12 Obvious Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You

Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You

Scorpio is the sign of extremes, and a Scorpio woman never does anything halfway. This is true for matters of the heart as well. It takes a long time to win the heart of a Scorpio woman, and when she gives it away, she usually mates for life. Scorpios are famous for being mysterious and complicated. If you have fallen for a Scorpio woman, we will take you through the signs a Scorpio woman likes you. Also see the signs a Scorpio man likes you.

What Zodiac Sign to Use

Most people know their Sun Sign, but just as important, if not more so, is the sign that was rising in the East when you were born, which is known as the Ascendant. Astrologers divide the sky into sections known as Houses starting with that sign. These Houses govern the different areas of our lives, and different types of relationships are located in different Houses.

You can learn the Ascendant or Rising Sign from a Natal Chart. You will need a date, time, and place of birth. If you have this information, you can get a Natal Chart for free from either Astrodienst or Astrolabe. If you known her Ascendant, it will give the most accurate results, but if you do not, the Sun Sign will work as well.

The Four Stages of Relationships

Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and wooing a Scorpio woman is like embarking on a quest to gain entry into a castle. A Scorpio woman falling in love falls deeply and hard, so she protects herself with barriers to prevent that from happening until she finds the right person. These barriers are predictable, however. They follow the logical stages of relationship development, and the astrological Houses provide a map to each barrier.

The first stage is the 1st House, and you must pass through this House before developing any kind of relationship at all. The second stage is the 11th House, which brings you to the level of friendship. The third stage is the 5th House, where the Scorpio woman will allow herself romantic feelings towards you. The fourth and final stage is the 7th House, where the Scorpio woman is ready for a lifetime commitment.

We will guide you on this quest with the signs a Scorpio woman likes you at each of these stages.

Clear Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You at Each Stage

The First Stage – Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You and is Interested in You

The First Stage - Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You and is Interested in You

For any type of relationship the first stage is governed by the 1st House. This can be seen as the outside door where you knock and see if you will be allowed inside. This House is always the sign itself, which in this case is Scorpio. A Scorpio woman guards this first door very carefully, and few people ever get beyond this level. Here are the signs a Scorpio woman likes you and is willing to let you through the door to this first stage.

1) She will go out with you

The first and foremost sign a Scorpio woman is interested in you is that she will see you at all. If a Scorpio woman has no interest in you, she will reject you outright. By the way, this is true at any level when dating a Scorpio woman. A scorpion will sting itself before being defeated by a larger animal, and no matter how difficult or painful it is for her, a Scorpio woman will break up with you totally and completely if she needs to. Once you are shown the door, you will never be allowed back in.

So, if a Scorpio woman will see you at all, you can be sure that this is one of the signs a Scorpio woman likes you.

2) She will ask you questions about yourself

A Scorpio woman will want to know as much about you as she can as early as possible. In the early stages of your relationship with a Scorpio woman, you will find yourself doing most of the talking. She will be paying close attention, not just to what you say but how you act. She will also be paying close attention to how you treat others around you, such as the wait staff of the restaurant. From the very first, a Scorpio woman will looking at you as a potential partner, so she will want to gather as much information as possible.

If she likes what she sees and hears, she will continue to show interest. If she does not, you will know. Her eyes will glaze over, and you will be able to tell from her voice and her demeanor that she has closed and locked the door to her heart.

3) She will self-disclose

A Scorpio woman will likely keep the relationship at this level for some time. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign and is slow to move and change. At some point, though, she will do something rather surprising. She will tell you something very deep and personal about herself. Prior to this, you will have likely done most of the talking, and she will have revealed very little about herself. Yet, when she does reveal something, it probably be something quite intimate and often very embarrassing.

This is a test. She is thinking of letting you through the second stage. Rejection is very painful for her, so in her eyes, if you are going to leave her, it is best that you do so early on, before she gets too attached. She is telling you the thing or things she thinks you may reject her for. She is giving you a chance to leave now, if you want to.

If you pass this test and stay, she will probably let you through the second stage.

The Second Stage – Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You and Considers You a Friend

The Second Stage - Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You and Considers You a Friend

Often the words “just friends” are used in a dismissive way. For a Scorpio woman, however, there is no “just” about it. Scorpio women choose their friends very carefully. They rarely have many friends, but they value each of their friends very highly. With some signs, it might be possible to skip or move quickly through the friendship stage. This would be highly unlikely with a Scorpio woman, however. Friendship is an 11th House relationship, and the 11th House from Scorpio is Mercury-ruled Virgo. Before a Scorpio woman falls in love with you, she will have to see if she likes you on an intellectual level.

