12 Obvious Signs a Virgo Man Likes You

Signs a Virgo Man Likes You

A Virgo man in love can be a hard thing to recognize as he demonstrates affection in his own way. An unexpected rebel of sorts, this zodiac sign, will want to show he likes someone through subtle forms of romance.

Just like Virgo woman, known for his impeccable attention to detail and ability to know exactly what someone needs, this star sign makes for an amazing partner in love.

The Virgo man is very genuine; using a practical approach to life, he will work diligently to win your heart.

If you have been wondering if the Virgo man in your life is starting to develop romantic feelings for you read on so you can recognize the 12 obvious signs a Virgo man likes you!

12 clear signs a Virgo man likes you

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1. He will loosen up when he is around you

When a Virgo man likes you, he will relax and loosen up around you.He will smile a lot more than he is typically known for and will appear to work a room with more ease.

This zodiac sign is known for being somewhat uptight at times and a little apprehensive when it comes to letting loose. When a Virgo man likes someone though he relaxes around them. 

Knowing his crush is present gives this sign an added boost of confidence. The Virgo man will make every effort to be lively when in your presence.

A sense of humor and other fun qualities this star sign possess will come out to play. 

He really wants to impress you and knows that a little positivity can go a long way in getting a girl’s attention.


2. He will surprise you with little romantic gestures 

A Virgo man will want to give you mini surprises when he loves you.

The zodiac sign of Virgo is known for their sweet tooth and taste for treats. He will want to share these little indulgences with you when he is crushing. Expect mini boxes of chocolates and cupcakes instead of flowers with this zodiac sign. 

A Virgo man wants to make sure the romantic gifts he showers you with are useful and will not go to waste. Giving you something you can eat and not just admire is very Virgo in this case!

He will also show his growing affection by calling you “sweetie” and “dear.” As a small romantic gesture the Virgo man will want to show you he is comfortable around you by using pet names.

Being adept with words and verbal skills, this star sign will show his affection by the sweet way he speaks to you. 

3. He will ask you out for a romantic lunch date

When a Virgo man has feelings for you, he will ask you out on a romantic lunch date. He will be sure to take you somewhere unique and of course will have everything planned out just so.

Expect to be whisked off to see an interesting art exhibit before grabbing lunch in the museum’s cafe.

This zodiac sign typically has a passion for fine art and music that he will want to share with you. 

Your Virgo man will not tell you this is a date, but it most certainly is. He will assume that because he asked you out to lunch a certain sense of exclusivity is implied and that this is a special occasion.

Just because this date is happening during the day does not mean it will lack romance whatsoever. A Virgo man can be extremely charming when he wants to be.

Virgo Man Lunch Date

4. He will analyze everything you do

Known for their impeccable attention to the small things the Virgo man will analyze everything you do when he is into you.

A Virgo man will of course find you fascinating as the object of his budding affection and will want to break down everything you do and say.

This star sign loves long conversations and is turned on by how well he connects with someone mentally.

He will want to know what books you read, who your favorite artists are, and what music you listen to. 

He will notice the little things you do like how you brush your hair behind your ear or the dimples you have when you smile. These subtle details about yourself are what attracts the Virgo man to you and he is paying attention! 

In his analysis of everything you do he will want to capture the moment in fine detail.

You may catch him taking a picture of you off guard when he catches you smiling. Or you may find your Virgo man admiring you from afar.

When your Virgo man is enamored with you he will be sure to show a picture of you off to his friends, family, and colleagues.

This zodiac sign shows he likes you by noticing all of the small things. You could say, he knows you better than you know yourself.

Virgo Man Taking a Selfie

5. He will want to talk on the phone a lot 

The zodiac sign of Virgo is known for his excellent ability to communicate as he is ruled by the planet associated with communication, Mercury.

A Virgo knows how information can get lost in translation and his preference will not be to send an e-mail or a text but to have a good old fashioned phone call instead.

One of the ways to tell if a Virgo man is into you is if he calls you on the phone to make plans or check-in.

A Virgo man has no issue with sharing his deepest thoughts and fantasies through this medium.

He will most likely call you when he has a break from work so he can fill you in on his day.

He will say cute things such as he just wanted to hear your voice or that he misses you. This is a sure sign he is falling for you. A Virgo man in love will not be able to help but over-communicate with his love interest in this way.  

6. He will think very highly of you

Known for their perfectionism it typically takes a lot to impress this zodiac sign.

One of the signs a Virgo man likes you is when he thinks very highly of you. He will make sure to mention you and your accomplishments every chance he gets.

He will hold you in high esteem and you really can do no wrong in his eyes. As we mention in our guide to getting a Virgo man to miss you, he will be really attracted to gals who have a lot going on or a unique profession. 

This star sign likes to live vicariously through others so your interests, talents, and activities will be a high priority of fascination for him.

A Virgo man wants to be with someone that pushes his boundaries a bit so he can push himself out of his strict comfort zone.

This will excite your Virgo man and keep you on the pedestal he has put you on! Showing enthusiasm is a great way to keep a Virgo man interested

Virgo Man Likes You

7. He will want commitment 

What does a Virgo man look for in a woman? When a Virgo man likes someone he will want exclusivity from the get-go.

Not known for playing the field this sign dates one lady at a time so he can give her his undivided attention and devotion. When a Virgo man likes someone he will hold them in very high regard. 

Through this lens of perfection, he will also expect that you are not sharing yourself romantically with anyone else!

