Pisces Compatibility – Best and Worst Matches

Pisces Compatibility with Dates - Best and Worst Matches

Pisces is a deeply romantic sign that loves to be in love. Natives of this sign are capable of deep intimacy and devotion to a partner and can easily lose themselves in a relationship. Yet, not all signs want the level of intimacy that Pisces craves. In terms of compatibility, a Pisces native needs a partner who appreciates their sweet and caring nature.

This article is primarily written for those whose Sun Sign is in Pisces. Yet, each of us is more than our Sun Sign. Each of us has a unique combination of signs, and no two people are alike, even if they have the same Sun Sign. Because of this, if you want to understand your specific relationship, it is best to consult an astrologer.

Pisces Compatibility Table

Below is a table that lists Pisces’ compatibility with each sign as a percentage. The percentages are based on traditional wisdom as to the relationships between each sign. They are also based on the nature of each sign, as well as observation and experience.

Pisces and Aries

OVERALL: 67/100
SEX: 70/100

Pisces and Taurus

OVERALL: 85/100
SEX: 98/100

Pisces and Gemini

OVERALL: 53/100
SEX: 73/100

Pisces and Cancer

OVERALL: 98/100
SEX: 100/100

Pisces and Leo

OVERALL: 38/100
SEX: 55/100

Pisces and Virgo

OVERALL: 88/100
SEX: 95/100

Pisces and Libra

OVERALL: 78/100
SEX: 70/100

Pisces and Scorpio

OVERALL: 97/100
SEX: 100/100

Pisces and Sagittarius

OVERALL: 63/100
SEX: 75/100

Pisces and Capricorn

OVERALL: 88/100
SEX: 90/100

Pisces and Aquarius

OVERALL: 45/100
SEX: 30/100

Pisces and Pisces

OVERALL: 60/100
SEX: 80/100

Best Matches

Below are the signs that are the most compatible with Pisces.


Cancer is a wonderful companion for Pisces. Both of these signs are tender and caring. They share a need for intimacy, and they are capable of a deep emotional bond. These two also understand each other intuitively, and sometimes, they can seem to communicate on a psychic level.

Even though these signs are similar in many ways, like most good matches, they also have important differences that allow them to complement and balance each other. Cancer is a natural caregiver, with a deep need to nurture others. This sign is also highly domestic and can accomplish a great deal on a practical level. On the other hand, Cancer worries a great deal and can become moody and irritable at times.

Pisces is a sweet and gentle sign, with a natural ability to soothe turbulent emotions. This sign is easy-going and can adapt to most circumstances. Although Pisces is very sensitive, most of the time this sign is relaxed and able to go with the flow. Pisces tends to be quite spiritual, but also tends to have some difficulty managing the material world.

Pisces is easily able to manage Cancer’s emotions, and Cancer can help Pisces manage the material world.

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Another great match for Pisces is Scorpio. A Pisces/Scorpio combination is very similar to one between Pisces and Cancer. Pisces and Scorpio are capable of forming a deep emotional and even psychic bond. Like Cancer, Scorpio can communicate with Pisces on an almost telepathic level.

There is a different flavor to a Pisces/Scorpio relationship, though. Whereas Cancer is nurturing and domestic, Scorpio is powerful and protective. In a Pisces/Cancer relationship, the Cancer native will generally take care of the home, while in a Pisces/Scorpio relationship, the Pisces native will usually assume that role.

In some ways, being with a Scorpio native allows a Pisces native to truly express the loving and forgiving nature of this sign. Pisces is capable of deep compassion and kindness, which can extend to self-sacrifice.

While Pisces natives are able to defend themselves if they must, the need to do so can create callouses and mar the pure, generous spirit of this sign. Yet, with a Scorpio protector, Pisces can shine. In return, Pisces can provide a safe haven for Scorpio, whose nature can sometimes take them into dark and dangerous places.

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Virgo is the opposite sign of Pisces, and in astrology, opposite signs are the natural partners for each other. Even though this is true on a theoretical level, in practice, there are some opposite pairs that get along better than others. Virgo and Pisces do very well together.

The reason that opposite signs are the natural partners for each other is that they represent polarities. They often have similarities, and they can be seen as opposite sides of the same coin.

