12 Obvious Signs a Pisces Man Likes You

Signs a Pisces Man Is Interested In You

A Pisces man is certainly mysterious to figure out. When it comes to love he can be even more of a mystery! Luckily astrology is here to provide valuable insights into the dating habits of the different zodiac signs. When it comes to love and romance, the symbolism of the zodiac can help reveal the insights you need into figuring out your Pisces crush. Are you falling for a Pisces man and want to know if his feelings for you are true? Here are the 12 obvious signs a Pisces man likes you! Also see the signs a Pisces woman likes you.

Clear Signs A Pisces Man Likes You

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1) He tells you he is falling in love

When a Pisces man is falling in love his experience of the situation will bring out some intense emotions in him. This sensitive zodiac sign allows himself to get swept up in the moment. He loves how being in love makes him feel. He will demonstrate this by being very romantic to the person he is interested in. 

One of the main signs a Pisces man likes you is when he tells you he is start to fall in love with you. This zodiac sign demonstrates romance by saying sweet things, being physically affectionate, and very thoughtful. His number one priority will be making sure you feel loved when he realizes he likes you. He will make sure to give you plenty of romantic compliments, hold your hand, and make you feel really special to him. 

Your Pisces man will enjoy creating intimacy with the person he likes. He will find ways to build a special bond between you. This could be in the form of a cutesy coffee date, a romantic sleepover, or a night spent out under the stars. The Pisces man will make sure he knows what you like and go from there in developing your romantic connection. 

Signs a Pisces Likes You Sharing Love With Him

2) He reveals his feelings and emotions to you

This zodiac sign is associated with the water element. The other water signs in the zodiac are Scorpio and Cancer; which are associated with having intense emotions, sensitivity, and often a spiritual element to their personalty. Your Pisces man will have a very deep connection to his feelings. Revealing his feelings for you will be a huge step for a Pisces man, requiring a lot of courage from him.

One of the signs a Pisces man likes you is when he tells you how he feels about you. This gesture is very romantic coming from this often hesitant star sign. He gets very emotionally involved in his relationships, choosing to reveal his feelings when he feels the timing is right. 

Your Pisces crush may tell you at seemingly unexpected moments how he feels about you. Timing is not this signs specialty as he is known for having a dreamlike disposition. He may be lost in space, rejecting all sense of linear time. Adjusting your own sense of timing for this zodiac is well worth the wait. They fall in love intensely and passionately if this is the romantic connection you are seeking!

Pisces man showing his emotions for you

3) He wants to watch movies and TV with you

What does a Pisces man want in a woman? One thing a Pisces man likes is when a woman invites him to watch movies or his favorite television shows together. Being governed by the planet Neptune has given Pisces an association with glamour, film, and photography. Neptune is known for its influence over the creation of fantasy, illusion, art, and an element of longing or desire.

Your Pisces man will often be very interested in the world of film, movie stars, and art. He is likely to have a very precise taste in moves, preferring only to watch films of the highest quality. The Pisces man in love wants to be able to chill out with his paramour, getting lost in the fantasy worlds of the characters. 

The other element to being ruled by Neptune is expressed through a love for escapist activities. Watching movies and TV series is an extension of this connection to escapism. A Pisces man in love will draw his lover into his world of fantasy and dreaming through these creative mediums. 

Pisces men like watching films with women they love

4) He will ask you a lot of personal questions

The zodiac sign of Pisces is known for having very fluid boundaries when it comes to having relationships with others. They often confuse their own emotions for someone else’s and have to spend a lot of time deciphering if their feelings are authentically their own. When a Pisces man is really into you he will ask you a lot of personal questions. 

A Pisces man in love sees no boundary between the person he likes and himself. This can be utterly romantic but can tend to be somewhat overwhelming when just getting to know someone. The Pisces man will have a complete fascination with everything about you. It will be as if you placed him under a romantic spell. He will of course love every minute of the fantasy indulgent connection he is creating between you. 