4) She will talk freely with you

Once she has revealed her deepest, darkest secrets, and you have not been scared off, she will start to open up about many things. Conversations will become more mutual, and you might even find that she does more talking than you. She is still paying close attention to you, but it will have a different feel to it. She will seem a little more relaxed and a little less guarded.

5) She will keep her distance, physically

With Scorpio women, there is no such thing as “friends with benefits.” Scorpio has a reputation as a “sexy” sign, but it is a lot more complicated than that. Almost all Scorpio women are at least slightly empathic, and most are very empathic, whether they are aware of it or not. They spend much of their lives shielding themselves from the emotions of others. For an empath, physical touch breaks down any shielding they have.

A Scorpio woman is not really capable of casual sex. Physical intimacy will create a powerful bond for her, whether she wants that bond or not. If a Scorpio woman is not a virgin and is available, she will have learned that lesson the hard way, and she will be bearing scars from a deeply broken heart. She will be loathe to repeat that mistake.

6) She will share her interests with you

One of the clear signs that a Scorpio woman likes you and is thinking of letting you through the third stage is when she starts sharing her interests with you. A Scorpio woman will usually have at least one or two interests she is passionate about. She will want to know whether you share these interests or are at least willing to tolerate them.

It might not be obvious, but this is another test. Scorpio women do not act on impulse, but think well into the future. She is considering you as a possible lifetime mate, and she wants to know if she can have her passions and you as well.

The Third Stage – Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You and is Falling in Love With You

The Third Stage - Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You and is Falling in Love With You

It may take some time, but at some point, a Scorpio woman will allow herself to fall in love. She has learned that you are not going to go away, that you are intellectually compatible, and that you are willing to allow her to keep her other passions. She is ready to let you in to the inner chambers of her heart. This stage of a relationship is governed by the 5th House, and the 5th House from Scorpio is Pisces. There will be very clear and obvious signs a Scorpio woman likes you at this level and is falling in love.

7) She will drop her guard

When a Scorpio woman falls in love, she drops her guard completely. Always before, it has been clear that she was watching you and testing you. When she falls in love, however, she will be spontaneous and free with you. The hard exterior will fall, and she will become soft and gentle. She will change the way she dresses. Her clothes will be more relaxed and feminine. Her appearance will have an almost magical quality.

8) She will cry in front of you

Scorpio women have deep emotions, but they do not show them to just anyone. A Scorpio woman in love will allow herself to be vulnerable. She will cry in front of you rather than holding back her tears. She will allow you to hold her and comfort her.

9) She will allow physical intimacy

As we discussed before, a Scorpio woman will go very slow with respect to physical intimacy. If she has any experience dating at all, she will know that she will imprint on any sexual partner. She will also know the bond that forms will be very hard and painful for her to break. For her, this is the point of no return. When a Scorpio woman gives her body, she also gives her heart, mind, and soul. She can not help it. So, when she says “yes,” this is one of the clear signs a Scorpio woman likes you and is ready to let you through the fourth and final stage.

The Fourth Stage – Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You and Wants to Be With You for Life

The Fourth Stage - Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You and Wants to Be With You for Life

Long-term committed relationships belong to the 7th House, and the 7th House from Scorpio is Taurus. As stated before, unless something goes seriously wrong, a Scorpio woman mates for life. If you have gotten to this stage, the signs will be quite clear.

10) She will relax with you

One of the biggest shifts when moving from a dating relationship to a long term commitment with a Scorpio woman is that she will relax. In the early stages of the relationship, she would have been quite guarded with you, and in the third stage, there will be a deep intense quality, as all of the pent up attraction is let loose.

Once you have reached the fourth and final stage, however, the Scorpio woman will finally feel safe with you, and she will adopt a relaxed and easy demeanor around you. She will talk and listen openly, and you will no longer feel like you are being interrogated or tested. She will start simply being herself.

11) She will be physically affectionate with you

One of the signs that a Scorpio woman likes you and has bonded with you is that she will become very affectionate with you on a physical level. She will touch you and want to be touched by you. She will want to cuddle often. Physical touch will become natural and free. This will be in stark contrast to the earlier stages of the relationship, which were strictly hands-off. When she becomes physically affectionate with you on a regular and casual basis, this is one of the clearest signs a Scorpio woman likes you and has bonded with you on a deep level.

12) She will want you to marry her

No matter what moral or religious beliefs she has, and no matter her political leanings, a Scorpio woman is usually quite conservative at heart. Other signs might be happy with an unconventional arrangement, but a Scorpio woman will not. A Scorpio woman will want you to marry her in a legally binding ceremony.

