Virgo Compatibility – Best and Worst Matches

Virgo Compatibility with Dates - Best and Worst Matches

Virgo is a loyal and dedicated sign that wants to be of service. In many ways, a Virgo native makes a very good partner. Yet, relationships can be tricky for Virgo. This is because of Virgo’s famous perfectionist nature. In terms of compatibility, Virgo needs a partner who will appreciate constructive criticism without getting annoyed.

In this article, we are examining the compatibility of someone whose Sun Sign is Virgo. Yet, there is much more to compatibility than just one’s Sun Sign. People are quite complicated and astrology reflects that. If you want a complete analysis of your relationship with another, you will want to speak with a professional astrologer.

Virgo Compatibility Table

We have compiled a table of Virgo’s compatibility with all of the signs as a numerical percentage. This percentage was arrived at using several different factors. One of the factors is the traditional relationship between the signs in the zodiac. Some of the other factors are the overall nature of the signs and experience and observation of how signs tend to get along with each other.

Virgo and Aries

OVERALL: 63/100
SEX: 35/100

Virgo and Taurus

OVERALL: 90/100
SEX: 95/100

Virgo and Gemini

OVERALL: 68/100
SEX: 53/100

Virgo and Cancer

OVERALL: 90/100
SEX: 85/100

Virgo and Leo

OVERALL: 35/100
SEX: 17/100

Virgo and Virgo

OVERALL: 65/100
SEX: 50/100

Virgo and Libra

OVERALL: 68/100
SEX: 58/100

Virgo and Scorpio

OVERALL: 88/100
SEX: 73/100

Virgo and Sagittarius

OVERALL: 48/100
SEX: 70/100

Virgo and Capricorn

OVERALL: 95/100
SEX: 96/100

Virgo and Aquarius

OVERALL: 30/100
SEX: 20/100

Virgo and Pisces

OVERALL: 88/100
SEX: 95/100

Best Matches

Below are the signs that are the most compatible with Virgo. These signs benefit the most from Virgo’s nature and can provide stability in return.


Capricorn is an extremely good match for Virgo. As Earth Signs, these signs are practical and are focused on the material world. Both of these signs excel in the workplace and they know how to support each other on an intuitive level. In many cases, these two will have met at work or a work-related event, and their relationship can easily turn into a romance.

Both of these signs have a surprisingly good sense of humor, and they will be able to find ways to laugh together. This will help both of them relax. This will be especially important to help bring out the sensuous nature of these signs.

While these signs are very similar in many ways, they have important differences that can provide balance for each other. Capricorn is a no-nonsense business person, who is goal-oriented, with an eye towards the future. Yet, Capricorn can sometimes neglect their own health and other important details.

Virgo is one of the most detail-oriented signs in the zodiac. On the other hand, this sign can lose focus and can become scattered. Virgo can help Capricorn to remember self-care and other important details, and Capricorn can help provide Virgo with focus.

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Taurus is another lovely match for Virgo. Being an Earth Sign as well, Taurus shares Virgo’s practicality and focus on the material world. Taurus is very domestic, and Virgo is extremely organized. These qualities will help these signs to make a wonderful home for themselves.

There are some important differences between these signs, though, that will allow them to balance each other. Taurus is calm and enjoys the pleasures that the material world has to offer. This will help Virgo relax and enjoy these pleasures as well. Taurus can also provide an anchor to Virgo to soothe the nervous energy of this sign.

Virgo, in turn, can give Taurus motivation. Taurus’ calm and relaxed demeanor can sometimes slide over into laziness and over-indulgence. Virgo will make sure that Taurus gets some exercise and eats a healthy diet.

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Virgo and Cancer also have a high level of compatibility. They understand each other in ways that other signs cannot. They both have a tendency to fuss and worry that can annoy other signs. Because of this, they will be tolerant of each other, and they will instinctively know how to soothe each other.

Even though both of these signs worry, however, they tend to worry about different things. Virgo focuses on perfection, and small imperfections really bother this sign. Cancer is a natural caregiver and worries about the safety and needs of others. Being a Water Sign, sometimes the imagination of Cancer can run wild, causing the natives of this sign to exaggerate the potential for danger that actually exists.

