Aries Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

Aries Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility - Love, Sex and Chemistry

Being next to each other, the compatibility results of an Aries man and Pisces woman could turn out to be a little challenging since they live the world very differently. Nonetheless, it can be a pleasant and romantic relationship with some bumps on the road. How to overcome this astral design? With practicality so that their love gets strength.

First of all, it is essential to accept that not all Aries are bossy and authoritarian, and not all Pisces live in a parallel world. I say this because sometimes we find horoscopes based on a superficial aspect of the generic personality of a sign. For example, Aries is always supposed to like to command, but of course, we could say the same for half the signs of the zodiac.

Although incompatible, an Aries man Pisces woman can be an ideal couple, great friends and do almost anything together because what unites them is an innate nobility. Aries is transparent, with a lack of dissimulation or taboos, and Pisces can be somewhat strange, changing, but of rock-solid principles.

Aries, with its aggressive and combative planet Mars, and Pisces, whose ruler is Jupiter and Co-regent Neptune, is imaginative, sensitive and mysterious. This causes them to attract each other hopelessly.

Pisces will seduce Aries using her natural magnetism, and Pisces is drawn to Aries since his security and authority is something that fascinates her.

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Characteristics and features of a man Born in The Sign of Aries

Aries Constellation Map

People born between March 21 – April 19 belong to the zodiac sign of Aries, which is a sign of fire ruled by the planet Mars, the Greek god of war. Aries man, often known for his masculine nature, is an active, adventurous and outgoing person who hates monotony or boredom in life.

The rams are independent and aggressive by nature, sometimes he can be very naive, coming to trust blindly to complete strangers. Having a “childlike” spirit sometimes makes him a little restless or irritated.

Aries boys are generous and full of compassion. When it comes to women, they don’t get particularly impressed by physical appearances. Instead, they look for intelligence, honesty and active lifestyles that can keep up with their fast rhythm.

Aries astral personality features:

  • Possessive
  • Enthusiast
  • Aggressive
  • Leadership
  • Tender
  • Pride
  • Adventurous

Peculiarities and Personality Traits of a Woman Born In The Sign of Pisces

People born between February 19 – March 20 belonged to Pisces, a water sign, the most compassionate and ruled by the planet Neptune.

The Pisces personality profile and description can sometimes be a bit disconcerting. Being extraordinarily emotional and mystical, a Pisces woman is someone who likes to swim in an endless sea of emotions and never wants to leave her world of dreams. This can sometimes make her retreat into a shell of loneliness and see the hard reality from afar.

However, she is full of charms that can make any man fell for her at first glance. A good listener and sometimes submissive, a Pisces woman won’t try to dominate a man and will always look up to him for immense amounts of love, care, and protection.

Pisces astral personality features:

  • Intuitive
  • Sensitive
  • Ambivalent
  • Romantic
  • Idealist
  • Conformist
  • Demanding

Love affinity and romance Between Man Aries And Woman Pisces

Aries Man Pisces Woman Kissing

If Aries, with his bossy spirit, believes that Pisces will be an easy-going person to carry, he is entirely wrong. The Aquatic sign Pisces has an inner strength granted by his regent, who despite apparently seemingly passive, concentrates its force in that passivity.

Can an Aries man and Pisces woman relationship work? Undoubtedly. A Pisces woman will find in an Aries man her dreamed prince charming. She will do everything possible to help him succeed, even getting to play the part of a protective mother, using her natural magic to win is the heart.

In an Aries man and Pisces woman relation, he will find her fragility so captivating that he will feel compelled to protect her from all the dangers and all the injustices that abound in this cruel world. Pisces understands feelings and emotions better than anyone, but often tries to escape from reality, so he can forge a fortress to save her from all the hardness of the world.

It won’t come without a fuzz:

The ram will receive the affection and attention that he needs, and for Pisces the Aries takes care of all those small and annoying things she doesn’t want to address.

The problem of a couple of Aries man and Pisces woman is always the same, and that is that Aries goes through the issues on tiptoe and Pisces wants an explanation that never seems to come. Working on your communication skills will strengthen your love greatly.

Especially as friends, they will grow together because for Pisces it is easy to foresee what is going to happen in any situation, while Aries has the strength to tackle any challenge, but he is not so capable of calculating consequences.

Forever and ever:

As a couple, Aries man and Pisces woman will be an excellent combo, but almost immediately they will find their differences that, if they manage to make an effort to overcome, they are able to keep going forward, loving each other, for many years to come.

