12 Obvious Signs a Capricorn Woman Likes You

Signs a Capricorn Woman Likes You

Capricorn women are serious and hardworking. They generally do not have time for dating and romance. Yet, when a Capricorn woman falls in love, she will find time for the object of her affection.

A Capricorn woman in love takes her relationships as seriously as she takes everything else in her life, and she can become a devoted partner for the right person.

If you are wondering if you are the right person, look for these signs a Capricorn woman likes you. Also see the signs a Capricorn man likes you.

A Quick Note

Before reading on, it is important to know that Sun Signs are not the only factor in determining how someone will behave in a relationship. Astrologers will look at what is known as a Natal Chart in order to get a full understanding of a person.

A Natal Chart is a map of the placement of the planets at the moment of your birth. These planets are set against the backdrop of the sky, which is divided into 12 Houses.

The beginning of the 1st House is the sign that was rising in the East when you were born. This is known as the Ascendant or Rising Sign. Your Ascendant is as important, if not more so, than the Sun Sign in predicting a person’s behavior in relationships.

If you have her date, time, and place of birth, and her permission, you can obtain a free Natal Chart at either Astrodienst or Astrolabe. If you do not have this information, you can still use her Sun Sign in this series of articles.

Stages of Relationships

Relationships are dynamic and people behave differently at different stages within them. While each relationship is unique, they all follow a predictable pattern that can be traced through the Houses.

The pattern begins with the 1st House, where you meet and have your first few dates. It then moves through the 11th House, where you become closer and develop a friendship. Next, it moves into the 5th House, where it may blossom into a full-blown romance.

Lastly, the relationship may move into the 7th House and become a long term committed relationship. We will guide you through the signs a Capricorn woman likes you at each of these stages.

Signs a Capricorn Woman Likes You at Each Stage

You Meet – Signs a Capricorn Woman is Attracted to You

You Meet - Signs a Capricorn Woman is Attracted to You

All relationships of any kind begin in the 1st House. You meet and decide whether to pursue a relationship at all. The 1st House is the sign itself, Capricorn. With a Capricorn woman, this stage is the hardest to get past.

Almost all Capricorn women have many responsibilities, and they generally do not go to places where they might find a special person. If they do go to a party, it will most often be an obligatory work gathering, and even then, they will get out of it if they can.

In many cases, your first encounter with a Capricorn woman will be by chance.

Here are the signs a Capricorn woman likes you and has taken an interest in you at this stage.

1) She will notice you

Capricorn women spend most of their lives focused on work or some other practical endeavor.

If she does not like you, she will take no more note of you than the computer she is working on or the cup of coffee she is drinking.

If you get her attention at all, this is one of the signs a Capricorn woman likes you.

2) She will go out of her way to talk to you

When a Capricorn woman has a crush on you, she will go out of her way to talk to you. If you are coworkers, she may make excuses to come to you with questions or advice.

If you have met somewhere else, she will talk with you longer than is necessary and will make arrangements for future conversations.

3) She will agree to meet with you

One of the most important signs a Capricorn woman likes you is if she will agree to meet with you outside of a work or business situation.

Capricorn women are not known to be sociable, and they do not spend their time frivolously. Your first meeting may not be a true “date,” but that will come later if all goes well. Even a meeting for lunch is a good sign when it comes to a Capricorn woman.

Becoming Friends – Signs a Capricorn Woman is Feeling Close to You

Becoming Friends - Signs a Capricorn Woman is Feeling Close to You

If you have gotten though the initial meeting and start to get together on a regular basis, the relationship will likely move into an 11th House friendship. The 11th House from Capricorn is Scorpio.

A Capricorn woman is as serious about her friendships as she is about every other aspect of her life. It is at this stage that you will begin to bond with each other.

Below are the signs a Capricorn woman has feelings for you.

4) She will want to talk about deep, important matters

As you have been spending time with her, your conversations will begin to get deeper and more personal.

