and can’t leave home after 8pm, if I would have been in Delhi where I work, could have meet u anytime.The very same day he asked for my phone no. and I gave him. He told me that he we will come in April to Delhi his hometown, so it’s opposite for both of us, funny😁. I said, ok I will look forward to meet u in Delhi, if u still wanna meet. He was lost for few days no msg, he never called. Than the Air Strike happened, and I got really scared, I started messaging him if he is alright, just wanted him to be safe. There was no reply, got so worried and just wanted to hear him, that he is ok. Still I kept messaging him, so that if he sees these msgs he should feel good at this worst time, even though msgs were showing undelivered. After a week he replied me through Whatsapp that I am so happy to see ur msgs, and I am ok. Never thought someone, who hasn’t met me yet can be this concerned. I want to meet you now casually for few mins just to say hi. I will pick u, from nearby and will go on a short drive out of traffic. I went to meet him in my home dress so damn casually😬without any makeup and I was feeling bit shy, but was sounding confident. As soon as he saw me he said “I like your hair, they are beautiful”. While travelling on a hilly side he asked me if I like to trek down on the river side. Though I wasn’t in a mood but still said ok let’s go. He said are you sure, I said yes of course. He smiled and said I don’t want to go there, was just checking u, if u like doing that. I was like🤷🏽‍♀️. He asked many question to know me, and suddenly said you look cute and I wanna kiss you. Can I kiss you?I was bit shocked and thought he is just kidding. And before I could say anything he started kissing me. I had no words to say. But he was kissing me really cutely. He bunked his training and was getting calls again and again but he didn’t want to go back, instead of few minutes, he spent more than an hr with me and tried to be bit closer. After that day he didn’t talk or call and the phone no. he gave me was switched off. I felt like he doesn’t wanna talk to me ever, and we never talked over the phone🙁. Still I thought he might be busy with his army schedule, so kept msging normally just to know if he is ok, even though msgs were undelivered 😬. But thought whenever he will on his phone, he will atleast feel good reading my msgs, by this time I was in Delhi. After 2 weeks in the evening he msged saying I am so embarrassed that you msged me so many times but I didn’t reply. I was so happy to see his msg and behaved normally and said that’s ok I m sure u must be busy, and I am sorry that I made you embarrassed msging you rather than making u feel good. He sd I am really happy and asked what am I doing and where am I? My reply was “ i m in Delhi doing some work and planing to go to Dehradun for Holi fest, and I want to hear you”. His reply was “ you just want to hear me, you don’t wanna see me?” As soon as he sd when are you going back to Ddun? I got a hint and immediately asked where are you? Are u in Delhi? He said yes😃. I was damn happy and couldn’t concentrate on my work. He asked if I hv any plans now, I sd no and I wanna meet you as I am nearby your home. He asked me to meet and will have beer party. It was quite late when I met him. I was looking horrible as was out since morning with no makeup at all on my face. But still he sd I am looking beautiful while touching my hair. We talked a lot, while driving and walking, he shared his experiences, about his family, his vulnerable side too. He even sang a song for me. And I did too. We were just a bit drunk. He shared his fantasies which are extremely wiered, Never thought he will share all that side of his with me😆. He was watching me from his side eyes many a times, and when I will look at him he will look here and there. I felt so good with him, just in the second meeting as if we know each other since long time and I end up asking him “will you be my bf”🙈, don’t know how he might have felt, but said why not, but let’s know each other first. It’s was almost 2 at night he asked me if he can come over my place otherwise his parents will get disturbed at night. He came to my room, and noticed all the small things decorations I did, he appreciated all that. I cooked for him quickly as he was hungry, we ate together. He asked me will u sleep with me? I said no to him but inside my heart I wanted to. He went in the drawing room and was thinking something, as soon as I asked what you are thinking? Are u ok? He said nothing. And grabbed me. We end up having sex, on the second meeting. He was gentle with wiered and wild imagination. He wants me to be open up. I never had sex with anyone on the second meeting, and thought he will leave as soon as he will finish doing sex, but he stayed with me, despite his mom was calling him, he lied that he is in camp. He slept with me so nicely and showed care. I loved that, I gave him head massage which he loved. He left in the afternoon and we planned to go to Dehradun together after a day. On the 3rd meeting I somehow made him wait for 3 hrs,before leaving to ddun. he didn’t say anything for almost 2 hrs. I apologised multiple times, and sd it could have been better if I went by bus, atleast would have talked to someone sitting next to me. He finally showed how mad he was at me, and later laughed on my talk and hugged me sweetly. We had good conversation throughout the journey, and we are both are similar in thoughts, apart from his wiered sexual desires, and no proper communication if not together. We had sex in car too, which was one of our fantasies 🙈.He likes my earrings and said it suits me. I intentionally left my earring in his car, thinking he will remember me and will try to contact me 😜. While coming close to my home, I started feeling bad, if I will ever be able to see him again, or when will I see him, will he talk to me ever after this meeting, or the journey will end here completely. I sd I don’t feel like going home don’t know why, he immediately replied don’t fall in love with me, I sd why would I, though my heart said man I am already into you. He dropped me home and went to his cantonment. The next day I msged him, that I left my earring in ur car, left me know if you have it, and do come my home and enjoy the festival with family through msg, it was not delivered. He didn’t call or msg me, the next day of festival he msged sorry I was busy. And didn’t find anything in car I gave for wash. I was thinking like really🤷🏽‍♀️, that was my fav earring. He actually didn’t check his car before leaving, he kept the earring and lying or he just threw that. But still I said that’s ok, I know you must be busy otherwise you would have come, and do check your car once again. After saying ok, there is no msg, and he never calls me. I even don’t call him. Now I checked the Aquarius guy trait, and it seems really true. I am afraid of loosing him. If I feel something I say things but he doesn’t. I don’t know if he will actually like me or just leave me any thing. I am scared after reading his traits. Anywhich ways he is in army,we will not be able to meet oftenly, but still I am trying to give him space. I have no Idea what he is thinking about me, since he said don’t fall in love with me. For me getting physical means a lot to me. When he is with me he is completely with me, after that he is lost, and don’t wanna make him feel, that I am after him, I want him to express what he feels. Hope he will still be in contact with me. 🤞🏼But this is a kind of a guy I want in my life.

