Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility Love, Sex, and Chemistry

A Pisces man and Cancer woman are a great zodiac match. They are able to understand each other in a way that few other signs can. They are also able to balance each other in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. A Pisces man is gentle enough and vulnerable enough that a Cancer woman will relax in his presence and will want to look after him. A Pisces man will be warmed by the love and care that a Cancer woman is capable of.

These two will be able to form a deep bond, and in doing so, they will be able to bring out the best in each other.

Overall Compatibility: 98/100

Pisces man, Cancer woman: Strongest points of compatibility

  • Deep love and affection
  • Balance
  • Excellent chemistry
  • Mutual understanding
  • A deep bond
  • A sweet and gentle romance

Important traits of a Pisces man in relation to a Cancer woman

A Pisces man is a gentle soul. He is kind-hearted and loving. Pisces is the sign that is least attached to the material world, so he tends to have little interest in practical or worldly matters. For this reason, when left to his own devices, he can have trouble with all manner of things that involve life on the ground. Pisces of either gender are famous for their flightiness. This is because it is hard for them to remember things that have no spiritual or metaphysical import.

A Pisces man needs a woman who can accept him as he is and who can ground him. He is capable of deep devotion and will be completely dedicated to his partner. He is more sensitive than most men, and he is likely to have at least some psychic ability.

Important traits of a Cancer woman in relation to a Pisces man

A Cancer woman has a soft and tender inner core, which may be protected by a hard and prickly outer shell. Her deepest desire is to nurture and care for others, and the archetype for a Cancer woman is the mother. She is extremely domestic, and Cancer, men and women, are famous for being some of the best cooks in the zodiac, rivaled only by Taurus. For her housework is not a chore, but it is an expression of her inner being.

A Cancer woman is highly motivated when it comes to relationships and the work that is necessary to maintain them. She desires children, and until she has them, she will find others to care for, such as pets or plants. If she does not have someone to care for, there are many negative traits that could come to the forefront, such as moodiness, irritability, selfishness, and self-protection. It is one of the great contradictions of Cancer is that they can be timid to the point of cowardice, but if they seem someone weak and helpless, they are capable of great acts of heroism in rising to their defense.

Pisces man, Cancer woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship

The gentle, but often distracted, Pisces man is a magnet for a Cancer woman. The minute she sees him, she will want to get to know him and also to look after him. He will also find in her a tender soul that he can relate to. They will have an instant rapport, and it will feel to both of them that they have finally found someone who understands them.

In this pair, the Cancer woman will take the lead when it comes to arranging future dates and moving the relationship along. A Cancer woman is often shy, but a Pisces man will give her confidence. All zodiac signs are multi-faceted, and relationships with people of different signs will bring out different traits in them. Pisces will bring out the stronger and more direct side of Cancer.

Cancer and Pisces are both Water Signs, but Cancer is Cardinal and Pisces is Mutable. Cardinal Signs like to be in control and take charge, and Mutable signs adapt and “go with the flow.” For this reason, in a relationship between a Cardinal Sign and a Mutable Sign, the Cardinal Sign will almost always take charge. With the Cancer woman in the lead, they will move quickly towards marriage.

Dating Compatibility: 100/100

Pisces man, Cancer woman: Sexual compatibility

For a Pisces man and Cancer woman, sex will not just be a physical sensation. It will be a way of deepening the emotional and psychic bond between them. Both of them crave this type of powerful bond, and they will be able to find it with each other.

Sexual Compatibility: 100/100

Pisces man, Cancer woman: Marriage and family life

In many ways, a marriage between a Pisces man and Cancer woman will seem like “a marriage made in heaven.” These two complement each other well when it comes to being together. She will provide grounding and will be able to take care of the practical and physical needs of the family. He will bring a deep sense of spiritual and romantic into the relationship. She will not mind that he is not very good at the day-to-day matters of running a household, and he will be able to soften her when she gets temperamental and moody.

A Pisces man often has a quirky sense of humor. He sees life from a different perspective than most, and so, he can make many amusing observations. A Cancer woman sometimes becomes worried and nervous, but he will be able to make her laugh. This will ease her tension greatly.

A Pisces man and Cancer woman will be excellent parents together. She will come into her own as a mother, and she will be able to manage all of their physical needs. He will provide a sense of wonder and magic. He will also be a great comfort to his wife when the children start to get older. A Cancer woman often has a lot of trouble with empty nest syndrome, and a Pisces man will be able to gently help her through this when the time comes.

Marriage Compatibility: 95/100

Pisces man, Cancer woman: Working together

A Pisces man and Cancer woman will be able to complement each other well when it comes to completing tasks or projects together. The Cancer woman will naturally take charge, and with a Pisces man, her leadership skills will come to the forefront. With other signs, Cancer women can try to control indirectly, but with a Pisces man, she will have no trouble overtly taking the lead.

A Pisces man will appreciate her direction. As Mutable Water, a Pisces man can lack focus. This can make it hard for him to get things accomplished. On his own, a Pisces man will have a lot of very good ideas but have a great deal of trouble executing his ideas and bringing to reality. A Cancer woman will be able to help him, and with her, he can accomplish more than he ever thought he could.

Working Compatibility: 90/100

Typical fights between a Pisces man and a Cancer woman and how to resolve them

A Pisces man and Cancer woman will have a very harmonious relationship. They will be able to balance each other and bring out their partner’s best self. There are a couple of areas that could lead to difficulties between them, however.

Outside influences

While between just the two of them, they will have very few problems, there is a danger of outside influences causing trouble for them. The most common problem that could occur will be if one or both of them try to “rescue” someone.

Both a Pisces man and Cancer woman are kind people who like to help others. While this is a virtue, it can also become a problem. If either of them were with another sign, that other sign would act as a balance, if they started to go too far. With a Pisces man and Cancer woman, however, there is no one to balance this tendency. This could lead to them overextending themselves, or to someone unscrupulous taking advantage of them. The strain and pressure of this could cause them to fight and blame each other.

The solution to this is for them to remember that no matter how much they want to care for others, they need to put their relationship and their family first.

Picking up on each other emotions

It is very common for a Pisces man and Cancer woman to develop a deep psychic bond. While, for the most part, this is a strength in their relationship, it can also become a problem. If either of them is upset or are having negative emotions, they can leak these emotions to the other person. If they are not aware that this could happen, it could lead to unresolvable conflicts as one or both of them are being influenced by emotions that are not their own.


A Pisces man and Cancer woman will be a tender and loving couple. They are likely to develop a deep psychic bond, and they will bring out each other’s best traits. This is an excellent match, and together, they have a good chance of living “happily ever after.”

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Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry
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Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry
A Pisces man and Cancer woman will be a tender and loving couple. They are likely to develop a deep psychic bond. Learn more here!
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