Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Man and Woman Love & Relationships

June 21 – July 22

Deeply intuitive and sentimental, the Cancer zodiac sign is extremely loyal and empathetic. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is subject to emotional cycles that are beyond their control, and can make it difficult for other people to get close to them. But Cancer is extremely loyal and dedicated to the people they let into their lives. Family is often at the core of their existence.

Cancer is one of the Water signs, and as such are guided by emotions and the heart. This makes them quick to help others, and work to avoid conflict, often backing down when they should be stepping up. When Cancer is struggling with things in their personal life, this can manifest as selfishness or self-pity. Cancer needs to work on self-awareness to control this tendency.

Cancer wears their heart on their sleeve and will throw themselves into a new love without considering the possibility that they may get hurt. They may also be willing to make unhealthy compromises in order to make a relationship work, and suffer in silence in order to keep the other people in their life happy. Cancer benefits from a partner who is able to interpret the unspoken signals that they send and can create the kind of safe and trusting environment in which they can overcome their natural tendency and express themselves freely.

Most compatible with: Capricorn or Taurus.