Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex and Chemistry

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility - Love, Sex and Chemistry

A Cancer man and Scorpio woman are two water signs, and therefore they’re sensitive, sensual, intuitive. They need the love, attention, and caresses as much as the water we all need to drink daily. Thus, as a couple, they will get along great and have a very active and satisfying sex life.

This relationship works best when the woman is Cancer and the man Scorpio. However, gender won’t seriously affect your chances of achieving harmony. Cancer man and Scorpio woman is a relationship where meditation becomes necessary.

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A Cancer man and Scorpio Woman share several astral qualities:

  • The affability.
  • The loyalty.
  • The emotionality
  • An exceptional ability to create and imagine.

Together, they can create all kinds of beautiful elements: a powerful love, one or more children graced by the stars, or a successful career together. The keyword is created. Cancer and Scorpio can become a tremendous regenerative force when their auras work together.

An irresistible and magical attraction will tangle them from the moment their eyes meet. Both are passionate and like to experience strong emotions in intimacy. With a little mutual understanding, a Cancer man and Scorpio woman can be a relationship that lasts forever.

The Pros: Moral support, complicity, erotic fantasies shared with pleasure.

The Cons: Jealousy, heated discussions.

Characteristics and features of a man Born in The Sign of Cancer

Cancer Constellation Map

A Cancer is a susceptible and sentimental, vulnerable, protective of the family, very responsible and light-hearted. He loves to help, give and receive, is demanding with others and demands the same amount of respect he gives. Being ruled by the moon its main features are:

  • Amiability.
  • Affectionate.
  • Romantic.
  • Amorous.
  • Lunatic.
  • Elegant.

If the Cancer man you fell in love with is a typical by-the-book cancer: his mother is very important for him.

Understand that she will be your best ally or your worst rival. Do not compete with her, instead, try to have the best possible relationship with your mother in law without feeling discouraged for her abilities.

The Cancer man, at times, seems to look for a second mother in his girlfriend. They like to receive lots of attention, cuddles, and affection.

A Cancer man and Scorpion woman is a combination that runs like a well-oiled machine when an essential element comes into play: the art of cooking.

If you want to have a cancer man eating from the palm of your hand, bring out your skills in the kitchen, decorate his home, choose his clothes for him, etc. This kind of attention that can seriously scare other men turns upside down with the lunatic Cancer.

Peculiarities and personality trades of a Woman Born In The Sign Of Scorpio

A Scorpio is ruled by Pluto: they are mysterious, enigmatic, observant, independent, with a high capacity to persuade, spiteful, selfish, ambitious and coldly manipulative and intrigue to get what they want.

When committed to something, they’ll surely reach their objective. A Scorpio woman has such strength that they always succeed in achieving their goals. Scorpio characteristics are:

  • Vengeful.
  • Passionate.
  • Controller.
  • Exigent.
  • Imaginative.
  • Intuitive.
  • Suspicious.

If a Scorpio manages to use its enormous energy constructively, it is a great asset to any company and can become a great leader. However, Scorpios must learn to control themselves, because they can become too critical and resentful.

Scorpios are very imaginative and intuitive and have a great capacity to analyze situations and people. They are excellent friends of those who consider deserving respect.

Of all the signs of the zodiac, they are more likely to become geniuses as long as they control their negative side because when taking the wrong way they can be very destructive towards themselves and other people.

They should try to avoid feellings of arrogance and jealousy because such is their strength of their passion that they tend to lose control.

Love affinity and romance Between Man Cancer And Woman Scorpio

Couples Fingers Interlocked with Matching Tattoos

The love between a Cancer man and Scorpio Woman is more likely to last for a considerable number of years since they’re more compatible and harmonious than many other astral combinations.

In addition to the vices and virtues they share, there are a few traits they don’t, and these will be, from time to time, factors of disagreement.

He doesn’t possess the emotional Plutonian vehemence she has, nor the almost compulsive and violent reactions the man of the moon has that annoy her intensely.

This can become a difficult problem for the bliss of a couple formed by a Cancer man and Scorpio woman if an excess of bites from the Scorpion’s tail causes the Male crab to become permanently secluded in its hard shell.

There’s more than meets the eye:

The Scorpion woman finds it hard to understand his lunar lack of courage when a challenge or confrontation comes both with strangers and within her relationship.

She should remember that all Crabs take one or two steps back before attacking head-on, which gives them time to weigh all possibilities carefully. Because of this, he’s a more talented strategist than she supposes, both materially and emotionally.

Despite her outward femininity and circumspection, this girl is not afraid of anything, unless her Sun has been severely undermined by other stars or planets at the time of birth, and therefore his hesitations will intrigue her and disturb her.

