12 Obvious Signs a Taurus Woman Likes You

Signs a Taurus Woman Likes You

A Taurus woman is slow and methodical in everything, including her relationships. It will take time to win her heart, but when you do, you will have won it forever. Taurus women do not talk about their feelings very much, but they do demonstrate their feelings by their actions. Pay attention to these signs a Taurus woman likes you. See also the signs a Taurus man likes you.

Relationships in Astrology

Relationships are complicated. They grow and change over time. The way they grow and change is predictable and can be traced in what is known as Houses. Houses can be derived from the Sun Sign, but they can also be determined from the sign that was rising in the East at the time of birth. This is known as the Ascendant. With your date, time, and place of birth, you can find your Ascendant by having a Natal Chart cast for free at either Astrodient or Astrolabe.

The path that relatioships take is as follows:

  • 1st House – Initial encounters and early dating
  • 11th House – Growing into a friendship
  • 5th House – Blossoming into a romantic relationship
  • 7th House – Marriage or long term commitment

Watch for these signs a Taurus woman likes you at each of these steps along the way.

Clear Signs a Taurus Woman Likes You at Each Stage

Early Encounters – Signs a Taurus Woman Finds You Attractive

Early Encounters - Signs a Taurus Woman Finds You Attractive

The first stage of a relationship includes the moment that you first meet and your first several dates. This is when you are trying to get to know each other better. This stage of a relationship is governed by the 1st House, in this case, Taurus. Taurus women dislike change, and a new relationship is a big change. Available adult Taurus women are not very common, as many of them marry their childhood or high school sweethearts. If you do find a single Taurus woman who is available, you will need to be prepared for a long courtship. Here are the signs a Taurus woman likes you and finds you attractive.

1) She will stop what she is doing to talk with you

A Taurus woman will have a routine. If you meet her at work, as much as she can, she will do the same thing in the same way every single day. In her non-working hours, she will also have a routine. She will go to the same stores, the same restaurants, at the same time. You can generally set your watch to a Taurus woman. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so she will be pleasant to strangers, but she generally does not willingly socialize with anyone she does not know. So, if she steps out of her routine to talk with you, it is good sign that she may be attracted to you.

2) She will agree to a date

If you have been talking for some time, you might try asking her out. Even if she likes you, however, this might be a challenge. Going out on a date will vary her routine, so she might make it hard to schedule one with you. Unlike a Libra woman, if a Taurus woman can not seem to find time, it is generally not an indirect refusal. If a Taurus woman does not like you, she will politely, but directly, refuse you. What is happening is that the schedules and routines of a Taurus woman are her rock in an otherwise chaotic and unpredictable world. She really will have time adjusting them for even one date.

Your best bet is to entice her with good food or a musical concert. Taureans are famous for their love of food and music. If you can find a way to incorporate your date within her routine, that would be even better. For example, if she has a day of the week that she usually goes to a certain restaurant, you can offer to meet her there on that day.

3) She may invite you to dinner

If you have been dating a while, she may invite you to her place for dinner. This is generally not a move to take your relationship to the next level as it would be for another sign. Taurus women (and men, for that matter) are famous for being some of the best cooks in the zodiac, rivaled only by Cancer women (and men). She will want to show off her skill. She will also be much more comfortable in her own home than she will be out in public. A Taurus woman will prefer to meet you in her own territory if she can.

Developing a Friendship – Signs a Taurus Woman is Feeling Close to You

Developing a Friendship - Signs a Taurus Woman is Feeling Close to You

The next stage of a relationship is friendship. Friendships are located in the 11th House, and the 11th House from Taurus is Pisces. At this stage, a Taurus woman will relax her routines a little to allow for your relationship. She will also become quite passive and easy-going. Watch for these signs a Taurus woman likes you and is starting to feel close.

4) You will become a part of her routine

When a Taurus woman starts to feel comfortable with you, you will become a part of her routine. She may have dinner with you once a week, on the same night of the week, every week, or have lunch with you every day, at the same time. She may even want to go to the same place every time. The more you are willing to go along with this, the happier she will be.

If you need more variety than this, as most non-Taureans do, this is the best stage of the relationship to negotiate that with her. It is in this stage that she will be the most receptive to ideas and to trying new things. If you can negotiate this into your routine, that might make it easier for her. A suggestion would be to designate one night a week (or a month, depending on your circumstances) as the “doing something new and different” night. She might even enjoy a little variety herself under such limited parameters.

5) She will share her favorite movies with you

A perfect evening for a Taurus is staying at home, having a good dinner, and watching a movie on the television, usually one she has seen many times before. One of the signs a Taurus woman likes you and is feeling close to you is that she will want to see her favorite movies or television shows with you. If you are lucky, you will have similar tastes in movies and television as she does. She will probably be able to recite the dialogue along with the actors and actresses, and if she is feeling safe with you, she will do so while you are watching together.

6) She will share her dreams with you and want to know yours

As a Taurus woman grows more comfortable with you, she will talk about her dreams. Usually, her dreams will involve land in the countryside, with a nice, settled life. She will ask you about your dreams. There is often a gentle, sweetness to Taurean women, and she will show that side of herself if you open up to her with your own dreams.

