12 Obvious Signs a Pisces Woman Likes You

Signs a Pisces Woman Likes You

Pisces is the sign that has the least attachment to the material world, and a Pisces woman floats through life barely touching the ground. Sweet and kind, she is pleasant to be around, and she rarely dislikes anyone.

A Pisces woman dreams of falling in love, but she may not come to Earth long enough to find it. It can be hard to tell whether a Pisces woman has a crush on you or if she is just being her usual self.

Watch for these signs a Pisces woman likes you. Also see the signs a Pisces man likes you.

Relationships in Astrology

In order to understand the behavior of a Pisces woman in love, it is important to know how relationships work in astrology.

A romantic relationship is multi-faceted and goes through a predictable series of stages. These stages can be traced by what is known as

Houses. Houses can be determined through Sun Signs, but if you want an even more accurate picture it will help to know her Ascendant, or Rising Sign. This is the Sign that was rising in the East at the moment of her birth.

If you know her date, time, and place of birth, and if she is willing, you can find out her Ascendant by getting a chart cast for free at either Astrodienst and Astrolabe.

Starting from either the Sun Sign or the Ascendant/Rising Sign, romantic relationships start in the 1st House, which is where all relationships of any sort begin. This is when you first meet and are just getting to know each other.

If things go well at this stage, the relationship usually moves into the 11th House and becomes a friendship. As time goes on, it may grow into a 5th House romantic relationship, and ultimately, it may become a 7th House long term commitment.

Below are the signs a Pisces woman likes you through each of these stages.

Clear Signs a Pisces Woman Likes You at Each Stage

You Meet – Signs a Pisces Woman is Attracted to You

You Meet - Signs a Pisces Woman is Attracted to You

All relationships begin with an initial encounter. You meet someone at a party or at work. You are set up on a blind date or meet someone through a dating site and schedule the first date.

This stage of a relationship is located in the 1st House, or the sign itself, in this case Pisces. Not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, a Pisces woman generally appears to like everyone.

To know if a Pisces woman is attracted to you or if she is just being nice, watch for these signs a Pisces woman likes you and is interested in getting to know you.

1) She will notice you

Pisces women are not known to be very observant. When a Pisces woman is at a social event or other public places, her mind is usually far away.

It takes a lot to get her out of the clouds and to actually pay attention to what is going on around her.

If you catch her eye, and she notices you, she is very likely attracted to you. This means that you are more interesting to her than her daydreams.

If you meet again, and she remembers your name or anything about you, this is an even better sign.

2) She will agree to a date without hesitation

Like a Libra woman, a Pisces woman will rarely say no to a direct request from someone she does not know well.

While a Libra woman is motivated by a desire to be polite, a Pisces woman wants to be nice. She does not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and she will worry that if she said no, you might be upset.

The good news is that, unlike a Libra woman who can manage such a situation smoothly without missing a beat, a Pisces woman will become obviously flustered. It might be easy to mistake this for shyness out of attraction and press on, but that would not be wise.

At any phase of a relationship with a Pisces woman, it is best to treat hesitation very seriously. If a Pisces woman really wants to do something, she will agree without thinking about it or just do it.

If she hems and haws, there is always a reason. The reason may not be that she does not like you. She may very busy and overwhelmed and not know how she will find the time.

She may not know the restaurant you are suggesting and is scared she will not be able to find it on her own. Of course, she really might not interested. The only way you will know is to ask.

Pisces women have a reputation for evasiveness, and that reputation is not entirely unearned.

On the other hand, it is almost impossible for a Pisces woman to out and out lie if asked something directly. You may need to cross-examine her, but if you ask the right question, the truth will come out.

3) She will probably need help

It is unwise to expect a Pisces woman to find a new place on her own and manage to arrive there on time for a date with you.

Pisces women usually have a difficult time when it comes to practical matters. They can get lost going somewhere they have been many times, so a new place will be quite a challenge for her.

The best practice with a Pisces woman is to let her suggest the place and perhaps time. She may not want to do that, as Pisces women do not like to make decisions, but it really is safer that way.

If you do decide to go somewhere unfamiliar to her, it is best to meet her somewhere she is comfortable finding on her own and to escort her to where you are going.

Also, be sure she has your cellphone number and that you have it on. You may still need to rescue her, even if you have taken these precautions.