Due to the fact that a Virgo man gives so much of himself when in love he will want this same respect in turn. Expect the first date to mark exclusivity for him as you were carefully selected by this zodiac sign. 

He will want serious commitment from you as a Virgo man takes his engagements with great sincerity. Once he has set eyes on you he will be determined to get you to commit to him.

It is not about the chase for the Virgo, instead, extreme loyalty can be very sexy to this sign.

Virgo Man Commitment When In Love

8. He will be extremely helpful and attentive 

One of the main Virgo traits is how extremely hardworking and dedicated they are to helping others.

Another of the signs a Virgo man likes you is when he goes out of his way to assist you with anything you need. If your car breaks down, your Virgo man will be there to give you a lift. If you need a place to crash for the night, your Virgo man will lend you his couch.

He will also want to help you emotionally as he has an incredibly sensitive side. He will be a great listener and advice giver! Count on having a shoulder to lean on when you need it with this helpful star sign. 

The zodiac sign of Virgo is associated with service and a Virgo man in love will want nothing more than to give you attentive love and care.

With the anticipation of your every need, your Virgo wants to make sure he is meeting your expectations.

He notices the details that others miss so he can win you over with this subtle approach to love. 

Virgo Man Helping

9. He will always put your happiness first

Being a zodiac sign that is not happy until everyone else around him is happy and settled he will always put your happiness first when he likes you.

A Virgo man is very concerned with his surroundings and feeling comfortable.

As an earth sign, he will be focused on the day to day and therefore, attentive to all of your physical needs. 

Seeing you smile and pleasured is a number one turn on for the Virgo man! Of all the signs he may have the most genuine “knight in shining armor” type of qualities.

Being very polite and respectful, a Virgo man is the most likely zodiac sign who will hold the door open for you and make a good impression with your family.

He is truly willing to go the extra mile to for your fulfillment. 

Since knowing you are happy makes him happy it takes little effort on your part!

10. He will want to exercise together 

Very focused on health and wellness this star sign will most likely be into daily exercise and hitting the gym.

One of the signs a Virgo man has a crush on you is when he asks to sync up your workout routines.

Think an early morning run in the park and then healthy fruit smoothies after at his favorite juice bar. This is a highly romantic gesture coming from this star sign as he is allowing you into his private daily routines! 

If your Virgo man is not super into exercise he will share his daily routines with you in another way. He will want to go grocery shopping together, cook together, or maybe even get some laundry done together.

Not the most romantic activities for sure, but when a Virgo man likes you he will find a way to make the most mundane task an exciting romantic adventure.

Virgo Man being Happy

11. He will love your pets 

As the zodiac sign associated with house pets your Virgo man will be really into your furry friends when he likes you. He will most likely have a cat or dog himself as well.

This zodiac sign is associated with having great concern for the environment and his love of animals is a big part of that!

Often, the Virgo zodiac sign can conjure up pictures of a man sorting his recycling and cleaning up the neighborhood park in his spare time.

He will of course want you there with him by his side for these outdoor planet loving activities. You can find your Virgo man at the dog park on the weekends. 

You can find your Virgo man offering to take your dog out for a walk or petting your kitties as a sign that he likes you.

This star sign will make a concerted effort to connect with you over your family pets and will fill in as foster parent to your fur babies with no issue!

Virgo Men Love Having Pets

12. He will be shy about touching you 

At first a Virgo man will take his time when it comes to being physical with you when he really likes you. He will be a bit nervous to make this first move and will want to make sure he is being ultra respectful of your personal space no matter how much he wants it!

When a Virgo man starts to like you he will be mortified if he accidentally brushes up against you or gets to close too soon. 

He will resist most all physical contact until he has commitment from you. The Virgo man does not want to give himself away so easily and does maintain this aspect of his astrology sign’s symbol of the virgin.

Once he moves past his shyness about touching you though, it will be a completely different story!

Be prepared for your Virgo man to be an amazing lover once he feels comfortable being physical with you.

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The Virgo man can be a mysterious creature.

Once he has decided he likes someone he is committed and will do everything in his power to win her over, including going out of his comfort zone to land the gal! Which he will be willing to do for the right person!

This zodiac sign is known for being extremely dedicated when in love and will build up slowly to a lasting romance.

Watch out for these signs that a Virgo man likes you. What do you think, does your Virgo man show you he likes you in these ways?

Need some help getting your dream Virgo man? Read Anna Kovach’s highly recommended Virgo Man Secrets “roadmap” today.

12 Obvious Signs a Virgo Man Likes You
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12 Obvious Signs a Virgo Man Likes You
A Virgo man in love can be a hard thing to recognize as he demonstrates affection in his own way. An unexpected rebel of sorts, this zodiac sign, will want to show he likes someone through subtle forms of romance. Find out the 12 obvious signs a Virgo man likes you today!
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  1. We went on three day vacation,and on the second day we made passionate love. We’ve been talking to each other for over two years. We are constantly persuing one another. But it seems if he get too close he pulls away for a few days. What is that all about. I know he really likes me!

    • That is because he is ghosting you. That’s one of the traits of a Virgo man that’s why their partners tend to think that they’re just playing around but it’s actually the other way around. They need time to think but it’s not because they want to look for someone else. Dating a Virgo means you need patience.