She will tell you about her past, her emotions, her insecurities, and her fears. She will want to know about yours as well. As you are talking, she will pay close attention to you.

During your conversations, her business-like demeanor will soften into a deep empathy and compassion. She will notice your facial expression, your body language, and your tone of voice. You will be able to feel a close and personal connection with her.

5) She will make you laugh

One of the most surprising things you will learn about your Capricorn woman is that she will have a wonderful sense of humor. The Capricorn sense of humor tends to be quite dry, and it may take you a minute or two to realize that she is joking.

When a Capricorn woman is starting to feel comfortable with you, she will show this side of herself.

6) She will want to know about your prospects

As a Capricorn woman is getting closer to you and thinking of whether a deeper relationship is possible, she will want to know about your prospects, financially and otherwise.

Even when a Capricorn woman has a crush on you, and even when she starts to fall in love, she will still be considering the practical aspects of any potential relationship.

A Capricorn woman does not date casually, so if your relationship moves forward, she, more than any other sign, will be considering the financial consequences of any future commitment.

She is unlikely to move into a romantic relationship with you unless she is considering you as a more permanent partner. So, do not be surprised if your conversations with her begin to feel like a job interview.

If this happens, it is very likely a good sign that a Capricorn woman is falling in love with you, and she is thinking of moving into a deeper relationship with you.

A Romantic Liaison – Signs a Capricorn Woman is Falling in Love With You

A Romantic Liaison - Signs a Capricorn Woman is Falling in Love With You

If all goes well in the previous two stages, your relationship may blossom into a full blown romance.

Romantic relationships are governed by the 5th House and the 5th House from Capricorn is Taurus.

At this stage, you will notice a clear change in your relationship as it becomes more relaxed and comfortable. 

7) She will want to just be with you

One of the first things that will change as you move into a romantic relationship is that she will want to spend her time off with you. She will want to just be with you, wearing comfortable clothes and maybe even sleeping late.

Capricorn women are usually very productive, and they spend a great deal of time working. When they are not working at their job, they are involved in volunteer work of some kind. Just like any other sign, however, Capricorns need rest and relaxation.

A Capricorn woman in love is likely to be willing to take a little more time off than she ordinarily would and to want to take that time off with you. She may even want to go on a vacation with you.

If so, the best vacation is one that does not require a lot of activity and is in beautiful and rural surroundings. Capricorn is an Earth sign, so lovely landscapes are healing and relaxing for her.

8) She will become physically affectionate

Another thing that may surprise you about Capricorn women is that they are extremely sensual.

As an Earth sign, Capricorn needs touch and physical contact. The physical aspect of your relationship will be just as important to her as any other aspect.

She will want to know that you are sexually compatible before she will consider committing to anything more permanent.

A Capricorn woman will also want a lot of non-sexual physical contact, such as cuddling and holding hands. That being said, she will not appreciate any attempts at physical affection in public, unless she comes from a particularly demonstrative culture.

Capricorns tend to be very conservative and conscious of their public appearance, so they generally keep these matters private.

9) She will want to make sure your finances are in order

When a Capricorn woman is thinking of you as a potential long term partner, she will also consider the financial consequences of such a relationship.

This may not seem very romantic, and it may make her seem like she has a cold heart or is merely a gold digger. This is far from the case, though.

If you love a Capricorn woman, you will need to understand that Capricorn is the most worldly and pragmatic sign of the zodiac. If she has taken an interest in your financial affairs, you can be sure that this is one of the clearest signs a Capricorn woman likes you.

She is not just considering her own interests, but yours as well. She is just as likely to want to be sure that you will not suffer financial consequences from your relationship as to be sure that she will not.

Capricorns tend to be quite savvy in these matters, so it is best to let her help in any way she can. She may insist that you see a lawyer or an accountant to fix any financial problems you have before she will agree to any deeper relationship with you.

