12 Obvious Signs a Gemini Man Likes You

Signs a Gemini Man Likes and Loves You

A Gemini man in love is known for his spontaneous and fun-loving personality, but a Gemini man in love can be even more surprising! This zodiac sign has a certain child-like spontaneity and curiosity about the world and people that surround him.

With an extremely wide array of interests and fascination for everyone and everything, it can be hard to tell if he is falling in love with you or if he is just interested in you for the moment!

Read on to discover the 12 obvious signs a Gemini man likes you, and what kind of woman do gemini men like. Also see the signs a Gemini woman likes you.

12 clear signs a Gemini man likes you

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1) He will be extra sweet and romantic

The Gemini man is a showy character, known for playing the field and constant flirtation with others. All of this experience has given him the chance to perfect his approach to romance. If a Gemini man likes you he will go out of his way to be extra sweet and romantic.

One way to tell if a Gemini man likes you is that he will make sure to compliment you on your appearance, hold your hand in public, and be extremely attentive to your needs. A Gemini man in love will ensure you feel special and that you are doted upon with an extra dose of sweetness. He will want to make sure you feel taken care of and will say sweet things to you to make you feel good.

If a Gemini man is falling for someone he will make sure to make cute gestures of romance like giving you a bunch of wild flowers he picked himself to show he cares. He will try to give you a lot of affection in public including romantic hugs and kisses.

To top it all off the Gemini man will most definitely want to capture these moments in a pic and post to his social media accounts as an added measure of romanticism to show you he likes you!

Gemini Relationship Selfie

2) He will buy or make you little thoughtful gifts

The Gemini man in love is known for his creativity in thought and craftiness. He truly enjoys finding outlets for his endless energy and curiosities. If a Gemini man likes you he will channel this into buying or making you thoughtful gifts. As an air sign, the Gemini is known for coming up with inventive ideas.

Not one for show off types of gestures, this zodiac sign will make you gifts that are tailored to your specific interests. For example, he may find out what music you like and make sure to download all of your favorite artist’s songs to your workout playlist as a surprise! The Gemini man gets pleasure out of making and creating things with his hands and he will want to put in effort into impressing you with his skills. He may set up a craft cocktail night and show off his skills putting together your favorite drink to show you he likes you.

He will make sure to gift you things that are authentic and genuine to you. One of the signs a Gemini man likes you is when he goes that extra step to discover what you like so he can get you the gift that is sure to catch your attention. 

3) He will communicate with you in every way possible

Known as the zodiac sign associated with communication your Gemini man will use every method of transmission to show you he likes you. He will use text, e-mail, social media, video chat, and even a phone call here and there to be able to make extra contact with you.

A Gemini man will love sharing his ideas and will want to make sure he is in constant contact with you regarding his thoughts and opinions. He will want to share funny memes and other interesting information he has picked up throughout the day so make sure your phone is charged and ready for ample amounts of chit-chat with your Gemini man. He will really enjoy getting messages from you as well!

This air sign cannot help but share and connect with the people around him. Another one of the signs a Gemini man likes you is if he makes this extra effort to communicate with you at every chance possible. 

Gemini Man Sending a Text to his lover

4) He will want to attend parties with you

The Gemini man is very well known for his sociability and wit he brings to parties. He is definitely a party man and enjoys every aspect of a good gathering especially the company and conversation. A sign a Gemini man likes you is if he wants to take you to a party with him.

Not only will he want to show you off to his friends and colleagues but he will also want to make sure you have a great time meeting people he finds interesting and worthy of your attention.

Your Gemini man will make the party rounds and be sure to introduce you to all of his friends and maybe..ahem..even some former paramours. He will have surely moved on from these past trysts as you are the new object of his affection. He will stroll you around the room proud to have an equally interesting and witty partner by his side for the event.

Your Gemini man wants to make sure you can let loose and have fun with him so he will want you there having fun by his side. Bringing you to his social events is an obvious sign that your Gemini love interest likes you!