Scorpio women are intensely loyal and are famous for their jealousy. This will not be an open marriage, nor will she abide infidelity. If a Scorpio woman has bonded to someone she will be faithful to the bitter end, and she will expect the same in return. A Scorpio woman may show signs of jealousy at earlier stages of the relationship, as she will be considering you as a potential marriage partner all along. She will most certainly show signs of jealousy, however, when she has bonded with you and is ready to commit.

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Courting a Scorpio woman is not for the feint of heart. She will test you at every stage, and these tests will not be easy. If you want a passionate and loving woman with unshakeable loyalty and faithfulness, however, this journey will be well worth the effort. To help you on your quest, pay attention to these signposts along the way. What do you think, does your Scorpio woman show she likes you in these ways?

12 Obvious Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You
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12 Obvious Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You
Find the 12 obvious signs a Scorpio woman likes you and is falling in love. It will take time to win her heart and affection, but once you do...
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    • Same case bro, I am a Piscean too..!! Got floored by a Scorpio woman. We are still friends but I’ve developed feelings for her.

      The idea of true love that I had till date has been shattered to pieces. What’s happening between us is sheer magic.

      More ero follow. Let me give it some time 🙂

      • As a Scorpio woman, I can say these things are true. We want to love and be loved, but it takes a lot for us to open up bc we know we can offer lifetime loyalty and commitment.

  1. Yeah I am a cancer guy and what have been said it’s true at first I was doing the talking but recently she is opening up doing all the talking and she revealed the darkest secrets

  2. Didn’t know she was a Scorpio. I just kept telling her she was so special and I didn’t know why. I’m a clairvoyant Confident Cancer. She’s said friends twice. This time I wanted her to be away from me but she wanted us to be friends and has made a big deal about it. She’s opening up. She’s asking me questions she’s saying she’s here for me to make me better and wants me to be there to help her get better.
    I’m thinking it’s all bs. Because she’s very very beautiful. I told her friends okay but not friend zone. That’s still something I’m not going back on no friend zone. No no no. The bad part is we live too far from each other or I’d go see her right now.
    I usually date the most beautiful women but never have come across someone like her. Very mysterious, great poet, deep thoughts, even her beauty is different. Everytime I think of her or see anything from her it’s the sweetest thing she’ll say.

    I told her to call or text me she said she will. I was thinking maybe at some point weeks months later but nope the next day asap. I was surprised. Even told me she texted me. She’s so positive and optimistic I like her.
    I’m worried it’s going to take me some work to have to go see her if this is going to go anywhere and if I want to not lose her I better come through.
    I want her to know if she sees this, that I have her back and im just bragging lightly about my Scorpio. I want the best for her even if im not the best for her. She’ll have me forever.
    You have me I have you. Take your time Im waiting for you

    • What is it with a Scorpio women? They’re so magnetic. I’m in a very similar situation as you, Mr. Tool. I went and caught feelings. I do feel like some progress with our “friendship”. She’s so beautiful from the inside out. It went from a friendship, to her knowing I like her, to her opening up more, to her wanting to know me, to light physical contact, to flirting. I guess I’m confused because I know I want her.

    • Same experience for me also. I am a Pisces man and have met a Scorpio lady who has turned my world upside down with her presence and being. I thought I had it all figured out in life, responsible job, determined personality, confident to plunge in the water of life with a leap of faith and here I am now… Reading all I can about personality traits of a Scorpio.

      I have told her already about my feelings for her and she replied in all honesty where she stands at this point of our contact. Friendship to me is actually at the same level of intimacy except for the physical aspect. But aside from that both she and I are totally zen with each other at this point.

      She is from Hong Kong and I am from the Netherlands. She is every bit the class act lady I have pictured it in my mind. I am an artist and everytime when I draw her portrait the spiritual presence strikes me like lightning.

      She cares for her dogs as they were her children and she starts to share her beliefs and interests now with me. For me, it is not at all some sort of schedule or agenda I have to follow to become her companion. I already am committed to that whatever shape or form the relationship will be in the future.

      But I am learning so much right now. About her, about me and about life. I am 47 and she is a few years younger and so we both have life experience but it feels right now like I have been thrown back in time to plan a life ahead with her.

      I cannot help it! I make every wrong step except the unfaithful part. Because when it was clear to me she made the difference for me, I ended all my dating profiles. I no longer have the desire of meeting new people when it comes to dating.

      I want to give my all in this contact and am willing to make it work.