Settling Down – Signs a Capricorn Woman Likes You and Wants a Long Term Relationship

Settling Down - Signs a Capricorn Woman Likes You and Wants a Long Term Relationship

Long term relationships are governed by the 7th House, and the 7th House from Capricorn is Cancer.

When a Capricorn woman is ready to commit, she will become more tender and overtly caring. 

10) She will want to look after you

When a Capricorn woman sees you as a long term partner, she will start to look after you in many ways. She may start to cook for you.

If you truly want to impress her at this stage, you might want to cook for her as well. She will appreciate your care and concern for her.

She may be worried about how she will balance her career with a long term relationship, so showing her that you are willing take on household tasks will relieve her tremendously.

11) She will want a home with you

A Capricorn woman may or may not want a legal marriage. That will depend on the financial consequences of marriage with respect to both of your circumstances. She will, however, want a home together.

Capricorns need security, financially and emotionally, and having a home is one of the surest ways to get that security.

A Capricorn woman will investigate all of the possibilities and financial ramifications of living together.

She will be quite meticulous in considering issues such as whether to buy or to rent, and if you buy, how title should be held. She is thinking of both of your best interests.

Capricorns tend to show their love in practical ways, so even if this seems cold, she really is showing she loves you by the effort she puts in to carefully arranging your future life together.

12) She will show her feelings around you

When a Capricorn woman is ready for a committed relationship, she will finally let her feelings show. She may have told you about her feelings and insecurities at earlier stages, but it would have been as if it was a report.

When she feels deeply in love with someone, she will let her emotions actually show. She will cry, she will get angry, and she may even laugh.

Her business-like demeanor will drop, and you will find yourself with a woman, who has all of the human emotions and frailties of any other woman.

She will also show you a tenderness that you never thought she had in her. When you see her emotional side, you can be sure that this is a clear sign that a Capricorn woman likes you and is deeply in love with you.


Business-like and pragmatic, a Capricorn woman in love may seem like an oxymoron. Just as with any other sign, however, Capricorn women really do fall in love.

When they do, they put their practical skills to use on behalf of their partners and their relationships. Underneath the cold exterior, there is a tender and gentle woman who will show herself to the right person.

To know if you are that right person, watch for these signs a Capricorn woman likes you at each stage of your relationship.

What do you think, does your Capricorn woman show she likes you in these ways?

12 Obvious Signs a Capricorn Woman Likes You
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12 Obvious Signs a Capricorn Woman Likes You
When a Capricorn woman falls in love, she will find time for the object of her affection. Find the 12 signs a Capricorn woman likes you.
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      • Try to tell that to her! She might not give u a chance cause she won’t believe u but that’s just bc she feels like she doesn’t deserve to be loved and she doesn’t believe someone could fall in love w her cause… why and how if she sucks at everything? But if u really care don’t give it up easily, fight about her and show her that ur intentions are real. Just show her what u feel and that she’s special and perfect to u. Make her feel safe, loved and calm around you. If you’re a scorpio fighting for her and showing that she’s ur whole world may not be easy cuz u probably don’t like to exposing yourself, your emotions and your feelings like that but if u really care it’s worth to risk cuz *even if she’s not gonna show that* she will definitelly be charmed on u and then lil steps and you will be together. But capricorns are quite picky and don’t really like ppl so don’t be very surprised if she will just not find you the right person. But if you read this comment and this article then just follow it and there’s pretty big chance that she’s all yours dude. I can’t promise anything to u but trust me there’s no better way to make her yours I know what I’m saying