Gemini Man at a Party

5) He will want to spend all of his time with you

When a Gemini man is interested in someone or something his curiosity will drive him to learn everything he can about that person or thing. A Gemini man shows he likes someone by wanting to spend a lot of time with them. He will want to see you constantly and meet up with you even if just for a quick bite of lunch or to grab a coffee.

This zodiac sign is known for needing constant stimulation and he will crave entertainment and attention from the people he likes. Your Gemini man is the type that will spend time with you hiding out sharing endless conversations, ideas, and intimacy.

He will want to connect with you on a physical level when he likes you beyond the mental stimulation he desires. He will want you all to himself for days at a time absorbed in your own interesting little universe.

A Gemini man will be completely involved in the present moment and share his every thought and idea with your during this time. He will demonstrate he likes you by spending all of his time with you making love and making conversation, a Gemini man’s two favorite past-times! You will know a Gemini man likes you when he spends all of his time with just you!

Gemini Man showing his love

6) He will want to have new experiences with you

The zodiac sign of Gemini is known for having an addiction to new and risky experiences. Another one of the signs a Gemini man likes you is he will bring you to new and interesting places. He craves new adventures and he will want you there by his side to have these new experiences with him.

He will love travelling, meeting new people, and seeing all the sights. The Gemini man will no doubt want you there every step of the way as a sign that he likes you! He will make bold decisions and take risks like trying to travel across a country with no money or hitchhiking his way through a new city just to prove to you and to himself that he can make any situation work on wit and charm.

He will most likely want you to move around with him a lot and see the world, new cities, and new places. The Gemini man needs to be moving in and out of new places quickly to keep up with his ever-changing interests. He will want you there by his side to plan each new adventure and experience; one of the signs a Gemini likes you! 

7) He will want to have long and interesting conversations with you

Nothing turns a Gemini man on more than having a long drawn out and intricate socio-political conversations. This air sign will want nothing more than to be mentally stimulated through extensive discussions that bounce from topic to topic. He will want to discuss everything and anything from the latest local gossip to brilliant ideas about life, science, and belief.

A way to tell a Gemini man likes you is that will be extremely open to your opinions and open to any topic you want to discuss. Your Gemini man will, of course, be absolutely taken with your mind and fascinated by your ability to connect with him mentally.

As we mention in our guide to seducing a Gemini man, a mental connection for a Gemini man will lead to a physical connection. A sign your Gemini man likes you is when he wants to talk for hours on end with you.

He will be full of opinions, but also it is very easy to change his mind, so you can bring him around to your point of view! Gemini is a mutable sign meaning Gemini people are more easily able to adapt and go with the flow.  

Gemini Man Conversation when in love

8) He will plan spontaneous romantic dates

As a sign of affection towards you, a Gemini man will want to prove he likes you by taking you on spontaneous romantic dates. If he is willing to do this for you that is a sure sign he likes you! He will show up at your house at all hours, this is not a “booty-call” by the way, to take you on exciting romantic adventures.

Your Gemini man will show up with a picnic basket packed and a tandem bike ready to take you on a romantic date in the park. Gemini is the sign of the twins after all so doing things in two’s is his forte.

He will have everything planned out for the day and be thrilled at expressing his boyish romanticism with you. He will show you he likes you by having all the details of the day sorted with spontaneous and fun activities planned out for each step of the date.

You never know where you may end up with a Gemini man. Be prepared to go to his favorite thinking spot or a secluded area that only he has discovered on the rooftop of a building or a remote area of the waterfront. Your Gemini man will want to show you what inspires him and finds nothing more romantic than sharing this with you as a sign he likes you!

Gemini Man Romantic Hideaway

9) He will flirt and joke around with you

A Gemini man is known for his all-out flirting and wooing of the ladies. He definitely fits into the stereotype of being in it for the chase. Rarely will a Gemini continue pursuing an object of his affection once he obtains the prize. When a Gemini man likes you he will flirt with you constantly.