      Thank you for everything I got to read here. I wish everyone the same joy and happiness I am feeling now. It is 4.30 am and I don’t care. I am in love!

  3. I’m a Scorpio woman that’s still figuring things out haven’t really ever dated since I’ve been with same guy since 16 and I’m 31 now but I agree with this cause my first go around I did all the waiting and still got played could’ve had to do with my obsessed baby daddy who is a pisces who was stalking me and this go around I did the opposite and went fast now he’s trying to be in a relationship and I still ain’t sure. By the way y’all Pisces need to watch it y’all get very obsessive of a Scorpio I know cause there’s three that way for me and only one has been with me

  4. Pisces male here and after my first date with a scorpio woman tonight(on valentines day) it all makes sense now. I knew she was special. We’ve been close friends for about 4 months and acquaintances for a year. The First time I laid eyes on her i felt something. Date turned out great and this article making tons of sense. Worth the patience and effort

  5. Very interesting. I am interested in a Scorpio and when I went to hold her hand, she reacted like I was asking for something forbidden. We have been getting together for a while, little dates here and there. We just got done going to a museum, good conversation, everything going well.
    Then that happened. This Valentine’s Day, I sent her an ecard and she sent one back with Woodstock slapping Snoopy with a heart across his face.
    I guess my question is, is she at all interested or shall I just say we are just friends.
    Any advice from Scorpio Woman out there? Thanks!

    • Hey Alex! Scorpio Woman here! It’s a good sign that she sent you the ecard. Don’t think too much. A scorpio woman will sense all your insecurities. So just be yourself, with all your faults, imperfections. Be consistent and CARE. And don’t be afraid of showing your passionate side.. be courageous! Actions not words.. don’t Forget 🙂

  6. To all men intrigued by a scorpio woman…..the best thing you can do for yourself, her, and the potential of a relationship……be you!! Be perfectly imperfect!! Because we scorpio women can sense bullshit from a mile away, and will call you on it before you can even figure out what just took place. We are not mean, just brutally honest, and if you can’t handle that, than you will never be able to keep us in your sites because we are black and white/cut and dry. We will be the first to back you whenever someone is disrespecting you, but we will be the first to break you at the knee with our words alone if you disrespect us. Loyalty and respect are far more important to a scorpio woman than just simply being “loved”, because with love comes the automatic of respect and loyalty. However we also know from that same spectrum that if you do not respect us, and are not loyal, you DO NOT love us. Infidelity is pretty much your death sentence, and dishonesty is your way out the door for good. Simply put…..be you, be respectful, and give your all because we are ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL!! Both feet in or both feet out.
    “She is both hellfire and holy water,
    And the flavor you taste depends on the way you treat her.” You can count on that.
    You will never find a deeper, committed, loyal, trustworthy lover than a scorpio woman!! I hope that helps you all! Good luck

  7. I am a Cancer man and have been married to a Scorpio wife for 16 years! Met her when I was 17 years old. We’ve been together ever since.
    If you get that far, realize that you will never stop learning about them. I am constantly doing my research. We have two daughters, one biological and interracial. I love my wife and I love my life.

  8. omg im dating a Pisces right now and ive done all of these things with him lmao hes told me that he fell in love with me which i thought was really cute no lie anyways this is all so true

  9. As a Cancer Man, I’m in my 3rd tour of duty with the same Scorpio Woman. It’s taken me years to truly appreciate my Scorpio Queen after years of depression after a divorce.

    I feel absolutely thankful that she dug me up from the ground, and gave me a desire to love again. Where I was so cynical before, she had the fortitude to give me life and hope again.

    I’m forever thankful for knowing this woman, and will pay it back by being the man of her life. I’ve never been so eager to make someone else happy…and she’s made me the best version of myself in the process. Listen to the (right) woman, and she’ll change your life in ways you never thought possible.

  10. This is so spot on i love it! i finally read something that describes me to the T!!! Im a scorpio woman my husband is a Cancer together for 12 yrs now… and till this day hes still figuring me out haha he said im always surprising him!! I love this

  11. I’m a Scorpio walked away from a 42 year relationship after finding out he betrayed me 30 years ago… no going back… met a Scorpio man and it’s frightening the electric is mind blowing but it’s all or nothing watch this space !!

  12. I’m a female Scorpio and we do test our dates to see if they are strong enough mentally, emotionally, physically to handle our strong personality. We don’t play games, we are either in or out. We won’t waste our time nor yours playing games. It is extremely hard for us to fall in love for fear of being hurt. So wer take love very serious. We Don’t cheat! Let me say that again…. we Don’t cheat! But wer will leave you at the first sign of infidelity. It doesn’t matter how long we been together we will leave you. And once that connection is broken wer WILL NOT LOOK BACK! NOT EVER! But we will love you foerver from a distance. Hope you enjoy this message coming from a loving Scorpio!

