Best Gifts for a Capricorn Man – 6 Perfect Gift Ideas

Best Gifts for a Capricorn Man – 6 Perfect Gift Ideas

Born between December 22 and January 19, Capricorn men are independent and always in control. They like to set goals and are very focussed on doing what needs to be done. They believe in perseverance, and seem to be able to continue tirelessly. An earth sign, they are responsible and reliable and always follow through on their commitments. Capricorn is always very focussed on what is at hand, which does mean that it can be difficult to catch their attention with other things. So, what makes the ideal gift for a Capricorn man?

Personality Traits

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn lives by strict rules, which they themselves have set. More than other people, they are serious about keeping the promises that they make to themselves. This can lead them to be unforgiving of transgressions, both when it comes to themselves and others.

Capricorn men are fiercely independent and prefer to do everything themselves rather than ask for help, though they will always lend their own assistance willingly and without expecting anything in return. They like to know that their rewards are the fruits of their own labour, and that their problems are of their own making. This means that the solution lies in their hands as well. They struggle to make genuine compromises and always need things to be their way.

Best Gifts for a Capricorn Man

1. DIY Gifts

DIY Gifts for a Capricorn Man

Capricorn men always like to do everything for themselves, which includes fixing things around the home. They will only ever call a plumber as a last resort, and probably enjoy sprucing up old furniture to make something unique and special for their home. As a result, he has probably accumulated quite a few tools over the years, but probably in a bit of a sporadic manner. He will appreciate filling in the gaps. Some nice new matching toolsets is a great gift idea for a Capricorn man.

Make sure he has everything he needs at his fingertips for a home emergency with a full WORKPRO 156-Piece Home Repair Tool Set, or help him organise his existing tools with a DEWALT Tote tool case. If he is into woodwork, help him get through the task faster with a Black and Decker handheld sander, or help him put his own unique decorative twist on things with a Pyrography Wood Burning Pen. If he does like to fix up furniture, don’t be afraid to pick something up for him from your local second-hand furniture store. Always go for something classic in a hard and sturdy wood.

2. Home Tech

Kitchen Recipe Gadget - Gift for a Capricorn Man

Capricorn men keep their focus on the things that are important in life, and while they may have every detail of their pet project covered, they can easily lose sight of other, little but still important things that need to be done. Because of this, Capricorn men love anything that can help them automate the mundane day to day things of life so that they don’t have to worry about forgetting. This goes for managing a lot of things in the home.

Let him forget about vacuuming with the iRobot Roomba vacuum for both carpets and hard floors. Make sure he is never struggling with the thermostat again by getting him a Nest Learning Thermostat that can smartly control the temperature of all the rooms in his house. If he has a feline friend, get him a smart cat flap which allows him to automate the times that his cat is allowed in and out of the house so that he never forgets.

If he likes to cook, but is often too busy to get around to going to the supermarket, he might like a trial subscription to a ingredients home delivery service that delivers him all the ingredients he needs, in the right quantities, to make delicious new recipes. He might also like some new gadgets for the kitchen. Is he a pizza lover? Let him make his own faster with a new pizza cooker.

3. Planners and Organisers

Planners and Organisers - Gift Ideas for a Capricorn Man

Capricorn men are very goal oriented. They like to make a plan to see their goals achieved, and like to keep track of every step, making sure that everything has been done just the way that they like. As such, they are big users of planners, organizers and other things that can help them keep track of everything and make sure everything gets done.

Productivity planning diaries would make a great gift for a Capricorn man, such as the Get Organized Panda Diary or the Productivity Planner. He also probably tends to make lists when it comes to what he needs to do on a particular day or in a particular week and would get use out of a daily or weekly to-do list notebook. If he works in a team, he might like a way to visually keep track of what everyone is doing and could use a whiteboard or chalkboard to use in the office.

4. Art and Music

Art and Music - Capricorn Man Gifts

While a Capricorn man can sometimes seem like they are too focussed to take the time to soak up art and music, that simply is not the case. Both visual art and music are deep sources of inspiration for a Capricorn man, and they find that it helps them focus rather than acts as a distraction. And, just like everything in his life, he takes his passion for art and music seriously.

If it is music that interests him, he probably has quite a big digital music collection, but might also have a small collection of classic CDs or records. Getting him a new prized piece for his collection, something new from his favourite band or an original from one of his favourite classics, will make a very good present. He probably has a nice sound system, but actually prefers to listen to his music privately, so a nice set of the latest headphones can be one of the best gifts for a Capricorn man. Help him really focus on his music, and the task at hand, with some very highly rated noise cancelling headphones.

When it comes to art, he probably has quite particular tastes, which you can hopefully get a feel for from what he has around the house. See what he already has on the walls, and look for any coffee table books about a certain artist or style of art. He probably doesn’t mind prints, as he is more interested in how the art makes him feel than the status of ‘owning’ a good piece of art, but if you do go for a print, make sure it is a quality frame. A new art book will also make a good present.

5. Something to Help them Relax

Something to Help them Relax - Present for a Capricorn Man

Just because a Capricorn man always likes to be busy, and can tend to feel that time not working on his goals is time wasted, does not mean that he does not get worn out. Just like everyone, he needs to relax, and he can use some help to do that.

While it is not the type of thing he would think to get for himself, he will appreciate a good massage to help him relax. If he leads a pretty physical life, he probably also gets sore muscles on a regular basis so a foam roller or an electric pulse muscle stimulator are both things that he will find useful.

As well as needing to relax his body, he probably also needs to relax his mind. There are few things as useful for this than a good book. While it needs to be interesting to catch his attention, make sure it is light so that it lifts him out of the fog that can sometimes occupy him, rather than pull him deeper down.

If you think that he might have a genuine problem with stress, you could get him some serious help relaxing with something like the Muse Brain Sensing Headband. It is a meditation assistant that can lead him through guided meditations, but also tracks his brainwaves and can tell him when he is successfully relaxing.

6. Something Practical

Bicycle Gift for a Capricorn Man - Something Practical

Capricorn men are practical people, and they actually appreciate practical presents as they are often too busy to get themselves the things that they need. Those new socks and underwear are recommended gifts for a Capricorn man, as his are likely on their last legs. The key to making a practical gift thoughtful is to really pay attention to what he needs, so that he knows that you have been thinking about him, and not just taken the easy option.

Does he want to get fit and also spend more time outdoors? Why not get him a reliable mountain bike (currently ‘Amazon’s Choice’).

If his current toothbrush is getting a bit worn out, get him the latest electric toothbrush to keep his whites pearly. If he has had his current razor for a while, think about the latest electric shaver or beard trimmer.


Capricorn men are very focussed on pursuing their goals, and doing it all themselves, they never like to ask for help. Despite not asking, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need help! Gifts that show a Capricorn man than you know them, that you know what is important to them, and that you are there to support them when they need it will always hit the right spot. Get him something to help him with his current goals, something to help him keep on top of the little things that he doesn’t have time for, or perhaps something to help him with some much-needed relaxation.

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Best Gifts for a Capricorn Man – 6 Perfect Gift Ideas
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Best Gifts for a Capricorn Man – 6 Perfect Gift Ideas
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