He will play pranks on you and expect you to be light-hearted in return about this! This zodiac sign is able to laugh and find humor in most aspects of life and will take a light-hearted approach to his affection for you. He will poke fun at you as a sign that he likes you. A Gemini man has the innate ability to draw you in with his boyish charm and get you in on playing his flirtatious game.

He will make direct eye contact and be enraptured with your every move and thought. He will lean in to show he is truly listening and that you have his attention. A sign that a Gemini man likes you is how much he flirts and jokes around with you, the more playful he is the greater the sign is that he likes you!

10) He will work extra hard to win your heart

A Gemini man is known for easily landing a lady, therefore, he will work extra hard to prove that he is serious about a relationship with you and that you are not just flavour of the week when he really likes you. He will make every effort to demonstrate that you mean more to him than just the chase and that he wants this relationship to last. He will make sure he knows your likes and dislikes so he can play up the positives in your budding relationship.

A sign that a Gemini man is falling in love is if he is willing to put in that extra work to gain your long-lasting affection in return. He will be searching for loyalty, something that does not always come easily to the zodiac sign of Gemini! He will want to prove how loyal he is to you and that he is faithful and ready to make a commitment when he really likes you!  

Gemini Man Showing Loyalty

11) He will want to be a team

A Gemini man views his relationships as a team effort. Think, “Two-peas-in-a-pod,” as he is the astrological symbol of the twins, he will be searching for a teammate in love.  Your Gemini man is looking for his “partner in crime” and wants someone he can share every aspect of life with.

He is looking for someone to be free with him and discover the wide range of human existence and experience. He will think of you as a good friend and a romantic partner. One of the signs a Gemini man secretly in love with you is he will want to partner up and share every aspect of life with you! 

Gemini Couple Team Mates

12) He will be there for you with staying power

A Gemini man will show he likes you by being there for you. He will want to be a person you can really rely on for emotional support. He will be there for you when you need him and will want to show you he is dedicated to your well-being. Your Gemini man will show you he cares by checking in on you throughout the day.

If a Gemini likes you he will want to take care of you and show you he is loyal to your relationship. As Gemini men are known for moving from relationship to relationship your Gemini man will prove he likes you by demonstrating his staying power in the relationship.


This social and talkative zodiac sign of a Gemini man may seem like he is giving you the run around at times as he is a hard zodiac sign to pin down. A Gemini man is known for his adaptability and changing his mind often as his attention flits from thing to thing.

His fascination can wane quickly so building a relationship with him takes time and dedication. Knowing these 12 obvious signs a Gemini man likes you can help guide the way to laying the foundation for a strong and lasting relationship.

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What do you think, does your Gemini man give you these signs that he likes you?

Need some help getting your dream Gemini man? Read Anna Kovach’s highly recommended Gemini Man Secrets “roadmap” today.

12 Obvious Signs a Gemini Man Likes You
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12 Obvious Signs a Gemini Man Likes You
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  1. I just don’t get it and I don’t get him. I love him to bits but it’s one sided, I think. However, he keeps doing things for me which he says he wouldn’t do for anyone else and I believe him, but the communication is virtually non existent. I have just done the “thirty days silence” to try and inspire him into wanting me more but that didn’t produce anything. Then he says lovely things like of course he missed me. He used to be better, he is a very stubborn man and I truly believe he wants me but wont say so. My daughter is born the same day as him so I do understand Gemini’s he just doesn’t seem to conform completely, the moods do!! and the stubborness does but not the love that I want.

    • I have never felt this strong for someone but yes its exactly as Jean says.
      I sometimes think he likes me but is still unsure .
      I just don’t understand how he can be without ever wanting to text me.
      Wish he would just be honest and not give me hopes if he really is not in for this.
      How would I know?