  23. @Kelly I’m an Aquarius man myself if you make us cry out of pain for example if you use something that we told you out of trust as a weapon against us something that we are emotionally scarred by and that’s what causes to cry basically you’re going back to square one of the relationship we won’t trust you and we will go seek someone else we will still love you but the trust will be gone in the way we look at it you will be the last person that we will ever thought they would make us cry in such a painful way so that will be the cause of cheating

  24. Some of yall are making very dumb and drastic decisions that could have easily been prevented. DON’T let someone question yourself or keeping treating you as if you’re a spot holder. You’re temporary, my darling, face it. If that Aquarius man really wanted to be with you then there would be no games, no gimmicks, no running back and forth. I swear, sometimes we women make it too easy for men, regardless of zodiac signs to treat us like shit. All I’m saying is, offer him an ultimatum. Leave, do your thing, work hard, love harder, do what what makes you happy. Then, if he sees this, he might come back but make him earn it. Don’t let him come in all easy and willy nilly because he WILL do it again. Either move on to something better or learn and adapt to the Aquarius’ man mistakes. Either way, stop clinging to something that is already dead. I’m reading all these comments about waiting him, begging him to stay, one lady got pregnant and it’s crazy. MAKE SMART CHOICES TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. Don’t settle because it feels nice. Feelings take time yes, but do other things besides focusing all of that energy on yourself.

