Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You

This intense and sultry zodiac sign of Scorpio has a few tells when it comes to being in love. The Scorpio man is known for perceiving what he wants and is bold in pursuing it.

Have you been wondering if your Scorpio love interest has a thing for you?

Then read on to discover the 12 obvious signs a Scorpio man likes you! Also, see the signs a Scorpio woman likes you.

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Here are the Signs A Scorpio Man Likes You

1) He will pursue you relentlessly

One of the signs a Scorpio man likes you is he will pursue you relentlessly when you are the object of his affection. This zodiac sign is known for his intensity and stamina when it comes to getting what he wants. He is in it for the chase but also wants the end results and in many ways the end justifies the means for this sign!

His sexy approach to love will be a complete turn on as he genuinely and passionately wants to win your heart. He will take the lead in this case so you can just sit back and relax. Your Scorpio man will initiate spending time together, making the first move, and planning romantic date nights. 

When a Scorpio man like you he will ask you out multiple times in different ways. He will text, call, or ask you out in person; he is not shy or scared to put himself out there! He wants a “yes” out of you when it comes to love and dating. He will have exciting adventures planned for you both and he cannot wait to share them with the person he likes. 

2) He will try to connect with you on a deep level

The zodiac sign of Scorpio is known for their emotional depth and ability to be intimate. When a Scorpio man likes someone he will desire a deep connection between you two. You can find him engaging with you in conversations about the meaning of life and other big questions.

He will want to know your feelings on a profound level. When he likes you he will ask you what you think about things and hold your opinion in high regard. 

He is searching for completion through a mate and your connection is of a high priority to him. A Scorpio man will ensure he has a soulful relationship with someone before jumping into bed.

This intensified star sign is searching for an understanding of you and wants to penetrate beyond the surface of your personality. Bored with shallow conversations and other superfluous details; this zodiac sign is looking for a genuine bond with someone. 

His authentic approach to creating a connection with you will make you feel special and understood emotionally. When he ensures that you feel comfortable enough to have deep philosophical conversations with him this is a sure sign that he is falling for you!

Scorpio Man Connecting with his lover

3) He will be extra sexy towards you

The passion of the Scorpio man may match no other zodiac sign. He is known for his sexy nature and ability to win affection from the ladies. With a certain air of being unobtainable, the Scorpio man can stir up jealousy and competition in others. This zodiac sign is traditionally ruled by the planet Mars, which is associated with sex and lust. He will work every sexy bone in his body when trying to get your attention. He will try to put the moves on you rather quickly as this is a very important aspect of a relationship to a Scorpio man. 

He enjoys feeling that you are into him and will flirt with you constantly as a sign that he likes you. You may feel that he is coming on strong but this is par for the course with this zodiac sign. Without a doubt he wants you to know where you stand and he is not going to play it safe when it comes to getting your attention!

A Scorpio man will be ultra-physical, but only in private. He will want to demonstrate how sexy he can be in order to win your love. Watch out for this obvious sign that a Scorpio man likes you!

Scorpio Man Being Sexy with a woman

4) He will try to “psycho-analyze” you

Known as the zodiac’s psychologist this sign is keen on “psycho-analyzing” his love interests. With the ability to understand what people are thinking beneath the surface it is very difficult to pull one over on this sign. 

His intuition about others makes him highly accurate in knowing people’s true underlying motivations and the reasons for their habits. When a Scorpio man likes you he will want to understand all of your emotional layers. He wants to make sure he is meeting your needs and one way to do this is to have knowledge about what you want. A Scorpio man will anticipate what you are thinking before you even say it and he will have a strong sense of what you are feeling. 

One of the qualities of this sign is his disarming nature and you may find yourself spilling your guts without prompting. The hypnotic effect the Scorpio man can have will soften any walls you have built as you find yourself feeling safe confiding in him. You know where you stand with your Scorpio when he takes the time to get to know you in this way. If you catch your Scorpio man analyzing your personality this is an obvious sign that he likes you!