  1. So weird, even I fell for a Pisces. It ended at a very early stage though coz of my capricious stupid nature. I really liked how confident he is and so soft spoken. If I look back I only see good times spent together and his twinkling eyes when he smiles. He is extremely down to earth and humble guy. I can imagine my whole life with him. He is exactly the guy I would want to be with for my whole life. Though at first it did seem that he likes me, coz he showed that in his action. He remembered my favorite food and my favorite song. He did take care that he does everything for me that I like. But then I don’t know what happened, he left me with no reason. It is like an unsolved puzzle which I can never solve. Unfortunately, he did not like me the way I did and does not wish to continue with friendship/whatever it was. I wonder what kind of girl he is looking for (maybe more beautiful, sexy, quiet, smart, mature, who knows..). He said he is not comfortable to move forward with us and he said it won’t workout. He gave an example of how he liked a girl before who didn’t like him back and he had let it go. I assume that means he meant he doesn’t like me that way. I let go too. Can’t force relationship with someone who doesn’t really wants you.

    Letting go is tough though. Especially when I see him at work daily. Should never have dated a guy from work. </3

    • I feel u, I’ve a Pisces ex, and iam a capricorn. It’s about 5 Years since I broke up with him causes my “capricious stupid nature”🙃 and i still want him back🥺

    • It all starts with a man, he is the hunter, if he is not into you, someone will be. It is not your capricious stupidity!?!?!? He is not the one . The right one stays and cares. Keep working on becoming more conscious and aware of your femininity.. that is your only job.. hunting is for men, choosing is for you.. if he stick around and cares for you just as you are, he is the one…

    • He loved you more than he loved his first girl thats what we pisces do when we dont get wht we want we just let it go so he let that girl go aswell, so he said it because he thought you dont love him.

    • I am a pisces man, You should tell him how much you love him in your capricious way and i am sure he wont refuse !if he did all those things that you like then he loves you Even i also think that my capricorn girl did not like me the way i like her but we dont give up because somewhere we both know that how much we love eachother you need to give time to your pisces capricorn relationship it gets better over time !

  2. I’m a Pisces male who has been smitten by a Capricorn woman I see regularly at work. I’ve this boundless well of love and compassion for this woman, she may not even realize.

    There has been some obstacles and miscommunication along the way, but I’m really hoping all of this works out in the end….I’ve never felt this strongly towards another person before. Wish me luck!

  3. I’m a Pisces guy and I dated a Capricorn and although we are not together anymore, we remained friends and we also work together. I honestly have not moved past her and it’s been almost 2 years, our chemistry is noticeable to everyone around us although we don’t mean for it to be. I wish I was still with her…

  4. im a leo in love with a cap is patience and taking it slow the answer cuz i just been in love she is a baddie its insane latinas yeah its bad she just the one simple

  5. I’m a Taurus guy and the Capricorn lady I admire is just like this. Considering my last (Aquarius) didn’t have much business, the fact this Cap is hard nosed and businesslike actually turns me on. Her practical nature is endearing. She’s already making me better. I’m in grad school, because of her example in practice not words. We’re friends from college who’ve were apart for 18 years really until we met by chance during a snowstorm. I was sick in college so I didn’t really notice her. Boy do I notice her now! But, it’s worth the work getting my grad school done and building up my resources again after divorce. I’d rather be friends for awhile and it work than force anything.

    • Hi Bob. I’m also a Taurus dating a Capricorn woman. Everything you said rings true. They really can be hardnosed even about your own professional life. She’s pushing me to think about levels I have not thought of before. And she gives really close deadlines and follows up on them like daily lol. This is exactly how she puts it… “This is it, I want you to start doing that surgery by yourself, not assisting. You can tell a nurse to video it and send me the video.” Then when I think of it there’s no real reason why I had not already started it. Lol. Then on our next call she’ll definitely be asking me about the video. Lol. It’s crazy and exciting at the the same time 😂. But relationships with Capricorn are really slow. She’s always at work. And doesn’t seem to have much time for me. I also learned that Taurus can be quite needy so I’m slowing down a bit myself.