  25. I totally agree…not that I know much about Aquarius men but I have been inlove with one since forever lol. We fell for each other about 6 years ago or that’s atleast what I think, he tried to make a move multiple times but I believed it was only because he was on and off with his girlfriend at the time now his Wife for almost 2 years and I just acted like I wasn’t interested but somehow he knew I was into him and even tho his married now I can’t get over the feelings I have for him. He was apparently planning on divorce 3 months into the marriage but no not because of me but because his consistly breaking up with her then running back again so I thought nothing of it. I keep telling myself his not worth crying over I keeping telling myself that if he could play with her heart like that what would he do with mine. She fell pregnant and he apparently paused the divorce or something she’s given birth to a beautiful baby boy that I adore. I’m. Really close to this family because his sister is my best friend and colleague lol how typical right. I don’t know what his feeling his sister consistently tells me that she knows we inlove with each other and she sees how he stares at me and I’ve noticed the staring he doesn’t make a secret of it he will look at me straight in the eye with a straight face and I always end up looking away… I do think I’m totally inlove with him but I do wish him everything of the best with his situation and I don’t want to get involved with him but I truly do love him or atleast I think it’s love… So yes I’m that young lady that’s was too young to date cause I was too young for him and now his sister states that he regrets not waiting until I was old enough his 7 years older then me but only 3 years older then his wife and his wife and I are cancerians. I don’t know wat the morale of my story was but I finally got that off my chest and o yes to top off my miserable life their beautiful son was concieved in my birth month round about my birth date what a joyful life I live 😅

  26. I’m a sagg Currently talking to an Aquarius. It is very hard to read, I just can’t tell if he likes me or not ?

    I found out that he has been showing family members / friends pictures of me . But sometimes when we text he is a little short and distracted w other things .

  27. I’m a sag and have been seeing aqua for 3 months. He has an old girlfriend he’ll hook up with when ever he can and a local girl he sees once or twice a week and lies about it. He definetly wants variety and will not even admit he sees others. It’s not even up for discussion. Accept an open situation, I’ve always been like this. The sex is off the hook, and said eventually I’d come back. I broke up with him. I’m not putting up with this.
    Next ! I still see him for a social fix but don’t trust him with my heart. He doesn’t deserve me. You women out there, don’t waste your time. Leave! Self value.

  28. Damn
    I’m a cancer and I fell hard for an Aquarius man. It’s funny because hes younger and I dont normally fall for younger guys.
    But hes so different. And this article definitely made me believe he loves me.
    I mean we said the words *I love you* to each other before but that was as friends. But now I feel romantic towards him. We have this crazy connection I’ve never felt before. It’s an insane bond…weird things happen between us to where it almost seems it was done purposeful. Numbers align in certain ways, things happen in our lives that are so similar even though we live thousands of miles apart.
    He is an insanely natural womanizer and is friends with very attractive girls.
    But he says I’m different and special.
    I’m always cautious of sharing intimate details of my emotional life. I held back a lot and I’m glad I did because I don’t want to push him away.
    He makes me want to become a better person. And sadly my current romantic relationship is almost in pure turmoil. I have been yearning for adventure, excitement, and spontaneity….
    something my Scorpio isn’t too fond of. We are working on it….but meanwhile I am dreaming of my Aquarius…and how we could go on such amazing adventures. I feel his passion and I hope he feels mine.
    Unless it’s just all in my head…and I’m being a stupid cancer letting my emotions get the best of me haha.

  29. I’m a sag …

    My Aqua man that I’ve been dating for 4 months is currently mad at me . But we never spoke about being in an relationship..

    But from what I’ve observed.. if an Aquarius is done he will cut you off completely. But he continues to watch my Instagram story ?

    What would be the best thing to do at this point ? Give him space ?

  30. Scorpio woman with aquarius man I’m pregnant but so it might be hormones but I hate him! He disappears without a word for a week. In the past he was abusive we broke up and he comes back saying how much he loves me wants to have a baby and get married. 2 months of us getting back together all he can tell me is he doesnt know if he wants to get married but still wants a baby with me. 6 months late I’m pregnant with no ring. We have a lot In common but he pretends like we dont and i really dont care what he has to stay i just kinda tune out because I just feel like he doesn’t love me the way I want he will pay for everything, give me a baby even wants me to live with him but will flirt with other women, tell me he is embarrassed to be seen with me, and say he doesnt really see us getting married but I’m sexy and he loves me. Anytime we get super close he just pushes away can someone help me!

    • Oh my god !
      “Anytime we get super close, he just pushes back”
      That’s true ! Im a scorpio and dating an aquarius now. Everytime that i am using my mysterious and secretive side, they come. When all hugs and kisses fulfilled his needs, they are gone xD and be unreachable again.
      Sometimes i am confused.