Becoming Friends – Signs a Pisces Woman Likes You and is Feeling Close to You

Becoming Friends - Signs a Pisces Woman Likes You and is Feeling Close to You

After you have met and gotten to know each other, if all goes well, the relationships will turn into a friendship. Friendships are 11th House relationships, and the 11th House from Pisces is Capricorn.

As stated before, Pisces women do not really like the material world very much, but they will come down from the clouds for those they care about. When a friendship develops, you will see a more serious side to her personality.

4) She will take the initiative

In the early stages of a relationship, a Pisces woman will tend to be very passive. She would prefer to let you make the decisions.

When you start to become important to her, though, she will become more active and decisive. She may suggest activities, and she might even plan ahead to your next encounter.

5) She will manage some practical details on her own

A Pisces woman might seem like a stereotypical “ditzy blonde,” but that is rarely due to a lack of intelligence. It is due to a dislike of and discomfort in the material world.

In modern times, in particular, there are a lot of practical details to manage, and the world can seem like a cold, hard, and demanding place for a Pisces woman. She will, however, brave this world if she has a reason. Having a person that she cares about is a good reason in her eyes.

So, if she surprises you by being able to handle things she could not before, this is one of the signs that Pisces woman likes you and that you have become important to her.

6) She will show you her philosophical or spiritual side

While the stereotype of a “ditzy blonde” is not accurate for a Pisces woman, the metaphor of an “absented-minded professor” is. The traditional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter.

A Pisces woman will be as comfortable in areas such as philosophy, metaphysics, or theology as she is uncomfortable in areas of practical, worldly concerns.

While a Pisces woman might have trouble remembering her own address or phone number, she will understand and remember deep and complicated spiritual concepts effortlessly.

When a Pisces woman feels close to you, she will share her knowledge and insights.

A Budding Romance – Signs a Pisces Woman is Falling in Love

A Budding Romance - Signs a Pisces Woman is Falling in Love

If all has gone well in the first two stages, your relationship may grow into a 5th House romance.

The 5th House from Pisces is Cancer. When a Pisces woman falls in love, she will develop deep care and concern for the object of her affection. Her sweetness will ripen into tenderness.

Below are the signs a Pisces woman likes you and is falling in love.

7) She will pay close attention to your feelings

Like Scorpio women, most Pisces women are at least a little empathic, and most have keen sensitivity to the emotions of others. They do not need to employ the elaborate protections that Scorpio women do. Their ability to float above the world acts as a natural barrier.

When they fall in love and come down from the clouds, however, they feel the emotions of others as deeply as they feel their own.

A Pisces woman falling in love will almost always know if something is upsetting you or bothering you. She may know even before you do. This is one of the clear signs a Pisces woman likes you.

8) She will worry about you

If a Pisces woman cares about you, she will worry about you. She will want to know where you are, and that you are ok. It may feel like she is trying to control you, but that is rarely the case.

Pisces is famous for having a vivid imagination. If you do not arrive when expected, this imagination will run wild with all the things that might have gone wrong.

Out of kindness, it is best to let her know if you will be late or if you cannot come.

9) She may try to cook for you

If a Pisces woman falls in love with you, she may get the notion to show her affection by cooking for you. This could be dangerous. She may or may not actually know how to cook.

Even if she does know how to cook, there is still always the strong possibility of unexpected mishaps in the kitchen. Do not get angry if she completely burns dinner or she sets off the alarm. Just be ready to comfort her and appreciate her efforts.

These efforts are one of the sure signs a Pisces woman likes you and wants to please you, no matter how they turn out.

It will devastate her if things turn out badly, so be ready to reassure her that you still love her. This will give you the opportunity to be her knight in shining armor by having a backup plan for dinner.

Commitment – Signs a Pisces Woman Wants to Be With You for a Long Time

Commitment - Signs a Pisces Woman Wants to Be With You for a Long Time

A Pisces woman will be more and more willing to come to Earth to be with you as your relationship progresses. The final stage is no exception.

Long term partnerships are governed by the 7th House, and the 7th House from Pisces is Virgo.

Here are the signs a Pisces woman likes you and is ready for a long term commitment.

10) She will notice little things about you

When a Pisces woman starts to become serious about a relationship, she will start paying more attention than she ever did before.

She will begin to remember details about you, and she will take notice of things she never did before, such as what you are wearing or how you have styled your hair. She may even remember to do little things for you and to anticipate your needs.