5) He will take you to see a horror movie

One of the obvious signs a Scorpio man likes you is when he invites you to see a horror movie with him. Excited by the thrill of a good scare, this zodiac sign is known for their interest in the shadowy and the mysterious.

He will want to share his hobbies with you when he likes you! The Scorpio man will also want to share in other similar activities with you like ghost tours, paranormal places, and haunted houses. These excursions are bound to be on this sign’s agenda for a date night! Things can turn romantic when you jump into your Scorpio man’s arm from the frightening experience, which is exactly what he wanted. He will be all too happy to see you getting into the moment. 

He is attracted to the intensity of these experiences and will feel closer to the person he likes when doing them together. Try not to scare too easily when spending time with this extreme zodiac sign.

Scorpio Man Horror Movies with his woman

6) He will share everything he has with you

A Scorpio man in love will ensure he shares everything he has with you as a sign that he likes you. Typically, not known to share his earthly possessions easily; this zodiac sign is associated with the 8th house in astrology of joint resources; he will want to make sure all of your needs are being met.

The Scorpio man will share everything with you from money, his body, to his time. If its one thing a Scorpio man craves sharing with a love interest, it is his time. Like the sign of Taurus, this zodiac sign highly values what he does with this valued resource. He will not want to waste a minute of it and will fill his day with meaningful activities and relationships. The Scorpio man in love will be all too obliged to spend entire days with you creating your own private universe together. 

A Scorpio man really branches out from his lone wolf tendencies when he likes someone. He makes a considerable effort to make sure your needs are met by providing from his own belongings. He is happy to share everything he has down to the shirt off of his back. Generosity in love is a sure sign that your Scorpio man is falling for you!

7) He will compete for your attention

Very competitive in nature, the Scorpio man, wants to win the gal. He will do everything in his power to beat out the competition. He will put in extra effort to be first to ask you out, compliment you, or give you special attention. When in a group together he will single you out and pull you aside for some special alone time. 

This sign does not shy away from a good rivalry. He views life as a sports game in many ways requiring strategic planning and preparation in all areas of being. Like a seasoned chess player he will be multiple steps ahead of his competing counterparts. He is hoping to turn you on and get your attention by his valiant displays of affection. 

Even if there is no-one else in the picture this sign will still pursue your attention with a sense of urgency as he has a tendency to view everything from a “do or die” perspective. If your Scorpio man is willing to contend with other suitors for your devotion then this is one of the obvious signs a Scorpio man likes you!

Scorpio Man Competing with a game of chess with his girlfriend

8) He will be open and share his interests with you

A Scorpio man will have a wide variety of interests and activities going on in his life that he will want to share with you when he likes you! He will want to connect with intellectual topics and debate. This zodiac sign will be well read and desire to share his thoughts and opinions on the latest bestseller or mystery novel that he has read. He will most likely be into alternative music and invite you to his friend’s band’s show for a night out. 

When the Scorpio man likes someone he will suddenly have a lot to say and share with that person. Known for being secretive and very private, this zodiac sign will open up around the right person. As a hard zodiac sign to read, you can’t always tell what your Scorpio man is thinking or feeling. He likes to hide his feelings beneath the surface and will only open up when he really likes someone!

You may find your Scorpio man has a secret life you didn’t know about until he feels comfortable sharing it with you. Expect hidden tattoos and other surprises when this sign has his sights set on you!

Scorpio Man's Lady Who he's interested in

9) He will take you on daring adventures

Another one of the signs a Scorpio man likes you is when he wants to share adventures with you! Known for wanting to push the limits of what is possible this daring zodiac sign will want to take you on risky exploits. With a bold approach to love, he will want to excite you with his idea of a date night. A Scorpio man is associated with living on the edge and flirting with the boundaries of what is possible, you will see no fear with this zodiac sign. 

Not wanting to hold anything back he will invite you on these extreme adventures when he is crushing. The Scorpio man will plan extravagant get-togethers which may include the likes of bungee jumping, sky diving, or surfing. When a Scorpio man likes you he will be thrilled to have these extreme adventures and nothing is more of a turn on for him. 