Romance – Signs a Taurus Woman is Falling in Love With You

Romance - Signs a Taurus Woman is Falling in Love With You

Romantic relationships are located in the 5th House, and the 5th House from Taurus is Virgo. When a Taurus woman falls in love, she will become quite serious. She will become less passive and uncharacteristically critical. This is because as soon as she falls in love, a Taurus woman will be considering you as a permanent fixture in her life, and she will be trying to make sure you fit in just right. Watch for these signs a Taurus woman likes you and is falling in love.

7) She will start talking a lot

Taurus woman are generally quiet, but at this stage of a relationship, she will talk a great deal. Some of the reason for this is happiness. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Taurus women like to have someone special in their lives.

She will also want to tell you as much about herself as she can. If you are going to be a part of her life, she will need to stake out her territory with you. A Taurus needs as much stability as she can get, so she will want to be sure that you will not upset her order or change too much about how she has come to live her life before you came around. This will likely include discussion of little things like the importance of keeping the container even and level when you scoop ice cream, and other seemingly trival matters.

8) She will feel possessive towards you

A Taurus woman in love will feel possessive towards you. This may happen earlier in your relationship, but it will certainly happen by the time that your relationship has developed into a romance. Taurus measures her life by what she has, and at least on some level, she sees everything in her life as one of her possessions, even the people and relationships. The reason for this is that Taurus is the sign associated with mid-Spring, when the most important task is to grow and accumulate. The archetype for Taurus is the farmer or gardener. Possessiveness is a part of the very nature of this sign.

If you belong to one of the freedom loving signs, such as Sagittarius or Aquarius, this trait can seem confining and frustrating. It is important to remember, though, that it is one of the signs a Taurus woman likes you and is falling in love. If her possessiveness is difficult for you, this is something to negotiate with her. She will understand such negotiations as your staking out your own territory in the relationship and will respect you for it. Once you have established your boundaries, you can be sure that a Taurus woman will honor them. You can also be sure, though, that she will expect you to honor her boundaries in return.

9) She will notice everything about you and anticipate your needs

When a Taurus woman falls in love with you, she will started to notice more and more about you. As discusssed above, one of the signs a Taurus woman likes you is that she starts to feel like you belong to her. She wants to know everything about her belongings. She will know your habits and your schedule, perhaps better than you know them yourself.

A Taurus woman in love will anticipate your needs and offer you as much practical help as she can. Her willingness to go out of her way to help you is another of the signs a Taurus woman likes you and is falling in love. Taurus is known for laziness, so if she pays attention to your needs and expends effort on your behalf, it is a sure sign of her true affection for you.

Long Term Relationship – Signs a Taurus Woman Wants to Settle Down With You

Long Term Relationship - Signs a Taurus Woman Wants to Settle Down With You

On some level, a Taurus woman will have been considering your relationship as permanent from the very beginning. Taurus really hates change, so she would not have even started to date you if she did not think that the relationship had long term potential. Still, a Taurus woman will do nothing fast, so it will take a long time for her to be ready for a permanent commitment. Marriages and long term commitments are ruled by the 7th House, and the 7th House from Taurus is Scorpio! When a normally easy-going and passive Taurus woman is ready to settle down, she will surprise you with just how passionate she can be.

10) She will be jealous of you

Taurus women are famous for their jealousy, and it is one the most difficult traits of this sign. She probably would have shown this side of herself in earlier stages, but it will almost certainly come out in full measure when she sees you as a long term partner. If you flirt with or are even overly friendly to another woman, you will very likely incur her wrath. As difficult as this may be, it is one of the hallmark signs a Taurus woman likes you.

It is best not to argue with her if she gets jealous. Taurus women are slow to anger, but given sufficient provocation, they have a formidable temper. Gifts will usually appease her long enough to have a conversation about what happened. It would take an extremely furious Taurus woman to refuse flowers and chocolate. Once she has calmed down, the best thing to do is to reassure her of your love for her, and that you would never do anything to jeopardize your relationship.

Do understand, though, that your reasurrances must be genuine. If you are prone to infidelity, a Taurus woman is not for you. Other signs might forgive cheating, but a Taurus woman never will.

11) She will want a traditional marriage

Taurus needs stability. The only way she will feel secure in your relationship is if you are formally and legally married. Like a Scorpio woman, a Taurus woman will almost never accept an unconventional long-term relationship.

12) She will be concerned about property

When a Taurus woman is ready for marriage, one of the most important considerations for her will be your property and hers. If she does not already own a house, she will want one together. If you have a house, she will be very concerned about things like how title is held. She may want a Pre-Nuptial Agreement, especially if she is older and has children from a previous marriage.

This may seem upsetting and unromantic, but a Taurus woman can not help but concern herself with money and property. This is actually one of the signs a Taurus woman likes you and wants you in her life on a permanent basis. She just wants to be sure that you both have all of your affairs in order in case anything unexpected happens in the future.

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Taurus women are slow and steady, and they can make great partners for those who understand them and give them the security they need. Watch for these signs a Taurus woman likes you along the way. What do you think, does your Taurus woman show she likes you in these ways?

12 Obvious Signs a Taurus Woman Likes You
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12 Obvious Signs a Taurus Woman Likes You
It will take time to win a Taurus woman's heart, but when you do, you will have it forever. See the signs a Taurus woman likes you or is in love.
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  1. i am a taurean,and i agree with every word that was written her…like it is like they already knew me without getting to know me physically….and i hope someday just this author understands my pesonality ,that HE too will do the same

  2. I met one recently and she is super kind understanding and funny and I think she likes me too. Wish me luck because I like her too and want this to work out


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