  31. I have a story ..im capricorn he is aquarius..
    Do u think he actually loves me if he says and also he is into me when we r tgether
    But after dat im the one who initiate.
    Its a long distance
    Im 22
    He is 32

  32. Hi I’m a Libra women and dating aquerius man from last two years as i was reading all the comments i realized that I’m not alone facing the problem , aqu are usually very unpredictable as he said from the begaining that he never saw a women like me before or I’m the most beautiful women that he ever meet or sometimes he says that I’m his world lol… But he is still so cold and detached he never text if i don’t sometimes even not read the text and just ignore it like nothing happened, on one side he told me that he loved me but on other side he asked me to merry a good guy or sometime asking me to leave me and find someone better I’m very independent women and i never interfer in his personal life , sometimes he is treating me so badly and asking me to leave him but whenever i tried so or ask him that if he don’t want me in his life he should tell me clearly he is coming back to me that’s really confusing because i love him and i don’t have any idea to stay or leave , is there anyone out there facing the same situation or have any solution??

  33. I’m a Gemini in the beginning stages of said friendship/relationship with an Aquarius. The first month was rather difficult bc right off the back I was invited into the circle solely bc I’ve known my aqua man for over seven years just never dug deep into Building a foundation bc he was with my now ex friend . The first two weeks were amazing and then came the disappearing act / ghosting tendencies. Drove me insane like why am I being ignored . So I read a few reviews and realized you gotta play with them . Love on them but not to much, give them a piece to think about for a few days and then give another . They love their freedom and run when ever you get to crazy with emotions even if they’re positive ones there is always room for that later on in their mind. This behavior straggled into month two and then a switch Happen. More tome became spent together and ppl started to be told about where he is . Now no he is not saying I’m at my girlfriend house or anything like that but I went from I’m at a friend house to you know where I’m at (level up) now you might not see that as a big deal but when dealing with an aqua male this is his way of showing you have some form of how can I put it , building , your foundation is becoming firm. Communication is slowly getting better into the third month and things are being planned as far as dates and important events we can share together . So have faith and relax your feelings ladies and gents , we have our own friends to talk to about it don’t talk to the Aqua person .

  34. My Aquarius is super affectionate with me and he can be a bit selfish at times. He doesn’t want a relationship but doesn’t want me dealing with anybody. I know he loves me and is always sharing his crazy ideas with me. I’m just going to go for this ride.

  35. I’m a Aquarius…

    Have been seeing this aquarius guy for 5 years at first we both said tht we wnt nothing more then friends with benefits 2years after that I started to get feelings and so did he he told me over text once that he loves me and to my face once…. A few months later I fell preg but we lost the baby… I hve never felt so close to sumone as I do to him I love everythng about him we have been seeing eachother on and off then I also seen him being in and out of other relationships he always talks about what they did and how he always ends up being in a relationship that he dsnt want to b in and find it hard to break there feelings and just say he wants sumthng casual… He always say I’m hard to read and never open up that I know is true cause I’m waiting on him😔I’ve distance myself from him so many times but he keeps on saying he dnt want me out of his life… I know I need to end things for good but what do I do with all this feelings inside… Even tipping this out makes my eyes water up… I’m just gonna say it I love him and I really wish he can just b more open with me.

  36. I’m a 28 yr old Capricorn women dating a 48 yr old Aquarius man. This is my 2nd time dating an Aquarius and it is a great experience once again! We have very similar personalities and ways of doing things. Neither of us are big on phone communication which makes us pretty distant in that aspect, because I love my space and he loves his so it works for us. However when we are face to face the chemistry is off the charts. It’s almost like you could say we’re best friends! We’re open, honest and can talk to each other about anything. We both have very dry sense of humors but we get each other. As far as the bedroom we both have interesting little quirks that always keeps it fun and exciting and we never hesitate to try new things. It feels as though this person is my soulmate but it’s hard to imagine being together in a actual relationship. As a Capricorn I tend to shy away from commitment and hate discussing anything that involves emotions. I just enjoy living in the fun moments we have.