      • It happened to me…for a week he was ghost after a month of dating then he came back to tell me he’s extremely in love with me

  2. I am a Scorpio I met my Virgo 2006 we never had a relationship only relation on & off till bout 2007 then he disappeared 2009 he came back but I was starting a new relationship so I turned him down..2014 he popped up after 3 yr divorce but I was pregnant…got back contact with Virgo 2016 he always go days without calling months without seeing me & he knows I wanna b with him & love everything about him but he never give me the title to be his lady but other women he get with have full access but when that’s over… he run my way

  3. I am an Aquarius women and I just met a Virgo man and I feel like he may be the one , I usually never say or think that. But it has been so easy and natural with us. And he cares for me so much and treats me how I want a man to treat me. He’s wonderful. This post pretty much sums him up.

    With me being an Aquarius what do you think?

    • Im an Aquarius crushing so hard on a virgo man and he is so hard to get to . He’s my high school crush . Its been 10 years and we still connect like no time has lapsed when we are together. Im always nervous around him and i can tell he really likes me but its like after i leave he’s extremely distant. 😩 im trying to be patient but i just want to pick his brain. I want yo know his thoughts, his interests, his desires, his goals everything.

      • Being a male Virgo, I can say that an Aquarian intellect and creativity will always and have always captivated me. Most Virgos are really shy about their feelings for anyone because it is hard for us to look past our logical side. Not to say that a Virgo is logically looking for ways for get away from people but because our emotional side is easily damaged. Be outright and honest with your Virgo male… tell him that you like him. But dont be discouraged if he seems to shy away, trust in your decision (I know that’s hard for an Aquarius) he will analyze his feeling for a while but he will come around to the fact that he likes you as well. Hope this helped!

  4. Well that so describes the Virgo l have been seeing he decided he was not ready for a new relationship, has needs to concentrate on family, but his in my head !! he went off to Aussie l asked if he enjoyed he said it was amazing!! he sent me pics one was a pic l commented he looked really good which was an old pic when we was seeing each other, but we was so easy together, lm a Scorpio, lm hoping he will get back to me

  5. I’m a Leo woman who just met a Leo-Virgo cusp man, and he’s perfect to me! He’s the most genuine guy I’ve met and I’m excited to see how long this lasts. It’s been about a month of talking and already he’s getting me small gifts. He’s still reserved but he’s so sweet! Wish me luck ladies!

  6. I’m aquarius met the virgo in 2015, went on date. He text me every morning every night a scripture. Came over for Sunday dinner several times, Sunday walks in the park twice, takes me for surgery.That’s when we lived in same city, I moved 80 miles away .He’s taken off work 4 days to take me to my doctor appointments 1 day for a date, send flowers & choc, always bring a gift, Surprised me Xmas 2018 but say we FRIENDS. WHAT DO U THINK ? Just enjoying or put my foot down ?

    • DONT RUSH INTO a relationship with a virgo man !
      we need our time to get into a relationship ! it is a serious thing and it needs commitment !
      iam a virgo guy and thats happiend to me with my cancer girlfirend ! she rushed into a relationship and ive told her this is not how it works ! we broke up 10 months ago and i still miss her soooo much ! ive tried to explain everything to her but it didnt work because she is very sensitive and sweet and i let her down and broke her heart with my stupid words
      the virgo needs to feel that he is a friend to you befor anything else .
      good luck

        • Kenzie u r not wasting time with a virgo , virgos are very patient too , just u have to make him feels that he is very very welcomed , be patient , do not rush into a relationship with him , first u have to be a friend to him , listen to him speak with him and u have to communicate with him , i love cancer zodiac and cancer girls r the best girls in all zodiac , they some how dont like to communicate to much , virgos are sensitve too , just make him feels that he is important to u .
          let him take his time to think about a relationship with u , if he is taking too much with u , or if he is giving u any gifts then he is in love with u .
          last thing virgos r very shy ,so sometimes we r very shy to take the first step .
          i wish my love would know how much i loved her i feel that i would not ever find a beautiful girl like her .
          sorry for my bad english anyway

      • Iam a cancerian and I think I like a virgo guy. They’re very practical and definitely not a playboy. I was just concerned of me being so emotional

        • farah glade to hear ur opinion about virgos , yes i guess we r not playboys , if we dont want any relationship then we will stay away , somehow we r loyal too .
          its not a wrong thing to be emotional , in fact we r searching for an emotional partners , we r emotional too but we can control it better than u , just dont hurt him with words , somehow cancerian people cant control their words , happened to me with my ex love .
          we just want a partner that will ask us every single day “how r u doing ?” .

      • Aw I’m a cancer and I have been talking to my Virgo guy for about maybe 2 months now trying to figure things out it’s crazy cause all the signs I just read are on point as if he is liking me but he is having family issues and now he is being distant and a lil pull back but he still calls me and talks to me am I being overboard or is he still interested?

  7. I am a Sagittarius and been seeing a virgo man for almost a year we talk most days and text see each other when we can as hard with his working hours and my kids from previous marriage. We said at the beginning it was casual thing but I have fallen for him but I can’t tell him as I fear rejection and don’t want to loose him.

  8. I know how y’all feel I have a Virgo in my life I’m a Aquarius he is the best thing that ever happen to me caring thoughtful he always buys me things he makes me feel special he’s always there for me I love him so much

  9. I just met a Virgo ♍️ I’m an Aquarius ♒️ first date I drove to him he took me out invited me to his house took the whole night to kiss me and then offered me to stay and I did. We slept in the same bed and cuddled but he did not try to have sed with me which was amazing 😅 but in the morning he seemed cold maybe he was rushing to work took me to my car kissed me goodbye and be actually texted me later to ask if I got home safe. We’ve been texting back and forth about the superbowl but nothing too romantic what do you guys think?