When you first get to know your Pisces crush he will be sure to ask you all about your feelings, spiritual beliefs, what your upbringing was like, your fears, and phobias. He will want to know what your deepest and darkest secrets are. This zodiac sign wants to know it all and dissolve any boundaries that exist between you. Do not try to put up any walls around this zodiac sign, his hypnotic effect on you will have you melting in his presence. 

Pisces men showing his love for a shy girl

5) He wants to know about your spiritual beliefs

One of the signs a Pisces man likes you is when he wants to know all about your spiritual beliefs and you about his. Creating a spiritual love connection is very important to this zodiac sign. Even when he does not have any solid spiritual beliefs there is still an element of him that will see love as a spiritual experience. 

He will often want to escape with you into the world of spirit. Like his fellow water sign Cancer, the Pisces man will typically be open to tarot card reading, astrology, and numerology. He is intrigued by different divination systems. He may also be into various forms of spirituality; meditation, mindfulness, and other religious rituals. 

One of the signs a Pisces man is in love with you is when he is very open to hearing about what your beliefs are, and why. He will be interested in your ghost stories, moments of synchronicity, and that time your psychic abilities were spot on. He may be interested in travelling with you to sacred sites around the world as he naturally feels a powerful connection to spiritual energy. If you get into a discussion regarding spiritual beliefs with a Pisces man then you know you are building important layers of trust in the budding relationship!

Pisces Men Like To Show Their Love In Many Ways

6) He shares his dreams with you

A Pisces man is very connected to the dream world, both literal and symbolic. This zodiac sign often has a rich internal life and a vivid imagination. If he starts sharing his dreams with you this is one of the clear signs a Pisces man likes you. 

He will want to share his deepest desires with you when he is falling in love. A Pisces man wants nothing more than to see his dreams realized. He will have a very powerful ability to move you to tears with his talk of reaching and manifesting his dreams in real life. 

As a star sign that loves to bond deeply with others, he will also want to know what your hopes and dreams are. Your Pisces man will want to create a united front in achieving each other’s desires. Teaming up with a Pisces man can be a very inspiring and romantic path to living out your goals. 

Pisces Men Like To Watch Fantasy Films With Their Woman

7) He wants to take care of you

One of the signs a Pisces man likes you is when he wants to take care of your every need. He will be very attentive to the things that you want. When a Pisces man is crushing on you he will go out of his way to fulfil your every wish. If you are craving ice cream he will run to the store and pick you up some. If you are needing a back rub he will do this too. 

Without even asking your Pisces man will have intuitive insight into what you need next. He will put on the music he knows you want to hear, say the thing that will make you feel better, and support you through thick and thin. A Pisces man finds creating a romantic bond in this way highly romantic and loving. 

He truly wants to take care of you regardless of the cost or the sacrifices he will have to make. Your Pisces man is very committed to the relationship he is building with the person he likes. 

Pisces Man Giving A Woman A Gift

8) He acts shy and awkward around you

Although very romantic, loving, and accepting a Pisces man can be very bashful and nervous in social situations. When first getting to know someone he is exceedingly humble, often giving off a very gentle and sensitive energy. One of the signs a Pisces man likes you is when he acts shy and awkward around you.  

Often this star sign will sit quietly and observe a situation until he feels comfortable fully expressing himself. When he likes someone though, he knows he has to put himself out there to get noticed. This will often result in some very awkward flirting and social interactions. Of course, if you like your Pisces man back, this will be nothing but endearing from your perspective. 

He will try to strike up conversations with you, however, light chit-chat has never really been his thing. Alternatively,  a man with this star sign may try to engage with you in a topic that is highly personal, showing how much effort he is putting into getting to know you.  He appreciates if you lead the way in conversations and getting to know each other. Allowing someone else to take the lead on this can allow him to focus on creating a romantic and spiritual connection instead. 