Because they worry about different things, they balance each other well. Cancer can help Virgo relax and let go of small imperfections. Virgo, in turn, can help Cancer stay rational in the face of imagined dangers.

The balance they provide each other will make them extremely good parents together if they have children.

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Pisces is Virgo’s opposite sign. In theory, opposite signs are the natural partners for each other. In practice, however, some opposites do better with each other than others. Virgo and Pisces are one of the opposite pairs that have a high level of compatibility.

The reason opposite signs are considered each other’s natural partner is that opposites represent polarity and polarity provides balance. The polarity between Virgo and Pisces is a little abstract to describe but is easy to see in practice. Virgo focuses on the material, practical side of life and on details. Pisces focuses on the spiritual, emotional side of life and on the big picture.

Both of these signs are modest and service-oriented, yet they tend to serve in different ways. Pisces serves through spiritual support and compassion, while Virgo serves through practical assistance.

In this way, these signs are well-equipped to help each other. Virgo can help Pisces in practical ways, and Pisces can help to calm and soothe Virgo.

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Worst Matches

Now that we have looked at the best matches for Virgo, let us look to the worst matches for this sign.


Aquarius has an extremely low level of compatibility with Virgo. Although these signs are both quite intellectual, they think in very different ways. Virgo is practical and likes to analyze and categorize. Aquarius tends to think outside the box. These two do not speak the same language.

Even with their differences, these signs can respect each other intellectually. On the other hand, they will not have much in the way of romantic attraction to each other. Aquarius will find Virgo fussy and nitpicky, and Virgo will be unnerved by Aquarius’ lack of regard for any rules.

The lack of anything to connect or attract these signs to each other means that in most cases, these signs will never get together at all. At most, they may become work colleagues or share an interest in an unusual hobby.

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Virgo also has little in common with Leo. With Virgo and Aquarius, the signs will not feel any connection at all. With Virgo and Leo, however, their differences will annoy each other, which ironically creates a bit more of a connection.

Leo likes to be center-stage and loves admiration and positive attention. Virgo is modest and prefers to stay out of the public eye. Virgo tends to find Leo pompous and arrogant, and Leo tends to find Virgo petty and critical.

As with Virgo and Aquarius, it is highly unlikely that Virgo and Leo will ever get together. They may date once or twice, but in most cases, these dates will never come to anything. These signs do not have enough in common for a meaningful relationship to form.

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Virgo and Sagittarius are 90 degrees away from each other on the wheel of the zodiac. This is a relationship known as a square. A square is an aspect of friction.

While, in theory, this may seem to indicate incompatibility, in practice, signs with a square between them tend to do better with each other than signs with no aspect at all. The tension generated by a square can create a great deal of sexual chemistry between people.

Yet, Virgo and Sagittarius really are incompatible. While there is sexual chemistry between them, once they leave the bedroom, they have a difficult time accomplishing anything together.

While romantic feelings and sexual attraction may bring people together, if a relationship is to go anywhere, the couple needs to be able to manage at least some practical tasks together. When Virgo and Sagittarius try to do anything together, Virgo’s attention to detail bores and frustrates Sagittarius. In turn, Sagittarius’ willingness to cut corners makes Virgo feel nervous and insecure.

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Virgo is the most compatible with Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces. These signs understand Virgo and can give this sign balance and stability.

Virgo has little in common with either Aquarius or Leo. Because of this, it is hard for a relationship to even begin between Virgo and either of these signs. There is a great deal of sexual chemistry between Virgo and Sagittarius. On the other hand, the differences between these signs make it difficult for them to accomplish anything together outside of the bedroom.

When it comes to zodiac compatibility, however, it is important to remember that there is more that goes into a successful relationship. Compatibility can tell the natural affinities of the signs to each other, but relationships also require commitment and dedication.

With enough commitment and dedication, even incompatible people can stay together and have a successful relationship. Without them, even the most compatible pair will fall apart.

Virgo Compatibility - Best and Worst Matches
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Virgo Compatibility - Best and Worst Matches
Virgo is a loyal and dedicated sign that wants to be of service. In many ways, a Virgo native makes a very good partner. Virgo compatibility analysed here!
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