  13. Noo way I’m a scorpion and I love it! But I feel a bit confused bc my brother is a Cancer and it says we would make a good couple 😅😅

  14. I met this girl whos a scorpion and ive been working with her for two months i finally built the courage to ask her out and well were on our third date now and im really falling for her.

  15. I need help I think I’m on the right track with this one she’s stunning star currently at stage 2 on #5/#6. I’m a Pisces Is it too early to ask for her number

  16. Confessions of an Aquarius Man in Love with Scorpio Woman-
    Everything in the article is true. Scorpio Woman is a magnet! She is truly a beautiful, intelligent, loyal, loving, kind hearted person. I have made every mistake in the book-fortunately for me, I was able to get past stage 4 before I let my insecurities and selfish ways take over. We both desire control, so there is conflict. Our situation is not ideal, but we do love each other very deeply. Dont ever be afraid to speak your mind, however, choose your words carefully. Be kind and patient with your beautiful scorpios, they deserve it! My awkward gazelle is the most precious thing to me on this planet!

  17. I am a Libra and my best friend is a Scorpio. We are both women. She told me she was straight and I discovered I was a lesbian during our friendship because I fell for her hard. I told her and she just shrugged it off. It she keeps showing signs that she likes me. And I thought I was just imagining it at first so I tried to get a girlfriend to try and get over her so we could have a normal friendship but my bestie had no interest in meeting my gf at the time and kept saying she didn’t care but then wouldn’t talk to me for a few weeks until I broke up with my gf. She doesn’t allow me to touch her at all. She even got mad at me for taking a leaf off her shirt. But we go out to eat every Wednesday and also plan yearly trips to Disneyland with just us. She even got me a job at her work and stays late to hang out with me. She get awkward when I tell her I care about her but then she dresses up cute and laughs at stuff that she usually would roll her eyes at. So I’m getting confused. But most sites don’t talk about that “no-touch” phase. So reading that did make me feel better. Though we have been on a “no-touch” basis of friendship for 2.5 years… and I keep thinking she just hates physical contact in general. But she lets other people give her hugs and will even hug my mom in front of me to rub in the fact that I’m not allowed to hug her. It’s like she’s trying to hurt me? It took her 2 years to admit to our hair stylist that we are best friends. Do they usually take this long? Or is it more because she is trying to fight the fact that she might be a lesbian and can’t admit it? Or is that just how Scorpios treat best friends? She’s the most confusing friend I have ever had. She’s 10 years older than me too, so maybe she just doesn’t feel comfortable with an age gap? I don’t know… but this post did help me with the touch thing so that was nice to read about at least. Thanks for that!

  18. I’m going through a divorce, but around the 2nd month being separated I met a Scorpio woman that just blows my mind. She has said many things leading me to believe she was falling for me and I the same. Now she has backed off and I don’t really know what to say. She knows my feelings are real. Any suggestions for this Pisces guy?

  19. It’s Mr W again. I have tried to back off and give her time, but I cannot get her out of my head. I don’t want to scare her off, but as of July she was saying how attracted to me she was and how she wanted me to be her person, and many other intimate things I can’t mention here. Then it was like a sudden change occurred and maybe it’s just her waiting for the divorce to be final but I wanted to build something with her before that. What should I do at this point? Keep reinforcing how much I want her or just wait and then ask her out when my divorce is final???

    • I’m a scorpio woman and was in the same situation she is focusing on the divorce Mr. W she dont want to put her all into you until she closed that finally door with him and then she will start trying to get to know more of you but she will be protecting her heart becuz she dont want to be hurt so she will take this slow with you hope this help Mr. W

  20. I am a Scorpio woman dating a Leo man for the 1st time ever. OMG, I have never felt such passion as this before. He makes me feel like I haven’t been in love before. He says the sweetest things to me unexpectedly. He is generous, tells me his deepest thoughts, tells me how he misses me when we are not together, and often tells me that he loves me and he shows it in his actions. We have great chillaxing factors together, I never get enough of his good love. Dang this man make good love. He so gentle with his touch, and mildly whisper in my ear when he’s making love to me. The crazy thing about this he’s 10.5 years younger. He’s my NOW. I am enjoying ever minute of our today. We both believes that our today is that future we prepared for with another in our past that didn’t work out or lasted for today. This relationship feels good all over. So my Scorpio sisters, let that Leo man in. Just give him his resting space, he’ll come to you fully rested and with profound positive energy. Ok, I let him win sometimes. There are some negative opinion about a Leo man and a Scorpio woman that I believe maturity and the desire to have a long health relationship will over come the miner.

