12 Obvious Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

Falling in love with a Cancerian man can be a very romantic experience. This zodiac sign is known for wearing his heart on his sleeve and he will certainly want to make you feel special when he is falling for you. When first getting to know each other it can be difficult to know if his feelings are true as this sign has a habit of falling in love easily. Luckily we can look at some traits and characteristics unique to the zodiac sign of Cancer to get a better idea of how he feels about you. Here are the 12 obvious signs a Cancerian man likes you! Also see the signs a Cancer woman likes you.

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

Clear Signs A Cancer Man Likes You More Than A Friend

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1) He tells you how he feels

A Cancer man is not shy about having feelings. This zodiac sign wants you to know exactly how he feels about you! One of the very obvious signs a Cancer man likes you is when he tells you. Your man will not be able to contain his romantic emotions, making sure you know exactly what his intentions are. 

He is the kind of man that wants to hash out all the relationship details. Your Cancer man will want you to feel secure in the budding romance. This star sign is one of the water signs, the others being Scorpio and Pisces. The water signs are associated with romance, emotional depth, and feelings. The element of water and these water zodiac signs also correspond to the suit of the cups in the tarot. 

The Cancer man will be very in touch with his emotions. His number one priority will be connecting with you on an emotional level. He wants to be honest with you because living life authentically is very important to a Cancer man. His upfront and forward emotional approach to romance is a sure sign that he likes you!

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You Affection

2) He cooks dinner for you

The zodiac sign of Cancer is associated with nurturing, caregiving, and cooking. A man with this sign is dying to cook for you. He wants to show off his skills in the kitchen. This sign of romance will let you know that your Cancer man is truly into you. 

He easily knows his way around the kitchen. Making you something that you will truly enjoy is a real turn on for this sign. He will make sure to cook your favorite dish or comfort foods. He loves to see you happy and at the same time know he is taking good care of you. Ensuring you are comfortable enough to eat his cooking helps a man with this star sign relax around you. 

When he demonstrates his cooking skills he feels he is being vulnerable and opening himself up to the romantic possibilities of dating you. He wouldn’t mind if you made him dinner sometime as well. A Cancer man loves to be taken care of, catered too, and well fed by the object of his affection. A love for food is one of the main ways a Cancer man knows how to bond with his love interests. 

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You Cooking

3) He is okay with public displays of affection

Often quite shy, the Cancer man will let his guard down when he is into someone. One sign a Cancerian man likes you more than a friend is when he is okay with public displays of affection. In private, this sign is very passionate and touchy. He likes to hug, kiss, and cuddle. In public, however, this sign has trouble being completely himself. 

Having a physical and sensual relationship is very important to this zodiac sign. You know he is into you when he starts to care less about what other people think of his relationship. When he is into you he will make sure to give you a lot of physical affection, even in front of others. If he is physical with you in front of his family and friends this is an even bigger sign that he is falling for you!

Feeling secure in his relationship is very important to this zodiac sign. He wants to make sure his physical advances are okay with you and he will move at whatever pace you feel comfortable with. The Cancer man definitely knows how to show he likes someone through physical affection. 

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You Passion

4) He is extremely loyal 

What do Cancer men like in a woman? Loyalty. Loyalty is very important to the Cancer man. He wants your absolute devotion as he plans to give nothing less. When a Cancer man falls in love he is all in. People with this star sign tend to be very dedicated to the happiness of friends, family, and lovers. 

They hope that by demonstrating how loyal they can be to you that it can build trust between you. This is very important to a Cancer man, who wants to feel close with the person he loves. He is willing to do most anything for you. If you need help or rescuing he will definitely be there by your side! Your man will be very supportive of you achieving your hopes, dreams, and wishes. Cancer men want to play a big part in your life, ensuring everything you ever wanted comes to fruition. He really wants the world for you!

A Cancer man has no problem with long-term commitments, actually he prefers it. You will know their commitment to you is real and true when the Cancer man is in love. When a cancer man likes you is when he shows how deeply committed and loyal he is to you. 

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You Feelings and actions

5) He wants to get to know everything about you

A Cancer man in love will do everything he can to get to know you. Not one for surprises he actually will want you to be involved in the planning process. He feels that if he knows what you want you will be happier with the results of your partnership.  