      • I am a Capricorn woman getting to know a Taurus guy. Tauruses can be so confusing. Yes us Capricorn women are workaholics, but when we fall for someone we do fall hard when we feel safe. My Taurus man have kissed and talk here and there. But when we do get together, then he gets quite for awhile not texting and not talking. Then later he will come up again out of nowhere. I so confused if he is in to me or not. I like consistency, but I’m not sure if this can be a normal behavior for a Taurus as well. Any advice?

  6. I’m a scorpio and I’ve been talking to this capricorn girl for like a month now… I’m wondering if she likes me cause she always talks to me about everything… But I’m too afraid to ask if she has the same feelings about me

  7. If you love a pieces then never hesitate to say it.
    Be aware, at first he/she will try to ignore you because he will not be sure what to say as they don’t want you to get hurt because he/she is most likely to reject you without a second thought.
    But the love will grow from there…
    Believe me… If you stick till the end and pledge your love to him/her, I can guarantee that one day… he/she will be be the one to apologize and you will be shocked by the reply that they will give you.

    Then, will they say “I love you”?
    Don’t expect that…!

    They want you to take the lead so build up the courage to say it one more time but this time…
    Ask if you want to be friend with him/her.
    And go slowly…

    • Why is this speaking to me? Cap woman here. I am a fan of the FWB arrangement, no feelings, no drama, no bs and I usually cut things off if I see feelings developing.

      I am with a Pisces now and my God this man has completely caught me off guard. All of the signs were there that he was interested in more than the amazing arrangement we have….so 6 months into our friendship, I let him know how I felt…..nothing. He texted me a meme later on and told me some mundane thing going on. Normally I would walk away and move on, but he has done something to me. This post gives me a little hope that all might not be lost. We are still friends, but I’m taking the benefits off the table for a bit. Guess I will see what happens, but I honestly have no idea how this fish caught me out here acting out of character.

  8. I’m a capricorn woman and have concluded that the worst sign I’ve dated has been an Aries. I’ve dated 3 and they all have the same traits. The worst liars I have ever encountered.

  9. They can be very manipulative whoever read cap woman traits be careful cause everything may be true but also it may be a lie. They are complex. In the beginning when you meet her the first time and after a nice conversation you decide that you really like her but she’s a bit cold and unsure about who you are and what do you want. Lets accept that your intentions are genuine and clear and you invite her for coffee. Not on a date, just coffee. She will refuse leaving you wondering and questioning yourself what did you do wrong cause that’s not normal. Either way you accept that. If you ask her why she didn’t take the invitation, she will get mad cause she thinks you’re trying to dictate her life and you basically lost her. And no, you cannot convince her you’re not doing that. She will calm down eventually but she will never forget. No matter what you’re trying after that it won’t work. She just doesn’t like you and she doesn’t want you in her circles. In time if you apologize to her and give her time she will just return to your calls and messages or talk to you on the street only if you approach her first. Meaning she will never try to reach you first. That’s the thin line here that you don’t know what to do. Cut all communications with her, or keep trying. When you approach her and talk to her, she will talk to you as if nothing ever happened but what’s going through her head, you don’t want to know. The manipulation here is coming when she knows you like her or love her and she’s playing with you, giving you hope that things can get better between you two but in reality she doesn’t care about you. Men who are in love with women like those cannot see what those women are doing and they keep going with their empty hope for years. Just like that the capricorn woman losing good and honest men in love with her because its in her nature to be cautious and distrustful even if everything is just fine. No one can wait years for a relationship while she’s playing games, right? Everyone just be careful and if possible, stay away of women capricorn. The smallest thing annoys them and they hold grudge for a long time. They may go very low and try to ruin your relationships and friendships, your social or personal life but they’ll do it silently behind the scenes. You won’t even notice cause you’re trying to fix your relationship with her.

    • Adewebe you seem to be weak to work your way up to how she dealt with you. I am cappy girl myself. Relationships need cultivation and nourishment. We are compassionate, caring, and always there for our friends even if we gone through rough times. We believe whom ever crossed our path we and we are connected we are always there for them and we expect the same if they are able, if not we always rely on our God and ourselves.