    • I’m in North Carolina and he’s in Washington, D.C. We met on the internet but NOT on a dating site. I had actually made a comment on a forum of some sort and as I am a writer and have authored 2 books, he basically liked my writing style and decided to reach out to me and he did. That’s how we connected and I am very fond of the intellectual connection that we started with. I would text and he would text and we started e-mailing. He assures me that he has really be into the way I write to him and how smart he thinks I am etc.
      Now he will e-mail but not as much as I would like. He also text but they are few and far between.
      He is busy, he’s working in D.C. and he’s into that awful commuter traffic everyday. Sometimes he’s even working on a Saturday. He says he will re-locate and sell his house there b/c he wants to retire anyway and get OUT of D.C. and the rat race. That all sounds wonderful to me, bring it on, but I am sometimes feeling neglected and fell that I’m being put on the back burner. Not sure if he is really “into” me, or if it’s just that his career has him super busy, but I do know that a person can send a text message while they are on the toilet haha. He has apologized for being neglectful, and it was noted, but it’s still not making me feel any better. He is divorced and has 2 kids, but the children (he says) live with a nanny for now b/c they attend a special school that he enrolled them both in for a better education. He apparently has no worried about money or investments etc. He is a Gemini, and I am an Aquarius, which are supposed to be a really great match for one another. WHY he doesn’t text more (after I text him) or e-mail more (after I send him mail) is beyond me. But I do know it’s frustrating not knowing if he’s okay or when he will contact me. I go about my business and do what I need to do ( I am retired) but I still have him in the back of my mind hoping to hear MORE from him and wondering when things are going to step up a notch or two as neither of us are getting any younger. I just turned 70 ( but have a 40 yr. old mind set) and he just turned 54 (but says he thinks older, more like 60), so yes there is that age difference, but neither of us think it matters, it’s just a number. Any comments will be read and considered, thanks !!!

      • I am an Aquarius living in California, and I am speaking with a Gemini man that lives in Sweden. We met the same way. Obviously there is a 9 hour time difference between us, but he has been very responsive regardless. We have only been talking for 2 months though. It makes it harder to know if someone likes you when they live far away and have the freedom to and whatever they want. They could just lie to you about things if they wanted to. You have to have an open mind about it. But I dated someone who lived in California and was in the military. He traveled a lot but it took him days to get back to me sometimes. It turns out he just wasn’t that into me. I started to see the pattern and broke up with him and got him to admit to me that he was using me. Sometimes you just have to go with your intuition. Also some advice that is hard to take, (I have a hard time following it myself), Don’t give someone more energy than they are giving you (especially a man). If he wants to be with you, he will show it.

  2. I am a gay June gemini male who likes a May straight married Gemini male. I buy him things nothing big, he loves it. He works at a CVS and we cool we talk, hug , laugh. I actually told him i only come in the store to see him, he said i know. I gave him my business card but he has yet to give me his cell number. I always tell him it’s good to see him , he say the same back. I went away for my birthday , he gave me a 100 dollar gift card.
    I like him alot but why not give me his number especially since i know he like me. I won’t mess up our in store friendship..lol

    • Hey, just a thought but if this gay guy is married you didn’t tell us if he is married to a women or another gay guy…Also I don’t understand WHY he would give you his phone number b/c his wife (he or she) could find your conversation on his cell phone and cause him a bunch of you know what.
      Why don’t you look for a single gay male so you don’t get hurt with this “married” guy? You are getting involved into something you may regret, since you shouldn’t be meddling in somebody’s married, b/c someone either you, him or his partner (wife) etc. is going to get hurt. You need to swim in the other direction dear and stay clear of and avoid trouble…

  3. I usually good at reading people,men more so. But my guy was the hardest vibration to get onto..finally I am on his vibration and it’s a lot of push and pull. Now I have to find his middle ground. Love I know he has for me…commitments no..because he never truly end a past connection.time will tell.