  37. Hi All, I am happily involved with an Aquarius man, only one year older than myself. We met at age 50 and it was as if we had known each other before (in another lifetime?). We share the love, philosophy, intensity and deep attachment I have always longed for. But you have to be a grown-up to be with an Aquarius. BTW, I am also Aquarius, and despite my warm and joyful vibe, I had suffered plenty in prior relationships, especially with my ex- and with my mother. When I need love, he can be, but is not usually a good shoulder to cry on. If it happens, it something that comes as a pleasant surprise; otherwise, I had to work these things out by myself and stick close to my girlfriends. He is an excellent partner, stepfather, friend, business partner and fun-buddy. Just don’t expect them to save you, they won’t. It is actually very freeing to know that my happiness does not depend on him, and we share an amazing life together.

  38. I think most signs getting into a relationship with an Aquarius before they grow up a bit (like 35 minimum) will have a difficult time. Especially emotionally. You got to let us mature and get a good grasp of feelings. So that we can properly respond to our partners. It doesn’t come naturally to us. But I think once find a mature Aquarius who chooses you, you’ll find a crazy Devoted partner that will always keep you on your toes.

  39. I’m a Pisces woman “seeing” an Aquarius Man. I love him! But like most of these posts, he keeps me confused as to where I stand. One minute he’s saying he KNOWS he should settle down and marry, then he’s back to reminding me that he doesn’t want to lose his freedom and relationships hold too much responsibility. Our sex is OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING! Super sensual!!! As a Pisces, that can be dangerous…as it brings out EVERY emotion. The couple of times that I tried to walk away from him, he’s chased me down. He doesn’t want me to go. SMH! That frustrates me. But then the other part of him…his mind. He’s such a smart man! I love listening to him talk (but he thinks he’s much smarter than me). I will say that I have learned to curb my enthusiasm about “lovey- dovey stuff” or being too emotional because he will disappear for a few days when I get that way. I have been studying up on his sign and it has really helped me to move us forward. I say I want to marry him, but deep down, I am fearful that it would be a life of me standing down, not showing emotion, and always holding back my intense loving feelings (which I feel are great qualities of mine). But I’m NOT willing to let him go! SIGH!!!

  40. I’m a Sagittarius and I’m in a relationship with an Aquarius man. I’m trying to make sure I’m not with him to escape from what’s going on in my life and I don’t know how to tell… I like him, I really do, but I keep having doubts. We’ve been together for 4, nearly five months and when I show my affection by giving him stuff he snays he feels bad because of it and He’s quite shy too. whenever I try to do something like hug him or kiss him I feel like I’m being too clingy. We both love being with each other, and he makes me laugh, but I feel insecure and I think he may feel insecure too. Do you guys have any advice?

  41. I’m Aquarius dated Aquarius same birthday .
    Sun and moon tell different
    We are the same just taught different up bringing.
    The core is the same
    Then what sign is in front or behind .
    We are simple because we are so complicating .

  42. well im and aquarius(female) and i like this one dude he´s and aquarius and like him so much but i have no idea how to tell him HELP NEEDED thank you

  43. Aquarius is a air elements…. They are not compatible with scorpio… cancer… and pisces which are water elements………I KNOW THIS BECAUSE IM DEALING WITH IT MY SELF!!!!….. He is a AQUARIUS and I’m a SCORPIO….HE makes decisions for what makes sense to him….and I’m always thinking with my emotions…. if u know Scorpios are known for loving DEEP!!!!

    • Aquarius can actually be very compatible with Scorpio…especially if their moon sign is a water sign….it make them more emotional and have water sign tendencies so a scorpio will actually have more in common with an Aquarius depending on his placements. I also believe that it take a mature Scorpio woman and aquarius man to make a relationship work between them…I’m a scorpio woman and I’m talking to an Aquarius man and while he confuses the heck out of me at times…things are slowly progressing. He normally doesn’t initiate contact but last night he did for the first time in a long time which is a good sign and lately he has been very affectionate towards me. I will text him every now and again if I feel like it, but I don’t trip if he takes forever to respond and I don’t get mad if he doesn’t respond. I’m just real chill with him and I don’t pressure him..i can tell when he’s in a mood and I just let him know I’m here if he needs me and I won’t text for a few days to give him some space. It seems to be working… he is starting to show a little of his vulnerable side and last night he told me he showed his mom pics of me on IG and his mom said that I was very beautiful and then he told me he thought I was beautiful as well! Its baby steps with some Aquarius me and that’s okay with me!


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