Making you happy is extremely important to this zodiac sign when he is in love. He will want to know your dislikes, likes, and everything in between. A Cancer man is the most likely zodiac sign to be interested in astrology, therefore, he will probably want to know all about your natal chart as well! He will want to know what is on your bookshelf, what your favorites foods are, and favorite places to go.  

Having long conversations and spending a lot of time with a love interest is a great way for a Cancer man to get to know you. He will be able to talk for hours sharing stories about himself but also wanting to hear your perspective as well. This star sign will show you he is into you by how much effort he puts towards getting to know everything about you. 

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You Getting to Know You

6) He invites you to his place

The zodiac sign of Cancer is associated with home and family. People with this zodiac sign often have very strong ties to their family members and ancestry. They also find the feeling of their home environment very important. Having a home base is a huge focus for a Cancer man. Their homes are often very comfortable, cozy, and lived in. 

Cancer individuals are often shy and empathic. Their emotional nature often requires them to have a quiet and comfortable place to retreat to. One of the signs a Cancer man likes you more than a friend is when he invites you over to his place. Showing this important aspect of his life to you is a big step for the Cancer man!

He wants you to know he trusts you, but also wants you to get to know him better. He feels such a close connection with the home he has created for himself that it is almost an extension of himself. A Cancer man without a home can feel very lost and confused. When he invites you to stay over, watch movies, or just hang out at his place this shows he is really falling for you!

A Cancer Man Loves A Women He Can Be Cosy With

7) He takes you out shopping 

A Cancer man will show he likes you by offering to take you out shopping. This zodiac sign is known for having a lot of collections and belongings. He may have an extensive book, movie, electronics, or antique collections.

A Cancer man typically has a strong connection to his stuff. Having items around that he really likes and enjoys is very important to him. His attachment to belongings is not so much materialistic as it is for bringing him a sense of security and safety. 

Wen a cancer male is attracted to you he will want you to feel secure in the same way as he does. He will make sure you have everything you like and need in your life. The Cancer man will take you out shopping to obtain all of your favorite things to show you he likes you!

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You Shopping Date

8) He is extremely passionate with you 

When a Cancer man is falling in love he will behave extremely passionately with you. This sign connects through physical touch and is often quite the hugger. He wants to build a physical connection to you as well as an emotional one. A Cancer man has very intense emotions and he often expresses this by being very passionate with his lovers. 

When he starts crushing on you, he will make sure you know how he feels about you. Expect sexy times and romantic nights when you are dating this zodiac sign. Your happiness and pleasure will be of the utmost importance to the Cancer man. Making you feel passionately loved is paramount to this sign. 

His powerful sense of emotions can feel somewhat overwhelming to you at times! His intensity will, however, help create a close bond between you. Romantic date nights and raw passion are always on the menu will this zodiac sign. The Cancer man will show you his sexy side as one of the signs that he likes you!

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You Loyalty

9) He introduces you to his family

A Cancer man has really close ties to his family including siblings, ancestors, and his parents. He will not tell just anyone about the people he is dating. Your Cancer man will wait until he feels really secure with you before telling his family about you. 

He will be extra cautious in his timing, as a Cancer man may feel some past judgement from his family for falling in love so easily and often! His family may have trouble trusting that he is actually in love with someone due to having so many past “true loves.” A man with this very emotional star sign will have many paramours throughout his life. He is very loyal, of course, to those he decides to settle down with but is a sucker for falling into passionate romance.

One of the obvious signs a Cancer man likes you is when he introduces you to his family. He wants you to become best friends with his mom, sisters, and everyone else he cares about in his life. Family is extremely important to this zodiac sign. If he knows you can get along with his family members his interest in dating you will grow even stronger. 

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You Meet His Family

10) He shares his deepest thoughts with you

When a Cancer man is falling in love he will want to share his deepest thoughts with you. The Cancer man thinks and feels intensely about the world around him. He is prone to contemplation and daydreaming. When a Cancer man is falling in love he will want to share these thoughts with you. 

He is often very connected to his dreams and may want to analyze them with you. Your Cancer man will want to “read” your dreams as well and will always find the deeper connection between them and physical life. 