  4. I’m a Virgo woman dealing with a Gemini man for the past four years. No commitment but says he doesn’t sleep with anybody but me . I believe him but he’s such a big online flirt. When we’re not together it be silent. When I tell him I want to see him everyday he pushes to make it happen. He stubborn but at times when things get serious he begin to express himself slowly but without making himself feel like he doing to much. At times I feel confused about his feeling for me bc he doesn’t verbally express them unless I become distant he’ll express that he misses me , he wants to come home and things such as. I haven’t forced him or tried forcing him to tell me how he truly feels about me. He’s a Gemini you have to watch their actions it says a lot. I know my gem cares about me bc he drives distance every time to see me WHENEVER rain, slow, sleet, cold and all those things are actions about caring about someone. When together I careless to question him because the way he holds me and cuddles me and never picks up his phone when it makes any sounds, confirmed with me to not stress it just watch it and let what we got manifest until…. so if he show signs that another doesn’t just know that Gemini cares for you. If there’s anywhere else he could be but he skips it to be with you just know it’s some sort of live that he has for you and considers you important !

  5. Chyna, you will just have to be patient. I am with a gemini male and it’s taken us a long time to go from acquaintance to friendship and now to the next step: an actual romantic relationship. Gemini men will not actually tell you they love you because the concept of love is confusing for them but he will show you in so many ways that he likes you very much and cares for you. If he really does like you, he will be at your beck and call no matter what time of the day or night. Anything you need him to do for you, he will do it. No questions asked. When he does finally come out and say I LOVE YOU, it will be sudden and out of nowhere and unexpected.

  6. I am a Taurus female who is growing a friendship with a May Gemini male. We talk about EVERYTHING. He opened up about his past to me very quick and easy. He sings to me while we are on the phone. He reaches out via text as soon as he wakes up and we talk right before bed. I give him his space. I like him and I feel like he likes me. Each day I’m going with the flow with him. Thinking only for today and not worried about the future because God has that handled. I also think positive and I pray life into what is forming between us.

  7. I’m a gemini woman but, this sounded just like me! lol I don’t have a type when it comes to dating but you have to cath my attention in some way and, then you have to keep it! Do not give a gemini the silent treatment because we need communication. If you don’t talk we will just move on to the next. If your gemini isn’t trying to talk to you every chance they get, then they probably don’t “like you like you”…sorry.
    If you want to get there attention be consistent in communication, be yourself and show you care by paying attention to the little things. Once we are in, we are very loyal, romantic and caring.

  8. If a Gemini man isn’t opening up and trying to talk to you a lot about any and everything then he’s not that interested. They love sex so don’t mistake that for love. Gemini men love to talk whether in person on the phone etc. Just because he acts all into you when you all are together could just be a sexual thing. They are sweet people so they will respect you when you all are together regardless but that does not mean that he love you. Gemini men love to talk to the woman that they are interested in and you don’t have to pull conversation out of them at all. They get bored easy so switching partners is nothing for them to do until they are finally ready to settle down. Bottom line if he really only communicate with you when you all are together chances are you just one of his sex partners.

  9. I met my fiance at work he’s a gemini and I’m a cancer it was a little hard to get his attention because he was shy. But when he opened up he would text n call me we’d stay on phone for hours he would do sweet things he bought a pack of pens and gave me the pink one and he kept the blue one he new my fav color was pink because I wore it every day. That is just the beginning Geminis are super sweet when there in love they will go beyond for you and will step out of there comfort zone they will do anything for u to show there loyalty and love for you. They will hold your hand when your going through tough times and listen. I hate how zodiac keeps saying they go from partner to partner that is not true actually he has been in all long relationships. And he reminds me constantly that I’m bueatiful he has a huge heart and if u win a Geminis love you have found gold because that is exactly what the relationship is like. If your there for him he will bend over backwards for u. But the gemini is shy and is scared of getting hurt so they back off then if u keep showing you are different and you want to stick through good n bad times with them they will come out n they will fall in love and they will never leave you. And also if there not at there best they will hide out because they have big egos and want to shine for you. But when you show them you love them no matter what you have a best friend a lover and a forever they will never leave your side. The zodiac keeps swaying to the shaddiness and how clever they are. Geminis are very smart my fiance loves math puzzles he is witty and has street smarts. He is very active but takes his time to think before he speaks he is very flirty to only me but he is very happy to the people he cares about big difference he’s a very happy person but when he has been hurt he never forgets but he never holds a grudge there are so many good traits of a gemini iv never dated one tell now n i haft to say this is my best relationship