Being the secret romantic that he is though, there will be a nice relaxing dinner after your dramatic experience. He may set up a couples massage, a bottle of champagne, and a delicious feast for you two to unwind and connect romantically. Know that when a Scorpio man likes you he will want you to do extreme sports with him! Bring your game face!

Scorpio Man on a Date

10) He will be extremely loyal and protective of you

A Scorpio man will do everything in his power to stand up for you and protect you when he likes you! He is known for his fierce loyalty and protection of the people in his life that he is closest to. This zodiac sign wants to make sure you are well taken care of and part of that includes making sure he has your back!

The Scorpio man will also be extremely loyal to you in public. As a form of romance, the Scorpio man demonstrates his devotion and connection to you through his allegiance and support of you. He will make a point to show that you are together when you are out and about. The Scorpio man will stand by your side and hold your hand in public. 

Expect your Scorpio man to be there to champion you through your accomplishments and support you through challenges. When a Scorpio man likes you he may become overly concerned with the details of your safety. He will want to know what your schedule is and what your plans are so he can be ready to jump in at a moments notice should you need a rescue! 

Scorpio Man Protecting

11) He will stare at you intensely

Another one of the signs a Scorpio man likes you is that he will stare at you intensely. He will not shy away from eye contact and finds this a very romantic gesture. To a Scorpio man strong eye contact is a sign of affection and commitment. 

Expect your Scorpio man to admire you and watch the little things you do when he likes you. If the Scorpio man is falling for you he will notice how you walk, talk, and how you laugh. He will become very observant as his focus is solely on you.

This star sign will appreciate when his intensity is reciprocated by you as well. He wants to make sure you are both on the same page romantically. The level of eye contact you give him will indicate if he is on the right track in winning your affection. 

12) He will want to touch you constantly

When a Scorpio man likes you he will want to be affectionate and romantic through physical contact. As a water zodiac sign, the Scorpio man is associated with creating an emotional connection through touch. This zodiac sign feels secure in his relationships when he can express himself to you in this way. 

When you are spending time alone together your Scorpio man will take every opportunity to touch you. He will gently rest his hand on your shoulder or back, he will kiss you constantly, and he will want to hold your hand. 

His excitement in being able to express that he likes you physically will be apparent and absolutely adorable! This is a sure sign that he likes you!

Scorpio Man Sharing Affection


When a Scorpio man likes you it can be an intense ride. This zodiac sign is known for needing fierce loyalty and giving it in return. When you are the object of a Scorpio man’s affection expect his pursuit of you to be determined and romantic.

It can be difficult to tell with such a mysterious zodiac sign where you stand with him. Watch out for these obvious signs a Scorpio man likes you! What do you think, does your Scorpio man show you he likes you in these ways?

Need some help getting your dream Scorpio man? Read Anna Kovach’s highly recommended Scorpio Man Secrets “roadmap” today.

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12 Obvious Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You
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12 Obvious Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You
Have you been wondering if your Scorpio love interest has a thing for you? Then read on to discover the 12 obvious signs a Scorpio man likes you! This intense and sultry zodiac sign of Scorpio has a few tells when it comes to being in love.
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  1. I met a scorpio man 3 months ago. He is 46 and am 45. Am a cancer/leo. He wants to have a child with me. I already have a daughter and he doesn’t have any. We have not been intimate. He is in a position to start getting ready for a baby financial but I would rather get married before working on having a baby.
    How do I convince him to wait until he falls in love with me before he gets me pregnant?

  2. Hi Marie Paul, I met a Scorpio man a couple months ago. I am a Leo (July 25). How do you converse with him? What do you say to keep his interests? We have had 2 blowups in the short time we have been together and I really care for him, but I get so confused with him. He is very religious and we have not been intimate. We live 3 hours from each other and have seen each other only one time.
    At first he used to talk to me on the phone a lot, but he felt that the discussion of sex was causing us to have arguments. So this last couple of weeks he has not said much, and I am not a big talker. This past weekend I told him that I didn’t think I was the girl for him, but on Monday, I retracted what I said because I found myself missing him.