    • I’m a scorpio woman and was in the same situation she is focusing on the divorce Mr. W she dont want to put her all into you until she closed that finally door with him and then she will start trying to get to know more of you but she will be protecting her heart becuz she dont want to be hurt so she will take this slow with you hope this help Mr. W

  21. Mr. W, it maybe the divorce thing. Remember she will listen at her best as a supportive friend. 1) You may be turning her off with the details of the divorce. 2) Stop trying to develop an intimate relationship while getting a divorce. 3) Just be friends for now.

  22. I’m a Scorpio and I checked this site because I wasn’t sure if I like this one guy I know XD. At least now I know I like him XDXDXD

  23. Not enough written about middle life Scorpio women. I am not interested in marriage. I value my independence more than anything. I’m fairly skilled at quickly sizing up whether or not I want to engage with someone on any level and find the whole “jealousy” thing a little more than annoying. I’ve always wanted what I was entitled to, what my kids should have, etc. I call that “drive” or “ambition.” Today, I find it much easier to let go of those things and people in favor of peace and joy. I don’t put up with much and move along quickly.

  24. Iam a scorpion women either you all in are not cause Iam a ride or die chick.if your scorpion I will now because I meet some lady at this job I was at & she tell the few people’s that we got hired with that she don’t hold secrets I now then she wasn’t a scorpion she had to be another sign period cause I don’t loof with other I don’t trust easy 100% Nov 9,this is very true seriously

  25. Hello, I’m a taurus and I’ve fallen in love with this Scorpio woman, she’s beyond amazing and I love her so much and everything about her, but after a break up with her ex this summer which was very painful, I tried to be there as much as I could for her and she told me that she needed some time and since then we’ve been getting closer and closer to eachother, last week I was fixing something on her neck and she kiss my hand, then showed me physical affection. We hanged out the whole morning together today because she had appointments and I wanted to be there for her because I deeply care about everything in her life. Then when she left she told me that I’m not her boyfriend but just friends so I’m a bit confused.
    She knows I have feelings for her and that I want to be with her, the truth is I want to marry this woman, have kids and spend the rest of my life with her.
    She’s the most beautiful person I’ve seen on earth and I’m very patient and I love her so much that I wish my heart was twice as big to love her even more, I’ll do anything for her and I want to give her the love that she needs and deserves because I know she can be an outstanding wife and mother and simple the the best woman of the planet for me. Any advice?

  26. I am a Cancer woman & when I tell you I fell for my Scorpio…I FELL HARD!!! I’m used to having control over my emotions, etc but something about her is truly more than a magnet. Mentally & emotionally we were already there like love at 1st sight. Then the moment we got to physically lay eyes on each other was the most beautiful thing I could ever imagine. What will be more to me is to spend the rest of my life with her. I love everything about her I’m talking mood swings & all; Could give me a headache, but my love only grows. Just when I thought it was as far as it can go it grows even stronger/deeper. Such beautiful brown melanin skin, pretty brown eyes, a gorgeous smile & her personality is so strong much like mine! She is NOT I repeat SHE IS NOT MADE FOR THE WEAK MINDED OR WEAK HEARTED. You have to be strong mentally, emotionally & spiritually to deal with her But Yes God she is worth it… I Thank Him everyday for her; wondering where has she been all my life?!? I’m very much in love & so is she🤞🏾It feels extremely wonderful to love someone & get it in return TALK ABOUT REDAMANCY💯🥰

  27. I’m an Aquarius man and for years I read time and again how incompatible Aquarius/ Scorpio are together yet I’ve always been intrigued. This article describes my last 4 months to a ‘T’ with my Scorpio woman.
    I’ve been work acquaintances with this woman for 3 years and the 1st time I laid eyes on her, i was blown away by her beauty and attractiveness/kindness.
    Last Spring I found out her husband left her for another woman and she had been divorced for almost two years!
    So sometime during the Summer I mustered the courage to reach out to her and see how life was going. We ended up meeting up for lunch one day and ever since started to hang out, go on casual dates, hanging out at my house, etc. We really hit it off but I could sense her uncomfortableness whenever I tried to like hold her hand, put my arm around her or whatever. She did let me hug her goodnight though. One night I pulled her in for a kiss in the lips and she kissed me back! Although she cut that shit off quick I was on cloud-9. A few days later we hang out for lunch and I tried to kiss her again and I got shut down! I was confused but backed off to give her space. I really liked her and was attracted to her but I was about to give up because I didnt want to be in the ‘friend zone’. I still let her know I liked her through my body language and foot rubs/massages and one night I just went for it because the vibes were right and I didnt want to give up….i wanted her sooo badly. This time she responded by passionately kissing me back and i swear I’ve never felt the sparks fly like that in my LIFE! The magnetism, the passion, the allure, the sexual tension and chemistry between us was (and is) top notch. All those characteristics I’ve read about scorpios are so true. We’ve been dating for only 4 months now and we’re already looking at engagement rings. She’s the one. That kind of chemistry is incredible!!!

