12 Obvious Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You

Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You

Courting a Sagittarius woman can be like trying to catch a butterfly. The most important thing to a Sagittarius woman is her freedom, and she flits from activity to activity. Bold and direct, Sagittarius women can be a lot of fun, but they can be a challenge in matters of the heart. There truly is such a thing as a Sagittarius woman in love, and for the right person she can be an ideal match. To help you on this journey, we will let you know the signs a Sagittarius woman likes you. Also see the signs a Sagittarius man likes you.

A Mini Astrology Lesson

When most people think about astrology, they think about their Sun Sign. For an astrologer, though, the Sun Sign is only a part of the picture. An extremely important part, to be sure, but there is much more to consider. Another important part is the sign that was on the horizon in the East when you were born. This is known as the Ascendant, or the Rising Sign. For this series of zodiac sign love articles, the Ascendant Sign will give greater accuracy. To find out the Ascendant of the woman who has caught your eye, you will need her date, time, and place of birth, and her consent. With these things, you can go to either Astrodienst or Astrolabe to get a complete birthchart for free, which will tell you her Ascendant. If this information is not available, the Sun Sign will work as well.

Starting from the Ascendant or Sun Sign, a chart is divided into 12 equal divisions known as Houses. Houses represent different parts of a person’s life. As relationships are complicated, different Houses signify different types of relationships. Romantic relationships go through a progression of Houses as they grow and deepen. The progression starts with the 1st House, or initial attraction, moves into the 11th as you start to develop a friendship, deepens into a 5th House romantic relationship, and if everything goes well, culminates into a 7th House long-term relationship or marriage.

In this article, we will trace this progression to tell you the signs a Sagittarius woman likes you at each step of the way.

Clear Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You – Stage by Stage

Initial Encounters – Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You and is Attracted to You

Initial Encounters - Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You and is Attracted to You

All relationships start with an initial meeting and with a decision to meet again. This is the 1st House, or the Sign itself, in this case, Sagittarius. Sagittarius women are friendly and open, even with those they do not know. The difficulty will be in catching her eye and in finding a moment when she is not talking to anyone else or flitting off to whatever she is doing next. The good news is that if she finds you attractive, she will likely come to you! Here are the signs that a Sagittarius woman likes you and wants to get to know you better.

1) She will tell you

Sagittarius is the most direct and candid sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius women have no difficulty in telling you what they think and want up front. If a Sagittarius woman likes you, she will tell you. She will also tell you if she does not like you, and she will have no qualms about telling you in public.

There is one word of caution, however. A Sagittarius woman likes a lot of people, and every friend tends to be her very best friend in the whole world. She is also attracted to many different people, and every time a Sagittarius woman falls in love, the object of her affection is The One. She is not lying or manipulating anyone, that is how she truly feels at the moment. That does not mean that is how she will feel in the next moment or the moment after that, though. Only time will tell.

2) She may ask you out

A Sagittarius woman will not feel constrained by stereotypical gender roles. If a Sagittarius woman has a crush on you, she may not wait for you to make the first move. She may ask for your phone number, or even ask you out on a date!

3) She will remember to show up

Sagittarius women are lovely, but they can be rather flighty. If you have a date scheduled with her, even if she is the one who asked you out, there is a good chance she will not actually show up. Unlike a Libra woman, if a Sagittarius woman does not show up, it does not mean that she does not like you, per se. She may have honestly and truly forgotten about the date. If she does show up, however, she clearly likes you and likes you enough to have remembered to come.

If she shows up on time, you can be sure she really, really likes you! This raises another point. Sagittarius women are not known for their punctuality. They usually have many balls up in the air all of the time, and organization and time management are not Sagittarius’ strong suits. If you have a date scheduled with a Sagittarius woman, you may want to bring a book or something to do. It is very likely she will show up late, even if she likes you. This is something you will just have to accept if you are interested in a Sagittarius woman. Getting annoyed or angry is unlikely to change her.

Becoming Friendly – Signs a Sagittarius Women Likes You and is Starting to Feel Close to You

Becoming Friendly - Signs a Sagittarius Women Likes You and is Starting to Feel Close to You

After you have gotten through the initial stages of a relationship, it usual grows into a friendship. The House of Friends is the 11th House, and the 11th House from Sagittarius is Libra. Here are the signs a Sagittarius woman likes you and is starting to feel close to you.