    • I am a Capricorn woman.. Honestly you are 100 percent correct.. Our feelings.. Are really confusing..its like we derive pleasure manipulating people.. I have found myself hurting guys like those who truly loved me.. I make them believe we have something, and after many months, I tell you to your face that I have never loved you, and strange enough, feel no remorse or sensitization.

  10. We like gifts and true do not invite us out for a coffee date it’s a cheap date me being a cap women I would for sure decline ! We cap women are classy sophisticated and educated ! And if someone invites me out I’m always looking my best and put in much effort so coffee dats that’s a joke luv …. need I say more …..!?

  11. Im a gemini falling for a capricorn and i suppose you can say that she has given me signs that she likes me, but I’m still uncertain.

  12. Am I the only libra falling for Cap girl ? One moment she indirectly proposes me and next she ignores me.. don’t know what to do. I was in head over heels in love with her but now seems to be fading away. We aren’t a great match I think..

  13. As a Capricorn girl, this honestly applies all to my Libra guy friend who I fell deeply for. Unfortunately, he likes someone else but that’s fine. I’m already fine being his friend. But then there’s this other guy that caught my interest and he’s a Virgo. I told my friend about this but we both knew that the Virgo guy had a reputation of accidentally leading girls on. He’s a natural flirt on the outside but he can get serious sometimes. But yes.

  14. so I’m a capricorn, hey, anyway I think the sign that I’m most into and most want as a lover is either cancer or scorpio, most likely scorpio. I’m just really into water signs, ya know.

  15. I agree with most of this , I’m currently falling for a Sagittarius. At first I was crazy about him like I couldn’t stop thinking about him . I even showed up to his job randomly to see him , he did it to me first so I just wanted to show him I wanted him just as bad. Now I still really like him , I’ve got to know him better and hs isn’t as perfect as I thought he was Lol I love how open and honest he is , I really feel like I’m developing deep feelings for him but I’m so scared to get hurt that it’s hard to open up . I hate being me sometimes

    • I married a sagittarius in December! We met 6 months prior.
      I generally didn’t bother with relationships (waste of time, amirite?!) but I noticed him right away and I asked him out. I felt like the decisiveness helped me get past my usual feelings of being scared to open up a bit. We dated for 4 months, the whole time I said I didn’t want a relationship… And then something clicked, I realized I didn’t feel like time with him was wasted (rare! All time is wasted time unless working directly on a goal), so we agreed on a committed relationship and it was after that that I felt okay to really open up.

      If you even noticed this guy, maybe just take the first bold step, why not? It makes you feel more in control of the relationship, rather then being “swept”… you’ve done the sweeping.
      It could not work out, but at the end of the day you learn a lot about yourself.
      On the other hand, it could be the absolute best.

    • Honest communication is the key… wait for the right moment to ask questions.. by the end of the day it’s your love life.. you don’t need to be scared … if he does not have the same feelings, someone out there will have.. remember … we are almost 7 billion human being on this earth…

  16. I don’t know if im going to like this Pisces guy that I just met 4x in a row now…we have lots in common though…but we havent talked that much yet…i can feel that both of us are observing each other…hehe…but hopefully we could have a great friendship as time goes on…and just a little excited to know him more if given destiny and fate will give us chances…hehe.. — a capricorn woman here! —

  17. I’m a Introvert Leo and I’m falling hard for this Capricorn Queen she smart and cute and nerdy ugh So much depth to her being that I’m just awepreciatting it all

  18. UGH, I am a Capricorn and I AM SO DEEPLY INFATUATED by a PISCES. It aggravates me so much because I can’t seem to be focused on my homework, my studies, or anything! The end result is that my mind gravitates back to the pisces!