  28. i am sagittarius and i felt for scorpio woman i know the signs are different because mine are fire and hers are water totally different but still i dont care i see many things we have in common ive send her many message and stil she wont reply me but here’s the catch she read has read all of them since the day 1 and yet she hasnt even blocked me i want to know exaclty what is this she doesnt block me and yet she doesnt reply to me does any scoprio woman know wtf is going on exaclty and if so can you give me any good advise?

    • Im saggi too in love with a scorpio..Well dont stop, she doesnt want u to stop thats why she hasnt blocked you..she might be testing you to see if you will stay or leave. Follow your heart n keep it real, she doesnt like games

  29. Attention guys falling for a scorpio woman that are unsure if she feels the same. Really this goes for all women but after reading these comments I can see there is a lot of guys that are being too revealing of their feelings and are messaging the girl far too much and revealing far too much. All women like a mystery especially Scorpios. Also showing your feelings through actions instead of words is 100% better. Over texting any girl will push her away this is doubled true for a Scorpio woman. If you’re not getting replies stop messaging. Always keep the messages short try to wait for a reply before you message again try to keep your text at least as spaced as hers. The absolute worst thing you could do with any woman is bombard her with your feelings. Men fall in love so much faster than women on average and far too many men think that revealing their feelings will somehow change hers but she and far too many men think that revealing their feelings will somehow change hers but she won’t like you because you like her she will like you for you. You can’t convince someone to have feelings for you. And the absolute worst thing men can do which they do far too often is spend way too much time talking about themselves trying to convince the girl that they are a good fit for her. You can never tell a woman this she can only discover this overtime as she gets to know you. If you want Scorpio woman to fall for you you need to ask lots of open-ended questions for starters and get her to open up because most scorpio women are very secretive and don’t share their personal stuff very easily. But that is how you build relationships with people. People don’t feel closer to those who share their personal life with them but in fact feel closer to those that we share our personal life with. Get her to open up ask lots of open-ended questions. Know that she will be testing you at every turn to see how you respond to situations or events or information Etc. Make sure you respond and not react to those moments. Don’t be too eager. If you’ve asked a woman on a date she already knows you have interest in her that’s obvious. There is no need to express your feelings towards her you need to let her catch up as I said men fall in love much faster on average and it really turns into a game of patience from the man’s standpoint. If you feel butterflies when you’re with her and her very presence makes you being with happiness just know that she has several dates away from that point herself. The worst thing you could do is try to rush her to catch up you must be patient this is especially true with Scorpio women but it is something that is true with all women. If you are falling for a beautiful Scorpio woman and you can’t stop thinking about her and no other woman can even really enter your mind then you really need to pay attention to this because you will almost guaranteed push her away if you don’t step back and control yourself. Ask yourself how different would you act if you had let’s say 8 attractive women on the same level as her in every way as opposed to just her? If you can get yourself to act as if that was your situation you will need much better! Try to shift your mind into this type of State instead of looking at her like she will complete your life and how much you want her to be a part of yours instead try to think of it like you have an amazing life and you’re an awesome person and you are looking for the right woman to share your awesome life with. If you can project that confidence and that reality you have a much better chance at securing the heart of your Scorpio woman. I’m not a Scorpio woman but I speak from experience of failing miserably with one by making the same mistakes that the average man makes over and over again with women and then falling madly in love with Scorpio woman again I made sure I learned from my previous mistakes and the outcome was nothing short of Night and Day. Best of luck to everybody out there in finding their soulmate and true love.