    • Be patient with him… He need to know he has your friendship first… I understand exactly what you are going through and if you hold out what you will go through. This man actions will have you totally confused…. But it’s not you it’s him, he’s only making sure. Virgo men are very kind and caring, generous, loyal. Give him some time, be his friend… I did it now my Virgo wants to marry me… He’s head over hills about me… 💞💞💞

      • As I read everyone’s story it seems like the Virgo men are doing a hit and run on women, what I found out is most are married, and run-out for pleasure, and go back home, or they are getting your attention for their self fulfilment out out commitment !! Everyone is waiting for them!! I say if you met one, don’t take it seriously, have fun with him, move on, don’t let him know you really like him, treat him as no big deal, don’t call or text him.
        For one they like a challenge, two, they don’t like rejection, three if there not married they will come running back! They have a high ego and if you fall for them, they know it and may never return to stay!! It’s a game, I say don’t wait, play the game if you win you have him, if you lose you had fun with him like every one else did. And that isn’t so bad either, but for heaven sake
        Don’t dottle over the guy
        Be a confident women kept busy an open for more opportunities 😉 don’t be patient, be smart if he knows your busy an not waiting for him, he’ll be back to see why he didn’t make a lasting impression on you!! Make one on him that he can’t forget, that’s what I did and now I am married to that one💟 take care ladies,

  10. Very true. I am a Libra woman being married to a Virgo man for over 15 years, he never let me down and always commit and do on what he said or promised. He really knows me better than I know myself, very sensitive to even my mood change and whether I am attentive or not. One thing I feel bad about myself is not being sensitive to his immersed when he was having bad mood in life and career. Once he noticed and got back my full attention and care, he is again that knight with shinning armour. Even sometimes I find that it’s a little too much for overly perfect or trying to be perfect but that’s the trait of a Virgo man. He never fail to makes me feel loved and secured provided he is also given some equal amount of care and attentiveness. 😉

  11. I’m a Leo woman and I just met A Virgo guy. Everything so great , I could tell he likes me, but I kept the distance because I didn’t want to be hurt. We slept together, but he didn’t try to do anything, because he respects, and I really appreciate it. My problem is I have no patience I always rush things…I don’t want to waste my time with someone who just want to play games. Sometimes I can hurt with words and nobody likes that. He went for vacation for two weeks and drives me crazy, I miss him so much, but I don’t want to show it, again I’m afraid to be hurt again.
    A few days ago I was so cranky and didn’t like the way how he talked to me, I might be aggressive through the text messages, I don’t know. So, he said “this is a little bit annoying, feel better and I’ll text you later” it’s been more then a day, it never happens before, he still didn’t text. Idk what to think, I dont want to lose him, but also I don’t want to be so needy… I have never had relationship with Virgo, I have no idea how they are. as a Leo-woman I know I’m “crazy” if I like someone.
    What should I do? Should I wait until he text me? Or just step away and live my life without him? Does he need sometime and he will reach me out anyway?
    Thank you.

  12. Guys I’m a aries it’s just I don’t know how but I’m in love with a Virgo for at least 2 years he doesn’t know this sometimes I wish I could just tell all my feelings to him he just makes me feel safe and makes me laugh he is always there for me I sometimes get hints he likes me but when he gets super close and senses that I like him he gets cold to me but again next day he is my friend I even cry I know it’s weird I have never cried in a relationship but I really like him and I don’t like it when he ghosts me aries are very impatient but I’m always Patient around him letting him feel he can trust me he even drops signs he likes me but I’m scared okay aries are not confident it’s not true we are very sensitive when it comes to love we know how it feels like to be heartbroken so we are always scared to tell the person we like that we love them please can anyone give me some advice how can I make him open up it’s been 2 years and still he needs time…

    • I’m an Aries too, I feel like we’re the only ones lol. But I had a Virgo boyfriend. We had to break up bEva use he was moving but it was great while it lasted

  13. And I’m also scared to fall in love really really really deep I’m already in love but when I get too back up and he realises it he talks to me so much makes me laugh over and over again pulling me back sometimes I wish he could just tell me because we aries and Virgos don’t make the first move

  14. Hey I know right fire signs don’t have patience like me an Aries but when we are truly in love we are loyal giving caring and can do anything to keep our lover with us it’s just Virgos habit that they like to ghost u ghost u means they need really much time to think if your right for them or not so I guess we both should wait

  15. I have a huge crush on a Virgo and I am an Aquarius. How do I know that there might be a chance he likes me back? I reeeaaaallly like him.

  16. show him how much u r smart ! have a discuss with him about anything smart like books or paintings or even music and movies , virgos like smart girls , and maybe u have to take the first step with him .
    good luck

  17. im aquarius im normally a paient person but i cant deny the fact i have crush on him but idont know if he likes me back he does like half of the stuff i just read and idk wether he likes mehor not but i like being paient its just he always gives me confusing signals and im a empty feeling kinda gal but i still mostly am calm.

    what should i do?

  18. Im a Taurus…i am in livr with a virgo man…he came on strong first week but now after 6 weeks hrs not even massaging me…i got flowers… Food..now nothing…
    I’m very touchy feely but I can wait.. Just hope I haven’t fome something wrong!!??