11) She may become critical of you

One of the strangest things that happens when Pisces women start to settle into a long term relationship is that they can become surprisingly critical of their partners.

Always before, you had been her hero and could do no wrong. Now, all of the sudden she might begin to complain about things you say or do.

This is because, for the first time, she will be completely present with you in this world. The material world will never be as good or perfect as her fantasy world. Therefore, it is inevitable that you will fall short of her idealized image of you.

This is not something to worry about, though. It is a natural part of process when a Pisces woman enters into a long term relationship. Try not to get too defensive. If her criticism hurts your feelings, though, it is best to show her your vulnerability.

Do not be afraid to cry in front of her. It can be certain that she never intended to hurt your feelings. She probably had no idea just how critical she was being. Believe it or not, this is one of the signs a Pisces woman likes you as a long term partner.

12) She will want a fairy tale wedding

A Pisces woman will have had fantasies about her wedding since she was a little girl. You probably can not manage unicorns and a magic carriage pulled by four white horses. You can, however, let her have her Princess day.

It is amazing what she can do if she puts her mind to it. She will think through and plan every detail if you let her.

Do not worry if you cannot afford something extravagant. She will understand and adapt if neither of you has a lot of money. The most important thing to her will be that it is magical and romantic. It does not really matter whether it is lavish or expensive.


If you want a kind and caring partner and do not mind if she not very practical, a Pisces woman may be perfect for you. As you get closer, she will come down to Earth to be with you.

Watch for these signs a Pisces woman likes you.

What do you think, does your Pisces woman show she likes you in these ways?

12 Obvious Signs a Pisces Woman Likes You
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12 Obvious Signs a Pisces Woman Likes You
It can be hard to tell whether a Pisces woman has a crush on you and is interested in dating. Watch for these signs a Pisces woman likes you or is in love.
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  1. I’m interested in a Pisces gal (well many of them to be honest)- and I am a Pisces myself. It’s amazing how accurate this is, even for me. I fall very easily, and do tend become critical after a while. What’s very interesting is that I always found this a horrible fault of mine, rather than yet another step to falling in love. Most of the time I felt, well if they don’t meet the image I have of them, clearly I didn’t like them as much as I thought I did… and then I tend to leave. So, if this happens with your Pisces gal (or Guy) I would recommend not getting upset, step back a little, and remind them what made them fall in love in the first place. Sometimes all we need is a little time to realize we might have made a mistake in trying to leave you behind. Tru your hardest not to get upset, because if you do, you will only have proven us right to leave, in our eyes.

  2. Normally the Piscieans are very romantic and of course, intuitive. Since they fall in love with ease, it takes them a great deal of effort when they have to be practical: “Do I indeed love a lady like this?” (if it’s a gent). All in all, since we men are indicisive about many a decisions we arrive at at a glance, hence why we end up regretting our choices of love mates with that reason. However, I’d encourage the ladies who are enchanted to Pisciean males humble themselves because doing so makes them feel swept at their feet.


    • Calvin ,what does she like;books ,music,stores,any dreams she has?eg. Take her to a bookstore and buy her three of her favorite books,or if she likes say Chinese food take her to pf chang’s or pickup sticks depending on what you can afford.and talk in her language.if she likes sports tell her you like her as more than a friend at a baseball game, if she likes pop music play her favorite song,or if she is shy ….be her secret admirer.send her secret gifts and after a month reveal it is you.gifts can be gift cards to her favorite food joints,Cds with playlists of her favorite songs,movies she likes ,and quotes from movies as poetry.i hope you win her heart.

  4. Calvin,

    I am a Pisces woman. Honestly, it sounds like she friend zoned you, and telling her how you feel may mess up your friendship. It makes things weird for us, if we do not feel the same way. She may back up slowly and you could lose your friendship. However, the post are true. We love, love. We love romance. The best gifts are sentimental, that show how much you’ve been paying attention to what we like. Being consistent, even if at first we reject you. Kindness and being a gentlemen. Giving her love and attention, without being too clingy. We also like a strong man, that won’t let us run over top of him. I hope this helps!