    Every horoscope, I read Capricorns and Pisces compatibility. EVERY time I see a zodiac post, it’s always capricorn, and my crushes Pisces. We text back and forth, but I feel so stupid. NEVER have I felt this way with any one else, and this is irritating to me. I keep wanting to talk to em’ but the conversation is so dry. It mostly starts with, “how are you today?” and short replies when I want to know more!

    I don’t know why I’m so compelled but I am! UGH. ANNOYED.

    • Sit still … imagine that you are having a conversation with him… and you are hearing the answers that you want to hear… and wait … see what happens… normally our intuition will kicks in!

  19. i’m capricorn women and i’m into air signs (really geminis) they are soo different like especially if i find one that truly loves uu.

    • MRA, I am a capricorn that loves gemini’s as well. I do not know what it is. There is something about them that just gets me as a capricorn woman.

  20. Am i only virgo falling for capricorn girl? I really think we have great communication, she accepted my proposal. She got into some kinda accident and says maybe i love you truly but i can’t love you rn so we are back to being friends. She knows how i feel about her and she says i haven’t fallen for you yet and she even says i haven’t know you well enough yet but she had already accepted my proposal once. So WTF is going on and i am waiting for her. Should i wait or give up? Cap girls i will love your replies if you can give😊

  21. All the things written in this one is absolutely correct and these girls are interesting. Found a girl, CAPRICORN sun LEO moon, who was already in relationship with my friend. I felt like there was any connection between us. She was a lot like me, her past, thoughts, liking, some qualities. We just met 4- 5 times. We were like best friends. I feel something that was boiling inside me and that was love. Despite knowing the fact, she is with my friend i dont know why i got this feeling. She showed me all the signs mentioned above. She even stared at me for like 4-5 minutes continuously without any distraction in front of his boyfriend or my friend. From that incident, i caught myself and this girl has love from my intuition. Im PISCES sun ARIES moon guy. Also she told me of a story of her destiny in which the man she was talking about was lot like me. Though im in love with this girl, i never wanted to reveal my true self because of my friend that we shared brotherhood. I don’t want to hurt him. The destiny man she was talking about has similar qualities with me. To confirm that i even read my natal chart and that fully matches his identity, future and past with me. I recently told her that i have feelings for her but she denied me and told me to become friends back. I know she has something for me. The story of her destiny man is living the present she told in her story (obviously me). Though she don’t know that im that man of her destiny. I don’t know what i should do, this girl gave me illusions in love. First i thought that the destiny story was fake or unreal. But it is truly happening with me. Can anybody tell me what’s happening with me? What i should do?

  22. Pisces and Capricorn are made for each other. If fish falls for Capricorn even better. Pisces will love and do everything to keep Capricorn happy. My husband is so damn funny and I fell for him after two dates. If you are a Capricorn I’d suggest to go for it only after the fish falls for you. A Pisces guy won’t let you down ever. Happy to have a Pisces husband 😍

  23. Hi I’m a Cancer woman. I met a Cap woman a month ago and I feel like I’m starting falling in love but I’m scared that she won’t have same feelings for me. We are fwb but I want be more than that 🙁 does anyone experienced with Cancer and Cap? Is it possible to Cap woman fall in love with me?