  19. So I met this Virgo guy through my friend and I’m a Libra we hit it off so much so people on the second night we saw eachother were asking if we were together. We kissed that night and we both felt not only a spark but magnetism between us. But he stood me up the other night and I had to reach out to him he said he was sick and he was sorry but I don’t know what to do ADVICE WOULD BE GREAT!!

  20. I have been talking to a virgo man for more than two months now, and I am so confused. Sometimes I think he is just passing his time by talking to me, other times I feel like no he is interested. I have to be very patient with him and unfortunately I am someone who rushes into things. I dont know, he takes time to make a move. He is going away in June for work and I know it would be best if I didnt get involved but i am already involved now and i cant seem to back out. What does it mean though, he keeps talking to me throughout the day, even flirts with me at times , but doesnt take things ahead! He is nicer to other women than he is to me. Am I wasting my time? should I let go ?

  21. I’m an Aries female, April 16. Unlike the other Aries female who posted before me, I do not lack confidence. I am patient when I have to be but I am very aggressive, I usually get what I want. I liked a Virgo man, he did what everyone else says about laying with you and not having sex which was fine with me because I wasn’t ready for intimacy. But he did try to distance himself, He didn’t call me for 2 days straight even though we spoke everyday before that. We were friends first, since I wasn’t attracted to him at first. After he tried to call me after those 2 days he ghosted me, I decided not to answer. I ignored his calls for 3 days & went out with other friends. When I finally answers his call he was frantic, he asked where I’ve been and why I haven’t answered him. I told him I I didn’t want to waste my time if he didn’t feel for me what I felt for him so I moved on. He asked me out on an official date and we’ve been married 16 years. I’m a fire sign so it’s never boring,he is attentive, and caters to me. He loves to make me happy and I return all of his adoration. I don’t play games & he knows it. I tell him everyday how sexy he is and I cater to his visual senses. Its never boring. Its true that they are very romantic and loving. After 16 years he still brings me home flowers and chocolate randomly.just let him be the “Man” I let him choose my lingerie & he loves it! He’ll wash your hair & bathe you if you let him so be gentle .

  22. By the way ladies. You have to let him pursue YOU. If you come on too strong sexually he’ll back off. He likes the chase like most men, but he wants to make the bedroom move. Don’t be afraid to hold his hand or kiss him on his cheek,Just have fun, enjoy your time together & don’t be so needy. You have to be a little hard to get too. He has tons of women throwing themselves at him He just wants One he can laugh and feel himself with.

  23. Hi I’m a cancer woman and like Virgo man he is shy sometimes he makes me happy or smile or at the beginning he was whispering in my ear is killing me that smell good that he likes me giving him a massage but I don’t know why he acts very distant he doesn’t sweet talk anymore he doesn’t hold me sometimes I can’t figure out the Virgo man how do I know he likes me and is interested in me I am committed and all my attention is on him he’s the best thing ever happened to me what should I do

  24. I am a libra, i met this virgo man almost 2 mos. ago, at first he was so talkative on text and video call, and he said he likes me. And then we’d met, after our first date he was so annoying because he didnt have no more response, but when he said he will come back on 19th but he already arrive at 15th and telling me to meet him, and in personal he is so sweet but his not telling me what i am and even compliments nothing, but then he took me a photo and teasing me what i looks,
    He making me so confused, he making me crazy too! Idk what are we, he kiss me in public and he keeps teasing me while we are on the public.. when we first met i gave him a gift “fountain pen” when the 2nd meet he bought me a fountain pen too! And now he asking me to go in the party on 22nd, he said that is birthday party of his staff’s baby! What is that mean? Can anyone tell me what is happening? What is on his mind? Until now i am waiting for him to tell me that he likes me!please advise!

  25. I’m a Capricorn, with my Virgo man almost a year now. I do not have any of these issues you all speak of. We have been best friends since the very beginning, so it’s true. He needs to feel like he’s your friend, that’s when he becomes attracted to you. When he feels comfortable around you! Be patient with him and just be yourself. He will sense if you’re frantic and ready for the next step. Virgos like to ease into things, it gives them time to plan and think about their next move. They also don’t like pushovers or kiss asses. Be sweet, but have your own thoughts and opinions. Even if you don’t like something he loves, honesty is key with them. They love a chase too, so don’t be so obsessed with him. He will sense it from a mile away. Show some class, don’t be a slut. He doesn’t the easy road. (If you’re the one, this might work actually. My love and i rushed in the bedroom and he never ghosted me after.) Btw, all you ladies have nothing on us caps when it comes to Virgos. Sorry not sorry. 😂😘

  26. @carol – he likes you if he’s teasing you and still pursuing! Don’t take it personally. One thing- they can dish it but CANT take it! It’s just his shy, nervous little way of poking you with the crush stick. (:

  27. And totally kidding about you ladies having no chance compared to caps. Good luck to you all; keep in mind our personalities are not made up of solely our sun signs. ✨

  28. I’m a Capricorn girl, and I’ve recently moved house, and one of my new flat mates is a Virgo guy (Sun & Moon!) I know there’s danger in liking your housemate but I can’t help it, we have so much chemistry, I can’t escape him anyhow, he’s always making himself around me, I can tell he likes me too! (My Mars is in Virgo, I feel like we do things the same way sometimes!) We ended up randomly bumping into each other in a different city on the way home and spoke for hours on the train back, we found out we had a lot in common, he’s always bringing up this coincidence to others, it felt like fate. He’s always just “around” when I’m in the kitchen or lounge, and he’s constantly messaging me, even if we’re in the house together. He picks fun at me all the time, and is always trying to poke me or touch me in cute “jokey” ways. He’s always smiling around me, and making jokes, and this article made me giggle because he literally fed me some of his dessert off his fork the other day, without me asking him to share! And we had a house BBQ the other day and he took a candid photo of me grilling, sent it to me saying “how cute”. Some of these points are so him, it made me blush! Never knew how romantic Virgo men could be, they’re super sweet at heart! 😍 I’m hoping it’s something I can pursue, as I’m only risking it if it’s genuine! Good luck to you all with your Virgos!