  10. I think that goes with any sign lol if I don’t like you I’ll tell you or make small talk I won’t give you details about my life or my emotions

  11. Why do Gemini men give mixed signals?? Like it really feels like they like like you then the next its like u dont exist?? I need real answers hereeeeeeee!!

  12. Some of the things written about Gemini men are confusing. I’m a virgo woman(Gemini mother), just ended a weird “relationship thingy” with a Gemini man. He chased me for a year and I finally went out with him, but it was only one time in the 2 years I’ve been “talking” to him. Wasn’t in a relationship, but he acted like we were a couple. He lived with his ex and 3 kids and hid that from me. I ended it because I felt ignored by him. I listened to him and he complained about feeling lonely and would tell me he “missed me”, but I told him if he would call or text me sometimes he wouldn’t feel lonely. He just sits at home playing video games all the time, if he’s not working. I want to go out to the movies, travel somewhere, go out to eat sometimes or just take a stroll and talk….something romantic, exciting or both. I loved him and would enjoy doing almost anything. I would try to call him, but he says he doesn’t really like talking over the phone and prefers to text so I would text him once in a while. Felt like he wanted to be alone so I wouldn’t really bother him, he then told me “you’re never a bother”. He was so nice in the beginning. He told me he fell in love after he knew me for 2 months, he said he didn’t want to chase me away by saying it early so he waited a few months. I was fine with that. The love between us was nothing I’ve ever had before. He would gaze into my eyes and tell me, “you don’t understand I love you so much it hurts” and that he wished he met me years ago. He also wanted me to have his child. He told me he prefers long term relationships. I just gave up on things because I feel he doesn’t care. He doesn’t really communicate well. It’s not like before. He doesn’t make the time and I don’t feel loved anymore. He use to check on me at work, but coworkers made things difficult so I didn’t really see him. We didn’t spend time outside of work either, he blamed his living situation…whatever. He’s moving and wanted me to go see him and spend time together, but I just gave up and told him to move and start over.

  13. So I’m into this Gemini male. We have known each other for about 4 years, but we never really went out. He used to be in a serious relationship, so we only ever spoke as friends, and we would only bump into each other At bars. They have now been broken up for like two years, and he is currently single. Well overtime while we would run into each other at the bars (often) we would talk, and hangout for the duration, and we would get to know each other more and more. So it got to the point where we would text and snap each other. Well then he asked me out, and our date literally was 15 hours (not even an exaggeration). We spent the entire day together, like one of those romance movies, and I felt a spark. Like I’ve always thought that he was attractive, but in that moment I began to feel a connection, and he even told me that I meant so much to him, and that I was really important to him. that made me melt. Since then, our communication hasn’t really changed. We talk, and even planned other dates, but it has been almost a month now since our first one. Granted corona is here at the moment, so everything is shut down, so it’s affecting our future date, but I can’t help but wonder if he’s actually interested in me or not. I’m a cancer, and communication is everything to me. It doesn’t seem like we are taking that next step, so what’s going on? I can’t help but wonder… If we weren’t going through the corona pandemic, would we have gone on our second date yet?

    • The gemini guy I was with made a date happen at home and private lake, and specially ordered food for us both times. The guy you are with has to make it happen if he really wants to coronavirus or no coronavirus. It seems like you would not get that second date though even if there was not a pandemic; it’s a good bit of time to draw out just talking cause he could have visited you or something with contact. Maybe he feels you guys only get along so well cause you’ve been friends and are just friends. You can talk everyday with someone that is just a friend and plan hangouts.


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