  3. I’m a cancer woman who just got into a relationship with a Scorpio man🥰❤️😍 it’s like we read each other minds lol We have to exact same interests in career wise, sex wise 😂 mostly everything

  4. @ Marie Paul not meaning any disrespect, but if he is finally stable at the age of 46, there might be something going on. As a Scorpio man, myself, I want people specially my significant other to be straight out. Dont beat around the Bush because he will read you out. Ask him if marriage is something for him? He just might not be right for you.

  5. If you ladies don’t know what a man is thinking, ask. Don’t waste your time and energy guessing, this isn’t charade. Align your future plans and goals, yours should almost be the same as his (a little difference doesn’t matter ‘cuz y’all can work that difference out together). Don’t try to fit yourself into what he wants, vice versa. Everything should be a mutual compromise.

  6. Hi marie Paul I’ve met a Scorpio “man” (im 13 so is he) I’m a Leo 22 August and I am deeply in love with him and I don’t know how to tell him because I afraid of rejection even though he gives me some of these signs I’m still not sure on how attractive I am for him and if I am the type of person he likes we are currently really good friends and he does share a lot of things with me about him personal life and I am glad to say I got him out a really bad state of mind where he believed relationships are a waste of time this was because of the previous girl he’s dated he was loyal patient and madly in love with her but she slowly pushed him away which got him into a bad state of mind which led to breaking up now , recently his told me that he is finally ready after 1 and a half year to finally love someone again and he said I was the one who helped him and he is very thankful. Now I am dying to be that person he lives but I am really afraid of rejection due to past experiences.

  7. I think every way to show if he likes you has been presented to me. At 1st, I wasn’t sure if he was into me. But then, he told me he could not visit because the timing wasn’t right and, ” I know myself. ” that’s a very interesting phrase. Now, I still keep in touch, but don’t press him about visiting. I know, once he builds up his perfect space, he will gladly give me all the time I desire.

  8. BEST HUSBAND EVER!!! Been married to my Scorpio man for 20 years and together 24 years. We are soulmates and passionately in love!
    A loyal Aries woman

    • Your post jumped out at me as I just recently met a scorpio man due to my typical Aries impatience and bold nature. Jeepers! The instant sparks that flew kind of threw me for a loop. Not sure if it’s going to go anywhere, but it was nice reading that an Aries woman and Scorpio man can in fact, develop something more than just the incredible raw passion. We have not had sex or anything too intimate yet, but It’s nice to see that my ARies traits are going to necessarily be a deal breaker with him. Best to you and your scorpio man!

  9. As far as the staring part goes. He may stare at someone out of curiosity, analytical reason, lack of trust in your personality or just for the simple reason that he may like you to some degree, but not neccesarily in love or looking forward to be…they are not all the same. they can be weird like that, so…don’t get the *staring* twisted!

  10. So theres this guy(scorpio) @ work and at first he would compliment me and go out of his way to help me so much that my coworkers caught it mind you he is in a higher up position then i am ive only been working there 3 months i am also very younger then him wich is no issue for me being that ive only dated men older then i am. I recently gave him my number and told him to call me sometimes when he has free time and he took it but hasnt called or even said anything about the way he feels towards me what should i do. Leave him alone or make another move Hes also told me a little about his family and his home life idk what else to do to show him i want to see where things can go with u

  11. I met a scorpio man . I am 44 and he is 45. I love the way he hold me in his arms. I never dated out of my race. He is a another race. I really like this man. I am a Taurus woman and he is a Taurus man. I am so happy with him.

  12. Just recently married to a scorpio, but he do not actually satisfy me in my intimacy level as a Pisces to think that we were together for a year now I could feel the shyness and awkwardness from him. Although I would appreciate the service and concern and a little caring. What seems to be the problem or what should I do? I am confident enough to say that I supply everything he needs and I am actually being supportive in everything he does.


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