  29. I am a Cap. with a sun rising in Gemini my story with Virgo man is a bit different I meet him while he was married at work and he was crashing on me for 2 years. I had no clue we got to talking online on colleague level and things got out of hand and we end up having an affair for 5 years… he is divorced now but the waiting for him making decision was to much for me and I let him go. Its 2 years now we apart I had never had stronger connection with anyone and I am still single.

  30. Im a sag…. I have a very unique virgo…. We moved in with each other after a week… And ive dated him since. I currently accept who he is which cant be generalized per say…. And I hope he is the one tBH

  31. Hi Ian a Libra been dateing a Virgo for 3 years all he do is hold the phone no conversation sex is great but nothing else is very cheap selfish

  32. Ooooo y’all I’m a Pisces female 22 who started working at a new job about a month and a half ago. I go personality over looks always and this Virgo man who’s probably around my age (we work together) extremely handsome asked out of the blue on my first day of work, “how did you like your first day.” I was shocked of how polite he was which was an immediate turn on for me. Anyway, I am very observant of what goes around me and ‘senses’ generally everything. This man as been staring at me every time I look over to see him because I sense things like I said. Just like in the article, he’d be across the room talking to his friends and I see me looking at me and boy I get nervous and anxious whenever he’s looking at me because I’m clumsy and don’t want to embarrass myself. Also what he does is whenever he’s near me he ease drops my convos I have with my friends while he’s on his phone or working. Since he’s so handsome, he’s very flirtatious Which is a turn off. I really think he’s everything but my dad is also a Virgo (and the have the same birthday! How odd) and I saw him flirting with women all the time while he was with my mom (sag) but my mom doesn’t give him affection etc. But it says to be patient with Virgo men but ugh it’s so hard especially how sweet he is.

  33. I have just meet a virgo and I’m an Aquarius woman, this post sums him up….glad I have read it so I know what else to look out for when I dont hear from him… he really likes me I see it in his eyes, and the way he speaks and moves with me….damn, I hope we have a chance…

  34. To summarize, I’m an Aquarius woman involved with a Virgo man. We’ve been friends for 3 years (on&off) but have always kept in contact. recently, he’s been more affectionate now that we have reconnected;however, I feel he’s more shy around me and it’s hard for us to actually communicate now (in person)
    I’m going crazy because I’m not openly affectionate but my feelings are so deep for him. I’m not sure how or if I should explain this

  35. Im a 59 YO Pisces Woman and just met and went out to dinner with my first Virgo ever…it was supposed to be a casual dinner meeting. OMG! It was the most wonderfully unexpected romantic, filled evening. Chemistry was off the charts but Such a gentleman. This write up truly has sized him up, down to the “Sweetie” and “Dear”. I want this man…he seems shy, a gentleman and yes, has told me he wants to wrap himself around me and fall asleep together…romantic yes, but it is apparent, he doesn’t take love and intimacy lightly..nothing sexual yet and that’s ok with me. If it all works out we shall both be beneficiaries of waiting for it. Yes he has ghosted me after much affectionate expressions and I am frustrated. I also know now, I have to be patient and understand this is part of who he is. I somehow am trusting the situation…its scary but also learning something about myself. Keeping my fingers crossed, my smile on and good vibes going out!

  36. Hey I’m a virgo man and something I see in the commentaries a lot is that the Virgo man comes and go when in a relationship. This is a bad sign.

    What you ladies must know is that a good virgo man is always polite, respectful and considerate. Of course family education and values play a lot of importance on this aspect, but it is true. A virgo man will take some time to make his move. If he is single and looking for a partner, he will flirt a lot, not to get every lady laid, but to know who he is dealing with. Once he finds a woman he likes, he will start a relationship with her and be loyal to the end.

    Do not, under any circumstances, sleep with him early on. This is a general rule of thumb, but specially with a Virgo. Virgo man can be truly skilled on sex with a loving partner, yet he despises anything that is easy, dull and bare. So if there is no love involved, he won’t come back. Let he make the proposal and then don’t give it to him. Say you will think about it and leave it hanging until you really want it (don’t make it too soon).

    Don’t play games, however. Be honest at all times, because if he starts to think you are playing games, he will tell you about it and go away for good. It is very important you keep honest at all times, and you can demand it from him too, because honesty and loyalty is something he likes and will do his best to accomplish (if he is a decent man). Do not try to make him angry by flirting with other people (making him jealous on purpose) because you will bring the worst out of him and he will take you out of the fist position in everything in his life, and throw you somewhere way down the ranking. You will hurt your relationship in a very bad way if you do this. He will think he has made a very bad mistake and consider you common…. Dull…. And bare….. If he is not loyal, and makes you feel jealous by flirting with other woman, break up with him straight away. He is the worst type of Virgo man there is.