The common theme between Virgo and Pisces is that of service and humility. Both of these signs are capable of giving to the point of self-sacrifice. Yet, the service they provide is of a different nature. Pisces gives spiritual and emotional support, whereas Virgo offers practical assistance.

The other main difference between them is that Pisces sees the big picture, but does not pay much attention to details. Virgo, on the other hand, sees details, but often misses the big picture. Each of them is strong where the other is weak, and they balance each other very well.

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Pisces is one of the least practical signs in the zodiac, and Capricorn is one of the most practical signs. In many ways, these signs can seem quite different. They make a very good couple, however.

As in the combination of Pisces and Scorpio, Pisces will generally take on the domestic role in this couple. Capricorn is hard-working and strives to rise in status. While Capricorn can be loving and devoted, generally, they do not get together with someone unless there is a practical advantage to the match. Capricorn is also one of the most conservative signs.

For this reason, it might be a challenge for a Capricorn woman to see the value of a relationship with a Pisces man, who may not have a conventional career. Yet, not only can he soften a Capricorn woman, but his vision and creative ability can be a valuable asset.

It will be much easier for a Capricorn man to see the benefit of a Pisces woman, and this pair will form a very traditional relationship.

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Worst Matches

Now, let us turn our attention to the signs who are the worst matches for Pisces.


In many cases, signs that are incompatible with each other never get together in the first place. They just do not have enough in common to form any sort of relationship. This is the case when it comes to a Pisces man and a Leo woman. A Leo woman has a hard time respecting a man who appears weak in her eyes.

While a Pisces man has his own form of strength, it is not the kind that is generally associated with masculinity. It will be very difficult for a Leo woman to recognize his gifts. Yet, if she does, they can have a happy long-term relationship between them.

The situation is reversed with a Leo man and Pisces woman. Although they do not have much in common, she will be mesmerized by his showmanship, and he will bask in her attention. Over time, however, they will discover how different they really are.

In particular, a Leo man will not be able to give the Pisces woman the emotional support that she needs, and she runs the risk of becoming disillusioned with him. If she does, she will stop giving him the admiration that he craves.

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Pisces also has trouble with Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius. Both of these signs tend to be rather unconventional, but they have a very different approach to life. Pisces is Mutable Water. This means that Pisces has little sense of boundaries and tends to float through life. Often when Pisces goes against established conventions, it is because this sign is largely unaware of them.

Aquarius, on the other hand, is Fixed Air. This sign is fully aware of what the boundaries and conventions are but chooses to ignore them. There is a rigidity to Aquarius that does not exist in Pisces.

Also, Pisces is emotional and intuitive. Rational and intellectual, Aquarius has a hard time understanding the way that Pisces thinks. This can make Pisces feel like Aquarius is uncaring, and Aquarius feel like Pisces is needy.

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Most of the time, when two signs are incompatible, it is because of the differences between them. In many ways, Pisces and Gemini are quite different. Pisces is emotional and intuitive, and Gemini is curious and intellectual.

Yet, it is the similarities between Pisces and Gemini that are problematic, not their differences. As mentioned before Pisces is Mutable Water, and because of that, this sign has few boundaries. Gemini, as Mutable Air, is also rather oblivious to boundaries. With this pair, there is no one to provide balance or stability to the relationship.

That being said, there is a great deal of sexual chemistry between these signs, and they can have a lot of fun dating each other. They will just have a very difficult time setting up a household together if the relationship becomes more permanent.

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The signs with the highest compatibility with Pisces are the other two Water Signs, Cancer and Scorpio. These signs are able to bond deeply with Pisces, and they also can provide balance and stability. Pisces also does well with Virgo, which is the sign opposite to Pisces in the zodiac. Another good match for Pisces is Capricorn.

Pisces has a lot of trouble with Leo and Aquarius. These signs have very little in common with Pisces, so it is hard for them to find a connection. Pisces also struggles with Gemini, but it is the similarities between these signs rather than their differences that cause the most trouble.

It is important to remember, though, that compatibility is not everything when it comes to relationships. Often the success of a relationship depends on the dedication of both of the partners, and their willingness to bring their best selves into the relationship. Pisces is adaptable with a kind and gentle nature. These traits can go a long way towards bridging natural incompatibility.

Pisces Compatibility - Best and Worst Matches
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