4) She will want to know what you think

A Sagittarius woman has a lot of ideas about matters of philosophy, religion, politics, and everything else, for that matter. If you have gotten to this point in a relationship with her, you will almost certainly know what she thinks on these matters. Sagittarius women are not shy about sharing their opinions. One of the signs a Sagittarius woman likes you and is interested in you, however, is that she will want to know what you think as well.

If a Sagittarius woman has a crush on you, she will actually listen to what you have to say, and will likely ask you very deep questions about your philosophy. If she turns off or ignores her cell phone or other devices, this is an even better sign. You can gauge the level of a Sagittarius woman’s interest by the amount of her undivided attention when you are talking.

5) She will try to be considerate and to please you

If a Sagittarius woman likes you at this level, she will try her very best to be considerate of you and your feelings. This will not be easy for her, as it will require her to slow down and think before she speaks or acts. Her efforts may be clumsy, but they will be sincere. If she makes a concerted effort to curb her tongue or to please you, you can be sure that this is one of the the signs a Sagittarius woman likes you very much!

6) She will turn on the charm

Despite their reputation for candor to the point of rudeness, Sagittarius women usually have an almost irresistible charm. Because of that charm, they can get away with things that no other sign could. It is very hard to get angry with a Sagittarius woman and even harder to stay angry with her, no matter what she says or does.

When a Sagittarius woman falls in love, she will turn up that charm a hundredfold.

Romantic Adventure – Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You and is Falling in Love

Romantic Adventure - Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You and is Falling in Love

The next stage of a relationship with a Sagittarius woman is quite an adventure. This stage of a relationship is located in the 5th House, and the 5th House from Sagittarius is Mars-ruled Aries! Because a Sagittarius woman values freedom so highly, she is likely resist her romantic feelings and emotional attachments. For this reason, a Sagittarius woman falling in love is likely to treat the object of her affection almost as an enemy or rival. To help you through this stage, watch for these signs a Sagittarius woman likes you and is falling in love.

7) She will fight with you

When a Sagittarius woman starts to really fall in love, she will often see these feelings in herself as weakness. She will fight these feelings in herself, and while she is doing so, she will fight with you! She will argue with you about everything, and it will seem as if she is just looking for reasons to fight. Most likely, she is. At this point, it is important to proceed with caution. She will not respect anyone she considers too weak. By the same token, she is also testing to see if you are going to try to control her, which she cannot abide. If you stand your ground while at the same time assuring her that you respect her freedom, these fights could very well lead to intense romantic encounters.

8) She will take the lead

Just as a Sagittarius woman will not be constrained with respect to gender roles at the beginning of a relationship, she will not be constrained as it turns into something more. A Sagittarius woman will not feel the need to hold herself back, and she will happily initiate when it comes to matters of intimacy.

9) She will want to travel

At this stage of a relationship, a Sagittarius woman will start feeling restless. She will want to go somewhere, anywhere. Now, she would go without you, particularly if she is running away from her feelings. In order to preserve your relationship, though, it would be best if you took her somewhere instead. Ideally, it should be somewhere new and interesting she has never been before. This will show her that life with you will be more fun and interesting than life without you.

So, if you dating a Sagittarius woman, and she starts getting combative and restless, the best thing to do is to take her on a wild adventure. This will likely help you both to move to the next stage.

Ready to Commit – Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You and is Considering a Long Term Relationship with You

Ready to Commit - Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You and is Considering a Long Term Relationship with You

Sagittarius women tend to be very shy of commitment, but they can and do enter into long term relationships. Long term relationships are governed by the 7th House, and the 7th House from Sagittarius is Gemini. If she has not succeeded in driving you away in the previous stage, and if she is convinced that you will not take away her freedom, she may decide that you are the right person for her. Here are the signs that a Sagittarius woman likes you and is willing to settle down with you.

10) She will relax and have fun

The most obvious sign she has accepted you as a long term partner is that she will stop fighting you and relax and have fun. She will become pleasant and easy going. Instead of flitting off and doing things without you, she will start to include you in her many different activities. She will also want to try things that you like to do.

Your conversations will begin to have a free and easy feel to them, and she will move from topic to topic in an amused and interested way.

11) She will want to experiment and try new things

A Sagittarius woman will always want and need find new and interesting things to do. This will carry over into your love life. She will suggest things to try, and she will love it if you suggest things as well.

She will also want to do different things when you are dating. For example, she will want to go to new restaurants and try new foods. She will want to try an activity that she has never tried before. Your dates may include things like rock climbing and sky diving!