    Finally: an honest Virgo man will never disappear, make you look bad or use you like a sexual object. He can have rash ways to give opinions at times, and you should help him to smooth this characteristic over (he doesn’t like it too), but even in the worst moments he will stay in touch. You will be the one and only number one in his life. If he is hurt or confused, and is at least a little bit mature emotionally, he will tell you so. He may take his time to think things over, but will always be willing to keep in touch, talk to you and try to sort things out, even if he needs some time alone.

    If a virgo man is showing up only for the good or sex moments, dump him. He is not a decent Virgo man. Go find a decent one. 🙂

    Good luck!

  37. Scorpio lady 34 with a 34 virgo man. Funny I’m always dating a capricorn lol with a capricorn son as my kids dad is a capricorn. lol. Well my mom dad their dads other 2 are virgo an my aunt an uncle an I adore them all. Like I do him we say the same things like the same things. we have chemistry mentally and sexually. I really have fallen for him and so has he I can tell it. Idk pray this works. 😚🥰

  38. I am a cancer female and have been talking to a Virgo man for 6 months now. We started off as messing around, intimacy a few times in the first few months and then the intimacy stopped. We became friends, best friends actually. When we first met he had mentioned that he doesn’t really hang out too much during the week because he’s focused on going to the gym twice a day. Well that didn’t happen for too long. For the last several months we’ve hung out with each other several times a week (4-5days out of the week) such as go to the gym, watch sports, play PS4, have funny conversations, give each other advise and just support each other. I’ve had the key to the apartment so that I can head over and cook dinner while he’s at the gym or he’s cooked dinner for us before also. All this after we’ve agreed to be friends. Whenever her needs something, I don’t hesitate to be there and help with whatever he needs. I’ve shown him my true self, that I am honest, extremely loyal and giving. Not trying to impress him because that’s just who I really am as a person.

    We talk and text daily, well we don’t text too much during the day because of work and he calls me daily when he gets off work. Although now we’re just friends and really good ones, I would want nothing more than a relationship with him. I’ve met his family and have become very close to his mom and sister. They’ve even mentioned how they have noticed that he has changed a bit since meeting me and how before they met me I was all he talked about ‘my friend Pricila this and my friend Pricila that”. Apparently he’s easier for them to talk to now, he seems more at ease. I even spent new years with him and his family as friends of course.

    We have had a conversation that if it does not turn into a relationship that we have gained each other as friends for life. And if he gets into a relationship he will be upfront and honest with that person and let them know that his best friend is a female and we spend a lot of time together, and if she’s not okay with it then she will have to just move on. And I feel the same if I were to get into a relationship, I would let that person know that he is my bff and he isn’t going anywhere….

    I understand how he is in wanting/needing his own space and I respect that and allow it bc it is who he is and he needs that. How long should I stay his friend before trying to pursue more? Do I wait and let him come to me when he’s ready? How would I know if it’ll actually happen and i don’t have my hopes up for something that may not happen?

  39. I’m a Libra, and I have loved a Virgo man for 28 years we have been on and off a lot but I moved away for 20 years and we both had married and divorced and had kids but we have 1 child, he found me when I moved back to town, and rekindled our love, but after a year or so in he changed got distant and started entertaining a lot of young women, girls, hoes, whatever, but I have been patiently waiting cause I do feel God brought us back together, I’m just unsure what has happened or why, When we both know we love each other, I felt maybe hes in a midlife crisis stage, I really don’t know what to do but pray.

  40. I am an Aquarius snake he is an Virgo snake. Wow unbelievable the connection!
    I am enjoying every second . Also from the start I felt we were made for one another …

  41. I’m a Cancer. Met a Virgo man online. It took us over a month to meet each other In person, but communicated through texting. Finally I decided to meet him at his house. We chilled and cuddled all night watching tv. We end up having wonderful sex. I stayed the rest of the night and left in the morning. We both had to be at work early. He trusted me and left me sleeping while he went to work. Mind you this is the first date together. It’s been 2days and I haven’t heard from him.

    Should I worry?

  42. As a virgo I will let you in on sincere tips and tricks for your virgo. Guy or girl:

    – I will regard this as probably the most important thing
    SHOW HOW SMART YOU ARE. INTELLECT IS BEYOND IMPORTANT. intellect can cover other faults. Be well read and versed in a plethora of topics. We are great listeners. I cant emphasize how much intellect matters in our attraction to a person.

    – If we offer you help (although we like helping everyone) If your virgo is driving miles to see you, offering to bring you lunch at work, and preforming small romantic gestures that could be disguised as us just being friendly with you. We do like you and no need to second guess this. We know how to be your friend so if youre going through it we will simply be there for you and not expect anything in return. We do not often need you to help us

    – Since we are beyond reserved and may come off cold. We are always engaged and listening. Be strategic with flirting. Honestly you dont have to worry about coming on too strong if we like you. If it seems we are pulling away we are concerned you will figure out our admiration for you. We are very private and respectful pursuers. Give us your number and flirt with us. We typically do not make the first move. Do not mistake this for submissiveness. Tell us you like us. it wont make us like you any less. That mystery crap is for the birds. although we can be mysterious. We like practicality and knowing. “Oh you like me back? What should we do about this?”

    – Always be clean. Bodily and your home. DIrty and unkept surrounding will turn us off FAST. we will have no problem telling you were leaving and will be more than happy to tell you why. We are very straightforward people.