  24. I’m a Capricorn women. My husband is a pisces. The first time we met he kept trying to get my attention, and I basically told him to hit the road. He asked my friend that worked with him for my number, and called me one night and said something that completely caught me off guard (pisces men are very sexual) lol. I stopped him in his tracks and didn’t let him go into details. After I hung up with him I couldn’t stop thinking about what exactly he was going to say if I didn’t stop him. My friend kept telling me that he kept asking about me and told her I was going to be his one day lol. A few days later I went to my friends job to hang out with her. We were standing outside talking, and he came to talk with us and a few others. The attraction was SO intense. When he got off of work we took a walk just the two of us. Five minutes in we are kissing, and I’ve never in my life just kissed someone unless I really knew them for a while. He brought out something new in me. I was very intrigued, and he was too. I was very blunt with him about what I wanted, and it made him a bit self-conscious at first. A week later my brother and I went to his house to hang out (he was my brothers boss and they hung out a lot). I couldn’t keep my composure, and either could he. We hooked up that night, and have been together for years since that night. The first few years were AMAZING, after about four years I started getting annoyed because he was so emotional and needy, and I’m not that much of an emotional person. He kept thinking I didn’t love him the same, but I did I just didnt show it the way he needed me too I think the fact that he was overly emotional pushed me away a bit because I just couldn’t handle it all. We have 5 kids and it felt like I had another kids to deal with. For a while we were just fighting all the time. We both knew we loved each other so much so we both decided to give I little to each other. When he’s emotional instead of shutting down I started to take a step back and remember that his emotions are very real to him so I need to attend to them. And he started learning how to control his emotions more so it wasn’t a big explosion anytime something small felt off to him. We have a great relationship now, we have bad days sometimes but more good then anything. If a Capricorn really loves you she will look at the relationship, evaluate it, and see what’s going wrong, and make a plan to make it work. Don’t take the way a Capricorn is personal. We can love you to death but not need to be all over you, snuggled up all the time, or be with you all the time. We love hard, and when we are in love you are all that we see for our lives forever. We see ourselves growing old with you and others don’t interest us at all. The one thing though is don’t mess with a Capricorn in anyway that can hurt us like cheating, because we will lose interest fast because at that point the relationship is too damaged, and we won’t forget the pain it caused us 🤷🏼‍♀️

  25. I’m chasing this lovely Capricorn girl that was with another guy I knew years ago. I was always impressed by her and thought if ever I was able to I would run not walk to be with her!!
    So i found she was single recently so I started on the front foot(not something I’m used to let me tell you!) and soon after making contact just asked to go for coffee. I got an excuse initially so I tried again and got no answer and a change of subject without a yes or no. After about 4 attempts at this I’m thinking she’s either playing hard to get or she’s playing impossible to get or some other problem I don’t know about?? Then I tried again and got a conditional yes. But this ended up with her going to visit a friend. She sent me a text apologising but i was angry so didn’t reply. So she texted another guy she knew was at the same event to ask if it was too late to come? Then she shows up. I snubbed her and she knew i was pissed. I could see in her face she was concerned and she was glued to me for the rest of the night.
    Anyway a coupla days later I straight out told her… If you were testing me the other night? It Worked! I was furious!! She said no i Just dont want a boyfriend because of a bitter breakup before and also she may move back to her country. We then talked about everything for four hours and didn’t know where the time went!?
    Since then we’ve actually been out all day just by the fact that we are into the same hobby. I’m so happy to spend time with her and once again she was next to me all day. I’m starting to relax now that I’m getting over my ridiculous crush but I’m still wondering if this is Friend Zone crap?? I can handle Hard to get because I don’t stop but if I’m being relegated I’m outta there!? I’m a cusp baby Gemini/Cancer but I’m more Cancer like from what I’ve read. If that makes any difference?

  26. So this is the first time I’ve pulled up a post and actually read all of the comments. All I can say right now is WOW!

    I’m a Pisces man. I’ve recently fallen for a Capricorn woman that I met on Twitter. It took some time to gain her attention. In fact, I had no idea I had her attention. Even when I asked for her number she told me she was “kind of dating someone but we could be friends” and I thought that was the let down until she texted me her number.

    We talked for hours, everyday, about everything!!

    We made plans to meet up one day and she then told me that meeting up maybe wasn’t the best idea because she knew I wanted more than what she was ready for. She ended up coming to my house a week after that.

    I can say Capricorn women are very confusing at this stage. I feel like I’m more into her than she is me, which is fine, but that’s where us Pisces tend to back off. Not saying that I will, but it’s in my nature to do it. For now I give her space and I observe what she’s putting into this situation we have together. I make sure I’m fully and completely appreciative of the time she provides to me, and I control my emotions.

    We shall see where this goes


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