Signs a Pisces Man Likes You Pets

9) He shares his creativity with you

People with Pisces as their Sun zodiac sign are often artists or creators of some kind. This is often due to their dreamy, wandering, and sensitive nature. One of the very obvious signs a Pisces man likes you is when he shares his artistic creations with you. This demonstrates his openness around you and that he trusts your opinion or judgement of his work. 

A Pisces man will often pour their heart and soul into the work they create. If this star signs draw you a picture, writes a song for you, or shares his poetry this is a sure sign he is really interested in you. Anytime a Pisces man creates custom work for you he is truly trying to show you he cares. 

This zodiac sign fits into the sensitive artist archetype, desiring to share with the world the depth of their soul as opposed to any solid career or money making endeavours. In order to live the authentic life they desire they will want to be with a romantic partner that fully supports their artist longing and need. If you are an artist as well all the better as you will understand each other perfectly! 

Pisces Man In Love Likes To Have A Reading Partner

10) He sets up a picnic date for you

A Pisces man enjoys romantic gestures that incorporate connecting to nature in some way. One of the signs a Pisces man likes you is when he invites you along for a romantic picnic. He will have everything set up, with all of your favorite foods, and a cute spot picked out in the park. Your Pisces crush likes to be outside when constructing an atmosphere of romance. 

He may also invite you to do other outdoor activities, nothing too active though. This star sign likes to go on walks or hang out near water. He will set up a beach day or a picnic by the ocean if possible. The Pisces man will often have his dog with him, desiring further to connect romance with nature and animals. 

The star sign of Pisces is known for having a deep connection to animals and he will often have several pets he is very close with. He will be sure to introduce you to his pets as a sign that he likes you!

Pisces Man Going For A Picnic Date With The Woman He Loves

11) He starts making up excuses to see you 

When a Pisces man is crushing on you he will be unsure at first how to ask you out. Making his feelings known can be a very big hurdle for this sign to overcome! As a way to spend more time with you, he will start to make up excuses to see you.

This is one of the clear signs that a Pisces man likes you! He will invite himself along to group events that he knows you will be attending, even ones that do not particularly interest him.

This star sign may visit a store or bar you work at pretending that he has to pick something up for someone else, but really he is there to see you! If you have known your Pisces man long and realize he has started doing any of these things then pay attention, he may really be falling for you!

Pisces Men Like Women With Long Hair

12) He will be able to be himself around you

The last one of the signs a Pisces man likes you is when he feels comfortable enough with you to be himself. If he feels like sitting in silence he can, if he feels like talking about something weird or off-beat he can do that as well. The most important thing to a Pisces man is that you have things in common and can relate on a deeply emotional and romantic level. 

This star sign is on the ultimate search for a soulmate, for “the-one,” or their twin flame. They want nothing more than to be completely and totally in love. Once they have their person they will relax, open up, and be themselves. He may be very introverted, intellectual, and artistic, therefore, he wants to be able to express himself fully when he is in love. 

The comfort level he reaches with the person he likes is a very strong indicator of his feelings. When he feels safe, supported, and listened to he will be sure to give you all of that and more in return. If your Pisces man has trouble expressing his feelings in words just listen to his heart, his intentions, and motivations behind the love and affection he starts to give you. 

Pisces Man Having A Laugh With His Partner


A Pisces man wants to fall in love. He is searching for his other half and will seemingly go to the ends of the Earth to find the one special person meant for him. He definitely believes in fate and the deep soul connection that can be created when two people are in love. Figuring out if your Pisces man truly likes you can be confusing as he is searching for ultimate romance, therefore, he will give every relationship his all. Have you experienced any of these 12 signs a Pisces man likes you? Leave your experience dating a Pisces in the comments!

Need some help getting your dream Pisces man? Read Anna Kovach’s highly recommended Pisces Man Secrets “roadmap” today.