    – Do not be overly discouraged of you see us pull away, reach out again. you could consider this a small test. We do not have many of them. But if I could pick a game we play it would be that one. We do not like even the possibility of rejection.

    – When in person come on a little strong, we need the encouragement.

    – We love talking. We are very busy. So sometimes were not able for a day or so. However we will find time to talk to you. Call us on the phone we are not full fans of texting. Do not be afraid to text us or double text, we will not think of people as needy or overshareres. we appreciate the honesty and will reward you. We love talking. Thats how we develop are attraction to you

    – Be patient we need it.

    – We will be your friend first and stick by you. You can always confide in us. we are private people and will not share your business or our sexual encounters.

    – If we are quiet on dates that it normal, if we keep agreeing to hang out, that all you have to worry about. We will come around.

    – We will only reach out so much. If we feel you are not interested none of above applies. We will withdraw and be cold and detached.

  43. I’ve been dating a Virgo man for 2yrs and until now he still periodically pulls away. Usually when I don’t hear from him for a few days I’ll initiate contact but it feels like he’s playing games waiting for me to reach out. It is my belief that men should take more initiative and I also don’t like chasing him. I asked if he’s losing interest or getting bored with the relationship but he says no. What’s up with him and should I be worried? What should I do?

    • It greatly depends on his personality type, traits, habits, and so many other factors that I wish I could analyze >.<

      While some star signs can enjoy each other's company to the fullest extent, and as I'm sure you know, Virgos sometimes needs breathing room otherwise it can emotionally drain them. It can vary for each individual, but if it is making you feel uneasy, let him know.

      He could be losing interest and refuses to tell you because he's conflicted or because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings at that moment, not realizing its hurting you in the long run.

      Being a Virgo, I would want to make it my mission to see my partner always happy and smile, cause it makes me happy in turn. If you feel he's playing games with you, play some back! ^w^ give subtle hits of distancing and uneasiness and see how he responds.

      If a Virgo cares for you, he will generally want to know how to rectify any issues so you're happy again!

      Also it 'should' be a two way street for re-initiating contact again, you both should be doing it. If he doesn't then maybe don't respond and see how long it takes.

      But the best thing is communication. Let him know how you feel, and what actions he does or does not take that makes you feel insecure about the relationship.

      Hope this may in some way help 🙂

  44. I’m a Gemini.. just met a Virgo man online. It’s strange to not have someone want to talk to you everyday. I’m trying to research as much as I can. I know two people can make it work if they want it. I just fear that he isn’t that interested one minute then the next he’s all about wanting to know things about me… it’s worth waiting on right?

  45. I’m a Gemini (with sun sign Capricorn & moon sign Aries) falling in love w a Virgo. He’s brilliant & so complex. As a Gemini that can quickly get bored… this is an enticing man. My Aries moon sign (which controls emotion & sexually) craves him & I tell him so. He loves that. I jumped him on the first date (met him online) the sex has been unbelievable.
    He’s sharing so much of himself. His emotions etc.. I can tell he’s falling in love & a little confused bc it’s happening so fast. He pulls away for a day or so. But always comes back. Wants to spend time through out the week. We debate & have the most intense conversations. He loves that. & so do I. I’ve never met his equal & tell him exactly how I feel. Am honest & punctual & well put together.
    I fulfilled sex fantasies he’s had all his life but too shy to talk about. I can see the way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking. It’s so romantic.
    Yes sex isn’t primary in Virgo’s life. But he’s the best most unselfish lover ever! My satisfaction means everything to him. I tell him exactly how amazing he is in every way I feel it. Be patient bc Virgo is the best man ever. When we comes to you his whole heart is engaged. We’ve only been seeing each other 2 months. I can tell he’s scared but can’t stay away.
    I feel good about the future.

  46. Im a Pisces woman and im falling for a virgo man, he’s definitely a confusing sign for me, one minute he’s texting me throught the day, and the next sometimes i dont hear from him (only in the morning and thats it) im kinda just going with the flow and remaining patient and hoping for the best.

    • I am in the same boat, pisces woman into a virgo man. So far he is pretty much what I have read about, and I am very impressed. With online dating, we are far apart, so have not met yet, but he is the most knight in shining armor type of man so far!
      I think after this I might onmy be into Virgo men, the good ones 🙂

  47. So I’ve had a crush on a Virgo man♍ (20 yrs old) and we have been talking since last June and it’s August now. So he has quite a heart breaking past and me being a Taurean woman♉ (21yrs old) with no experience on relationships in general, yes I’m single since birth, am really really reallyyyy into on how he respects women, on his beliefs, how he cares for his family and how grounded he is. I know that Virgo men don’t easily give their attention to just anyone, I just hope that I’ll be different from the rest u know? And i hope he sees that 😥 HI TO MY FELLOW TAUREAN WOMEN ♉ OUT THERE! Being hopelessly romantic and all 💖🤦‍♀️ love from the Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • He will for sure, as he is watching. just continue to be there and love on him, If he ghosts then just know he is just recharging. Socialising takes alot out of us Virgos and we pull back to reconnect to us.

  48. If you happen to be the insecure type, you probably won’t go far with a Virgo. This man needs his space (and being a Sagittarius, I can relate!) Once there’s a TRUE friendship established and a REAL mutual trust, you won’t have to question whether or not he likes you, you’ll know. Pay attention and be patient- he’s absolutely worth it!!


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