  30. Mr. W u are pushing her away bro. Do not reinforce your feelings more. Do the opposite. It soujds like u had her very interested at some point and u did something your unaware of that pushed her away or has been slowly pushing her away. Try to pinpoint with that moment was. remember that affection and attraction are not related so the last thing you want to do is connect with her on an an affectionate level like being the shoulder to cry on expressing your deepest feelings, talking about bad childhood memories any of your insecurities any of your problems xcetera once you get into that type of relationship it is really hard to get back out because you just made yourself someone she can confine in and that is the start of a real meaningful friendship but will be the furthest thing from a relationship because it will kill the attraction. It really seems to me that the more you show your interest verbally to a Scorpio woman the more you drive down her interest. The faster you move the faster you push her away. You have to be extremely patient with the Scorpio woman.

  31. I am aries man with moon in cancer in long distance relationship with her since 5 months and its been like said all above exactly same but in fast forward motion 😅
    Now we tend to fight a lot and it hurts a lot too its a roller coaster ride with her mood swings 😭
    I don’t want to loose her but i don’t like her games either
    Well pray for us you wonderful people and god bless you all❤️

  32. I am also a scorpio woman who is currently in love with a capricorn guy. Also from all the stuff I’ve read I think that someone that I not my crush I currently in the 3rd stage with me.

  33. I’m a scorpian waman as far as I know I always made the first move on the guys and then left them hanging without a single thought to look back. I’m 20, Christian, virgin until marriage, have Grey eyes, dirty blonde hair, Russian and greek… I will stop here. No matter how much I led the guys on I never even let any of them near me enough to take my first kiss. I can touch em but they can’t touch me. I only have one best friend as I cut everyone off (and I continue to cut ppl off). I’m surprised how true everything is written about me. I never or had a boyfriend and I’m expecting myself to die a virgin and go to heaven faster. I only care about myself but far from narcissist. 💋🤷‍♀️

  34. Hi Valya…i can just imagine how attractive you really are..I am a Virgo man and I dated a Scorpio woman for 3 years until she told me we must get married now. I couldnt wait to see her everyday and would do anything for her just to see her happy..Thing is..after 33yrs of marriage and 3 beautiful well behaved kids together..she divorced me..i felt that this was just a terrible nightmare that i need to awake of..She just started to throw mad tantrums when i get from work but i didn’t respond as i knew there was something terribly wrong and she will never tell me as she NEVER answers if i ask her whats wrong..She was swearing at me for no reason and shouting hints about her leaving the house..She didnt want to go with me to Church..Braais..Malls for shopping anymore and just said shes going with my kids in their cars.I was not allowed to blow dry her hair even anymore..with no reason given. Then a few weeks later she just asked my Eldest son to fetch her to live by him and she never ever came back..She asked sons wife to tell me she wants a divorce..My heart was broken into a thousand pieces.She blocked me on facebook..WhatsApp and seemed shy or guilty to see me or speak with me..i never cried so much in my life..Its been a year since divorce and i still cant believe it..No reason still given ti me why..only later i found she was being scammed with facebook guys.. I still love her and 2 grown kids still in my house with me..but we all very dissapointed in her behaviour..She was such a good Mom to our kids but always mysterious and very secretive..and possesive. My Angel..Can never forget her..took half my pension too.lol

  35. Great advice David

    I’m an Aries guy, naturally driven and impatient, so I guess this is the main reason why I lost my scorpion girl.

    First thing I have noticed was the test she did to me as I have never been tested before in this manner. Usually she would ask me out to see if I’m committed enough such as lets go to the park now or sometimes she would ask for favours. Although I can pass all of it but it wasn’t convenient to carry it out at the time. I would normally tell her how about next week or as soon I’m free? By then she seems uninterested. I carry on with my life like nothing happened only to find out that I’m losing points each time I failed.

    I think this test thing they do is quite selfish and childish. I’m being asked to do a task as a test when she barely gave anything back to the relationship, of course I wont give the test a priority until she proved her worth too, right? I get a feeling that the scorpion woman want perfection from her man or she will dump him, no forgiveness whatsoever.

    Everything was going right with our dates, had sex most of the time and we really enjoyed it too. She was great to be with, fun and full of energy. We dated about 10 times and all of the sudden she think I made a mistake then I’m no longer worth her time and so she decided to blocked me. No explanation, no words, nothing.

    Although I very much want to get her back but after seeing this site and thinking back what I have done wrong, I don’t think I want anything to do with her anymore. I felt she was hard work, mysterious, inconsistent and unforgiving. Date her for what? to get dump for stupid reason that can be mostly resolved. Only if she would explain how she feels we can work things out and make it all good again.

    She doesn’t want to be hurt but she has no problem hurting someone who made a mistake. She better pray she will never make a mistake in her future relationship. Because her man could ghost her and hurt her many times more than the guy she dump in the past.


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