    • Changing who you are is not exactly the best advice he needs right now.give it time,if you are meant to be you will if not you will find someone else.but being something that you are not is not something I would do.the right one will love you unconditionally ,even if you are sensitive,romantic,and act like a little kid sometimes. And you are not clingy or needy,you sound like the typical poet,musician,artistic type.alot of musicians like ozzy Osborne,kiss,and death leopard are like this and they turned out ok.listen to death leopard love bites ,and even Aerosmith crying.you are not alone in this,most metalheads like myself (yes I am a girl rocker chick)are very sensitive and angry but they get it.talk to musicians and you might get some clarity into the situation.

  5. Me myself am A Pisces and I got to say that everything is bam on. I do feel I’m more in the clouds then down on earth which can be a problem sometimes but when leaving reality it’s almost like getting to know yourself better and plan further ahead without making it a schedule or a task ,just making everything smooth out in your life but maybe if your a Pisces like me still stay down on earth cause some people will find it annoying when you don’t focus, listen,or get distracted easily

    • I have that problem too,and I say do not fight it.i sleep it ,paint,write poetry,and eat junk food.just take it as it is ,may I suggest using art as an outlet for your ADHD moments which many of us dreamy ones have.music,dancing ,nature,and even my favorite pastime shopping give me balance when I feel etheral.do not fight it,just find other creative outlets like journaling,scrapbooking, making stationary,or creative presents for people or even give it to a charity or organization. Try volunteering at a shelter,soup kitchen,or work with an animal rescue group.have fun.

  6. I am a pieces woman. Whatever you told is correct. Unfortunately, I am not at all practical, so that’s why end up getting hurt by this world very easily. In my past relationship, I criticized my ex bf too much, which was one of the reason of my break up. I loved him a lot but still. I don’t like my this habit though. I compare real person with my imaginary lover, and get disappointed when they both doesn’t match. I forget or get confused with roads/ways generally. May be thats why I hate maths too. Lol. I have made fool of myself in past by making decisions on the basis of my emotions only. I don’t trust people so easily. It’s hard for me to tell my deep feelings because I am scared of people being insensitive about them. I used to worry a lot about my ex, that’s why he told me that he feels suffocated with me. I am very spiritual person and believe in destiny and true love. (Although it doesn’t exists). 😉 😀 I can feel almost everything in my imaginations as if its happening in real. What a disastrous zodiac sign I have! That means I can never be happy. 😱🤦‍♀️

    • Join the club.. but you will find your love. Just focus on being you and bettering you. It will come to you when you least expect it. Sounds cliche..but its true…look at me…divorced, sad and lonely… so we all have a path of happy… Just gotta stop looking.. enjoy my humor and take care.. = )

    • Your problem is you care too much what they think and not enough about what you want.it is ok to find faults sometimes,that is being realistic.leave it to beaver mentality no longer applies to the modern world.being fake is exhausting and honestly I want someone to say hey your being annoying stop it ,because when you act fake it is superficial and that is not a real relationship. Friendship is the foundation of a lasting relationship, which includes honesty,being yourself,and riding out lifes highs and lows.life is hard enough,why punish yourself even more by acting like something that you are not.

  7. I am a Pisces woman and to all Pisces, and to all other zodiac sings, us Pisces ARE VERY SENSITIVE and everything that I read is true about us. I read somewhere that a Pisces can have depression, or come down with depression, I am NOT clinically depressed but I know I have depression, there is times where I have been suicidal because of people around me…… there is one person that I have fallen for, she has always save me from leaving this planet. I don’t know whether she knows this or not but I love her and when I found out she had a crush on someone that wasn’t me I immediately ship them together just so I could hide my feelings for her, I tend to hide my true feelings from everyone I care about no matter who they are or how close they are to me I will always hide my feelings from them because I am very sensitive and insecure about myself. I’ve fallen for three people and I can’t seem to get out of it no matter how hard I try or what I do to stop feeling what are used to feel for them is difficult, i’m in the web and I can’t get out I always think that suicide is the best solution but then I think about the people I love and how hurt they would be so I stay here and continue hurting myself because I care too much for them…

    • Well first I suggest a network of positive support like a church group,a cause you want to get involved in,or helping others like yourself in similar situations like a young child,elder person,or someone who has a illness or disability. Alot of elderly people are just as lonely as you are and could use someone to visit them and talk to them and will usually talk to you for hours no questions asked and Iove you even if you are not always perfect all the time.just be there for someone who needs you and when you have enough love and support you will love yourself enough to recognize love when you see it.you are looking for love in the wrong places,you are enough ,they are the problem.the right one will go after you,you just need to accept that you are awesome as you are.