Signs a Pisces Man Likes you
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Signs a Pisces Man Likes you
Are you falling for a Pisces man and want to know if his feelings for you are true? Here are the 12 obvious signs a Pisces man likes you!
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  1. I met a Pisces man at a party. We exchanged numbers and met for lunch the next day. A gentleman, nice conversation. But he lives 2 hours away. He wanted to see me over the Labor Day weekend but so want him to come to me, since he wasn’t here to see me. I feel uncomfortable going 2 hours away to meet a man I don’t know but really like. Also, I don’t call him since he’s always busy or is that his way of saying he isn’t interested.

    • I’m seeing a Pisces man now. There have been times where I thought I was making it pretty dang clear that I wanted to see him with my flirting, but he doesn’t really take hints well or see that flirting is my way of expressing interest in him. Even if they’re really strong hints/flirts. I had to straight up tell him, “Hey, I really want to see you again! Are you free to get together?” He was like, “OMG, really??? Heck yeah, I’ll make time for you!” LoL

      My Pisces seemed so shocked when I told him this, which blew my mind because we’d been texting each other regularly literally every day and I was super flirty with him. (He texts me all the time showing me photos of new projects he’s working on for his business or sometimes just new tools that he bought that day, haha. 🙂 Too cute.) He’s also very busy and is really passionate about his work, so unless I make it crystal clear that I actually want to see him, he’ll assume I’m just trying to compliment him or something, lol.

      So be honest with him, if you do end up wanting to see him again. Being direct helps! Also, throwing in a compliment or two never hurts. 😉 (I think Pisces guys really need that security of mind knowing how exactly you feel about them.)

      • Lol omg its sooooo funny you say that cause the exact thing is happening to me with this Pisces i thought i was doing something and i literally would tell my bestfriend why is he not getting the hint dang do he like me he shows signs he does i been all kinds of confused lol but reading your story helped alot now i know what to do cause i dont wanna end this he is super sweet smart funny and handsome just a little clueless sometimes so thank you!

  2. This is so accurate! I’ve been dating a pieced for over a year and this is the best dating relationship I’ve ever had. We started off spending a lot of time binge watching tv series or making excuses to watch certain shows on release dates. He seriously is the sweetest and thoughtful man I’ve dated. Always making sure I’m happy and spoiling me in all of the good ways with attention, affection, thoughtfulness. It really seems like he wants this to be a relationship but I’m not ready for that. And he knows this and is patient with me. So this pieces man is great man. I’m loving every part of my life right now!

  3. I’m currently in love with a Pisces now! It just seems like he’s the one I’ve been looking for. Everything about him I adore. I just wish he acknowledged me a little more…

  4. No jokes at all, this is 100% dead on me!! Can’t even believe how accurate this is! I have extremely different signs in my chart but as a sun sign Pisces, it’s still dead on!

  5. as a pisces man, yeah that’s all correct. women have the right to be confused by us and we should be mad at ourselves as well since we personally don’t know what the hell is happening or what we are feeling. We are very confused in our nature when we meet a woman we do like, so the thing is that we may like you but we may not know if you feel the same about us, even if you’re making it clear by flirting and all that.

  6. I have been in a relationship with a Pisces man for 6 months. The information in this article is spot on! It’s the most fulfilling and loving relationship that I have ever been in. He’s a true Pisces in every aspect and I could not be happier. We are engaged and are to marry in July.!

  7. I started seeing this sign a few weeks ago.. Wow! What an amazing caring man. Making all kinds of time for me in his life. I am a capicorn.. He expressed last night that we have chemistry and that he cares about me. His need and want to protect me and my children is something ive never dreamed of. We kissed for the 1st time when we where about 7 yrs old. And after all these yrs he told me he always remembered our kiss and then proceeded to tell me where it happened at. I hope he does not change after a few months like my gemini did..

  8. I’m with a Pisces at the time we live together an I’m confused on if he have feelings for me or not.he haven’t showed the romantic,loving,side yet or the i want u yet.i had to ask about the relationship to get one an it’s hard to figure him out

  9. I am a Pisces man and I find this particular article very interesting and quite intriguing. Everything on the list, except item eight, are basically my entire play book! 🙂 Communication has never been an issue and items nine and ten are my absolute favorite way to learn more about a woman. I am an avid photographer, surfer, and LOVE music. I will take along a portable bluetooth speaker(s) and strategically place it/them when I am setting up for a shot. I then like to include her in the setup after so she can share the vision I have in my mind. Those are the moments I live for.