A Cancer man in love will want to know your deepest thoughts and feelings. This is his way of building intimacy and connection with you. When your Cancer man knows how you truly feel about life, relationships, and the nature of love he will feel more open to falling in love with you. This can create a very romantic bond between you. 

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You Thoughts

11) He wants to connect on a spiritual level

As the water sign Cancer is often associated with the spiritual element of life, he is typically very connected to his beliefs systems, religious upbringing, or his own spiritual path. This star sign wants to create a spiritual love connection with you as well. 

Sharing his deepest thoughts about life with you is very important to this star sign. One of the sure signs a Cancer man likes you is when he wants to connect with you on a spiritual level. He will be very concerned about knowing how you feel about spirituality and religion. 

He may want to meditate or practice mindfulness with you. Your Cancer man may be into placing crystals around his house, numerology, or reading tarot cards. He might want to do a love tarot reading spread with you or get your numbers read together. The Cancer man may be preoccupied with the psychic side of life and his connection to these energy currents. He may talk about reading auras, balancing chakras, or other spiritual beliefs.

Your Cancer man wants to know how you feel and what you believe about psychic phenomena, the “other side,” and life beyond the physical world. 

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You Spirituality

12) He makes future plans with you

A Cancer man in love will want to make plans for the future. When he starts talking about starting a home, getting married, or having babies you will know he is defiantly falling for you! This star sign can be very persuading when it comes to building loyalty and commitment with you. 

He needs to feel secure in his relationship above all else and this may mean solidifying your future plans together. One of the clear signs a Cancer man likes you is when he starts to bring up your future together. He may ask you to commit to him in some way, possibly move in together right from the get go of your relationship. 

When a Cancer man is interested in you he will want to know what the future with you will hold. He wants to know what your dreams, hopes, and desires are. He is hoping that you can create whatever life you want together. Your Cancer man will be open to moving to a new city together, sharing your cell phone plans or contracts together, or anything else he feels may be a way to tie you both closer together. 

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You The Future


When your Cancer man starts to fall for you things may feel very intense at first! A man with this zodiac sign can have overpowering emotions as he falls in love fast and hard. There are definitely some things to watch out for if you want to know if this sign is really into you. He will be sure to share his feelings with you, make deep emotional commitments, and even introduce you to his family, these are some of the 12 obvious signs a Cancer man likes you! What are your thoughts? Has your Cancer man done any of these things when he was first falling for you?

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12 Obvious Signs a Cancer Man Likes You
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12 Obvious Signs a Cancer Man Likes You
When first getting to know each other it can be difficult to know if his feelings are true. Here are the 12 obvious signs a Cancer man likes you!
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  1. Yes he has 8/10 of them but all of a sudden he began to distance himself acting rude. Should I just leave him alone

  2. Roanna from what I am gathering with dealing with a Cancer myself, they are REALLY deep thinkers and requires a lot of space to process emotions. Fall back and allow him to make his intentions clear but they do require a lot of reassurance and patience as well. I would make my intentions clear tell him how I truly feel and fall back let him process and he’ll come around but in his own time. I wouldn’t sit around and count the mins or wait by the phone although that could be very difficult but he also has to know that you value yourself enough to move past something that doesn’t work for you.. They r a pretty tough shell to crack but patience is everything when cracking their shells.. They want to build trust 1st n in their eyes that comes before any relationship n it takes time to do that so take the distance with a grain of salt continue to do u but be genuine and gentle with him he’ll come around

  3. Me and my cancer are just friends. But I feel like we are a bit more than friends now because now that I have watched all of these ” signs a guy likes you” videos he definitely likes me more than a friend. I am a pisces and have extremely hard feelings about this guy, I really want to shoot my shot on him but I have to admit that I am scared of rejection. Oh also, lemme ay I met this guy a day ago at a fair! Im a person that can fall in love at first sight and be friends with someone the first day! And he just makes me feel like a better version of myself and when I talk about him I just blush! This article is 100 % true.

  4. Hi
    I am dating 4x now w this cancer man
    everything here is true
    but it’s too difficult to wait for his moods so it’s just like I’m waiting for his text to come before I msg him coz he didn’t confirm he likes me but I see the signs written here are true. I wish he continues to show more as I don’t rly have much patience waiting

    I’m Capricorn woman


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