If the Pisces woman is the “super sentimental” type, the type that only acts following her heart or through empathy, it could be harder for her to love an Aries man who will want to spice things up continuously.

But if it’s the kind of Pisces woman who has a big heart and uses her head without letting feelings take over her personality, then yes the Aries man Pisces woman combo can succeed. Aries will adore the tremendous love and attention of the Pisces woman, and she will have the unconditional support that she sometimes needs.

Sexual and erotic Compatibility between Aries Man Pisces Woman

Couple Romance

In the sexual sphere, a relation formed by an Aries man and Pisces woman understands very well their intimate triggering points since they have a lot of passion locked within. People born under the sign of Pisces love entirely, and this fascinates Aries, a very sensual and passionate sign.

The perfect gift for an Aries Man


Aries is dominant and likes to have control of the situation. They want new shiny things; a second-hand gift might not always be a great idea with them.

They like gifts that make them feel important, for example: a newest smartphone version, a race car, or a treasure. And Aries will love being the first of their group of friends to have “it.” He’ll also like to make their own decisions and send a personal list to others, so a gift check is another great option.

An Aries loves fun and sports. He also likes all kinds of gifts related to the upper body (face, head, and brain).

Gifts for Aries men

  • A DIY set of anything that activates his ego.
  • Some handkerchiefs with his name embroidered.
  • High-risk Sports classes.
  • A cutting-edge audio article.
  • Sportswear.
  • Designer Sunglasses.
  • An espresso coffee machine.
  • A nice watch.

How to pick a gift for a Pisces woman:

Pisces Woman on Holiday at the Beach

Pisces like to give and receive romantic, original and somewhat esoteric gifts. They love to feel pampered with a perfectly-chosen gift, a Winery Spa/Spiritual-retreat? Sounds great!

This water sign dominates the lower part of the body, ankles, and feet, so any article related to this area is also a good choice.

Gifts for Pisces woman

  • An Aromatherapy course.
  • Spiritual music CDs.
  • Yoga or Meditation classes.
  • A Tarot cards deck.
  • A romantic novel
  • A big flowers bouquet.
  • A new swimsuit.
  • A pedicure
  • An aquarium with tropical fish
  • A romantic dinner outdoors, on a beach or a terrace.

Aries Man, Pisces Woman: Marriage And Family Life predictions

Aries and Pisces are the first and the last signs of the Zodiac, respectively. Therefore being at the extremes of the astral chart, one can always ask whether these two signs are compatible with each other or not.

No man is more masculine than the Aries Ram, and no woman is more feminine than a Pisces mermaid. These two will never have problems regarding their “sexual role” together.

When it comes to Aries man and Pisces woman go for an authentic mating, in every sense of the word you can imagine. When an Aries man and a Pisces woman fall in love, Mother Nature sports a smile of approval.

Shakesperian in every possible way:

In the best of cases, the relationship brings out all the Aries dazzling heroism and all the tender devotion of Pisces. Aries man and Pisces woman is a “Romeo and Juliet” love.

Put to extremes; this combination can bring out the latent sadism of Neptune. Even so, if he enjoys playing the role of Master, and it makes her happy to play the part of the Helpless-Girl, who are we to spoil the fun?

The best aspect of Aries man and Pisces woman relationship is that they have a lot to learn from each other. Pisces shows Aries how to empathize – Aries teaches Pisces how to make dreams come true instead of just thinking about them.

Best Aspects Of The Relationship Between Aries Man And Pisces Woman

Despite the contradictory points of view on many things, if Aries man and Pisces woman  together are considered to be the most romantic combination of the zodiac. A man of Aries for his bold, expressive and virile character can be the perfect man for a Pisces woman, shy, sensitive and patient.

She is usually attracted to the dynamic, passionate and honest nature of an Aries man, while he falls in love with the romantic and imaginative characteristics of a Pisces woman. As friends, Aries man and Pisces woman both tend to polarize the energies of the other and often develop a mutual admiration.

As a couple, an Aries man and Pisces woman, they may either have a compatible or conflicting relationship. On the positive side, a Pisces woman would love to lean on his shoulder for the support and attention that will increase his ego, while an Aries man would find his idealist dreams and fantasies irresistible.

Romance ahead:

Both are very romantic and passionate about the things they value. The flame of romance will never die between them. When it comes to a physical union, these two signs like to live in a fantasy garden where there is a perfect and happy mixture of heart, mind, body and soul.