His character ain’t something that can be taken lightly. When they feel offended or attack in their tender and delicate feelings, a Cancer Man can become sulk for days, weeks, or months, and in extreme cases for years.

Not even the mighty strength of Pluto can expel a Cancer man from its protective shell when he wants to stay there, cultivating its emotional wounds and bruises.

Both tend to hide secrets, so although they will share more secrets with each other than with those outside their love periphery, there will be times when the Cancer Man will silence a secret that she’ll burn with desire to draw out of him. And other moments when his wife will reserve a mystery that he has a crazy desire to know.

This hide-and-seek game will frustrate the Crab, who boasts of his sagacity to keep is mouth shut, even without any. So they should merely quarrel and then reconcile in bed. A relationship of Cancer man and Scorpio woman is graced sexually, with the gift of achieving together a magnificent physical satisfaction.

In general terms, a couple formed by Cancer man Scorpio woman is characterized by:

  • Scorpio and Cancer tends to be jealous and possessive. But Scorpio will always win because they never allow being pushed on, a typical Cancer tantrum, so effective on others, won’t work against the stubborn Scorpio.
  • Cancer seeks love and stability in a deeply committed relationship, in which to fully engage to love and protect his significant other. Instead, Scorpio can go from crazy desire to vanishing on a post-it left on the fridge.
  • Cancer is always considering others and knows how to listen. Scorpio, on the other hand, will shock her tender lover with her cold ways.

Sexual and erotic Compatibility between Cancer Man Scorpio Woman

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Relaxing Together

The sexual relationships in this couple will be clear and sincere, with sublime feelings always on the surface and without a doubt, highly emotional encounters. For both signs, being of water, the sexual experience is transcendental, not merely physical and carnal.

Scorpio is afraid of falling in love and suffering, so he prefers to pass on feelings and let himself be carried away by sex and sensations. On the other hand, Cancer begins with sensuality and sex, but always thinking about the future together.

Sexually nobody surpasses a Scorpio. Some say they feel things nobody else can feel. Hot and possessive, a romance with a Scorpio woman always ends as fast as it begins. Cancer is very sensual and also needs sex, but it is more rational than Scorpio and seeks emotional stability, forming a family.

Cancer men are lovers of good dedicated sex: Calm intercourse where the preliminaries are as necessary as anything else in a conditioned environment to enjoy a good sexual experience.

The essential harmony of a couple formed by a Cancer man and Scorpio woman almost always generates a sexual chemistry that is both conscious and stimulating.

Instinctive love:

Cancer and Scorpio instinctively combine the mental and the emotional with the physical, and this is their secret key to an ecstasy never experienced by those who separate sexual desire from the other components of their personality, by seeking only the sexual pleasure.

The additional dimensions of affection and mental affinity that a Cancer man Scorpio woman brings to sex lead to a type of love that only a relatively small percentage of couples achieve.

This explains the powerful initial attraction between two lovers of this solar signs configuration, the corrosive pain they feel when they aren’t together… and the many occasions they’ll give each other a “second chance” after a difficult fight.

What about commitment?

The Scorpion woman takes her commitment to love very seriously, almost with religious fervor. But if she discovers her love is not reciprocated, she will follow her heart elsewhere, without any remorse. Let this serve as a warning to any man being hit on by a Scorpio woman.

A Cancer man has changing moods; He is often prim and demanding. He needs them to tenderly placate his frequent unconscious and conscious nightmares to unfold his affable and amusing personality.

Otherwise, he will become grumpy and lonely, until the pleasant side of his nature and his beautiful and romantic imagination disappear completely.

With a broken heart, the cancer man drifts away in melancholy towards his mother’s house, which always understands him to perfection. Whether she is still alive or dead, she is still the only woman who has ever fully understood him.

And if it is one of those very unfortunate Crabs who become orphans or lost their mothers at a young age, they will dream about her, and intuit that she would have understood them as no one else never will.

Cancer Man, Scorpio Woman: Marriage And Family Life predictions

Cancer Man Scorpio Woman Bike Ride

A Cancer man and Scorpio woman agree that they love a life of excess and comfort: A great house, decorated luxuriously with good taste is their go-to dream. They are both foodies: passionate cookers and restaurant enthusiast.

Just as a Cancer would only marry for love, a Scorpio could marry for money. They have a hard time to enjoy commitment and money can always soothe them into family life.

A “Mommas Boy”

Cancer dreams, like Scorpio’s perceptions, are very vulnerable, and they need to be kindly protected from harsh reality. These two must take care of each other, for since true love is scarce in these times.

No other will treat a Scorpio girl with as much reverence as her Cancer man, and no one else will treat his dreams as tenderly as his Scorpion lady, except for his mother of course.

If his mother approves the union of a cancer man and Scorpio woman, she’ll bless them from wherever she is on Earth or Heaven.

