12 Obvious Signs a Gemini Woman Likes You

Signs a Gemini Woman Likes You

A Gemini woman is flirty and fun. She enjoys being social and loves to talk. She is so friendly to everyone, it is hard to know whether you are special to her. Gemini women date often, but they have a very difficult time settling down with one person. To know whether you might be that person, pay attention to these signs a Gemini woman likes you. See also the signs a Gemini man likes you.

The Astrology of Relationships

In fairy tales, people meet and fall in love at first sight and then they live happily ever after. In the mundane world that we live in, however, romance is far more complicated. Relationships can be a labyrinth of twists and turns. These twists and turns are predictable, though, and astrology can provide a map through the labyrinth.

The map that is usually used is a Natal Chart, and if you know your date, time, and place of birth, you can get one for free at either Astrodienst or Astrolabe. The starting point on this map is the Ascendant or Rising Sign. This is the sign that was rising in the East at the moment of your birth. You can also start the map with your Sun Sign.

In a relationship, the first stop on the map is the 1st House, which is the place you meet someone new and the two of you begin to get to know each other. The next stop is the 11th House, where you start to get close to each other and form a friendship. Next, if all goes well, you may move to the 5th House and develop a romantic relationship. The final destination is the 7th House, which is the place of marriage and long term commitment. People change at each of these stages along the way. Watch for these signs a Gemini woman likes you throughout the journey.

Clear Signs a Gemini Woman Likes You at Each Stage

The Beginning – Signs a Gemini Woman is Attracted to You

The Beginning - Signs a Gemini Woman is Attracted to You

In order to begin any relationship, you must meet and decide that you like each other enough to meet again. This stage of a relationship is found in the 1st House, or the sign itself. In this case, the First House is Gemini. Gemini women are at their best in this House, and they usually have many acquaintances. A Gemini woman will like most people she meets, because people are interesting. It can be hard to tell if a Gemini woman is attracted to you, or if she is just being herself. She does give some telltale signs, though. Below are the signs a Gemini woman likes you and finds you attractive.

1) She will stay around for a long conversation

Gemini women love parties and social gatherings. They usually talk to everyone they can. In most cases, these conversations are short, though. A Gemini woman is generally eager to move on to the next person. If a Gemini woman stays and talks to you for more than a few minutes, you can bet that she has found you interesting. She would not linger otherwise.

2) She will show up for a date

Like a Libra woman or a Sagittarius woman, just because a Gemini woman agrees to a date with you does not mean she will actually come. Unlike a Libra woman, a Gemini’s failure to come is not intentional. She probably just forgot. On the other hand, unlike a Sagittarius woman, if a Gemini woman has forgotten your date, there is not much hope for anything in the future. She has found something more interesting to do, and she will have forgotten you as well as your date.

If a Gemini woman does remember to show up for a date, you can be sure that this is one of the signs a Gemini woman likes you enough to not be distracted by anything else while waiting for the day of the date to come.

With this in mind, if you do want a Gemini woman to show up for a date with you, your best bet is to not let a lot of time pass beforehand. For example, you will have more luck if you schedule your date for that same day or the next day than you would if you scheduled it a week in advance. Each day that you wait increases the chance of her forgetting about you.

3) She will keep showing up

Just because a Gemini woman showed up for the first date does not mean that she will show up for the second, third, or fourth date. Gemini women are famous for being flighty and always looking for something new and interesting to do. They are like little birds that hop from one branch to the next, never staying still. One of the most important signs a Gemini woman likes you is if she keeps showing up for successive dates.

Friendship – Signs a Gemini Woman Enjoys Your Company

Friendship - Signs a Gemini Woman Enjoys Your Company

Friendship is an 11th House relationship, and the 11th House from Gemini is Aries. A Gemini woman will believe that she has a lot of friends. The truth of the matter is, though, that she will likely only have a few. More accurately, most of the people she calls friends would be called acquaintances by most other signs. Social media is heaven for Gemini women, giving them a way to connect with lots and lots of people on a superficial level. Capturing the attention of a Gemini woman long enough for a true friendship to form is quite an accomplishment. Below are the signs a Gemini woman likes you and that your relationship has deepened into a friendship.

4) She will tell you her puns

As children, most people go through a phase in which they love to tell silly jokes and puns. Gemini never grows out of this phase. Gemini natives, regardless of gender, are fascinated by words. To them, words are toys that never grow old or dull. If a Gemini woman is enjoying your company, she will relax enough to play with words with you. If you are able to tell her puns in return, it will make her extremely happy. Exchanging puns is one of the best ways to keep a Gemini woman’s attention for long time.