However, on the contrary side of Aries Pisces love compatibility, an Aries man can be a little impatient, sometimes rude and disinterested, unknowingly, he can hurt the compassionate, tender and self-sacrificing Pisces woman.

Beautiful Pisces Woman in the Park

Aries Man Pisces Woman Problems & Difficult Aspects

Aries faces life as a challenge, and Pisces instead can live her life in fear of the unknown, causing tensions between them….. Unless Aries fills his love for Pisces with tenderness, to make her feel very protected.

They don’t have to sacrifice themselves to make their romance grow; they only have to start from the base of respect between each other, providing a sense of freedom and independence, so that the Aries man Pisces Woman can be a lasting love story.

The active temperament of an Aries man cannot appreciate the passivity of the Pisces woman. The Mermaid girl is calm and very feminine, she can suffer and continue to maintain the relationship, but little by little she will distance herself when doesn’t feel valued.


Just a little twitching:

It is likely that the Aries person wants to change Pisces, but he must be delicate in trying to do so. Aries is a very optimistic sign, but Pisces tends to be much more cautious and a bit pessimistic, meaning both have to make mutual concessions to achieve good results.

For this reason, in a relationship of Aries man and Pisces woman, the most important thing is to accept their partner and not try to change them.

Like cats and dogs:

Cat and Dog Kiss

Even though these two elements are opposite, they can be combined to make a significant team by using emotion and the physical impulse to do things.

She can help Aries relax a little and learn to be more passive and focus, while Aries can teach Pisces to go out into the world and start taking the kinds of risks that lead to the real reward.

Sometimes, Pisces can be emotionally draining for Aries, since too much water “drowns” Aries enthusiasm. On the contrary, the excess of fire can make Pisces hit her boiling point.

If they can overcome this challenge, Pisces will be able to enrich his life both in the spiritual realm and in relationships with other human beings.

Working Together

When Aries and Pisces come together, their relationship is often mutually beneficial. Aries is a sign that follows impulses without worrying about the consequences. Pisces is calmer, one of the main zodiac dreamers. In many ways a difficult relation, and on the surface, an unlikely alliance.

When they work together, however, they can balance each other. Aries is a leader and initiator, and in a working relationship with Pisces, he often becomes the protector of his colleague.

The mermaid, in turn, gives Aries insight into tranquility and relaxation from the pressures of the hectic “business is business” POV he sometimes has. Pisces is a sign that, like water, fills any container that is poured in; they often comprise Aries in a way that many other signs can’t.

As we have said before, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, and Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter and Neptune. Mars brings action and energy to the relationship of Aries and Pisces. Neptune commands over ideas and illusions but is also involved with disappointment and fantasy. Aries can help Pisces bring dreams to reality.

Learn to communicate:

When the Pisces woman intuits, finally, that the dominant ego of the Aries man she loves is suffocating her individuality, she usually doesn’t protest out loud, nor does she engage in a vehement discussion about it.

Although she feels desperate, she will most likely continue smiling but with an absent expression in her eyes. When he loses patience and rebukes her for a trifle, she usually won’t fight back, instead, she might blink a few times, and yawns to provoke him.

That Yawning can be a silent scream. When a mermaid seems to drift and dream, when their smiles are ambiguous, and their attention wanders, the Ram must wonder if perhaps he has neglected her needs to deal exclusively with his own, which is very easy for him to do, although never intentionally. The Arian is rarely aware of his occasional selfishness. In any case, it is more disregard than self-interest.

When she makes him notice that he has been rude or inconsiderate, he will be invariably surprised and embarrassed. He never intended to be cruel or insensitive. Nobody can be so sentimental, kind, absurdly generous and fiercely loyal in love, like the Arian man is.


As we’ve seen, Aries man and Pisces woman relations have many points in common and many others that separate them, but Usually, both see the bright side and take advantage of the other’s virtues.

None is selfish, and of course, both are very positive, sometimes in excess, because they both tend to see the glass half full.

As a couple they can work very well, they complement each other. The tremendous strength of Aries is a very positive influence for Pisces, which is a walking bunch of ideas that often needs a companion to give her the initial boost.

Aries is how he is, decidedly and without caution, he will start walking before thinking about where he’s going, and Pisces can do the same from time to time, but he also needs to plan and know what the final goal is. For everything else, as friends or as a couple, they won’t have significant problems, They are a great match!

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Aries Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry
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