12) She is likely to want an unconventional relationship

A Sagittarius woman is unlikely to want a traditional marriage as such. Such an arrangement may feel too limiting and confining for her. She most certainly will feel caged in if you want her to assume stereotypical feminine roles.

If she is thinking of settling down with you, a Sagittarius woman will want to carefully negotiate the terms of your relationship with you. This may seem disconcerting, especially if you are more conservative or you need a lot of security. The thing to remember is that the Sagittarius woman will often not really exercise the freedoms she is insisting upon. She wants to keep an open door for herself, just in case she may at some point want to use it. In many cases, just having the open door will be enough for her.

When negotiating, it will be important for you to pay attention to your own needs. She will be open and honest with you, and she will expect you to be open and honest with her in return. A Sagittarius woman is not good at picking up on hints and clues, so you will need to tell her directly what you want. She will respect you for your candor. Unless you are a Sagittarius yourself, you will almost certainly want more security than she is willing to offer. If she truly loves you, she will be willing to let go of some of her freedom in order to give you the security you need.


A Sagittarius woman is not for everyone, but if you like fun and adventure and someone who will never bore you, she might be right for you. Sagittarius women fall in love a lot, but it takes someone truly special to convince her to stay and settle down. Watch for these signs that you are that special someone in her eyes. What do you think, does your Sagittarius woman show she likes you in these ways?

12 Obvious Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You
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12 Obvious Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You
Is she in love? Is she attracted to you and up for dating? Find the 12 obvious signs a Sagittarius woman likes you and the four stages of the relationship.
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  1. There is a Sagittarius woman I’ve recenlty met. The night I met her, I asked if she was interested in a date with, picking out a specific scrutinizing to do. She was responsive. The next day or two later, she said maybe she’s just been emotional and decided against the dates (for now at least). I thought that was that, and I was very disappointed. But nearly every day since, she has called me on the phone. Sometimes multiple times a day.
    Would sagi women say this is a good sign? It certainly seems like she is genuinely trying to know me, perhaps to build trust the old fashioned way?

    • I am a Sagittarius. We are old fashioned. We like for men to take initiative in courting us. She likes you but wants to know how much do you like her. We do get side tracked easily if she has kids or a busy work schedule give it time after a month of she hasn’t got it together she playing with your emotions to see what lengths would you go for her. ☺️

    • This is a good sign. It means she’s interested. She still wants to keep her options open though. As a Sagittarius women I’ve done this multiples of times. She might not want to rush into things fast and just wants to take things slow. You already showed her that you are interested in her and she knows this. Just patience is needed at this point of time. You have the door open, she just waiting to see if she wants to go through it or not. When she does go through you’ll definitely know about it.

  2. I am a Sagittarius woman, and yes if she is calling you she wants to get to know you. Show her the true you! If she finds out later that the person she met is a fake, she will be disappointed. Tell her about your life, about the person you are. Don’t forget to ask about her. Show her that you are interested in getting to know who she is and what she likes. Don’t worry, if she is into you, it won’t be long before you will know it. We are pretty transparent. At the same time if we feel we are wasting our time on someone, we will move on. That is not being mean, but life is short. We want to know that the person we are interested in is just as into us, and we want to be shown that we matter.

  3. Thank you Michelle.
    Another question please. Will Sagitarius lie about their true feelings for you, perhaps for fear or being hurt or feeling like their feelings are a weakness.
    Also, sometimes she will start arguments with me over very small things. And when she realizes how it hurts my feelings that I can never seem to say or do the right thing, she becomes very sad and apologizes and says she never wants me to feel like I’m worth less than I am.
    Any insight for me one this?

    • I’m a Sagittarius woman myself and yes she will try to hide her true feelings for you until she is comfortable and 100% sure that you are feeling the same way! We hate to feel as though we’re the only ones who care lol and far as the arguments she’s trying to either test you like the article stated to see your response or she really does want you to get your act together on whatever the issue may be as I found myself do that to my ex before. If there is a problem that she addresses and you like her I advise you just fix up on it because one thing notoriously known about a Sagittarius is they won’t stick around if unhappy!

  4. I’m dating sagittarius women and gosh she can be wise and childish too, but express yourself free bcos she like a strong man who speaks his mind, n don’t chasing after her to hard but just let her come as her will, I’m a romantic guy myself so it’s a plus, be straight in every decision you made bcos they don’t like a sloppy guy, show her you are committed to her and she will devoted to you. The relationship will lots of arguments bcos she just love that way, the weak guy will can’t stand this and run, the right guy will take it and having fun with it, cheers


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