 5) She will debate with you

Gemini woman love to talk, and they know a little bit about a lot of things. As you spend more time with a Gemini woman, sooner or later she will want to debate with you on some topic or another. Do not worry if the debate becomes heated, and do not try to agree with her just appease or please her. If you do agree with her, she probably will switch to the opposite side of the debate. She is not trying to persuade you in any way or even prove she is right. She is enjoying your company and the verbal sparring match, and she wants to keep it going.

6) She will want to play games with you

Gemini women love games. They are especially fond of games such as Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble. If a Gemini woman likes you, she will want to play her favorite games with you. If you want someone to protect your ego and let you win, a Gemini woman is not for you. She will take these games quite seriously, and she will almost certainly be very good at them. It might be in your best interests to find another couple or two for a game night and to make sure that you and her are on the same team. This way her competitive streak will be directed at someone else, and you will be her partner and not her opponent.

While Gemini women like most games, they tend not enjoy games such as chess, which involve long periods of intense concentration. For this reason, it would be best not to suggest such games to her.

Romance – Signs a Gemini Woman is Falling in Love With You

Romance - Signs a Gemini Woman is Falling in Love With You

Romantic relationships are located in the 5th House, and the 5th House from Gemini is Venus-ruled Libra. When a Gemini woman has a crush on you, she will show you her softer and more artistic side. Here are the signs a Gemini woman likes you and has fallen in love.

7) She will recite poetry for you

Poetry is artistry with words, and it is a rare Gemini woman who does not love poetry. She has probably memorized her favorite poems. She may even write her own. If she is musically inclined, she may write her own songs. Even if she does not have particular musical talents, she will likely still make up clever songs using the melody of familiar tunes. One of the signs a Gemini woman likes you is that she will share her poetry or songs with you.

If you write poetry or songs and share them with her, you could win her heart forever.

8) She will obviously flirt with you

It may have seemed like a Gemini woman has flirted with you all along, but that was just her usual friendliness. When a Gemini woman has a crush on you, she will flirt with you in earnest. There will be no mistaking this for anything else. She will make suggestive comments, and she will tell you in no uncertain terms how attractive she finds you. She will also wear sexy clothing for you.

Gemini women love new experiences, and that includes new experiences in a physical relationship. She will want to try many new and different things.

9) She may have trouble being faithful

One of the hardest things for a Gemini woman is remaining faithful to one person. Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and they like to have two or more of everything, including romantic partners. Even if she does not actually physically cheat, she may have other interests online or over text. Unlike women of other signs, a Gemini woman cheating does not mean that she has a problem with your relationship or is unhappy in it. She just got distracted by someone else who grabbed her attention at the moment. If you are a sign prone to jealousy, like Taurus or Scorpio, this trait will make a Gemini woman a difficult partner.

One of the best ways to keep a Gemini woman from straying is to do as many interesting things with her as possible. If she is entertained, she will not wander off. If a Gemini woman is faithful to you, this is one of the very best signs a Gemini woman likes you and is deeply in love.

A Long Term Relationship – Signs a Gemini Woman is Ready for a Commitment

A Long Term Relationship - Signs a Gemini Woman is Ready for a Commitment

Long term relationships and marriages are located in the 7th House, and the 7th House from Gemini is Sagittarius. It takes a very special person to convince a Gemini woman to settle down. Most Gemini women do not. To see if you are such a special person, watch for these signs a Gemini woman likes you enough to stay with you for a long time.

10) She will want to go somewhere with you and with you alone

A Gemini woman falling deeply in love will become restless, and she will want to go somewhere. If she really is considering you as a long term partner, she will want you to go with you, and she will be willing to go somewhere that the two of you will be alone. This is actually a test. She is trying to see whether she can be with you alone for a period of time without getting bored.

11) She will have deep, serious discussions with you

Gemini women are famous for being talkative, and you will have had long conversations with her for your whole relationship. When a Gemini woman is thinking of you as a long term partner, though, these conversations will take a different tone.  She will want to talk about deep, philosophical matters with you, and she will give you her undivided attention during these discussions. They will not be verbal sparring matches as they were earlier in your relationship, but real conversations.

Despite their flightiness, most Gemini women are extremely intelligent and thoughtful. They need someone who will engage them intellectually. If you have interesting and unconventional ideas and theories, all the better.

12) She may want an unconventional relationship

A Gemini woman may have trouble with a conventional marriage. She could be worried about boredom if she is tied to one person for life. Gemini is one of the few signs who would truly be happy in an open relationship. If you are not a Gemini, however, that may not work well for you.