    Combining the visual aspects with the music are the mental movies I create CONSTANTLY in my head, and I simply want to share that. I want her to understand how much I adore the person she is. Those are the moments/memories I replay in my head over-and-over again during the workweek, and I enjoy sharing that realization with her.

    Then it’s ALWAYS time for a picnic! From the previous conversations I always take enough mental notes to know: what her favorite beverage is, favorite finger foods, desserts, flowers, music style/artists, blanket type preferences, flower types, and also what her favorite mens cologne is.

    My normal goals for any date/encounter is to: reinforce how beautiful I think she truly is inside and out, get her to blush at least once, make her smile at least once, make her laugh at least once, and get her to share something about herself that not many people know so that I may reciprocate.

    I suppose I am a stereotypical Pisces male: I enjoy being in love, travelling with my love, and playfully conspiring/concocting RIDICULOUS scenarios on how we can take over the planet. 🙂

  10. My goodness. I’ve met a Pisces man and I am shocked at how easy it is for us to get along. Not once has there been that awkward silence between us. Conversations with him are just easy and fun and I’m attracted to his spirit so much. (I’m a Cancer, btw)

    I will never forget our first date and I caught him looking at my eyes, I mean… like he was looking into my soul. It was something that I’ve never felt when someone has looked at me like he did. I feel so comfortable
    with him, I can be me and I love that!

    First date and he’s dropping me off at my car and I looked at him and said…”are you going to kiss me?” LOL I’ve never asked a man to kiss me like that and I was sober. I don’t now what made me do that? The easiness with him. He said let’s get out of the car. We kissed and he was like nervous and silly. It was cute though!

    I have a question to the Pisces men, please!
    Why is he being goofy and silly with me when it comes to kissing me. I cannot get 1 passionate kiss from this man, he kisses me quickly and won’t stop talking and licks my face and it turns more comical than romantic. Why is he like this. Is he scared he may feel something? LOL any advice will be appreciated! Thank you!

  11. I have crazily found myself OBSESSED with a Pisces man where I work, and you guys I cannot even tell you how I got here because idk how I ended up with these feelings and I don’t know what to do about this situation! I need major help because 1 he is not the type I’m usually attracted to, 2 since Ive started working at my job, for some weird reason we end up meeting each other from opposite ends in the hallway AT THE SAME TIME I KID YOU NOT. It just happens! It started the first 3 days and I thought nothing of it until the third day we ended up meeting each other down the aisle and he said “I guess this is our meeting spot “ and ever since that day I’ve been trapped in this never ending desire to be close to him because I started paying attention to what was going on between us, and now we see each other every day at work, and last week he unexpectedly cornered me in the break and not physically, but basically it was just me and him and time had officially stopped on my end 😩 and he was so respectful, INTENSE and assertive with introducing himself properly…I was swept off my feet! And when I’m talking to other people, he comes out of NOWHERE and finds himself a seat and watch me interact with others like I’m a movie and then I can’t think 😭 and later on when we’d end up somewhere at the same time he uses that opportunity to ask personal questions about what I had mentioned to other people lol. He’s sooo private so it’s like we’d have to be away from people for him to be able to communicate with me. But I’ve been waiting for him to ask me for my number and it feels like YEARS. He asks me about everything but my number and I’m ready to explode does anyone have any pointers for me?? How can I tell him I want to be in touch with out being too obvious? Last week I missed my chance 😭😩

  12. Let ur pisces crush you appreciate talking to him and want to talk more. Then ask to exchange numbers. He will feel good that you are complementing his intellect and communication. This will motivate him to move forward positively on a relationship path with you in confidence. Pisces need to be nudged very blantantly to get the hint.


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