The gentle Crab will forgive his deceitfully gentle Scorpion woman, more than any other man, his circumstantial fits of stormy anger and his hurtful words or vengeful acts, because in his childhood he learned a lesson he has never forgotten. He knows that the antithesis of love is not hatred, the antithesis of love is indifference.

About forming a family:

Regarding children, the vibrations of these signs make their descendant’s true children of love. The union of these signs that perfectly combine the mental, emotional and physical, but don’t expect a vast family.

Although Cancer yearns a lot of children, for the scorpion woman her career is always going to keep a significant place in her life. His challenge will be to awaken her maternal instinct through his funny and playful personality.

Best Aspects Of The Relationship Between Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman

Cancer Man and Scorpio Women Relationship and Compatibility in Love

They will share several virtues: kindness, loyalty, emotional vehemence and imagination. Together, they can create a powerful love, children graced by the stars or a great career. Both signs hide in its shell from which they will come out only a few times.

The Scorpio woman doesn’t naturally possess the prudence and tolerance to understand the extreme caution of this man.

They also share longevity, because Cancer is tenacious and Scorpio knows, unconsciously, the secrets of cell regeneration.

Precisely, as they have the possibility of spending a considerable amount of years on earth, it is fortunate that they are compatible because they will never get bored.

An Offended cancer will take refuge to heal the wounds you have inflicted on him, and that could take forever. Both tend to keep secrets and, at the same time, they want to know everything about each other.

It would be good to go for an honest approach in the relationship, or at least make an effort to achieve it.

They have been graced with the gift of achieving a tremendous physical satisfaction, the sensations a Cancer man and Scorpio woman will continue to be refreshing and exciting for years and years to come.

May I tell you a secret? This man on the moon knew he loves you from the first time you trembled in his arms.

As co-workers:

A Cancer man and Scorpio woman can form a great team because the ambitious incisive Scorpio always triumphs. She has the coldness to synthesize and tackle topics without making any visible effort. Cancer is the same, but it is also creative, thoughtful and delivered.

The Scorpio woman has an emotional strength stimulated by Pluto, which moves her to anger episodes when something displeases her, so the cancer man must calm her overcoming his shyness and occasional tendency to surrender to the hands of fate.

It is difficult for a Cancer to accept their apparent lack of courage when faced with a challenge. So his Scorpio lover must remember a crab always take one or two steps to the side before attacking head-on.

Although you may not notice at plain sight, he is a shrewd strategist, much more than a Scorpio woman could ever manage to be for her tendency to plunge into emotional turbulence that could frighten him and a considerable number of men.

Cancer Man Scorpio Woman Problems & Difficult Aspects

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Problems in a Relationship

In a relation between a Cancer man and Scorpio woman their strong point is also their Achilles heel: they both are water signs: they are changeable, sentimental, nostalgic, and professional liars.

Also, they can become selfish by focusing only on their feelings and forget about the essential and vital things in life and the relationship.

Cancer man is a big “mommas child”; he’ll always remember his mother, alive or dead because he profoundly knows that nobody will love him more than her. Show him that you can also decipher the treasures hidden in his heart, and you might establish a connection with his inner child.

If you are a Scorpion woman, don’t drive away the love of a Cancer man because nobody will treat you with more tenderness than him. He will forgive your fits of anger because he knows that the opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference.

And a Scorpio is never indifferent. If you end the relationship with a Scorpio, you can overcome it, but you won’t be able to remember it without sharing a tear or two.

When it comes to making love to a Cancer man:

Remember to avoid criticism at all costs, because being as susceptible as he is you can hurt him quickly and perhaps, without even noticing it.

The Scorpio woman should also know that tenderness and pampering are fundamental to Cancer men and he should always print a certain aura of mystery to intrigue the restless Scorpion.

What is crystal clear in a Cancer man Scorpio woman affair is that both signs seek security and enjoy sharing hobbies, traveling to exotic places or studying something that they are passionate. Innovation is key to a great life together.


This couple has its particularities being formed by two signs governed by the element Water. Sensitivity and emotionality are keywords to understand a relationship established by a man cancer and Scorpio woman.

A Cancer man Scorpio woman couple usually works very well at the beginning, they are very passionate and will live a story full of sensuality, wine, and roses.

Both like to give a lot of value to perseverance and can end up being possessive with each other, but this probably doesn’t cause problems in the couple, since they can get to understand the worries and anxieties of their loved one.

Sometimes a Cancer man and Scorpio woman must recognize that some things must be spoken, although you might believe some things are obvious and don’t. Many things need to be discussed openly or being worked on in-depth as a couple.

In general, you can expect a passionate relationship between a Cancer Man and a Scorpio woman, although a little stormy, full of lust and above all, a lot of love.

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Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex and Chemistry
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