If you truly love a Gemini woman, and she truly loves you in return, you should be able to negotiate, though. No matter how much she loves you, a Gemini woman will need a fair amount of freedom. While you do not have to agree to an open relationship, allowing her to go out and spend time with her friends once or twice a week would be wise.

It would also be wise for you to have your own hobbies and interests apart from her. Not only will this give you something to do when she goes out and plays, it will ultimately make you more interesting to her over the long haul. Do not be surprised if your Gemini woman wants to try your hobbies as well as her own.


A Gemini woman is a lot of fun, but she can be difficult to hold. There are not many people who can capture her attention for any length of time. To know if you are the one who can win and hold her heart, watch for these signs a Gemini woman likes you along the way. What do you think? Does your Gemini woman show that she likes you in these ways?

12 Obvious Signs a Gemini Woman Likes You
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12 Obvious Signs a Gemini Woman Likes You
Gemini women date often, but they have a very difficult time settling down with one person. See these signs a Gemini woman likes you or is in love.
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  1. This is very true I am a young Gemini ♊️ women whom was married from 16 -37 and he in i were in love a long tine ..Women period stay faithful when the man isn’t forgetting her at all .once she feels forgotten tho she may wander just saying

  2. I am Capricorn man, I will never date a Gemini woman, they are cheaters. They lies to you. Flirting flirting… stay away from Gemini women guys there is better woman out there

    • Im right now with a Capricorn man. I have never cheated on him, don’t get this general Geminis structure that literal, when, we can flirt but if we really fall for someone, we just keep for ever as I do right now dude.

    • Get out of here lol , we aren’t all like that . If we care about you and your feelings we will end it before we would hurt you. We feel deeply about the people we love .

    • I am a Gemini man married to capricorn wife who cheated 2 times and 3 time she left me in cold.what What would you say about that. Cap are also liars and point finger at other to hide their lie.

  3. Hard times guys. But, not all people are the same. Gemini’s may have similar traits but, it doesn’t mean that their all the same. There’s a difference between the good geminis and the bad Gemini’s, like every other sign.

  4. I’m kinda talking with a Gemini woman. We started talking and texting 20-25 times a day. Then she asked me how long have I’ve been broken up with my ex-girl friend. Told her been since December 2,2018. She said that she wanted to be friends first but we were literally having phone s.., every night. Then, she flipped the screen and said, I’ve been out of my ex-girlfriend for 2 months. So, we still text and talk on the phone everyday. We just dont do phone s.., I’m not sure if she is still interested because she’ll send me funny emojis and Kitty Kat photos and make sexual comments. She said if I was separated from my ex for at least a year, then maybe. But, if we are just friends, why does she text me daily asking me what I’m doing, text me when you get home, what did you eat and then she will comment about my ex; like-if you’re hanging out with her, its cool you don’t have to call me or text me back. I’m confused. Is she still interested or she is being nice?? Help me understand please?

  5. Christie, Gemini women don’t know for sure what they want. She’s testing u. Checking out ur reactions. She’s analytical and she’s trying to make a grounded decision. Fact that she’s still texting u, means that she’s still interested. Don’t take the flirting too seriously- that’s the way Gemini’s talk when they enjoy good company – so she’s just being very open with u. She’s waiting for u to make a move – and probably a physical one – but take it slow

  6. Use your heads people lol. Being a certain sign doesnt make you a cheater. Im a 58 year old Gemini and ive been faithfull all my life to some real cheating louses. And only one was a gemini. But the common thread through all of them, was the fact they were cheating men! Lol lol.. grow up is what this old gemini says. Worry about yourself and if you are a liar and a cheat. Clean up your act towards people… no…. towards women! Because in my life time of experiences, both personal and looking in, its men who seem to have a hard time keeping it in their pants. Just saying.

  7. Christi,

    As a Gemini woman myself, the one thing I hate the most is when my love interest keeps droning on and on anout the ex. It just shows us that you are not over your ex and you need to work on it. All woman want ro feel special like they are they only ones you are thinking about. It feels like you are comparing your ex to the current. I have a rule of thumb that I go by, close the Ex Files! Don’t need to talk about it with a potential partner beyond the basic stuff. Where did you meet, how long were you together, do you have children together, and why you broke up. That’s it! Never discuss the gorey details in your past relationship to a new person. Save that for your friends to dissect it over cocktails. Trust me if a woman truly wants to know she will ask. Now stop oversharing and be the funny, interesting person she was liking in the first place.


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