  8. Well as am Pisces woman, boys. don’t confess your love because she will turn off. But when you kiss her she will be feel insecure thats how we are interpreting boys. And thats how we use pisces intuitions

      • Maybe she was hurt before silly,shy girls act like this because she thinks you are too good to be true.if you think she is nervous,try to be affectionate but take it down a notch.tell her you will always be there for her ,and be her emotional support when she has bad days.maybe kissing is moving too fast,but I would not lie about your intentions either.just say you like her and that you guys can go as fast or slow as she needs no pressure.if she wants to date other guys and you like her,just be there for her and support her and if she likes you back eventually she will come around.

  9. You will let her energies to changes her and never back to normal. Never ever confess your love, be humble to her so she will respect you forever if you want her to be the one.

    • Being dishonest is not the way to being in a successful relationship. Lying always catches up with you,and if a guy knows you are playing games he will eventually leave.

  10. I’m a Libra I have courted her for 8 months and finally recently she show some signs that she love me .. are we compatible ?

    • It does not matter what the stars say.what matters is if the two of you make sense.if you are truly happy with this person and cannot imagine yourself with anyone but this one ,there is your answer.

  11. This is very true indeed. I am a pisces and just looking at it over and over somewhat helps me recognize myself a bit more.

  12. I’m a Pisces and I feel like we’re the most complicated sign out there. Today I like something and tomorrow I hate it. I met a guy (maybe one month ago) and he liked me very quicky (sometimes I also like some persons very quickly and imagine all things with them). The problem is… he says every day that he missed me, and he said he loved me 3 times I guess. The 1st time he said he loved me I was like “hmm wow that’s early for this kind of confession”, I also used to miss him but I guess I don’t now :(( the way he feels… it’s kinda frightening, and now I feel bad for not missing him as he does and for not loving him, it makes me think that he deserves better with someone else… (even if he says he just needs me and he doesn’t care if I can’t feel the same way as him), that’s frustrating :/

    • There is no need to feel anything bad about this, it’s common to feel that when the person cannot give the satisfaction that you need. Call me rude, but it’s a fact that sooner or later you guys will leave each other cause of the lack in emotional satisfaction.
      And the fact is, he don’t deserve better… he need to give his best to impress you so you can find him worth loving back. Just to be clear, this isn’t selfish thing. Always remember Pieces, “Help, but don’t sacrifice”.

      • It really depends on the couple.i dated a few guys who I found annoying and left after a short time because honestly my heart was not into it.but even when me and my spouse tend to disagree when I calm down I find even his faults adorable and it makes him even more attractive. When you find the right one it tends to just happen naturally that you keep wanting to be with that person even when the do things you do not like.

    • If he wants you he will go after you.as for you,hesitation does not mean deal breaker.give it time.if you keep going back to him,he is the one.love is not always easy,but you might question it because it seems too good to be true.if this is the case,figure out who you are.make a list of things you want and another of things you do not want as well as all your inner desires and what your fantasy guy would be like etc.fantasy life.hope this helps.

  13. Hi, I am a Scorpio guy with pieces rising and this feels as i have been searching these qualities in my partner for ages… The thing is, i have a crush on Pieces girl but i was too afraid to ask her out as i wasn’t much sure if i am choosing the right person so i was exploring different websites if the decision i am making is whether right or wrong but this article removed most of my doubts thank you very much.
    By the way, if you want to impress a Scorpio, wear simple and light color dresses that present the honest you not your clothes.

    • If you want to impress this girl find something important to her and focus on that.maybe flowers is not her thing.if she likes Harry Potter buy her the whole set of books, if she likes food cook her favorite meal, or take her to her favorite movie and ask her questions about why she likes it.but do not act fake.girls hate that .be yourself, but try to be sensitive to her needs as well.

  14. Can I just say that being yourself is always best.if you love someone do not play games.just tell them.who cares if you lose your friendship ,if they are the one they will go after you.i am happily married after finally telling my best friend I was in love with them.first I admitted I found them attractive then i revealed my deep feelings after a couple months because i wanted it to be special. Just go after the person,and be yourself.i asked my husband out and I do not regret it .we were married six months later,he proposed of course.hope this helps.


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